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The Best Strategy game of all time. 12/30/00 ATadeo
More Starcraft, not quite the same magic. 01/27/11 BimmyandJimmy
Starcraft... The best strategy game with loads of action! 02/28/05 DeckardCain
One of the best expansion packs for any game to date! 11/01/99 Faust
One of the greatest games of all time... 10/06/02 Flamin Homer
Not much of a difference from the first, but... will you get bored of it? No. 07/12/00 Haunter12O
Another good online game brought to you by Blizzard! 08/07/02 Homer Jay Simpson
Blizzard,we want a sequel not an expansion 11/01/99 humaetorcH
One of the best RTS games ever made! 09/15/01 Ice84
HUH. Fun game? I THINK......... SO!!!!!! 06/30/03 Jaxx4059
Its an expansion pack, but looks more like another game 02/18/00 KTeoh
The Best Strategy game ever 10/06/00 Mustafa
StarCraft: Greatest game EVER 07/21/02 MuuMuuChan
A great expansion for a great game 07/31/03 Nexxt
A great add-on to a must have game, but most were looking for a sequel... 12/28/00 PhildotheGreat
One of the best strategy games ever made 10/25/00 raccoon2k
If you got StarCraft, you really should get Brood Wars. 11/01/99 S.Lee
A very good expansion to one of the best RTS games ever 01/23/06 serados
Blizzard has done it again! 08/20/04 SuperSonic1000
Baby, we have to defend our people from the Zerg!!! 12/10/02 t b o n e
I generally don't like expansion pacts ... but for this game I'll make an exception. 07/22/00 Terran
Surpasses the orignal 07/30/07 TheLastAvatar05
Best Online RTS Ever 01/22/02 truespin2acid
Awesome job, Blizzard! 02/28/02 Ushi Kuso

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