Review by Flaqq

Reviewed: 03/21/04

Final Fantasy has been completely outclassed…

Introduction – Heyo. I’m dead serious when I say that Final Fantasy just bit the dust in competition. Baldur’s Gate, along with the sequels, is the greatest game ever on any computer. Honestly, don’t talk about Final Fantasy, Morrowing, or even Icewind Dale, because Baldur’s Gate is just too good. How? Well, the gameplay would be, obviously, the first thing. But then we can just combine that with the brilliant storyline, and decent graphics as well. The sound is excellent, and you can feel yourself in the actual world of Faerun. The music is some of the best ever composed and this game is a must-have for ANYONE with good taste of any kind. This game is it. This game is just… THE GAME.

Gameplay - The gameplay is the most important aspect of the game. It's what keeps poor graphics games like Pacman fun. You can whip out weapons for your character with lightning speed, use all kinds of different weapons, you can play as just about any character you want to play as. You want to be Gandalf, you can be Gandalf, you want to be YOU, you can do that as well. I'm not gonna lie to you, this game is just amazing. You play by second edition AD&D, I believe, and you can just... Turn enemies on your side, summon monsters out of clouds of smoke, suffocate your enemy in a cloud of fire, send lightning through a cramped corridor, unleash arrows after arrow of any variety from poisoned to exploding arrows... You can meet heroes from the books by R.A. Salvatore like Drizzt Do'Urden, Elminster of Shadowdale, and Volothamp Geddarm; you can talk to any NPC you want to talk to. You can battle werewolves, demons, nymphs, ogre magi, and even piles of SLIME! How awesome is that, dude? Seriously... there are TOO many options. This game will kick your ass and mine at once and keep on kickin... Like, dude...

Story - The storyline is pretty good, you start off as a young man/woman with a mysterious background, raised by your foster father, this badass mage named Gorion, and set off with him under mysterious circumstances on an adventure into the night... When suddenly you are attacked by a mysterious band of... well, you'll just have to play the game, now, won't you? In all seriousness, the story is full of awesome plot twists that keep you on the road of adventure up till the climactic finish! So many characters and plot twists, mysterious dreams and omens of dark foreboding in the night mists... Like, double dude...

Graphics/Sound - What we have here is pure awesomeness in itself. The graphics aren't like actual people walking around, and it's not like staring at an atari screen either. They suit their purpose, enough so to keep it real enough. Pretty good, actually. But the sounds... Where do I begin? You'll get sound effects up the... speakers on this one, with explosions and fizzles, launching arrows, armor clanking, water sloshing under your feet, swords exploding enemies into little bits (don't worry, you can turn the gore off)... The music is some of the best ever composed, particularly the last battle... The music fully immerses you into the fantasy world, let's put it that way.

Play Time/Replayability - What part of, ''Any character you want,'' did you not understand? I'm not kidding, you can have any character from pretty much anything, you can literally upload your own pictures and sound files onto the game. You can play the game THOUSANDS of times and have a different experience every single time. That's like, seriously dude... REPLAY. As for play time, it depends. I'm no judge on this, but I'd say about 10-20 hours, depending on how you catch on. But like I said, I dunno.

Final Recommendation - If you see this game, don't buy it. Instead, RUN to the nearest available retailer, whether Freddy's, Ebay, or Best Buy, and find it with the expansion pack, Tales of the Sword Coast, along with the soundtrack, which you shall immediately stash in your car for later listening pleasure. You will then take your newly purchased game, burn any and all other games you may have in your heathen possession, and play this. Ignore all sleep and schoolwork. Bathroom and snack breaks ONLY. Play the game. Just... dude.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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