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Reviewed: 09/12/01 | Updated: 09/12/01

This game is one of the best games ever

When people hear the name ''Baldur's Gate'', they seem either to never heard of it, or say its a good/bad game. But this person thats typing this review, it has to be a very great game to play. Lets count the ways, shall we?

GAMEPLAY(8/10)- the game play of Baldur's gate is good. It shows deep role-playing tatics for the player. When you start a new character, it lets you pick from the regular stat points to right down of what color clothing he/she is wearing. and the talking to everyone in the towns! at least everyone in the town has something different to say. They can chat your ear of with some gossip or challenge to a battle. The buildings you can go into like taverns and churchs are a great touch. the bartenders can serve rooms or share gossip over a bottle of ale. The churchs range from identifying your stuff to asking for a nice donation

GRAPHICS-(9/10)- Baldur's gate has one of the best graphics i have ever saw! beautiful trees in the wilderness and great looking buildings in the towns you go in. all hand-crafted to look different. the detail goes very good when on the characters and all the townsfolk.

SOUND-(8/10)-the sounds in the game are great to listen too. The taverns come with cool backround music, and the town's music come with chatting folks and them working. The wilderness you can hear birds chirping and rivers rustling. the charcters talking are great and all have different tones.

CHALLENGE-(8/10)- Baldur's gate is a very challenging game. Thats why it got a high score. If you want to square off against a very high-leveled warrior, expect to crawl back crying because he can and probably will beat you. So don't turn your back on working on your chacters.

STORYLINE-(6/10)-the only really bad thing about the game is the story line. All it says is your an only child and left in the hands of gorion. He dies and you are on your own. Not that big into deatil. The only thing from decreasing this is the histroy of the world of baldur's gate. Every town has its own histroy and its very thoughful to read.

CONTROL-(7/10)- the control is regular to follow and easy to figure out. one button pauses it and one click and he goes there.

REPLAY-(9/10)- trust me, you will come crawlling back to play this game. You can play this many different times with completly different charcters. one can be a good fighter, while the next time you can be an evil mage. Many hours will go into the thought of this game

OVERALL-(9/10)-Baldur's gate is a very great game to play. A must be for the rpg fans that are out there. Trust me, this game will be sucking hours out of your life. 100 hours game play to complete every quest in the game. So think and buy!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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