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by adam3k3

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FAQ/Walkthrough by adam3k3

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/14/15

Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com

Website: http://adam3k3.com

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper

Last Revision Dec 15, 2015

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About this Guide

Version History

Version 1.2 December 16, 2015

  • Added Shooting Range
  • Added in-depth info on weapons
  • Added PC Specs

Version 1.00 Sep 14, 2015 FAQ is complete.

Copyright and License

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.

This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under your name on websites or otherwise is prohibited. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the availability section.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

[3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0


Welcome to another formatted FAQ, this time for a Resident Evil game. This FAQ was written for the PC Ultimate HD version but can be used on all versions of Resident Evil 4. Enjoy and let me know if anything needs to be added or corrected.

Game Basics


I recommend playing this with a Xbox 360/Xbox One pad as they are naturally supported right out of the box and are reasonably priced.


Prompts are special actions that will be performed once the correct combination of buttons is pressed once they appear on the screen. Tapping a button to run away or attack is also considered a prompt. They will mostly appear when dodgin a boss or performing an attack in certain situations. A common prompt appears once you shoot a Ganado in the head promoting you to kick him.

Most of the prompts requires pressing two buttons at once. Fail to do so and the action will not be performed resulting in you taking damage or death.

Health Chart

The health formula have changed from the previous Resident Evil games into a little more helpful way of managing your health.No longer are you limited to just the three basic phases Good, caution and danger as in previous games, instead your health can be further increased allowing you to take more hits and last longer. The below chart will further explain the healing items found in Resident Evil 4.

Healing ItemEffect
Green Herb

Restores a small amount of health 25% (Can be mixed with the same herb up to 3 times)

Red HerbCan only be mixed with other herbs and not used on its own
Yellow herbIncreases your total health bar (Must be mixed with Green Herb)
Mixed Red and GreenRestores a large amount of health
Mixed Green, Yellow and Red HerbsRestores a large amount of health as well as increase the total
First Aid sprayBrings you to perfect health
Wildlife / EggsDepends on the item / Egg type

Different attacks cause different damage. Hand weapons cause different damage than firearms and explosives. You can hide behind walls or obstacles from firearms and move away from thrown grenades to avoid damage. Keeping a safe distance from all enemies is recommended at all times to avoid being trapped.

The Merchant

The Merchant is a critical player to your success as he is the main source of getting weapons, items and upgrades. He will appear at certain locations and can be accessed as much as you like. Killing him will not take any effect on him appearing at the next point but he won't respawn once killed in the same location. As you progress through the game, the Merchant will bring in new weapons and items for sale so make sure to check what's new every once and awhile.

PS: You will know when a new item or weapon is available as it will say NEW on top of the category.

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/ Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz or better, AMD Athlon™ X2 2.8 Ghz or better
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800GTS or better, ATI Radeon™ HD 4850 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 15 GB available space
Sound Card: Standard audio device

OS: Windows Vista®, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Quad 2.7 Ghz or better, AMD Phenom™ II X4 3 Ghz or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 or better
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 15 GB available space


Chapter 1-1

Outside the Village

As soon as you are in control, walk forward and into the house. Kill the only Ganado by shooting him once in the face then kicking him. Get the handgun ammo off him, the one upstairs and exit via the window. Take out the three Ganados and take the goodies that fell off them. To make it easier, have you back facing the small fence making sure that no one will attack you from behind. Once done, get into the cabin, take the ammo on the table and break the three wooden boxes with your knife taking what's inside.

Continue on your way shootin the crow if you want for a small amount of coins. A trapped dog will be ahead, rescue him and continue on your way past the gui design. Watch out for the two bomb traps ahead, walk in between the four trap trees not setting off the traps. Keep going forward and kill the Ganado ahead, continue on your way into another cabin with two boxes. Continue toward the bridge. Take out the two Ganados here and continue across ignoring the Ganados on the higher ground. Get inside the final cabin killing the Ganado inside, grabbing everything and into village through the gate.

The Village

Once inside, walk forward and take a look at what's going on ahead. Walk forward and turn left before the first house. Take the green herb and continue toward the women ahead. Break the box taking the red herb and immediately get inside the house on your right through the window. Smash the boxes and the wooden barrel taking what's inside and get via the door. Once out, get into the second house on your left across the fire, the one with a small fence. Once inside, the chainsaw guy will be summoned. Quickly push the wooden cabinet blocking the door. Break the barrels behind the stairs and go up.

Take the Shotgun off the wall, break the glass picking up the hand grenade and the ammo on the bed. The strategy is to stand near the window beside the bed shooting anyone that is coming throw with your handgun once sending them back down until the chainsaw guy climbs in, don't shoot him just yet. Position yourself near the other window shooting the Ganados outside once with your shotgun. Now Shoot the chainsaw guy with your shotgun once he gets near and wait for him to get up before shooting him again.

Keep shooting the Ganados outside once they get close. Make sure not to stand directly near the window once broken as you can be hit. You can use your hand grenade once the room gets full with Ganados and the chainsaw guy. Once the chainsaw guy goes down, jump out and position yourself near the tower facing the upcoming Ganados. The best way is to let them get close and blowing them out with your shotgun. Pick up the fallen ammo if needed and continue fighting until the cutscene kicks in.

Pick up the remaining fallen goodies, explore the houses picking the stuff inside and continue to the marked area on your map by going through the narrow patch near the tower. Grab what's inside the houses before the gate and go through. Now head forward and get the blue map on the tree but don't explore the area for blue medallions just yet as Ganados are still around. Turn around and break the barrel taking what's inside, the head to the water well next to the cabin. Don't shoot the hanging treasure yet, instead shoot the cover support closing the well. Now shoot the treasure and grab it.

You now alerted some of the Ganados. Kill the upcoming Ganado, another Ganado will attack after a while. Get inside the large cabin with a wooden ladder inside. Kill the Ganado ahead, pick everything inside while taking care of the two Ganados jumping down from upstairs and climb up. Open the wooden cabinet grabbing the ammo and jump outside on the walkway.

You can jump to the eastern side and go through the gate or stay and pick up the blue medallions. I recommend sticking around and picking them up as you will get a reward once you have them all but it's up to you. If you don't want to, jump down and exit through the gate and skip to the end section ahead, otherwise continue reading.

Walk all the way till the end and jump down smashing the box and shooting off the upper blue medallion on the left side. Head back and climb up, stop and shoot the hanging medallion in the middle of the cabin window. Now shoot off another one on the windmill to your left. Jump down into the old area and head toward the cabin with cows nearby. The medallion will be hanging on the tree next to the cabin. Turn around and head behind the large cabin with the ladder. The medallion will be hanging near the roof and can be little hard to shoot off. Turn around and shoot off the medallion hanging on the tree. Now face the cabin to your right and shoot off the medallion attached to the upper window. You now have all the seven medallions obtainable in this area.

Now head back into the cabin with the ladder, climb up and jump on the other side to the marked gate.

Continue forward until a huge rock gets thrown toward you, keep tapping the sprint button until the prompt for jumping aside appears. Once your safe, continue through the tunnel shooting off the hanging treasures. Beware of the area ahead, as soon as you out, shoot the Ganado before he runs away but do not get too close as another one will be throwing dynamite through the window. Move backwards to form a safe distance and try to shoot them or the dynamite. Once they are down, careful shoot the trap dynamite inside the cabin. Watch out for the bear traps inside and around the area. Another Ganado will be throwing dynamite so watch out as well. Quickly head toward the locked door taking out or ignoring another Ganado with dynamites inside the house with the previous Ganados as well as the trap ahead. Break the lock with your knife and enter. Pick up the goodies inside and make your way into the next mini hallway with a trap, shoot it off from a safe distance and continue into the next room. Shoot the trap here, pick up the green herb inside the small cabinet, the gold on the table and push the cabinet behind the sofa making way into the next room. Open the wardrobe.

Chapter 1-2

The House

After the cutscene is over, quickly press the prompt buttons to avoid being axed! Once in control, pick up the handgun ammo off the shelf and proceed to the mini corridor meeting the merchant on your way. Pick up the rifle ammo and exit the house. Take a turn toward the left and make your way behind the house where he merchant will be waiting. Buy the Attach Case M for 24000 PTAS and the TMP for 10000. Exit and head toward the gate near the house.

The following Area contains a lot of enemies with weapons and explosives, follow the guide to obtain the items needed to open the gate leading into the next area. You can check the map below for items location. Have your weapons reloaded and ready.


As soon as you open the gate, turn right, shoot the Ganado in the face and kick him. Continue forward toward the next one repeating the process. Head up and take a turn to the right going up the hill. Continue on your way dealing with the incoming Ganados blasting them with your TMP or shotgun especially the dynamite one. Watch out as the dynamite can be blown by shooting it or knocking out the one hold it. Continue forward jumping over the obstacles and dealing with another Ganado. Break the barrels and open the chest obtaining the first half of the emblem.

Blow up the gas canister stopping or at least knocking out some of the incoming Ganados. Get all the way back to down ignoring the bridge and using the below wooden walkway instead leading you the house on the other side. Don't go in, instead make your way to the ladder behind and go up. Be careful as a Ganado will be waiting on the roof. Deal with him quickly and make your way to the upper walkway using the mini stairs into the second chest obtaining the other half of the emblem. Jump down and continue going up the hill past the ladder you just used into a gate passed the house. Combine both pieces and use the formed emblem on the gate to unlock it. Go through.

Emblem pieces location


Continue going forward breaking the barrels inside the shack before the gate. Go through the gate into the warehouse. Break the barrels and go through the next door. Take out the three Ganados and continue going around break another barrel on your way. Jump through the windows and immediately crouch to avoid the incoming blast. Shoot the two Ganados that are trying to climb toward you to send them falling back. Now use the TMP to take out the dynamite Ganados. As soon as one of them is down, his dynamite will explode resulting in a blast killing of the remaining ones.

Carefully disarm the traps on the right side and use the narrow path to get near the door. Two Ganados will enter so deal with them before attempting anything else watching out for the rest of the traps. Open the door and go through the watery room into another door. Open it and head down toward another Ganado. Take him out and jump down. Shoot the largest fish and collect it (Black Bass L). Collect the coins and a flash grenade and make your way up. Go up the ladder.


Collect the stuff inside the shack and disarm the traps including the dynamite one before heading forward. You will reach a locked door with a puzzle, Click on the first sign to turn it up then the last one to turn it to the right. The Door will unlock. Collect the Insignia Key inside, the notes on the bed and the coins inside the wardrobe. Open the door to end the chapter.

Chapter 1-3

Walk forward and get the green herb from the cabinet, turn around and proceed downstairs grabbing the egg from the owen and the rest of stuff around especially the incendiary grenade behind the glass. Once done, make your weapons ready and head outside. A chainsaw guy will be waiting accompanied by other Ganados. Hold your position and wait for him to come near, blast him with the shotgun as soon as he does. Keep the others away with the handgun or shotgun if you have enough left for the chainsaw (he takes around 4 shots).

Once all done, head forward. A Ganado will be waiting near the shack with another one inside that will come out soon so watch out. Deal with them by shooting them in the face and kicking. Grab the red herb inside and continue forward. A group of Ganados will be waiting near the end gate, throw a flash grenade and dodge them going through the gate.

Welcome back to the village. Head to the eastern previously locked door near the tower and enter using the insignia key dodgin everyone in your way. Blast only when needed. Once inside, you will hear the traditional Resident Evil save room music for the first time. Grab the ammo and the gold and go through the next door. Grab the ammo here and open the basement door. Keep going forward till you run into the merchant. Don't buy anything just yet, instead keep moving forward and up the ladder at the end.

Keep walking and you will end up in the church's graveyard. Shoot the standing Ganado. Time to collect the remaining blue emblems. The first one will be hanging from the tree the Ganado was standing next to. The other one will be hanging from the tree on the other side of the fence, no need to go near, just spot it and shoot it from where you are standing. The third one will be behind you, turn around and walk toward the tree.

Head toward the church and deal with the three Ganados. One of them will carry a dynamit and will attempt to throw it at you, keep moving toward him and he will throw the dynamite just enough that it will blow him and not you. Deal with the other two. The emblem will be hanging on the left side of the church. Now go through the narrow path on the right between the church and the wall. Another two Ganados will be waiting, deal with them and walk forward. The emblem will be hanging on the upper left side.

The following optional puzzle is easy to solve, the trick is to go back to the graveyard and check the three double graves for markings. If you want to do it by yourself skip to the next section, if not follow the below solution.

You need to activate the S, M and W. The solution is: 3, 4, 3, 3, 4, 3, and 3. Grab the treasure and head back going through the walkway behind the right wall. Keep going forward and into a Ganado. Shoot her in the face then kick her off the walkway. Another two will jump in, deal with them. Jump over and shoot the hanging emblem, turn around and shoot the ne hanging below the walkway. Enter the shack, grab the note and break the box on the table. Watch out for the snake inside, kill it for an egg. Continue on your way and shoot the last hanging emblem before jumping the gap. Continue forward and deal with the last Ganado in this area. Go through the door.Smash the barrel and get the goodies inside the shacks and the wooden trolley. Don't go through the wooden gate next to the two barrels, instead go down and go through the insignia gate. Drop down and get to the merchant. Grab the free Punisher gun and sell your old handgun. Get back up to where you came from and go through the wooden door.

The Lake

Grab the ammo inside the shack and keep moving forward. Another giant rock will be thrown toward your way making you have to tap the sprint button and the dodge prompt at the end. Keep walking forward shooting of the trap and dealing with the Ganado. Quickly move forward shooting everyone in sight but just to knock them down temporary as you don't want to waste your bullets just yet. Grab the ammo in the shack and drop down into the water. Take the right side and shoot the trap. Keep moving. Get back up using the ramp, and take the right turn moving forward. Shoot both of the traps and continue forward. Pick up the handgun ammo inside the shack or simply continue toward the wooden gate and go through. Walk forward and take the right turn. Grab the yellow herb inside the box in the first shack and the ammo on the table. Move out and go inside the next one grabbing the green herb inside the barrel. save if you like and move out into the boat at the end. Sail the boat to the south until a cutscene kicks in.

Del Lago Boss Fight

Boss Fight: The lake monster will pull you trying to smash your boat into the trees, steer the boat to the right in order not to crash. Once the coast is clear, throw a spear or two at the monster and start steering to the right as soon as it dives. Next is one of the two scenarios: the monster emerges again and starts pulling you toward the trees again. Or, Leon will grab the spear and wait. Once this happens, wait for the monster to show up and start throwing the spears at it as soon as it's visible. You should be able to hit it two times. Keep repeating the upper methods until the monster goes down.

Note: Once you are hit, the boat will flip and you have to make it back on time. Once you get hit two times, heal as soon as you reach the boat or do so when you notice your health is low as you won't be able to make it back once your health is low. Once the monster is down, a prompt will appear. Keep tapping the cut button to free yourself. Congratulations, you have defeated the first boss and ended the chapter.

Chapter 2-1

Once awake, pickup the letter on the bed, handgun ammo and the gold inside the box. Exit the cabin. Take the right turn and go through the gate at the end.

Note: From this point onwards, once the head of Ganado is exploded or he is shot multi times, a Plaga parasite will replace his head and take over his body. The Plaga can deal damage at extended range, even if the enemy is down or shot in the head so keep your distance at all time. The Plaga can be killed with a flash grenade or by simple shooting it.

Walk forward and two Ganados will appear with the first one's head be replaced by a Plaga. Deal with them at an extended distance and move forward. Move forward jumping the gaps. Keep going on your way jumping another set of gaps and climb down at the end. Once Down, go through the fence and up the ladder. Deal with the Ganado on top and shoot the two hanging boxes. Smash the barrel and jump down. Head forward and shoot the last box. Jump ontop and keep going forward jumping over the rest till your at the far end. Get up using another ladder at the end and pull the lever. Jump down and make your way to the middle path.

A group of Ganados will appear from two sides. Run toward the middle group knocking them down wit the shotgun. You can go up the ladder, fight down or simply go into the cave. There is a treasure on top just before the cave that can be shot down. Once inside the cave, take the Insignia Shape at the end. Walk forward and go through the door at the end. Break the barrels and use the boat to get to the other side. Pick up the ammo here, save if you like and make your way up. Break the barrels here, get your weapons ready and get into the open to your left.

El Gigante

Boss Fight: You will now have to fight the uncontrollable El Gigante. Quickly Get into the cabins taking everything inside but be careful as it will smash the cabins and deal damage to you. Keep your distance and shoot it a few times with you shotgun. The dog you saved earlier will appear distracting the monster for a few seconds. Use this time to reload and blast it with your shotgun or the TMP.

Once the creature comes near you, you can run under it but be careful as he can grab you if you are not quick enough. Once grabbed, tap the shown button to use your knife and drop down. Keep firing at him until he goes down. Quickly run toward him and a prompt for attack will appear. Keep tapping the attack button until you jump off. Repeat the previous process. After the third time he goes down, the attacks should finish him off.

Note: He can pick up trees and attempt to attack you. Keep your position and wait for the prompt to dodge him appears.

Once he is dead, pick up the gold and proceed to the the now unlocked area with the two barrels and go through the door. Make your way to the church dodging the dogs that are nearby. Just move out of their way once they are ready to jump. Unlock the church door using the Insignia Shape and get in.

Get the gold near the altar and make your way to the ladder positioned on the left side on the main entrance. Once up, jump on the hanging lantern in the middle and jump off at the other side once you get some speed. Operate the panel on your right by solving the simple puzzle.

The solution is: Turn R two times, G three times and B once. Grab the grenade from the barrels on your left and make your way to the other side going through the unlocked door.

Take a quick look at the playing manual if you like. Order Ashley to hold while smashing the barrels and getting the goodies inside. Once done, order her to follow you make your way to the ladder. Jump down and catch her. Make your way to the middle of the church to end the chapter.

Chapter 2-2

Note: Ashley can be grabbed and killed. You can heal her with your normal health items. If she is grabbed, shoot the one that is grabbing her but make sure not to hit her instead.If she dies its game over.

Instruct Ashley to wait while you are smashing the barrels. Once done, instruct her to follow and exit the room. Be aware, the following must be done quickly and precisely in order to avoid trouble. As soon as you are out, run forward and shoot the wooden trolley ahead setting it on fire. Immediately follow it ignoring everything. Keep running all the way down and go through the opening and into a ladder going down. Keep going forward ignoring the merchant and into another ladder. you are back in the save room,. Pickup what you need to head outside.

The village

Now quickly take the path near the tower, shot the trap and the lady Ganado, run forward dealing with another set of Ganados and shot the remaining traps near the end. Go through the gate. Instruct Ashley to hide in the nearby dumpster. Now move forward and deal with the group of Ganados. Once done, take everything and head to the shack with the ladder. Make sure that the area is clear and call Ashley. Wait for her to join you and climb up. Jump over to the walkway and deal with the Ganados. Jump down at the end of the walkway and catch Ashley. Shoot the traps and piggyback Ashley near the gate for her to open it from the other side. Once on the other side, head forward across the bridge for a cutscene.

House Attack

The trick is to hold out and survive the mob. luis will be helping you by shooting Ganados and providing you with ammo. Push all three cabinets to close the windows. Pick up everything around and do the same upstairs. Wait down till Ganados start coming in and shoot them. Make sure to keep picking up ammo especially for the shotgun as it's the most effective weapon. Watch out for the Plagas and keep your distance. After a while, luis will tell you to get upstairs. Ganados will be coming in from the stairs and by ladders placed on the windows. Keep pushing them and fighting off the ones that do make it in. Use health items when needed and flash grenades to kill of Plagas. After some time the mob will retreat ending the chapter.

Chapter 2-3

Exit the house. Turn left and grab the note inside the shack near the merchant. Proceed to the gates mechanism. you will be presented with two choices, open the left gate or the right one. One the left, you will have a path full of Ganados. On the right, you must face the huge monster El Gigante. I will be covering both routes below.

Left Gate

Right Gate

Get your TMP ready and go through the gate. Walk forward and the giant monster will drop down. Ashley will point toward the upper rock, shoot the support wood and the rock will fall down. Quickly, turn around and blast the chains on the door to set it open. Go through and keep running until you reach the second shack, pickup the key inside and keep running toward the end. Repeat what you did with the first door and continue running. Use the key on the gate at the end and go through.

Pick Up the ammo near the house and go inside picking up the goodies. Exit taking and get up to the merchant. Now is the time to buy the Rifle and you will soon know why. Now, get down, and proceed to the left and up. Ignore the locked gate and keep going straight. Get up and get on the lift. Equip your rifle and get ready to aim. First get the Ganado standing on the left. Next hit the upcoming Ganado on the lift. Now hit the three Ganados behind him and the next upcoming two. Now hit the one on the left. Reload and hit the upcoming on on the right. Hit the upcoming three behind him and wait for the final one to show up on the right as well.

Once you get off, get the flash grenade and ammo from the control room. Exit and head down ignoring the walkway and continue on your way down (there is a hidden treasure on the other side of the walkway but it's guarded by three Ganados and is not worth your trouble). Continue running forward passed the merchant and through the gate. Get your weapons ready and run toward the house, Leon will instruct Ashley to hide while he investigates the house.

Mendez Boss Fight

As soon as the cutscene is over, press the prompt doge buttons to get out of the way. Immediately blast the village chief with the TMP, turn around and get up the ladder. Pick up the yellow herb on the right, green herb ahead and drop down running to the other side picking up everything you can on the way. throw a grenade or keep blasting him with TMP and a few shotgun rounds and he will split in half. Now run to the other side and keep blasting him, once near dodge him and repeat what you just did once you are on the other side. He will try to hit you and even come from different angles so be careful. He is not that tough to kill and will go down soon.

Once the fight is over pick up the False Eye, jump out from a hole on the right side and exit the area heading back to the lift. Go up and get to the previously locked gate. Use the false eye and go through. Now instruct Ashley to wait and move forward. A truck will come your way, shoot the engine until it's on fire and move backwards as the truck will flip. Instruct Ashley to follow and run forward toward the castle until the cutscene kicks in.

Chapter 3-1

Walk forward and watch the cutscene. Instruct Ashley to wait near the locked gate and go through the western door. Ganados will be waiting, blast them and don't let them get near Ashley. Deal with Ganados coming from the room. Get inside and finish off the remaining once and call Ashley. Hold her position, grab everything and make your Rifle ready. Exit through the other door and snipe the upper Ganado with the bow. Once he is down, go through and deal with the upcoming Ganados with wooden shields blasting them with your Shotgun or the Rifle. Call in Ashley and get inside the room. Position Ashley on the upper part and grab the key. As soon as you do, Ganados will enter. Quickly get in position and blow up the gas barrel. Blast the Ganados once if they are blocking it then shoot it. Finish off the remaining once and head back to the locked gate. Use the key and go through.

Walk forward and meet Ramon Salazar. Smash the vases, save if you like and go through the the door on the right. Instruct Ashley to wait and start collecting everything up until the hanging Prison key on the portrait before the fire horses. Get up and open the locked prison door next to where Ashley is standing. Get down grabbing the herb, make your Rifle ready and walk toward the gate. Break it and walk forward. The iron claws monster (Garrador) will now attack. The monster can not see but hear. So make sure you walk slowly and not run unless the monster spotted you and is running toward you. Shoot one of the bell and wait for the monster to get stuck. Shot the Plaga on his back using the Riffle. Repeat what you just did on the other bell. Once the bells are gone, you can sneak past him or fire once with your Handgun to draw attention, run behind him and fire. Be very careful, he can hit you multi times resulting in death. Heal quickly as soon as you are hit.

Once he is done, pull the lever inside the cell and the fire horses will stop firing lol. Walk forward and Ganados will attack. Deal with them and keep advancing leaving Ashley behind as the next batch of Ganados will have a dynamite throwing one. Once all are done including the bow Ganado, call Ashley and go through the gate at the end.

The Following area is very a bit hard due to the large number of armed Ganados so get your weapons reloaded before advancing.

Equip the flash grenade and throw it towards the lined up Ganados to blind them for a few needed seconds. If you do not have the flash grenade, just blast them with your shotgun making way for you and Ashley to run in between. Your destination is the path to your right. Take the stairs down and into the room blasting anyone in your way. Once inside, instruct Ashley to wait in one of the corners. Stand in front of her and keep blasting the incoming Ganados. Dont leave the room leaving Ashley alone as later Ganados will drop down. Once you cleared a reasonable amount of Ganados, solve the little puzzle by instructing Ashley to wait on the yellow floor switch and do the same on the other one.

Now instruct Ashley to follow and make your way back into the main hall. Clear the remaining Ganados and instruct Ashley to turn the crank. Once the path is opened, another set of Ganados carrying sickles will attack. Deal with them quickly as they will throw the sickles hurting you or even killing Ashley. A blast or two from the shotgun should slow them down giving you some time to finish them off. Once the two Ganados are dealt with, snipe the third one and continue. Smash the two vases taking the ammo inside.

To open the path ahead, you will need to piggyback Ashley to one of the walls and stop the Ganados from below.

Try scoring headshots as they are the most effective.Equipt and reload your sniper and start shooting. These Ganados are little easer to kill but can still grab Ashley. Once your out of ammo, switch to the TMP and blast the remaining ones. Be extra careful NOT to hit Ashley by mistake. Should one of the Ganados managed to pick her up, shoot him in his legs or the down part in general as it's the safest method. Once the path is clear, pick Ashley and continue through the gate.

Grab everything in this room including the upper tresor and go through the corridor ahead for a cutscene.

Chapter 3-2

As soon as your incontrol, turn around and go through the door to your left. Once inside, smash the barrels, reload your weapons and continue down. Run forward without stopping until you come to another gap. Drop down, pick up the TMP ammo at the end and climb up. You can kick the bugs as soon as the prompt button appear. Once up, go through the left door into the prison area. Take the left path and into an open cell. Go in and navigate to the other side and into the control room. Turn the valve, pick up the goodies and return to the prison area. The water will now be drained from the gap with the latter. Get down and up to reach the other end. Break the cell door, go up the stairs breaking the barrels and into the next area.

You now need to dodge the moving sharp axes. Move forward slowly and watch the line ahead, thats where the axe will slash. Wait for it to pass then quickly move forward. Repeat what you just did by jumping. Do the same thing once both the axes cross path. Pick Up the treasure on the right and go through the door. Go up the ladder, smash both barrels and head through the door.

Get your weapons read and drop down. Quickly shoot the red monk and take out the rest. Get the dropped pendant and head upstairs going through the door next to the merchant. Pick Up the red herb and continue forward going through the door at the end. Your target is to catch the red monk as he is carrying a key. Break the vases and take whats inside. One of the monks will drop to your left, blast the gas barrel for an explosion killing the monk in the process. Jump through the window and go through the door. Break the barrels here and head upstairs taking out the incoming Ganado.

Go through the door at the end and position yourself in the middle of the walkway facing the Ganados below. Blast the gas barrel to their left for an explosion. The red monk will start running. Head forward and drop down to where they were standing. Finish off the remaining Ganados and chase the red monk through the open door back upstairs. Chase him into the next room but watch out for the shield Ganado inside. Blast the red monk and finish him off once you get the chance. Grab the Gallery Key off him once he's dead. Make your way upstairs and jump down to the left to where the red monk original was standing and use the Gallery key on the door. Grab everything and use the panel to solve a simple puzzle.

The idea is to have 6 persons in total. The solution is: 2, 4, 2, 1, 3, 4, 1, 4, 2, 1, OK.

Go through the new door for a cutscene. Immediately throw a flash grenade, blast them with the shotgun directly or throw a hand grenade to finish them off. Two extra bow Ganados will appear. Head upstairs quickly as two other Ganados with Rocket Launcher will appear through an opening in the wall. Once upstairs, chase the remaining Ganados and finish them off. Explore the are picking up everything and reset the security alarm near the door upstairs (near the painting). The rocket Launcher Ganados will appear again. Quickly, take the left turn and turn right entering the south door. Break the vase and press the switch. Exit the room and quickly move away from the incoming rockets. Return and finish off the two Ganados. Open the chest grabbing the Goat Ornament. The doors will now be unlocked. Go through the door near the painting upstairs.

Save the game if you like and continue forward going through the left door at the end. Shoot the upper treasure and continue forward. Continue forward grabbing the treasures in the fountain then taking the left path breaking the barrels. Go through the gates at the end. Welcome to the maze, you will need to get to both fountains grabbing two pieces. Beware, dogs will attack so you need to move quickly. Walk forward and head down into the maze after the radio call.

Get both Moonstone parts and head back upstairs toward the locked door you passed earlier before entering the maze downstairs. Combine both pieces and use it to unlock the door. Enter to end the chapter.

Chapter 3-3

Once the cutscene is over, explore the room grabbing everything and head through the door inside. Nex head forward breaking the vase ahead and taking the ammo inside, continue toward the opening on the right and ring the bell. Use your rifle to shoot the bottle in the picture ahead to unlock the gate next to you. Reload your weapons and head toward the chest.

Now comes the hard part, immediately drop a hand grenade in front to blast off the gate lock and take out the Ganados in front. Kick the gate open to get out and have the needed space. If you don't have a hand grenade, throw a flash one or run away from the Garrador (the claw monster). You will have to quickly navigate around dealing with the incoming Ganados, the ones with the bow outside the cage and with the monster itself.

Once outside the cage, blast the Ganados in your way but be careful as the Garrador will run toward the sound. Stand near the wall and fire a few shots with your handgun to grab his attention, he will run toward you smashing the wall and getting stuck in the process. Blast the Plaga on his back and repeat until he is dead. Finish off the remaining Ganados, grab what's inside the chest and head through the other door (east). Continue forward and smash the vase on the left. Once done, drop down and take care of the Ganados. Finish off the spider Plaga that comes out of their head once they are down and pull the lever. Use the ladder to get up and go through the new walkway dealing with the new Ganados that just came in from behind.

Don't go through the door at the end of the walkway just yet, instead take the left path and into another room with Ganados. Finish them off including the ones in the window above and grab everything by breaking the display glass. Go up the ladder and shoot the lock on the door. Go through and head through the door at the end of the walkway. Break the vases here and talk to the merchant. Buy the Attache Case XL and head through the next door.

Chapter 3-4

Break all the vases in the hall resupplying and reloading your sniper rifle. Once done, walk to the middle part and shoot the three metal straps that are holding Ashley. Once she is free, Ganados will come in and try to grab her. Use headshots as they are the most effective. Should Ashley get grabbed, shoot the Ganados carrying her. You can also throw a grenade once Ashley is away. Once all are done, Ashley will grab the key off the monk and go through a door.

You are now playing as Ashley, defenceless without any weapons. Grab the treasure on the left and continue through the corridor ahead turning left and into the next room. A Ganado will b wait, navigate around him and head right. Throw the table lamp on the right table to stun it then immediately turn the crank near the left gate to open (you can crawl under the table near the locked gate to access the crank. Once the gate is open, throw the second lamp and quickly go through. Start turning the crank here, once the first layer is clear, throw the lamp and turn the second crank. Go through once the gate is fully open. Grab the red herb, take the right path ahead and go through the door at the end.
Once inside, push aside the cupboard and press the security switch unlocking a gate. Pick Up the green herb, crawl under the desk near the door and go through the unlocked gate. Press the switch at the end to unlock another gate. Head through the newly unlocked gate and pick up the Stone Tablet near the fireplace. Press the nearby switch. Turn around and press the first switch near the cupboard again. Navigate toward the accessible door grabbing the treasures nearby.

Grab the treasure ahead and keep moving forward in the dark. Once in the armory room, check the table and solve the puzzle by moving the pieces around. The end result should look like the following:

Once the pieces are rearranged, insert the Stone Tablet to unlock the door. Go through and grab the Salazar Family Insignia off the armor. Next open the chest and grab the Serpent Ornament. Wait for the three possessed armors to walk in, navigate around them and run back. Keep running until you come to a standing armor, as soon as you get near a prompt will be shown to get away. Continue forward and repeat the same thing with another standing armor. Exit the dark corridor and into the room with the gates. Exit this room dodging another standing armor and head toward the other door facing you. Insert the family insignia into the round thing and turn it to reveal a ladder. Get up, grabbing the treasures to your left and exit through the door at the end of the corridor ending the chapter.

Chapter 4-1

Once in control, go through the door at the end of the corridor. Take everything, and move toward the platform with wheels ahead. Use it to get to the other side and go through the door. Move little further and a Ganado will appear on the dragon shaped ship ahead. Quickly shoot him with a handgun and the whole ship thing will fall and a chest will now be available. Move ahead taking whats inside and move forward toward the moving cage. Wait for an opening and jump through, repeat to get to the other side. You can stay and shoot the Ganados ahead or simply move forward. After finishing them off, wait for the dragon ship to start breathing fire then immediately move toward where you came from or the opposite side and shoot the Ganado on top (use TMP to quickly spread fire). Another chest will appear, grab what's inside and move forward. Another ship will appear ahead, immediately run toward the left side and quickly take out the operator. Once done, a path will appear. Take it up and grab the Lion Ornament. Head back shooting the incoming Ganados in the face to pass through and exiting the room at the end.

Get back to Ashley and move forward. Get on the cart. Once on the other side, break the vases and go through the door. Use the Ornaments on the left wall to clear the path. You can grab the treasure upstairs by taking the right path before the door or simply head through. Get on cart. Break the vase and head through the door. Grab the flash grenade ahead but don't continue, instead get back and head right (your left once your coming back). Get inside the safe room with another Shooting Range before continuing toward the end of the corridor and save your progress grabbing everything. Exit and continue. Grab the yellow herb before going through the door. Instruct Ashley to wait near the lion statue ahead grabbing and ammo and continue alone. Be aware of the armors as they will try to attack you. Dodge them as soon as the prompt appears. Continue into the room ahead grabbing the King's Grail in the middle. As soon as you do, the door behind you will be locked and three moving armors will attack. Equip your Shotgun and blast each of the armors heads once or twice for the Plaga to appear. Once all three Plagas are visible, throw the flash grenade to instantly kill them. Use the time to grab the things around or heal as another set of moving armors will appear. Repeat what you just did to finish them off unlocking the door (you can blast the Plagas normally if you ran out of flash grenades). Head back to the previous hall taking Ashley with you.

Now head through the door facing you at the end. Tell Ashley to hold once she is standing on one of the floor squares. Push each statue and position it on one of the three remaining floor squares and stand on the last one to unlock the door. Before entering the room ahead, stand near the door and aim toward the ceiling. You will notice a glowing target, shoot all four (two on each side) and move in (if you missed one, you can quickly shoot in once inside). Move through the door once the cutscene is over. Once you cross the long corridor and into the room ahead, Ashley will be stuck on the other side with an incoming machine. Quickly equip the rifle grabbing the ammo to your right and snipe out the two drivers. The door now be unlocked so move away letting Ashley through. Grab the Queen's Grail and everything else in the room. Exit the room by shooting off the lock on the door and head back to the previous hall.

Take the left path and head straight. Instruct Ashley to wait and move forward dealing with the Ganados ahead. Shoot the treasures of the walls, place both Grails on each side near the door and go through. Move forward for a quick cutscene. Once in control, quickly head forward toward the lever and use it. Shoot the metal support hocks holding the bridge. Once it's down, head through the door at the end (Try to make it quickly not wasting time and ammo on the flying enemies as they are quick and can take allot of damage). Once inside, grab the handgun ammo ahead and save your game. Head through the door at the end breaking the barrels in the next room and continue forward until a cutscene.

Move toward the clock tower and go up taking the left turn. Deal with the Ganados on top and enter the clock tower through the door on the otherside. Once inside, immediately aim your handgun up and shoot the wooden peace holding the cogs. Aim even higher and take out the second one. Make your way to the lower part breaking the wooden boxes and grabbing what's inside. Now navigate to the upper part. Grab the handgun ammo and make your way to the highest point using the ladder. Shoot the last wooden part and head toward the lever on the other side grabbing the memo and green herb on your way. Start the cogs.

Ganados will now enter the inside. Navigate to the lower part shoot Ganados in the head to clear the path. Once approaching the lower part, a dynamite throwing Ganado will appear. Carefully navigate to the gate and exit (you can let the dynamite do the job by luring the rest toward your location and moving aside once the dynamite gets thrown taking out everyone with the blast). Use your Shotgun to blast the three shield Ganados and continue forward. A bunch of Ganados will appear near the door, throw a grenade and finish the rest. Go through the door.

The following part is considered one of the hardest, you have two choices:

  • A: Use the Rocket Launcher aming on the gate ahead taking out the claw monster in the process. or:
  • B: Fight the claw monsters along with the Ganados.

For the sake of argument, we will go with plan B. You need to move careful as a single shoot will attract the claw monsters. I suggest sniping out the two Ganados ahead, dodge the incoming claw monsters, shooting the bell on the right side, blast the two Plagas on the claw monsters as they will likely attack the bell and have their claws stuck inside the wall and go through the left corridor. Be careful as another Ganado will be wait so you will have to take him out quickly. Basically, take out the Ganados and deal with the claw monsters. There are two bells that can be shot attracting the monsters. You can also stand near the wall and wait for the monster to run toward you moving at the end and having the monster's claw stuck in the wall opening it for attacks on it's Plaga. Use the below map to plan your attacks.

I suggest saving the Rocket Launcher for the next scenario not far ahead.

Once all are down, head through the unlocked gate. Quickly press the prompt buttons to avoid death. Once down, grab both ammo along with a yellow herb and talk to the merchant ahead. Buy the Broken Butterfly for 38000 PTAS and upgrade the Shotgun power three times. Grab the hand grenade near the typewriter and save your game. Head upstairs using the nearby ladder and through the door at the end grabbing the treasures (inside the water circle thing on the left) and the red herb on your way.

Have your weapons reloaded and head toward the control room at the end. Press the prompt buttons as the monster will start to attack. Once inside the control room, grab the Shotgun ammo on the panel ahead, a green herb on the left side and power on the elevator using the panel at the right side. The door will now be locked. Head toward it and press the use button to attempt to unlock it. The monster will appear in front of you, try dodging it by running past it and wait near the Gas cylinder. Wait for the monster to approach and press the use button to lock the cylinder down temporary freezing the monster in the process. You can now use the Rocket Launcher to end it with one shoot or continue with the following strategy. As soon as the monster is frozen, kick him and start blasting him with the Broken Butterfly until he is no longer frozen. Dodge him by running circles around the room until the door is unlocked.

Exit the room and keep running and knock over the second cylinder reloading and blasting him with the remaining rounds of the Broken Butterfly followed by the Shotgun. Continue running toward the room on the right side dodging the monsters attack by pressing the prompts on time. Once inside knock over the third cylinder and repeat what you just did. Exit and run toward the elevator room o nthe left. Knock over the last cylinder near the door once the monster is near and blast him. This should finish it off. Grab the treasure and wait for the elevator to arrive. Alternatively, you can keep running and dodging the monster until the elevator arrives in approximately 4 minutes. Operate the evaluator once it arrives to go down ending the chapter.

Chapter 4-2

You will end up in another save room with a Shooting Range. Grab everything around and head through the gate. Take care of the Ganados and move forward into the mining area. You can stand on top shooting the Ganados below as they try to climb up or simply drop down and finish everyone off. Ignore the two Ganados on the other side for now. Once everyone is down, use the lever to lower the trolley, it will get stuck. Head to the machine on top and use to to restore power. Be aware of the dynamite throwing Ganada as you head back. Once down, a chainsaw guy will appear. Blast him once and use the lever to lower the trolley. Blast the chainsaw guy again and head to the trolley taking the dynamite from inside dealing with Ganados on the way. Place the dynamite on the rock blocking the way and move away. Deal with the Ganadas and the chainsaw guy until the dynamite explodes opening the path. Blast the incoming Ganados and head through the door at the end.

Reload your weapons taking the Shotgun ammo on the left and a flash grenade on the right and move forward. Two giants will enter the room, immediately turn around and head toward the ladder. Once on top, use the zipline to get to the other side and press use on the machine nearby. Wait for one of them to in the middle of the floor circle and pull the lever to instantly kill one of the giants. Be aware and stay away from the middle until the hatch closes up as the giant can still grab you from below. The other one is easy to deal with. Get up the ladder and slide down once he starts shaking the platform, once down turn around and fire a few shots to the head and move away as soon as he gets near and tries to hit you. To fasten the process, fire a couple of shots and throw a hand grenade. Once the giant takes enough damage, he will bend down allow you to get on top and start smashing the Plaga. A total of three bends will get the job done. Grab the treasure and head through the gates.

Heal up and continue moving. As soon as you are in the open, grab the green herb on the left and continue up. Take the right turn when on top and head through the cave. Turn the switch on and move out dodging the flies and going up. Once up, ignore the door and head straight through another cave grabbing another green herb and turning the switch here as well. Now head back and press the switch on the gate grabbing the red herb next to it. Remember, you can kick the flies as soon a the prompt comes up so use the opportunity to clear the way. Go through and the flies won't follow. Ahead are blocks that move up and down smashing anything that gets below. Wait for the first block to smash and start running forward as the block is been lifted. Head forward climbing up and down. As soon as the second block drops, drop down and run. Use the left lever to stop the middle block from moving out of the three ahead. Wait for the first one to go up and run forward stopping in the middle. Wait for the last one and run. Keep running forward taking the treasure ahead and use the lift to go up.