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Reviewed: 04/30/08

A decent game if you're REALLY REALLY REALLY patient

There is only one way to sum up this game. It's like playing D&D with the most hardcore rule Nazi there is. This game cuts you absolutely no slack. I'll admit I am a teeny bit biased since I adore the sequel of this game, other words I would have given a lower score.

Well onto the review

Baldurs Gate takes the complicated rules of the table top RPG Dungeons & Dragons and fits into a computer game quite nicely. You start the game by creating a character much like you would in D&D.
You start the game with a wee bit of gold and you're off.

Gameplay- 5/10.

My score of 5 is a combination of this games great combat system which I'd give a 10 for mimicking normal D&D so well and a 1 for being so freaking hard. I'll admit I'm not the greatest player at this game but for anyone the first 1/4 of the game is incredibly difficult. The difficulty mainly has to do with what kind of character you create. If you create a run of the mill knight the game is merely challenging at first but loosens up later. If you create a frail elven wizard the beginning will be frustratingly difficult with only about 4 hit points and 1 spell per day.

This game mainly is a RTS. RTS may not pop into you're head at first but the game IS real time and strategy based. Like I said you create a character using many different options, you party up 5 or so NPC's and a variety of odd quests ranging from clearing out mines to breaching gnoll forts. Each character has there own strengths and weakness's which take affect in battle, for instance fighters can take and deal damage but are beat down by magic pretty well. Support characters like clerics are great healers and have high defense but aren't to proficient in combat as fighters, and mages are horrible fighters and have low combat stats but have devastating magic attacks.

What drags this game down so much is it's difficulty. When you start there are many different paths to take and a lot of them are to powerful for you at that level. While heading north on one road will face you up against a stray dog which you could demolish in a second the once heading east may have 8 ogres that will kill you before you can click on anything.

What also makes it difficult is how slow characters level up. To advance to second level on average you need about 2000xp First level enemies usually consists of Kobalds and Goblins which award a measly 6xp. Divide that up and thats 1xp per party member. So you'd have to slay a good 2000 goblins to gain a level and get 8 more hit points than before.

Sound and Graphics 8/10
The graphics are a bit dated but get the job done nicely. The make this fantasy world the way you would image a typical fantasy world. The pre-rendered backgrounds are nice and it's easy to recognize what everything is.

The music is faint but fits in well. All of the characters have voice overs that add a lot to there personalities. Most of them were placed in as comic relief I guess because none of that characters seemed concerned over another party members death. Most of the time they joke about it.

Rent or buy? This game is cheap get it for like 10 bucks at some used game shop.

+ Uses the D&D rules quite nicely
+ Large immerse fantasy world

-Oh crap I died *load* let me just go to this inn... crap I died *load Let me just rest...Crap I died *load* whats over here? Oh crap I died. Yeah thats pretty much the whole game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Baldur's Gate (US, 11/30/98)

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