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Combat Tactics Guide by ChaosTheEternal

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/02/05

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                                Combat Tactics Guide                           
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS

 1.  Disclaimer
 1b. Frequently Asked Questions / Frequently Contributed Information
 2.  Contact Information
 3.  Version Information
 4.  Weapons
    a.  Handguns
       i.  Handgun
      ii.  Red9
     iii.  Punisher
      iv.  Blacktail
    b.  Shotguns
       i.  Shotgun
      ii.  Riot Gun
     iii.  Striker
    c.  Rifles
       i.  Rifle
      ii.  Rifle (semi-auto)
    d.  Magnums
       i.  Broken Butterfly
      ii.  Killer7
    e.  Grenades
       i.  Flash Grenade
      ii.  Incendiary Grenade
     iii.  Hand Grenade
    f.  Miscellaneous
       i.  TMP
      ii.  Mine Thrower
     iii.  Rocket Launcher
 5.  Combat Strategies
    a.  General
    b.  Villagers
    c.  Zealots
    d.  Las Plagas
    e.  Chainsaw Villagers
    f.  Wolves
    g.  Crows
    h.  Blind Slasher
    i.  Novistadors
    j.  Soldiers
    k.  Armored Soldiers
    l.  Chain Gunners
    m.  Regenerators
    n.  Spiky Regenerators
 6.  Boss Strategies
    a.  Del Lago
    b.  El Gigante
    c.  Bella Sisters
    d.  Village Chief
    e.  Verdugo
    f.  Los Gigantes
    g.  Salazar
    h.  The "It" Monster
    i.  Krauser
    j.  Krauser (Part 2)
    k.  Saddler    
 7.  Specific Area Tactics
    a.  Village (Chapter 1-1)
    b.  Valley (Chapter 1-2)
    c.  Waterfall (Chapter 2-1)
    d.  Cabin (Chapter 2-2)
    e.  Catapult Courtyard (Chapter 3-1)
    f.  Sword Room (Chapter 3-1)
    g.  Main Hall (Chapter 3-1)
    h.  Dining Room (Chapter 3-3)
    i.  Knight Room (Chapter 4-1)
    j.  Novistador Hive (Chapter 4-1)
    k.  Clock Tower Bridge (Chapter 4-1)
    l.  Grand Hall (Chapter 4-1)
    m.  Freight Shipping Tunnel (Chapter 5-2)
    n.  Army Fortress (Chapter 5-4)
 8.  Miscellaneous Information
 9.  Credits

Section 0. Comments
Due to lack of time and, well, not having the game available to play, I'm not
really going to be updating this guide AT ALL anymore.

And if you're wondering, I added this as "section 0" because I wanted it first
but didn't want to have to renumber the whole guide.  Yep, that's being lazy.

Section 1. Disclaimer
The combat tactics listed in this guide were either devised while I was playing
through the Professional difficulty or suggested to me by other players.
They are able to work in either difficulty.

They might not be the best tactics available, but they work.

Section 1b. Frequently Asked Questions / Frequently Contributed Information
Q: Why don't you list the Chicago Typewriter/Infinite Rocket Launcher/etc. in
your weapons section?

A: I don't list them because, well, I'll just repeat what I put at the intro
of that section.
"This section is to go over the weapons you CAN BUY ON THE FIRST RUN THROUGH
of RE4 and to recommend what you want to buy."
Captials are for emphasis.

Q: I have a new tactic for the Village Chief/El Gigante.

A: Since most of the information I get from these tactics fit into the previous
statement, I have to disregard it.  In every other case, I have enough tactics
for the Village Chief.  In the case of El Gigante, every tactic given doesn't
fit with the "when" you fight him, since it's for the first run through.  For
the chief, I have enough.

Section 2. Contact Information
This Combat Tactics Guide written by ChaosTheEternal.

If you have feedback, suggestions, or corrections, please let me know.
It will all be appreciated.

If you want to use anything from this guide for your own, contact me.
I'll be glad to help.

E-Mail:  (I'm not accepting e-mails anymore)

Section 3. Version Information
Version 1.3
August 02, 2005
Tired of receiving the same e-mails.
Finalized FAQ, no longer accepting e-mails.

Version 1.2
March 28, 2005
Added the Comments section.
Added knife fighting tactic for Chainsaw Villagers.
Added alternate tactics for El Gigante (canyon fight).
Added alternate tactics for Chief.
Added alternate tactic for Battle Hall (on Professional).
Updated Blind Slasher information.

Version 1.1
February 15, 2005
Added alternate tactics for Krauser (part 2) and Salazar.
Clarified how to find the free weapons.
Added the "Quick Turning Trick".
Added the Miscellaneous Information and Credits sections.
Corrected the date of version 1.0 to when I actually uploaded it.

Version 1.0
February 2, 2005
The first version of the guide is done.  And what the guide is here to do
is done in this version.  Huh.  Any updates would be to merely add suggestions,
correct mistakes, or clarify things.

Section 4. Weapons
This section is to go over the weapons you can buy on the first run through
of RE4 and to recommend what you want to buy.  You need to save all the money
you can get (for healing, should you need it), so you need to know how much
it'll cost for the guns you choose to use.


  i. Handgun
     A standard 9mm handgun.

     Available: Chapter 1-2
     Cost: 8000
     Obtained: You start with it

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           1.0            0.47            1.73          10

     Upgrades          Cost
           1.2         7000
           1.4        10000
           1.6        15000
           1.8        18000
           2.0        20000

     Firing Speed
          0.40         5000
          0.33        12000

     Reload Speed
          1.47         4000
          0.87        10000

           13          4000
           16          6000
           19          8000
           22         10000
           25         12000

     Increases the chance of critical headshots by 5 times.
     Cost: 57000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 198000

     Recommendation: This is the head shot gun.  It can kill in one or
     two head hits, with the exclusive upgrade, so I'd definitely say
     this is the handgun you want.

 ii. Red9
     A powerful 9mm handgun.

     Available: Chapter 2-2
     Cost: 14000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           1.4            0.53            2.37           8

     Upgrades          Cost
           1.7        15000
           2.0        20000
           2.4        24000
           2.8        28000
           3.5        45000

     Firing Speed
          0.47        10000
          0.40        15000

     Reload Speed
          2.20         6000
          1.67        10000

           10          6000
           12          8000
           15         10000
           18         16000
           22         22000

     Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 5.0)
     Cost: 80000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 315000

     Recommendation: The great thing about this gun is the firing power
     (especially after the Exclusive upgrade), but since it costs well over
     twice the cost to upgrade the handgun (and you have to buy the Red9),
     it's debatable as to whether or not to use this.  If you like chance,
     and are good with head shots, stick to the Handgun, but, if you're not
     a head shooting machine or don't like to rely on luck, this is your best

iii. Punisher
     This 9mm handgun will blast a hole through two enemies!

     Available: Chapter 2-3
     Cost: 20000
     Obtained: Chapter 1-3, after shooting at least 10 blue medallions

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           0.9            0.47            1.70          10

     Upgrades          Cost
           1.1        10000
           1.3        15000
           1.5        20000
           1.7        25000
           1.9        35000

     Firing Speed
          0.40        10000
          0.33        20000

     Reload Speed
          1.47         8000
          0.83        18000

           13          8000
           16         10000
           20         15000
           24         18000
           28         24000

     This ammo will penetrate up to 5 bodies.
     Cost: 40000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 276000

     Recommendation: It shoots through two people, then through five.  Not
     significantly good.  When you get it for free (and you should), sell it

 iv. Blacktail
     A 9mm handgun with superior handling.

     Available: Chapter 3-1
     Cost: 24000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           1.6            0.47            1.70          15

     Upgrades          Cost
           1.8        15000
           2.0        18000
           2.3        24000
           2.7        30000
           3.0        40000

     Firing Speed
          0.40        10000
          0.27        20000

     Reload Speed
          1.47         8000
          0.83        15000

           18          8000
           21         10000
           25         15000
           30         20000
           35         25000

     Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 3.4)
     Cost: 80000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 338000

     Recommendation: The Red9 is a better gun than this one.  And slightly
     cheaper.  Don't use this one.


  i. Shotgun
     A 12-gauge pump-action shotgun.  Don't leave home without it.

     Available: Chapter 1-2
     Cost: 20000
     Obtained: Chapter 1-1, in one of the houses in the village

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           4.0            1.53            3.03           6

     Upgrades          Cost
           4.5        15000
           5.0        20000
           6.0        25000
           7.0        30000
           8.0        45000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          2.43         7000
          1.50        15000

            8          8000
           10         10000
           12         12000
           15         15000
           18         20000

     Significantly increases the destructive force of the weapon for
     long distance targets!
     Cost: 90000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 312000

     Recommendation: Better long range damage isn't all that great.
     But, to save money, use this until you can buy the Striker.

 ii. Riot Gun
     A light-weight pump-action shotgun.  Its superior handling enables
     quicker aiming.

     Available: Chapter 3-1
     Cost: 32000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           5.0            1.53            3.03           7

     Upgrades          Cost
           5.5        20000
           6.0        24000
           6.5        28000
           7.0        32000
           8.0        50000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          2.43         7000
          1.50        20000

            9         10000
           11         12000
           13         15000
           15         20000
           17         25000

     Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 10.0)
     Cost: 120000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 383000

     Recommendation: The Striker has better EVERYTHING compared to this gun.
     Don't bother with the Riot Gun.

iii. Striker
     Equipped with the advantages of wide-shot, it enables faster firing than
     the standard shotgun.

     Available: Chapter 4-1, when you fall into the sewers.
     Cost: 43000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           6.0            0.73            3.00          12

     Upgrades          Cost
           7.0        25000
           8.0        28000
           9.0        32000
          10.0        40000
          12.0        60000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          2.40         8000
          1.50        15000

           14         10000
           16         12000
           20         16000
           24         18000
           28         25000

     Increases the ammo capacity beyond the weapon's limitation. (to 100)
     Cost: 60000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 349000

     Recommendation: Only slightly more expensive than the Riot Gun, but
     far, far better.  The 100 round capacity and 12 firepower make this
     the best shotgun.


  i. Rifle
     A .223 caliber bolt action rifle.

     Available: Chapter 1-2
     Cost: 12000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           4.0            0.67            4.00           5

     Upgrades          Cost
           5.0        10000
           6.0        12000
           8.0        20000
          10.0        25000
          12.0        35000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          3.23         8000
          2.33        18000

            7          6000
            9          8000
           12         12000
           15         18000
           18         25000

     Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 18.0)
     Cost: 80000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 277000

     Recommendation: The only reason to get it is because of how early you
     can get your hands on it, and how much you may want to use it until
     you can get the semi-auto rifle to replace it.  Because of how much you
     need a faster firing speed later on (the 0.67 they say is off by about
     a second and a half), it's not worth it to keep using it.  Get it, but
     don't upgrade it.

 ii. Rifle (semi-auto)
     A .223 caliber rifle capable of firing faster than the standard rifle.

     Available: Chapter 3-1
     Cost: 35000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           7.0            1.43            2.33          10

     Upgrades          Cost
           8.0        15000
           9.0        18000
          11.0        24000
          13.0        30000
          15.0        40000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          1.90         9000
          1.33        18000

           12         10000
           14         12000
           17         15000
           20         20000
           24         25000

     Increases the firing speed beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 0.40)
     Cost: 80000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 316000

     Recommendation: Better than the normal rifle, and the only other rifle
     in the game, get it when you can.  When you want to upgrade it, do so,
     but only after the other guns.  This one isn't a necessity.


  i. Broken Butterfly
     A very powerful .45 magnum revolver.  This will make anyone's day.

     Available: Chapter 3-1
     Cost: 38000
     Obtained: Chapter 4-1, with the treasure you had to skip

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
          13.0            0.70            3.67           6

     Upgrades          Cost
          15.0        25000
          17.0        30000
          20.0        35000
          24.0        50000
          28.0        70000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          3.00        15000
          2.33        20000

            8         15000
           10         20000
           12         25000

     Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 50.0)
     Cost: 150000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 455000

     Recommendation: Don't buy it, get it for free.  Unless you miss the
     chance to get it for free.  This gun may start out worse than the
     Killer7, and doesn't get better than the Killer7 except after the
     Exclusive, but it's worth it.  THIS IS THE MAGNUM YOU WANT TO USE!
     The Killer7 isn't nearly as strong, and has no exclusive.  The Broken
     Butterfly is much better, especially considered how rarely you
     (should) use the magnum.

 ii. Killer7
     A very stable yet powerful .45 magnum.

     Available: Chapter 5-1
     Cost: 77700

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
          25.0            0.47            1.83          7

     Upgrades          Cost
          30.0        62000
          35.0        78000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          1.53        20000
          0.93        30000

           10         30000
           14         40000


     Total Upgrade Cost: 260000

     Recommendation: The only reason it's decent is how cheap it is to
     upgrade.  But the Broken Butterfly is much better, so use that and
     not the Killer7.


  i. Flash Grenade
     Use it to blind offenders momentarily.

     Recommendation: They're really only good when you want to get rid of
     those parasites or a bunch of people are all around you.  Keep two
     of them.

 ii. Incendiary Grenade
     A powerful explosive that blasts attackers with flames.

     Recommendation: These are fairly nice, because they'll stop a lot of
     things in their tracks and they detonate on contact.  Not as strong
     as hand grenades, but useful.  Keep two.

iii. Hand Grenade
     A handy explosive that will detonate several seconds after
     throwing it.

     Recommendation: These kill a lot of things when they explode, and are
     even decently effective against bosses.  Keep two (or even three).


  i. TMP
     A fully-automatic machine pistol.  Fires custom 9mm's.

     Available: Chapter 1-2
     Cost: 15000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           0.4            0.10            2.37          30

     Upgrades          Cost
           0.5         7000
           0.6        14000
           0.8        18000
           1.0        24000
           1.2        35000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          1.93         5000
          1.17        15000

           50          7000
          100         15000
          150         20000
          200         25000
          250         35000

     Increases the firepower beyond the weapon's threshold. (to 1.8)
     Cost: 100000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 320000

     Recommendation: Don't bother.  It's not a good weapon, and the one point
     you would maybe need it in (the Krauser boss fight), the Striker does as
     well a job (if not better).

 ii. Mine Thrower
     This weapon fires custom "mines" that attach to objects and detonate
     after a period of time.

     Available: Chapter 3-1
     Cost: 28000

     Firepower    Firing Speed    Reload Speed    Capacity
           2.0            1.33            3.43           5

     Upgrades          Cost
           4.0        25000
           6.0        45000

     Firing Speed
           ---        -----

     Reload Speed
          2.57        18000

            7         25000
           10         40000

     Adds "homing" to the Mine-Darts and significantly increases their
     blast radius.
     Cost: 30000

     Total Upgrade Cost: 183000

     Recommendation: Not a great weapon.  It takes too long for the mines to
     detonate (which puts you at more than one risk), and is hard to aim (with
     or without a scope).  A novelty item at best.

iii. Rocket Launcher
     Do major damage to any target. (Single fire)

     Available: Chapter 1-2
     Cost: 30000
     Obtained: Chapter 3-3, in a glass case

     Recommendation: This you will want to keep in hand.  And, maybe buy a
     second.  It's a great weapon, but only for boss fights.

Section 5. Combat Strategies
This section gives combat strategies for various enemies, as well as general
strategies.  They are effective in Normal, but they seem a lot more necessary
in Professional.

 - HEAD SHOTS!  If you get one, take it.  There's no point not to.  They do
   more damage (usually) and stagger enemies.  Most guides say head shots are
   bad because they bring out the parasites (in one form or another) from the
   Las Plagas, but it doesn't matter.  If a person is determined to have the
   parasite burst out (which is most likely determined at random when the room
   is loaded), it doesn't matter if you shoot them in the hand, foot, or head.
   When you'd kill the body, the parasite will burst out.

 - Shoot for a reason.  What you get has to count, so make sure your pointer
   is highlighting something.  You can't buy ammo, so don't waste it.  The
   only real exception is when you're facing a horde of enemies and you have
   a shotgun in hand.  Just aim high, then.

 - If I ever say "use a grenade", I mean either incendiary or a hand grenade.
   Flash grenades are only good if you're surrounded or fighting parasites.

These are the people you'll fight at the beginning of the game.  They look
like ordinary people until nightfall.

 - If they're standing (or running), aim for their feet or shins, not their
   knees, with a handgun.  From here on, I will call these "ankle shots".
   This will generally take them down or make them kneel in one shot.  If
   they're kneeling, run up to them and kick them.   When they're laying
   down, they're not a threat until they manage to get back up.

 - Fighting a lone villager is fairly easy.  Take them down (ankle shots),
   then just get over them and kill them with the knife.  It may seem a bad
   idea since they will most likely stand up while you're hitting them, but
   as long as you try to hit the upper torso or legs as they stand, they'll
   be easy to take back down (either they'll stagger and you can kick them or
   they'll fall again).

 - If you're fighting multiple, try and take each down with ankle shots.  Then
   chuck a grenade if you have one.  If you don't, use a shotgun on the group.
   If you don't have that either (or you're out of shotgun ammo), start 
   shooting each one in the head.  As each stand up, shoot out their legs again
   until they die.

 - If a villager is carrying dynamite, they're a boon, not a bane.  If you
   want to destroy the dynamite before it gets tossed (lit or not), aim for
   the hand holding it.  DON'T AIM FOR THE DYNAMITE!  If you'll wait for them
   to throw it, aim just above their shoulder and wait for them to throw it,
   then fire.  You should hit it.  If they die normally, they'll explode
   after awhile, even if they don't light the dynamite.

These are the people you fight in the castle.  Most are armed with a mace or
crossbow.  Some have shields, which can be annoying.

 - Follow the tactics for villagers as most you can.  They're not much

 - If a zealot is kneeling, you won't kick them.  You'll suplex them.  It is
   a lot stronger than the kick (I killed all but one normal zealot immediately
   with a suplex).

 - Shield carriers require shotgun or rifle attention.  If you're using the
   rifle, aim at the center at the top band.  It should kill instantly.  The
   shotgun can break their shield in one hit if you aim about there.

 - Crossbow users can be annoying.  Try to take them out quickly, because
   they can do a decent amount of damage at points where you don't want to be

 - Some zealots wear gold skull helmets.  These zealots cannot be shot in
   the head with anything.  The only advantage to this is that these zealots
   never burst into parasites.  And none of the ones with helmets use shields
   (to my knowledge).

Las Plagas
The parasites in the Villagers, Zealots, and Soldiers.  The villagers and
soldiers have glowing red eyes.  The villagers are your opponents until the
castle, then once again when you enter the mines.  You face the zealots
throughout the castle, and only in the castle.  The villagers only burst into
the whip parasites, the zealots will burst into head eater parasites and face
hugger parasites (both can kill you instantly).  The soldiers will burst into
whip parasites and occasionally face hugger parasites.  To note, random enemies
will burst and reveal a parasite when you "kill" them.  For the most part,
follow the tactics against Villagers unless a parasite bursts out.  These
tactics are for when the parasite bursts out, not before.

 - Said before, may need repeating.  It doesn't matter if you do head shots
   or not.  If they'll burst, they'll burst.  And, for emphasis:
   The only way to avoid having a parasite burst out is to kill them with other
   means (like a grenade, other explosive, or kicking them off a platform).

 - When the parasite bursts out, body shots don't matter much.  Even ankle 
   shots are ineffective.  Aim for the parasite, because that's the only quick
   way to kill them.  If you have a good distance, use a rifle.  That's almost
   always a one shot kill.  If you don't have the space, use the shotgun.  
   It'll keep them away.

 - You can kill a parasite eventually by shooting the body a lot.  But it takes
   far too much ammo to kill a parasite this way.

 - If you're facing multiple parasites at one time, or you don't want to face
   one, use a flash grenade.  It will kill them (when exposed) instantly.

 - Keep your distance.  They're deadly.

 - Whip Parasites: They can do a lot of damage in one hit and they're range is
   long (longer than a villager with a pitchfork) and they sweep.  The first of
   these can kill you in one hit at full life (it happened to me).

 - Head Eater Parasites: They are always one hit killers, because they eat your
   (or Ashley's) head.  Hence the name: head eaters.  They do give you a little
   bit of time to respond when they get close enough to hit you, but you have
   to act fast (like run around them brushing against them).
   (Note: They don't actually EAT Ashley's head, but they do the attack and it 
   kills her immediately.)

 - Face Hugger Parasites: Called thus by how they look.  Just pelt them at a
   distance and be wary.  They can spit acid.  If they get close, they can lop
   your head off instantly.  When they're weakened enough, the body will fall
   and they'll detach and run around.  They take two or three shots here, and
   aren't as deadly.  A flash grenade won't kill a face hugger if it's attached
   to a body, but it will if they're not attached.

Chainsaw Villagers
Either Dr. Salvador or the Bella Sisters, their only attack will kill you in
one hit.  Give them your utmost focus.

 - Don't rely on the pistol.  Don't rely on ankle shots.  Aim for the head with
   the shotgun or another strong weapon.  Thankfully, these guys don't have

 - Use grenades only if other villagers are around.  It's a waste (and a risk)
   to use them on the lone chainsaw user.

 - It's worth it to kill them.  They give you good stuff (either money or
   treasure) unless they have a key (like one of the Bella Sisters).  And it's

   Knife Fighting Tactic
   Told to me by IceDragonVisy <icedragonvisy(at)hotmail.com>, it's a way to
   fight the chainsaw people with the knife.  Have fun with it.  It is kept
   in his words, and I won't field any questions about clarifying how to
   do this tactic.

"The chainsaw villagers have a less chance of flinching than the villagers
once you swipe them in the face, but the thing here is to trick them. To do
so, while they're facing you budge forward a tad bit while running, then
step back. If you do this, they'll swing their 'saws but miss. If you're
feeling that Lady Luck's on your side, swipe them only once then run right
past him, unless they clutches their faces. Then kick them and take this
moment of silence to ground-swipe them 3-4 times, then run away. Rinse and
repeat, and don't try to act berserk. If there are other villagers around,
keep calm and use them to your advantage. Swipe them in the face and kick
them when the chainsaw villagers are within the range to be floored by the

More effective and ruthless than the RE dogs, these will rip you apart quickly.
The only times you face them, you can't take more than one hit without needing
to heal between.  Almost all wolves will have parasites burst out of their 
back, but it only gives them another attack against you.  Body shots always
hurt them.

 - Don't use the handgun.  It's not a good choice to stop them.  The only 
   weapon I recommend using is a shotgun.

 - When you're in the hedge maze, you'll find a few wolves locked in a cage.
   Use a grenade on them.  If you don't, they'll break out, and it isn't fun.

Not really enemies, but you can kill them.  They mostly take one shot, but they
give you money and sometimes items when they die.  It's worth it.  But do it at
a distance.  If you get close, they fly away.

 - The crows in the room where you fight El Gigante, use a grenade.  If you aim
   right, you can take most (or all) out.  If you try to shoot one, they'll all

Blind Slashers
The Wolverine guys.  They're not hard, but they suck.

 - Try not to run.  Walking makes no noise, and they react when you make noise.
   But it's best to run when they start running right for you.

 - If you hit the bells, they'll go after them.  If you shoot them in the head,
   they'll start swinging where they stand.  Only one slasher isn't around 

 - Use the rifle.  It hurts them quite a bit and it lets you be accurate at a
   distance (which is what you want).

 - These guys do have a one hit kill.  If they are running at you, move.  They
   won't always do the stabbing attack when they charge you, but since I can't
   really explain how they look when they will, it's easier to tell you to run
   any time they come running at you.  To be a bit more specific, if one hand
   isn't at their side when they're running, they'll do the stabbing attack.
   I've had it verified by bruce wallace <lavitz4(at)hotmail.com> that their
   charging attacks do indeed kill you regardless of how much life you have.

These insect-like creatures are strong and deadly.  The first ones you face
don't fly, but they're "stealthed", so it's harder to see them.

 - The stealthed ones aren't perfectly invisible.  You can see their eyes
   at times, they distort what you would see when you look at them, and
   your pointer shows on them.  They also drool, so you can detect that.

 - The flying ones die in one hit with any weapon if they're airborne.  Try to
   kill them then.

 - The handgun is too weak against them.  Only when you're fighting the stealth
   ones should you try to use the rifle, and only then when they haven't seen
   you (or aren't acting).  Otherwise, use the shotgun.

 - Try to reload when you're safe.  If you can't be "safe", just try to reload
   before they hit you (you'll end up with a full weapon without going through
   the whole reload process).

 - Against runners (whether they can fly or not), try to kick them when it
   prompts you to.  It's decently strong.

Basically villagers, just much better armed.  You face these guys on Disc 2.

 - Just follow the tactics for fighting villagers and zealots.  Some soldiers
   have helmets, some have crossbows, some dynamite, and a few have shields.
   Some of the soldiers with helmets aren't protected by them, some are, and
   there's no real way to discern between them except up close.

 - Soldiers can burst into parasites, so be careful.  They don't burst into
   head eater parasites, though.

 - Leon will suplex soldiers if they're kneeling.

Armored Soldiers
These large soldiers have armor covering their torso.  Only head shots and leg
shots count, but they have shin guards, so you can't do ankle shots.  They do
a lot of damage if they hit you with their club.

 - Use a modified villager tactic of leg shots then head shots.  Don't bother
   trying with a knife.

 - If they're not alone, don't use a handgun.

 - While they can have parasites burst out, they rarely do (in five times
   through the game, only once has it happened).

Chain Gunner
Also known as J.J. (via the bottle caps), these guys aren't very fun.  They
hurt a lot in Normal, and do even more in Professional.

 - Since it takes them a short time while firing to actually shoot you, you
   can use the rifle against them.

 - The rifle and shotgun are equally effective as long as you manage to shoot
   them in the head.  If you don't, it takes more than one shot to make them
   stagger, and you don't really have the time to manage a second shot if
   they're firing.

 - You can use the magnum against them if need be, as any shot will stagger
   them.  If the magnum is fully upgraded, they only need to be shot three
   times (probably less if they're head shots).

Regenerators are (as they put in the file) able to regenerate any damage you
deal to them unless you hit the parasites under their skin, which you can't
see normally.  In Normal, Regenerators have two or three targets on their
front.  In Professional, almost all plain regenerators have four targets,
one which will be on their back (like the spiky regenerators, so use those

 - You have to use a rifle with the Infrared Scope.  Don't bother against
   the first ones you face.

Spiky Regenerator
Also known as Iron Maidens, they're just like normal regenerators, except
they have more targets and can do more damage.  They have a target on their
back, which means they have a special tactic.

 - Since you have to shoot a target on their back, and they turn quickly,
   shoot out one of their legs after taking out the front targets.  After
   they hit the ground, shoot them.  If you don't, they'll jump at you (they
   start to shake to notify they're doing this, and they start shaking
   immediately).  Shooting them stops the shaking, so you can aim at the
   target on their back and take it out.

 - If you're quick enough to take out the target after shooting out a leg, do
   it.  It's tough, but possible.

Section 6. Boss Strategies
The enemies aren't the only threats in the game.  They need tactics too. 
Bosses are stronger and harder in Professional.

Del Lago
The crocodile thing in the lake.  There is no difference between it in Normal
and Professional.

 - When you hold down the R button to ready a harpoon, just aim straight down
   and throw as fast as you can.

 - If Del Lago goes towards a bundle of tree trunks, direct your boat away
   from it.  You will have to be accelerating to do so, so you may end up
   getting hit anyways.

 - When Del Lago disappears and you get the prompt to throw a harpoon (no
   holding the R button), keep circling until you manage to see Del Lago
   surfacing or the arrows appear to tell you where to throw.

El Gigante
Not very hard, but he does a lot of damage and takes a bit to expose the 
big parasite on his back.

 - Try not to run between his legs when he's focused on you.  He'll usually 
   kick you if you try.

 - When you try to run around him, give him a wide berth.  If you're too close,
   he's more than likely to grab you, and it hurts a lot.

 - Use the shotgun most of the time.  If you're far enough away, try the rifle.
   And do head shots as much as you can.

 - When the large parasite bursts out, climb on him.  Wait for the button you
   have to press to appear before mashing it.  If you don't, he'll immediately
   grab you off his back and slam you into the ground (it may instantly kill
   you, I'm not sure).  If you're quick enough, Leon should slash the parasite
   seven or eight times, so you'll only need to climb on him twice to kill him.

 - When you fight the El Gigante with Ashley around, use the boulder.  It does
   some damage, and it stops him for a second.  I don't recommend going that
   path, though, because you'll most likely use a lot of healing or die a lot
   trying it.

   Alternate Tactic
   Sent to me by Brendan Kenney <shadowknight7(at)msn.com> for fighting El
   Gigante in the valley.  It could work and sounds viable.

"First, ignore the boulder and tell Ashley to wait where she is. Even though
he may seem like it's too hard to take him down, but just remember, grenades
are your friend. Flash grenades will stun him long enough that you can take
him down with all out offense. And normal grenades will stun him, and do
enough damage that a few more hits will leave his parasite open. With two
grenades, a flash grenade, and a little over 100 tmp bullets, he went down
in 30 seconds and I walked away unharmed."

Bella Sisters
The Bella Sisters are special enough to have a specific tactic listed as well.

 - Make sure Ashley is hiding the whole time.  You don't want to have to deal
   with her as well as them.

 - Before you draw them out by going down, kill everyone around.  Then, go to
   ladder far from the dumpster Ashley can hide in and kick it down, then jump
   down.  After the cutscene (or skip it), run across to the other ladder and
   climb it.  Try to get to an area where all the enemies have to attack you
   from the front (facing the dumpster and the area you just came up from).
   After that, just shoot them with a shotgun as they approach (to keep them
   off their feet).

Village Chief
This is probably the hardest boss you face on the first disc.  His first form
isn't too bad, but when he's hanging, he proves to be very agitating.

 - Don't bother with any of the items around unless you really need them.  They
   just put you at unnecessary risk.

 - Use the rifle.  Use two shots aimed at his face, then run around his left 
   (hugging the right wall as much as possible without touching fire).  Fire 
   three if he staggers, and fire only one if you have to reload.  He may grab
   you when you try to run around his left, but it doesn't hurt, just drags you

 - Once he separates from his legs, use the shotgun.  Try to aim your attacks
   at his face and the claws from his back.  Dodge when prompted, since he can
   kill you in two hits.  Not every attack he does can be dodged, so don't stay
   too still.

 - Flash grenades can knock him off his perch, and sometimes hitting the claws
   will do so too.  When he falls, start shooting while he's down.  He's 
   totally defenseless at this point, but he doesn't try to stay that way.

 - Unless you have an abundance of flash grenades, always knock him down when
   you hit him, or get extremely lucky, he will hit you at least a few times.
   You will need a lot of healing, just to be safe.

 - Once he's dead, go gather the items.

   Alternate Tactic
   This tactic was sent in, but it's uncreditable, since two different people
   sent in the same tactic (word for word, no less).  So, until I can figure
   out who wrote it originally, I'll just have to credit it to an "unknown
   writer" (most likely on the forums, since I looked through all the other
   FAQs and didn't see this).

   Sent by Brendan Kenney and N P <lord_philemon(at)yahoo.com>:

"Going into the fight, make sure you have at least three flash grenades and
one, preferably two hand grenades.  You can pick up another hand grenade during 
the fight, so that will bring your total up to two or three.  The only firearm
you'll need is the handgun, preferably upgraded.  Now, during the first part of 
the battle against the Chief, you should fight him from the second story
ledges.  Stand on the middle ledge and wait till you head the sound of the
Chief extending his spine, then run to one of the side ledges and out of his 
reach where you can fire at his spine.  When he lowers himself back down, 
repeat the process and you should be able to get through his first form easily. 
For his second form, position yourself with your back to the door with a flash
grenade equipped and wait.  When the Chief moves to hand on the beam in front
of you, throw the grenade.  It'll explode before he can attack and will make
him fall to the ground.  Quickly equip a hand grenade and throw it.  The Chief
will be getting back up, but should take the full force of the blast and fall
back down to the ground.  Then equip your handgun and fire.  You should be able
to score four or five hits before he's back up and moving.  Then repeat the
process with the flash grenade, followed by the hand grenade, followed by a few 
rounds from the handgun.  If you only have two hand grenades, after using the 
third flash grenade switch right to the handgun and commence firing.  You 
shouldn't take any damage."

   If anyone knows who originally wrote this tactic, please, let me know.  I
   don't like having an uncredited source.

   Also, Brendan Kenney sent this as well:

"[T]here is a pattern for his second form, where, if you can get him to stick
to it, you can beat him without getting hit. Just don't expect him to go down
quickly. When I first began, I waited for him to go up, then threw a grenade
after a couple of seconds. This really isn't necessary, but you need to get 
past him. After that take the nearby ladder and run to the far end of the room. 
He should be at the far end of the room, and you can attack him as he comes to 
you. Then, when he attacks, jump down.  He can't hurt you while you're jumping 
down. Now, run back to the ladder near the door, climb up, and return to the 
far end. As long as he stays in the middle, you can continue this pattern 
indefinitely, although he's likely to break the pattern at least once. Just be 
careful if he moves in the path upstairs. While you're likely to get hit at 
least once, I was able to beat him unharmed once."

   Another alternate tactic for the Chief (and it's a long one!) sent to me by
   Torsten Edelmann <t.edelmann(at)codemind.de>:

"Right from the start turn around and climb the ladder. Up on the top floor
you are pretty much safe from his first form. He will come shambling along.
Use the time and shoot the barrel of gasoline below when he's near it,
which will do quite a bit of damage to him. Now, while you are up there he
can't really see you. Shoot him once or twice, then run around the corner
and make the quick 180 degree turn. WAIT - don't shoot just yet. He will
extend the claws from his back and swipe the top floor where you were
standing when you shot him, but luckily you are no longer there. Use the
time he is swiping to shoot him a few times in the head. As soon as he
stops swiping you stop shooting and start running - back to where he was
swiping just now. Since he still can't see you he can only guess by your
shots where you are, so he'll move to the position where you last shot him.
He swipes, you shoot, he stops, you run back to where he was swiping last -
repeat as needed. This way you can take out the first form without taking a
single hit.

Now, as soon as he separates from his legs you are magically back on the
floor. Oh well, no problem.

Notice that he hangs from the beams and swings from one to the other - how
can we use that to our advantage? Easy: let's call the three beams "near",
"middle" and "far". Now, he will NEVER attack you while jumping from one
beam to the other, so stand under "near" and shoot him with whatever you
like (I used the TMP, but you could just as well use the handgun or
whatever) until he's on the middle beam. When you stand right below the
near beam (or maybe a tad back) he can't attack you from the middle beam
because it's too far for him. So he'll jump from middle to near, which is
the exact moment you start running to the far beam, make the quick 180
degree turn again and continue shooting. Repeat as needed. If he moves up
to the upper floor just watch him, he most probably will try to move near
you. Wait till he swings from the upper middle beam to you and start
running to the other side. I managed to kill him this way using only one
healing item and if you get the timing down you quite probably would never
get hit even once."

   Yet ANOTHER tactic for the Chief, from Harris <harris.lam(at)gmail.com>:

"I found a nice way of getting through the Village Chief's first form,
quickly and without injury. I've only tried this at normal difficulty.

While most of the second floor platform is exposed, there is a portion
of railing protected by a few boards.

Turn around and climb the stairs, and head left and around until you are
behind the protected portion. Pick up the handgun ammo and grenade along the
way. When you're behind this portion of the railway, the village chief won't
be able to get to you. Take out the Village Chief's first form by aiming
through the holes or tossing a few grenades. Headshots using a rifle seems
to be most effective."

"You mean your right hand comes off?"  Salazar's right hand.  This boss could
be hard.  Could be, unless you have the rocket launcher.

 - Until you reactivate the elevator, just dodge when prompted.  Once you
   activate it, go to the door and try to open it.  Now the fight is easy.

 - When Verdugo comes down, rush over to the liquid nitrogen container and use
   it.  After the cutscene, move up to kick Verdugo away from you (try not to
   hit it into the wall or else you put yourself at risk).  Once he starts
   getting back up, aim at him with the rocket launcher.  Make sure you hit him
   (torso or face, shouldn't matter) and not just catch him in the blast
   radius.  If it's frozen and you hit it with a rocket, it dies immediately.
   Easy, huh?  Doesn't matter if its on Normal or Professional, it's a one hit

Los Gigantes
Oh yeah, two of them.  This fight could suck very much if it weren't for the
lava pit.  Thank you lava pit.

 - When the fight starts, climb up the ladder and wait for one of them to start
   shaking it, then slide down.  Get to the switch and use it when one of them
   are on the solid platform.  This will kill one of them (nice and easy).  But
   when you regain control, stay away from the pit.  If you get close, the one
   you sent to his death can grab you and take you with him.

 - When the pit closes, you are stuck against one Gigante, and now the fight is
   easy.  Basically, all you have to do is shoot it until it gets close, then
   go to the ladder and climb it.  Shoot it until it starts shaking you, then
   slide down.  Repeat until it has the parasite burst out of its back and 
   slash it.  It'll eventually die.

 - A good thing to do is once you kill both Gigantes, get the items, and the
   doors open, leave the room and reenter it.  You'll find that the first
   Gigante was kind enough to give you the money he had when you return.

For as big and uppity as Salazar passes himself off to be, he's pretty easy 
to deal with.  And those tentacles he has aren't very effective, so ignore 'em.
I have taken him out like this without getting touched, but it requires haste
and quick reflexes (if you don't kill him the first time his barrier opens).
I recommend getting the Rocket Launcher to use against him, since it makes the
fight very short.  Also, new info from Crazee Boy <dizzy(at)egix.net>, Salazar
will say "Payback" before attempting the one hit kill attack (where he eats
you), so listen for that.

 - Move a bit to the right of where you're standing, but not much.  If you're
   standing in the right position, only the head with the eye can hit you,
   otherwise you could have to dodge the tentacles when they attack.

 - Use your shotgun on the eye in the head that is bounding around.  Two shots
   (which need to be dead on) will bring it down and open up the barrier
   protecting Salazar.

 - If you bought another rocket launcher, which you may want to if you want to
   be really safe against him, use it.  It will kill him in one hit (on Normal,
   didn't try on Pro).  Otherwise, just use your magnum.  If you upgraded the
   magnum as much as you could before the fight, you should only need to empty
   one clip against him to kill him.

 - If you don't manage to kill him the first time his barrier opens, you may
   have to worry about an instant kill when the head splits open.  When it
   starts to (a telltale sign of yellow drool, or whatever that is, dripping
   from the middle of the head signifies this), immediately run to an edge and
   jump down.  He won't be able to hit you down there, but you have to (easily)
   avoid a pair of face hugger parasites (no bodies attached).  Then, climb up
   one of the ladders and get back into position (dodging a tentacle if you
   need to).

   Alternate Tactic
   Thanks to Keebo <keebo15(at)hotmail.com> and Micheal <cain27(at)hotmail.com>
   for pointing out another tactic that can be used to take out Salazar.

 - When the fight begins, use a weapon (whatever you choose) to make either
   the left or right tentacle retract into the wall.  Then, move under where
   it would be and just wait.  Try to be as close to the wall as possible.

 - Eventually, Salazar will attempt the "one hit kill" (see above), opening
   up his barrier and allowing you to shoot him (he won't be able to hit you
   where you're standing).  He won't remain open as long this way, though.
   Use whatever you want against him (rifle, magnum, rocket launcher).

 - If you don't use the rocket launcher, you will have to wait for more than
   one of those attacks to kill him.

 - The tentacle you shot at will return during the fight, so you will have
   to hurt it enough to make it hide more than once.  They can immediately
   attack after reemerging, and sometimes reemerge when Salazar reveals
   himself, so be careful and ready to dodge.

   As far as the tactics go, the alternate one is (in my opinion) not all
   that great.  You will use a lot of ammo keeping the tentacle retracted,
   you will spend a LOT more time fighting Salazar, and you won't have much
   time to hit Salazar when he opens the barrier, (though, if you're using
   the Rocket Launcher, you don't need much time) compared to if you shoot at
   the eye to open it.  He also moves when the head attacks (it'll attack
   nothing), which means you get less time and a harder chance to hit him.
   And sometimes you'll even lose your chance to hit him because of the
   tentacle returning when he's open.  I recommend using the original tactic
   I describe, but if you can't hit the eye, you'll have to do the alternate
   tactic.  Every time I fought him from the front (which is five times now),
   I never got hit.

The "It" Monster
This is the most annoying boss fight because of the fact that you have to deal
with this bastard in the cages (where it is much deadlier).  First, the cages:
(but first, a bit in info from Cack <cacxalot_revolver(at)yahoo.com>:

"One Incendiary Grenade will immeditatly make him jump back up to the top of
the cage when it jumps down at you. I had about 4 or 5 when I fought him and it
really made things much more simple."

It could work.  Sounds viable.)

 - Use the shotgun, and try to make the shots hit entirely.  Aim for body shots
   at a distance and upper torso/head shots only if it's close.  You may want
   to do this with the magnum, but you need to save those precious rounds as
   much as possible.

 - When he leaps up, on top of the cages, do what you need to as quick as you
   can.  When he breaks down the ceiling and tries to grab you (when it prompts
   you to dodge), dodge it.  This grab is deadly.  It killed me when I had 
   3/4th life (or almost 8 boxes full of the full 10 box lifebar) in 
   Professional, and it's not much weaker in Normal.

 - In the third cage (when you press the switch right away), you may want to 
   use the magnum regardless.  Shoot to keep it off you, then do everything 
   quickly.  It shouldn't come back down until after you can get out of there.
   It might, though, come down or attack before you've hit the second switch,
   but only once has it happened to me.

Now, the fight after the cages:

 - When you can get the monster near the barrels, shoot them.

 - Use the barred tunnel.  Get him in there and leave, sealing the path behind
   you.  It'll get to the bars and eventually break through them.  Just make
   sure you're decently away and just open fire (you should use the rifle if
   you have the ammo, and definitely if you have the exclusive upgrade for it)
   on the parasite thing (or as close to that as you can manage).  It should
   keep it from breaking down the bars for as long as possible.  When it breaks
   through, repeat the process with the other set of bars.

 - If push comes to shove, use your magnum.  Just don't waste it.

This guy just wants you dead that much, huh?  First the deadly knife fight, now
this?  At least here, he's somewhat easier to deal with.  But, he can still 
kill in one hit at times.

 - When Krauser runs towards you, he's going to try and slash you.  What works
   best is to draw your knife and beat him to the punch (by slashing him).
   JUST AIM TO HIT HIM!  Don't bother aiming for his face, just his body.
   Sometimes it'll make him flip away, sometimes he'll slide around you and try
   again, and sometimes he'll flee (with a flash grenade).

 - Sometimes when Krauser gets up close and you're prepared to slash him, you
   get engaged in a mini-knife fight.  Do your best to do the dodges when they
   pop up.  Failing to do so can hurt A LOT or even just kill you flat out (if
   you're not at full life).  Hey, if he kills you in these moments, though,
   it's different than just being hit and dying.

 - Whenever Krauser tries to flee (with a flash grenade), try to reload your 
   gun (if it's not fully loaded).  Without even getting part way into the 
   reload, Leon will react to the flash and the gun will be fully loaded.

This part will go in the steps you fight him to try and make it easier for you.

 - After the first cutscene, break for the door.  Enter and climb the ladder.
   Run as far from the ladder as you can and wait with the shotgun.  As soon as
   he leaps up, fire, then draw the knife.  Deal with Krauser here.

 - When Krauser flees, grab all the items on top of the building and inside.
   Then, leave through the other door and hide behind the left (or right) wall
   you come up on.  Krauser will either pop out and fire his TMP against it or
   run up to meet you.  In any case, deal with him.

 - Go past the short walls (grabbing the Shotgun Ammo), and turn right.  Go
   towards the bridge with the pillars and just break for the building with
   the window.  Krauser is on top of the building getting ready to fire (either
   an arrow or his TMP), but he won't hit you if you just keep going.  Jump
   through the window and scale the ladder, and Krauser will follow you up
   (because he jumps down).  Deal with him.

 - Jump down and break the two barrels and get what they have, then jump out
   the window (hopefully before the flying gunners come down).  Go towards the
   stairway (getting the green herb), then go up.  After the cutscene, run
   under the platform Krauser is on.  He'll throw grenades, but they're not
   a threat (even though you'll see a Dodge prompt).  When he jumps down,
   shoot him, then draw the knife.  Deal with him.  It won't take long.
   Then, grab the items, push the statue on the plate, hit the switch, and
   go back.

 - Go around the building either way (straight or right), but prepare for
   Krauser to come around when you get near the side with the switch.  Deal
   with him (mostly with the knife).  Then, hit the switch and jump down.

 - You'll get a cutscene of the bomb robots.  Shoot one dead on and it should
   take out the other one.  Get the herb and ammo, then run through the little
   tunnel, but stop before the end.  Shoot the bomb robot that you can see
   and it should kill the other and the flying robot.  Start to go around the
   rubble near the other tunnel path and shoot the bomb robot.  Then start to
   go in and shoot the buried bomb robot.

 - When you go out of the tunnel, Krauser will talk to you.  Respond or don't,
   then turn and run away.  Go around the corner and keep running until you're
   near the rubble again.  You should hear the flying robot coming to find you,
   so take it out when it gets close.  Then, turn back around and run down the
   tunnel, ready to shoot the bomb robot on sight.  It may not be there (it
   wasn't once for me), but it's better to be safe than sorry.  Heal (if you
   need to) before you enter the tower.  Grab the yellow herb and go up the
   tower.  The top of the ladder is the continue point, so be as prepared as
   you want to be just in case you have to continue.  When you get to the top,
   grab the ammo and green herb, then go get the other piece.  From here, you
   fight a new Krauser.

Krauser (Part 2)
Krauser's got a new arm!  Yay for him.  This is the harder part of the fight,
and honestly the hardest boss fight in the whole game.  Thanks to Paul
<Paul_Kordana(at)tax.state.ny.us>, he pointed out a tactic to fight Krauser
without using a bullet, and making it a much, MUCH easier fight.  The knife
is a VERY effective weapon against him, so why not go with it?

 - Dodge his first attack!  It'll save you having to heal one more time than

 - Try to dodge everything he does.  Most of it will leave you having to heal
   (for risk of dying on the next hit).  If he sweeps you off your feet, you
   HAVE to dodge his attack, or you die.

 - If Krauser stays near you after he attacks, take a swing.  If he flips
   away, run up after him and try to swing.

 - Sometimes when you see the dodge prompt, it won't let you swing your
   knife.  Be wary of this.
   (I've only noticed this occur with the A + B prompts.)

 - If you hit Krauser while he is standing (even when he has his 
   shield-arm up), he'll usually fall to a knee, so keep slashing, but be
   ready to hit a dodge prompt when he gets up (usually after he staggers
   because you're hitting him).

 - Even though the knife is effective, it isn't extremely powerful against
   Krauser.  You could opt to mix it with using a magnum, hitting him with
   the knife to get him kneeling, then aim with the magnum and shoot him
   point blank.  If your magnum is fully upgraded, the fight should be
   extremely quick.

   Alternate Tactic
   If you're too afraid to use the knife tactic (honestly, I was wary when
   I was informed of it), you can opt to fight him with guns.  It takes
   longer and you'll probably be hit more, but it works.  It barely works on
   Professional, though.

 - The wooden plank edges are a good haven.  Sometimes when he does a fatal hit
   while you're on them, you'll be saved by them (by throwing you off the edge,
   having to slash his leg instead of just dying).  But it won't always save

 - Try to shoot his legs under the shield (with a shotgun or the TMP).  As he
   runs at you.  When he gets close (if you're using the shotgun), try
   hitting his legs after he drops his guard to attack.  It may stop him.

 - Once he kneels, get out the magnum.  Aim quickly and fire (don't bother
   trying to land a head shot, just stay clear of his arm shield).  If he
   staggers, change back to your other weapon.  If not, aim and fire again.
   The shorter this fight lasts, the better.

   Use the knife.  It's easier to kill him with.  I killed him in 47 seconds
   and only got hit twice doing it with just the knife, and in 19 seconds 
   using the knife and the magnum without even getting hit!  With just guns
   it took at least twice as long and I got hit more often.

Not hard at all since you should still have the Broken Butterfly (fully
upgraded) and enough ammo for at least a single clip.  If you have hand
grenades, it's better.  Just keep your shotgun out until necessary.

 - Aim for the eyes on the monster's legs.  One good shot should bring it
   down.  Laying a hand grenade under it will bring it down in one hit.  You
   can even opt to use the barrels in the area or the switches that send a
   bunch of steel beams into the monster's side.

 - When he goes down, draw your magnum and aim for the eye surrounded by the
   three blade protrusions (the eye on the end of the prehensile neck).  Three
   shots from the magnum (maybe four) and Ada will give you the special rocket
   launcher so you can end the fight.  Grab it and kill Saddler.  You don't
   even have to take him down to use the special rocket launcher, just fire it
   at him.

 - You can do the "Climb" action it prompts when you take the monster down,
   and it's kinda cool looking (Leon jumping onto it's neck and plunging his
   knife into it's eye), but it takes a lot longer to "kill" it by doing this.

Section 7. Specific Area Tactics
Some places need explaining because they are a bit difficult, especially in
Professional.  If you can't discern where the rooms are, look at DjSiXpAcK14's
Resident Evil 4 FAQ, as I used the names of the rooms from his guide.

The Village (Chapter 1-1)
When you enter the village, and you end up facing off against a lot of
villagers, these tactics can save you a lot of life and time.

 - Make a break for the house with the shotgun (last house on the left, near
   the tower).

 - Once inside (after the cutscene), grab the shotgun, hand grenade, shotgun
   ammo, and the money (if you want).  Take out the people at the window
   quickly (if they're there), then jump out, turn right and run around the

 - Go until you can grab the Spinel, then turn around and move so you're at
   the point where the roof of the building meets the wooden walkway.  From
   here, you can make a stand, since enemies have to come around the corner
   to get to you.  You can stick with the handgun until Dr. Salvator comes
   around, then use the shotgun (or the grenade).  Once he dies, you can
   stick to normal villager tactics until the bell rings.

 - You can opt to hide in the tower, but not up it.  If you climb the tower
   and stay there, they will start throwing molotov cocktails up.  There is no
   safe place to stay when they do this, so you'd have to go back down.  Even
   at ground level, they will become a horde of enemies.

Valley (Chapter 1-2)
When you meet the merchant for the first time, you see a cutscene of this room.

 - Hole up near the double doors after you enter.  From here, you can make a
   good stand.  Just keep shooting villagers in the ankles and killing them
   (ignoring the dynamite ones, since they don't get close and tend to kill
   themselves).  Just remain here until villagers stop running at you.

 - Once the villagers stop running for you, make a break for the hill (the
   right hand side of the room).  Take out any stragglers and get the right
   half of the hexagonal key.  More villagers should start running up the hill
   to greet you, but as long as you stay near the cliff edge, they'll try to
   climb over sandbags to get you, so you can just keep picking them off (and
   use the barrel to kill them when enough gather).

 - Once they stop coming up the hill, go down and into the house near the
   double doors (you could see a treasure chest on top of it from said doors).
   Two villagers inside, one on top (who doesn't appear until you get on top).
   Grab the other hexagonal key piece.

 - When you go to leave, you can take out the guy on the shack and the guy on
   the platform above the shack.  If you do, more villagers show up behind you.
   Just quickly deal with them, get what's in the shack, then leave.

Waterfall (Chapter 2-1)
This room is very unpopulated when you enter and go through, until you open
the path under the waterfall.  And, you meet your first parasite man here.
These little "tactics" are only for when you've opened the path under the
waterfall and you've seen the cutscene of villagers running out.

 - If you want items and money (and are willing to use ammo), jump back across
   the two boxes, run for the ladder, and turn around.  Wait for people to 
   start showing up, then take them out.  You should knock very few (or none) 
   back in the water, so you should end up with some items.  Some of the 
   villagers may burst with a parasite with this tactic.

 - If you don't care about items and don't want to worry about parasites, jump
   back over the boxes and wait near the edge.  As the villagers start jumping
   from box to box, shoot them (or wait until they're jumping to where you 
   stand and knife them in the air).  They'll fall into the water, and you
   don't have to worry.

Outset Cabin (Chapter 2-2)
One of the least fun fights in the game.  Especially considering how little you
will have when you get here.

 - Grab the three items on the ground level and bar the windows with the
   bookshelves.  Then, get into the corner where the stairs go up and wait.

 - Whenever Luis gives you something, try to grab it.  It will usually help.

 - Luis will start firing at any villagers he can see, so wait until you can
   get a shot.  Keep the people from entering as much as possible by shooting
   them as they start climbing through the windows.

 - When the villagers overbearingly enter the house, do head shots as much as
   possible to keep them away, and if some get close, whip out the shotgun and
   shoot them high (torso/neck area of the nearest target).

 - If there is a lone whip parasite out, use the shotgun on it.  If there is
   more than one of them, use a flash grenade (it'll also help for a bit while
   villagers stop advancing).

 - When Luis yells to go upstairs, go upstairs.  Grab the items up there and
   push down the first ladders to make it up.  Then, start dealing with the
   villagers coming up the steps.

 - When you have a clearing, take down the ladders.  It'll help keep pressure
   off of you when you least need it.

 - Eventually (presumably after a set kill count), the attack ends.  And so 
   does the chapter.  Skip the cutscene and quickly scour the house for items
   that may stick around that you couldn't grab before the cutscene.

Catapult Alley (Chapter 3-1)
This is the second room inside chapter 3-1, where you should now have the
semi-auto rifle.  You'll need it.  This guide gets you through without having
to expose yourself to catapult fire.

 - When you get to the box, take out the two zealots.  Head shots are easy, and
   they only react if you shoot them and not kill them.

 - Run up until you get the cutscene where the catapult fires and hits the
   gazebo.  Run straight until you get to the stairs going up.  Go halfway up
   and tell Ashley to wait.  Then go up until you see a slot on your right on
   the stairway.  You can see a barrel from here, so use the rifle and hit it.

 - Move all the way up the stairs and go to the center of this area (or go near
   the bridge, but not on it), then turn right until you see a barrel near
   another catapult, aim at it and shoot it.  Then, turn towards the door you
   have to hit with the cannon and back up slowly.  When you see the top of the
   barrel, aim at it and shoot it.

 - Go back down the stairs (where you told Ashley to stay) all the way and wait
   for the two zealots to appear, so you can take them out.

 - Go back up the stairs and across the bridge.  Bank left (ignoring the man
   with the scythe) and across to the little tower past the hole where the
   cannon comes up.  Hole up in there and find a point where you can aim at the
   last remaining zealot near a catapult.  Take him out (no barrel here).  Then
   go back out and find the zealot with a scythe.  He will either advance on
   you or go for Ashley (to carry her away).  Either way, use the handgun to
   take him to a knee (and suplex him).  If he doesn't kneel on the ankle shot,
   start knifing him until he stands back up, then try again, if you don't kill
   him with the knife.  It's ammo conservation.

 - Bring up the cannon, tell Ashley to follow (not necessarily in that order),
   then continue on.

Decorative Sword Area (Chapter 3-1)
The third room in chapter 3-1.  This will keep as few people as possible coming
at you.

 - Grab everything on the ground floor.  Then, go halfway up the stairs (far
   enough for Leon's head to be above floor level of the second floor).  You
   will hear the zealots yell something, then they'll start to come at the
   stairway.  Take them down with ankle shots and start with head shots (maybe
   with the shotgun since you may have all three there at this time).

 - Once you have the first three dead, go up and grab the other sword.  If you
   don't want to deal with the items or other enemies, quickly place the
   correct sword in the door and go down to the first floor and place the other
   sword.  If you want to deal with the enemies, read on.

 - Place Ashley far from the stairs (tell her to wait), then go back to the
   stairway, but DON'T STAND AT THE TOP OF THE STAIRS!  If you were quick
   enough, the zealots haven't entered the first floor yet.  Once they do, and
   you skip the cutscene (as you should), take them down (and out) as they
   get to the top.  Keep doing this as long as they come in, and once they stop
   (probably after one or two head eater parasites), go down and take out the
   zealot in red.  He doesn't move unless he has a parasite burst out, but
   he'll swing at you if you get close.

Battle Hall (Chapter 3-1)
The massive hall after the fire heads trap.  This is the second of crappy
fight rooms.

 - As soon as you enter, whip out your rifle and deal with the two crossbow men
   on the balconies.  Then, use a grenade down the carpeted part on the shield
   zealots.  Once they are dead, move to a corner and take out zealots as they

 - Once you've dealt with all of the zealots that come at you (including the
   short second wave with the red robed zealot), go down into the room with
   the two buttons.  Press the buttons down, then have Ashley follow you and
   run out the door, banking left.  Take down the shield guy with the shotgun
   (two shots), then run to the end and go up the stairs to the right.  Two
   zealots are waiting, so take them down (not out, since you have zealots
   behind you).  Run all the way back to one of the entry corners and take out
   all the zealots.

 - Have Ashley turn the crank while you take out any stragglers that manage
   to show up.  As soon as the stairway comes down and the scythe zealots
   run down, hit them with the shotgun.  Fire when they get close, try to throw
   their scythes, or when you get a good shot.  When that is done, go farther
   in and Ashley will point out the cranks up above.

 - Dealing with the cranks Ashley has to get by herself is easy.  Cover Ashley
   when you see a zealot going towards her, but keep your eyes open for zealots
   coming at you.  It takes them a long time to carry her out of there, so
   don't panic too much if she gets grabbed.

   Alternate Tactic:
   From EC, for this room in
   Professional.  Since I don't have the time to test it, it's verbatim.

"I agree with your tactic up to the grenade shot on the shield zealots. But
after that, especially if they're not dead, I prefer to run down to the room
with the two switches in professionnal difficulty. In normal mode your strategy
is perfect but in pro, enemies tend to run a lot more (and I think you 
mentionned it somewhere in your guide) surrounding you quickly, even if you get
to a corner. The room has the avantage of havinf only one entry, allowing few
zealots at the same time in (well, even if they are a lot at that point, they 
are concentrated on the door and a single shotgun shot can wipe a lot of them
out). It is a camper tactic I admit it, but in pro mode, honor has to be 
forgotten sometimes right ?"

Dining Hall (Chapter 3-3)
Another Wolverine guy.  This time, it's in a cage.  And you ain't alone.

 - Before you enter this room, equip your shotgun.  You won't be using it
   against him or the zealots.  Once the cage falls (skip the cutscene), run
   forward and shoot the lock of the cage door until it falls off (three shots
   should take it out).  Then kick it open and run around the cage.  You might
   get hit by an arrow, but it's better than getting slashed.  Or, if you have
   (and are willing to use) a hand grenade, you can try tossing one under a

 - If the slasher stayed in the cage, just start taking out zealots until you
   only end up with the ones that keep jumping down into the cage.  Then, just
   take out the wolverine like normal.  It's harder for him to get to you, and
   that's what we want.

 - If the slasher got out of the cage, break for the wide room with the tables
   and take out the people as they approach.  The slasher will have a hard time
   getting around the tables, which plays in your favor.

Armored Knight Corridor (Chapter 4-1)
When you've got the King's Grail, you have to fight two waves of three
knights.  Not fun, but it's not extremely hard, especially if you have
(at least) two flash grenades.

 - On both waves, use your shotgun to hit head shots on the knights.  The rifle
   is too slow to attempt this, and the handgun isn't strong enough.  Once a
   knight has lost it's helmet, a parasite will burst out, so ignore it (but
   keep away from it as much as possible).  Once all three knights have
   parasites, lob a flash grenade.  Gather the items and repeat.

 - If you're getting too pressured by the knights and not all of them have
   parasites out, use a flash grenade.  If only one knight is left, it's a
   lot easier to kill the parasite with a gun.

Novistador Nesting Grounds (Chapter 4-1)
This is the room you enter with all those bug things, and Ashley gets taken.

 - Use the shotgun.  Take out flying ones first.  Try to corner yourself
   so you don't get surrounded and hit a lot (like in the doorway) and so
   you have less directions to cover.

 - Take out the hive.  You get a targeting reticule on it, so fire on it,
   preferably with the magnum because it takes three shots.

Outer Clock Tower (Chapter 4-1)
This is in reference to the fight on the bridge after you activate the clock
tower.  Make sure you enter with the rifle.

 - Deal with the shield bearers with the rifle.  Aim for head shots (as in the
   tactics).  Once they die, go forward until you get the cutscene.  Aim right
   away and fire on the zealot with the launcher (if you can hit a head shot,
   go for it).  Then, turn around and take down the three zealots behind you
   and take them down, then corner yourself by the doors you came through.

 - Start taking down zealots as they cross with anything you can.  If you
   didn't kill the zealot with the launcher, don't stand near the door so you
   can try to avoid the rocket he fires.  Either way, just keep killing
   zealots until the music ends.  Then, go through the doors to where you fight
   the two Blind Slashers.

Grand Hall (Chapter 4-1)
Just after the previous part, you got two blind slashers and two zealots to 
fight.  Yay.

 - Move to the left or right of the door until you get the cutscene.  Keep
   moving around the side (to the wall) until you hear a zealot say something.
   Back up to a corner near the door, wait for him, then pick him off with the
   rifle.  Hopefully, neither slasher will react, but the other zealot will.
   Wait until he runs up and kill him.  Then, deal with the slashers.

 - The best way is to try and hit the bells and then shoot the slashers when
   they turn their back.  Don't run if you can walk away.

 - Try not to move up the first set of stairs, because zealots start entering
   the room once you do.  You don't want more zealots when you're dealing with
   the slashers.

 - Once the slashers are dealt with, move forward and prepare for some zealots
   to show up.  They're easy in comparison.

Freight Shipping Tunnel (Chapter 5-2)
This is the tunnel where Ashley is driving the large tunneling vehicle and Leon
has to protect her from the plethora of soldiers that jump onto it.

 - Favor the shotgun.  By this point, you can have a fully upgraded Striker
   (with Exclusive upgrade), and the shotgun can hit multiple enemies at the
   same time.

 - When you get to the truck following you, just shoot it once with the 
   shotgun. It'll explode, then later begin to follow.  When it follows (on 
   fire), don't waste a shot.  It won't even get to you.

 - On the elevator, you have to watch over Ashley.  Unless you fully upgraded
   the semi-auto rifle, go up one ladder and take out the soldiers at the end,
   then jump back down and deal with the soldiers who jumped down.  Go up the
   other side and repeat.  Then, go up and get all the items and hit the

 - After going through the elevator and path past it, the tunneling vehicle
   takes down a reinforced steel door.  You hear a truck coming at you, but it
   isn't from behind.  This one is coming head-on at you, and it requires more
   than a shotgun blast.  Use a magnum round on it (yup, only one).

Final Stronghold (Chapter 5-4)
This is the part that seems like it would be impossibly hard without the help
of the helicopter.  Well... guess what?  It's not so helpful in Professional.
It will still fight, but it takes a LOT longer to act, generally ending up
two or three steps behind you when you finish parts.

If you're playing in Normal, just give the helicopter some time, but keep
yourself busy.  It'll deal with the bigger threats and point out the way for
you.  Just try to follow behind it's path of destruction.

In Professional, if you want to let the helicopter take things out, you'll
have to wait awhile (and deal with any soldiers who make it to you), and let
your playing time rise pretty high.  Of course, your playing time doesn't
change anything when you beat the game (and you don't get anything new for
beating Professional besides a sense of satisfaction and reason to gloat).

Section 8. Miscellaneous Information
This section is for things that aren't really fitting anywhere else in the

Finding the "Free Weapons"
To be more specific, I'll detail where (and how) you find all the weapons in
the game that you can get for free.  If you don't find my information as
specific as you need, feel free to ask or look at another guide.  They've
already (likely) gone into depth on this.

   To get the shotgun for free, you have to go to the village (the area with
   the church where you see a man burning the first two times through there).
   The last house on the left, where a cutscene will ensue the first time
   you're here, has the shotgun on the second floor.  Run up the stairs and
   look at the wall, to the right of the cabinet.  It's hanging there.

   In the area just after the village (see above), you can should see a tree
   with a blue piece of paper attached to it (a file detailing how to get this
   weapon).  In this area is 7 medallions, scattered around (use the map and
   look high sometimes).  Then, when you get to the graveyard, there will be
   8 medallions scattered about.  Shoot them all (because you supposedly get
   a better Punisher when you shoot 15, I haven't checked), then return to the
   merchant.  He'll have one for sale, and since it costs nothing, buy it.
   Then sell it.

   Broken Butterfly
   After you rescue Ashley (and play as her), return to the Dining Room (see
   Section 7).  Look at your map and go towards the treasure (assuming you
   bought the treasure map) in a room you were already in (you had to skip it
   because the door is locked and you can piggyback Ashley into there).  The
   Broken Butterfly is in one of the four chests in the room.

   Rocket Launcher
   Impossible to miss.  It's in a room where you have to raise a bridge to
   get over to the door you exit at.  This room is one you have to enter
   after the Dining Room (see above).  An oil lamp hangs in front of a door
   where a couple of zealots come out of after you raise the bridge, so from
   there you will need to turn left.  Go until there is an opening to your
   left, and there will be a zealot firing a crossbow at you (from across the
   room).  You can see a large glass case in your path (after you have to
   jump down), and the rocket launcher is in there (with other items).

Quick Turning Trick
A trick pointed out by Clint <Clint.Meyer(at)nsc.com>.

You can use the C stick to turn Leon quicker than you can manually.  Shift the
view with the C stick to where you want to face and tap the R button (or hold
it if you want to fire).  Leon will turn to face the center (laterally) where
the view is pointed.

Since the view using the C stick is limited to about 60 degrees, that's the
limit of how much you can turn Leon with this trick.  It's not an easy trick
to do, but if you can do it well, it can really help you out a few times.

Section 9. Credits
Only right that I thank the people who sent me information.

Thanks to:
  Keebo <keebo15(at)hotmail.com>
  Micheal <cain27(at)hotmail.com>
For informing me of an alternate tactic for fighting Salazar.

  Paul <Paul_Kordana(at)tax.state.ny.us>
For informing me of an alternate tactic (and an effective one at that) for
fighting Krauser (part 2).

  Clint <Clint.Meyer(at)nsc.com>
For informing me of the "Quick Turning Trick", which is pretty useful.

  IceDragonVisy <icedragonvisy(at)hotmail.com>
For informing me of a tactic to fight the chainsaw villagers with the knife.
Crazy to try, but useful, I guess.

  DjSiXpAcK14 <Benn(at)Linger.com>
For letting me use the room names from his guide to help describe those rooms
in mine.

  bruce wallace <lavitz4(at)hotmail.com>
For verifying the one hit kill by the Blind Slashers.

  Torsten Edelmann <t.edelmann(at)codemind.de>
For informing me of an alternate tactic against the Chief.

  N P <lord_philemon(at)yahoo.com>
For sending in the tactic against the Chief (the one that's word for word the

  Brendan Kenney <shadowknight7(at)msn.com>
For sending in a tactic to fight El Gigante in the valley, and for being the
other person to send in the copied tactic against the Chief.

  Harris <harris.lam(at)gmail.com>
For sending the last tactic for the Village Chief I'll use.

  Crazee Boy <dizzy(at)egix.net>
For sending in info about Salazar saying "Payback" before trying the one hit

  Cack <cacxalot_revolver(at)yahoo.com>
For sending in info about using Incindiary Grenades against the "It" monster.

Copyright 2005 ChaosTheEternal. All rights reserved.

~ That is it, I am done.

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