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Reviewed: 11/09/02 | Updated: 11/09/02

A True Gem

This game was the first CRPG I ever played. My gaming days changed after I played this game. I now look at all other games and compare it to this game. I feel that this game has better story, gameplay, and music then almost any Rpg to date. The game may have been five disc long, and it was bothersome having to change them in between playing, but it is still worth it. Enough rambling, lets get to the review.

Graphics 8-10

Pretty solid graphics for its time, much better than the PSX and the N64, but it wasn't in 3-D. I don't really care for pre-rendering very much. but it still seems to fit this game quite well. Everything looks clear and crisp. I would have liked to see snow gather on the ground when it snowed, but I guess I can't have it all. The sprites look almost 3-D, though they are clearly 2-D. All in all the pre-rendering is high quality, much better than FF7's pre-rendering for the Pc.

Sound 10-10

The sound in this game is amasing. Strong and fierce music plays when in the heat of battle, and soft, sweet tunes fill your ears when entering a temple. The music in this game is a welcome change when compared to other RPG's music which sorta sounds like a techno-disco-rock hybred. I really like the tavern music in the game. It really caught the spirit of the theme. The composer that did the music was Michael Hoeing(sp?), and I really respect his work. Though no Jeremy Soule(sp?), he still is very great in his own right. It sure is funny how composers like these never get noticed. The ambiance is also great. You will hear people fighting in a tavern, and people talking in town. The sound of armor clanking was also a very nice touch.

Control 7-10

The control was pretty good, though frustrating at times. It got very bothersome when I try and tell the party to move north and they get stuck in a rock. The pathfinding could have used a little work. Overall the control is pretty good. You can pause the game and rethink your plans in the middle of battle, which is nice. Also, they could have made a faster way to access your spells. All of these problems are just small flaws, and will not hinder the fun in anyway.

Gameplay 10-10

I loved the battle system in this game. unlike most Rpgs, there is no ''taking turns'' when fighting. All battle is real time, which can make it much more challenging. The leveling is slow, this is a AD&D game. If you are one of those people that like very fast leveling and like to be lead along, this game is not for you. The story is very good, much like something you would read out of a good book. I am glad that there is no dumb romance between the main character like there is in almost every single game in a certain popular, over hyped RPG series. There is no mana for the mages and clerics, you have to memorize the spells, and you get more slots per level. This is one game that you can truely call a Role Playing Game.

Overall 10-10

This game has everything you could ever want in a role playing game. The game is very cheap now, so if I was you I would go and check it out. This is not a game for little kid gamers. This is for mature gamers.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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