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Reviewed: 02/07/05

A game that changes your whole view of both RPG itself and the Forgotten Realms

Baldur's Gate takes you deep into the world of the Forgotten Realms according to the rules of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.
It all starts in a town called Candlekeep, you spend your youth with your foster father named Gorion, all seems well and easy going in the walls of Candlekeep until your foster father Gorion seems troublesome....

Baldur's Gate has graphics that aren't breathtaking when you first look upon the world of Baldur's Gate but when you seriously get into the game you notice the detailed Forest you walk in , the trees , the natural surroundings, the animals, all a pleasure to look at. Not only the natural surroundings but ofcourse also the mighty cities you enter, houses with fantastic details, even the smaller things like barrels and clothing are a sight to be seen. Characters are colorful and in all kinds of shapes and sizes, from dwarfs, gnomes and half-lings to humans, half-elves and elves. fearsome monsters and foes stalk the areas, with weapons and spells that could fry your socks off. the visual effects of spells are colorful, dangerous, effective, in other words just perfectly done.

Another thing that makes Baldur's Gate one of the best RPG's ever is the sound in the world, the music is awesome and perfectly altered in any situation, from the mysterious music in deep caverns to the superior battle songs when battling strong foes, the voice sets of characters are so realistic and funny in lots of ways, Fearsome Battle cries, the roar of a monster that hacks a warrior to pieces, the helpless screams from humans who get attacked, the characters who are annoyed when they are too tired to go on, or when they are seriously wounded. With the cross-overs Music and Voice set the game is more alive then any other game you ever played. Just look when you finished the game you want to buy the soundtrack from the game asap, because the music strikes your heart like a dagger.

The playability can only be blessed because of one thing, '' The pause button ''. When you engage in a serious battle and you think everything is happening to fast you simply click on the clock or hit the space bar and the game paused, while under the pause effect you can still order your characters to attack, run away, cast spells or heal themselves. When you release the pause effect again your orders are being carried out and makes the game a lot easier to play. I have to say this important thing: Please read the rules of AD&D (Advanced Dungeons And Dragons) before playing this game, it makes understanding a lot easier and more fun, there are certain rules that you just got to know. But there are a lot of people that didn't read the rules and just played the game and still found it the best game they ever played, so it's just a tip from me to you.

Baldur's Gate can be played endlessly, because of the random effects of encounter and critical hits by your characters the game is always new when you replay it, there are more then 15 playable characters in the game and your team exists of only 6 characters so you can always pick a different character for your battle hungry team. Another reason of playing Baldur's Gate again is simply the music and voice sets in game, the dialogs are sometimes so funny you just want to hear them again. The music is so great that you sometimes just want to stop playing and listen to the music in that particular area of the game.

To put it in one short way, Baldur's Gate is fun to play by simply anyone for different reasons, the one likes the game because of the music, others play it because the graphics are great. But most play it because of all those things combined together. I mean what do you get when you combine Great Graphics, Sound, Playability and Lifespan all in one item....Exactly, you get Baldur's Gate.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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