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Reviewed: 07/22/08 | Updated: 11/16/11

Greatest role-playing game of all time.

Intro- Here's where I'm coming from, my favorite rpgs being Fallout (PC), Morrowind (xbox), Shining force II (Sega), Might & Magic series (PC), and some other cool rpg that you can possibly relate to. I first played this game not long after it came out and even at age nine I enjoyed this RPG. I give this game a perfect score because it's the closest game to perfect I've play... even to this date (Nov 2011).

Gameplay- 10/10. I wouldn't give this game an overall score of 10/10 if the game's Gameplay wasn't outstanding. This was probably the first game I played where I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. While playing you have third-person bird's eye view from above giving you a sense of the character's surroundings. In a good role-playing game there are plenty of monsters/enemies to fight, NPC's to meet, and places to explore. This game has all these things and much much more. This game has over 50 outside areas to explore, 199 different characters (NPC's and monsters), 59 different weapons, 54 different pieces of armor and hundreds of other various items, like books, potions, and scrolls (These figures don't include the expansion pack). The difficulty can be adjusted, but the default setting is just right for a first run through. When a game's difficulty is challenging, but not nearing impossibility, it has already surpassed many games out there, no matter the genre or type. I think many game designers struggle to create a difficulty setting that is just right for a wide variety of players, which is why there should be a way to adjust it yourself in the settings.

Story- 10/10. I'm not just giving all these subjects 10s, the game has certainly earned them. The story line alone is a masterpiece. When this great story was combined with a computer game that had outstanding gameplay a true gem emerged in result. I won't spoil the storyline at all, but I can tell you that in my opinion it has a better storyline than any other RPG I've ever played, including those listed above. The story is part of why this game can be very fun. Since the story and gameplay are the most important parts of an RPG this game is bound to be great no matter the graphics or sound, but don't worry, BioWare doesn't stop there.

Graphics- 10/10. For the game's time, its graphics are very good. They are beyond what should be expected for its time. The graphics shouldn't be a problem or bother anybody, because what are graphics compared with how fun the game is? I mean, who pays attention to the graphics when they're having a blast playing the game? My point is that the game's graphics enhance the gameplay and they don't bring it down in any way at all.

Sound- 10/10. The sound effects couldn't be better and the soundtrack is just another great part of this game. Each monster has its own noise, such as a growl, yelp, or voice. The music sets the mood and setting of the area and/or situation you are in, which really gets you into the game. The game has a variety of voices and appearances you can choose from when creating a character. Each NPC also has his or her own voice and personality too.

Play Time/Replayability- 10/10. This game can be very addicting, which is a good thing in a game. You'll put at least 50 hours into this game before finishing it the first time. After finishing it you'll want to beat the game again, trying it out with different characters and different strategies to beat it again and again. Like a lot of games with really high replay value, you are never completely "finished" with it. When you grow weary of it, you put it away. Months, even years later you may try it out again and to your amazement, you'll find that it was just as fun the 12th time around!

Final Recommendation- Simply put, this is the greatest RPG I've ever played. Fallout comes close, but this game is near perfect in every way, its flaws are minor and few. I'd recommend this to anyone who likes fantasy entertainment, RPG/computer game fan or not. I recommend the expansion also. If your planning on buying it, just buy the whole set because the second one in the series is also one of my favorite games to this day

(V. 1.4 Nov 15th, 2011)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Baldur's Gate (US, 11/30/98)

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