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Shoot! Dodge! and... Get Hit!?

Ikaruga is a vertical shoot 'em up that features an unique polarity-switching gameplay. Switch the ship's polarity and "get hit and absorb" enemy bullets!
Achieve High Score with the chain bonus!


* The player ship, all enemies and bullets are black or white.
* Player's polarity can be switched at will.
* Your ship can absorb enemy bullets of the same polarity.
* Filled energy goes to fire powerful homing lasers! (Release Power)
* Defeat 3 enemies in a row of the same polarity and get the chain bonus!
* Building up high scores feels like a puzzle game?
* Spectacular 3D graphics. Fast and smooth game play.
* 2 Players game (Local) and
* Double Play Mode: You can play 2 Players game with one controller.
* 5 levels. Tactical level design and boss battles.
* 3 difficulty levels: EASY, NORMAL, HARD.
* Change your tactics depending on the difficulty.
* 2 Game modes: ARCADE, PROTOTYPE (not hidden).
* Replay data save is available.
* You can also download them from the Leaderboards.
* Vertical screen mode support.
* You can also play the game like a side-scrolling shooter by rotating only the game screen.
* Xbox360 controller, Keyboard and Mouse support.

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