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    FAQ by BSulpher

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/31/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide


    Copyright Chucklefish 2013
    Written By Brian P. Sulpher
    E-mail: briansulpher@hotmail.com
    Version 1.0
    Dates Written: March 6th to March 31st, 2015

    I dedicate this to the guys of briwheel... You are good folks, the type that any person is lucky to know. here's to more great games of Risk of Rain in the future!

    While on board a Space Train, something disastrous occurs, and the people and cargo of the ship are scattered across the surface of a nearby, habitable, but very hostile planetary surface. Controlling a survivor, you must fight for survival, gaining power-ups from the scattered supplies, as well as defeating massive beings that have their own unique power-ups, trying to gain enough power to make your escape... Just be aware of the nasty foe who set all of this in motion, for he is lying in wait!

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    Version History

    Version 1.0
    -Submitted on March 31st, 2015


    This section will examine the general controls.

    NOTE: The controls listed are the default controls (keyboard and controller), these can be modified to your own desired set-up.

    UP/DOWNUsed to climb up and down ropes/ladders/crystals/etc
    LEFT/RIGHTMoves character in the corresponding direction pressed, changing the direction they are facing
    Z/RTUses your first attack
    X/LTUses your second attack
    C/RBUses your third attack
    V/LBUses your fourth attack

    Difficulty Levels

    This section will examine the three difficulty types found in the game.


    The following things change, depending on your difficulty selection:

    • Starting health
    • Starting money
    • In-Game Timer Difficulty
    • Enemy damage
    • Spawning of Bosses
    • Teleporter timers
    • Costs of shops, shrines, chests

    In-Game Timer Difficulty

    The game will scale difficulty for you, based on an ever counting timer. The amount of time for each jump in difficulty will differe, based on what game difficulty setting you choose. The difficulty timer listings are:

    • Very Easy
    • Easy
    • Medium
    • Hard
    • Very Hard
    • Insane
    • Impossible
    • I SEE YOU

    NOTE: The difficulty will keep increasing past HAHAHAHA, as the timer hits each new benchmark, but it never changes the name to indicate the change.


    There are three difficulty types:

    • Drizzle (Green)
    • Rainstorm (Yellow)
    • Monsoon (Red)


    Drizzle is a fairly forgiving difficulty, BUT it also means that a lot of Achievements and Items will not be available to be unlocked permanently if you meet the requirements.

    • Health gets a 50 Hit Points boost
    • Money starts at $35
    • Each jump in Difficulty will take 9 minutes
    • Teleporter countdown is 90 seconds
    • Health regeneration is boosted to 1.8 Hit Points per second


    Rainstorm is the setting most will want to play at, it is the designed difficulty setting for most gamers.

    • Money starts at $15
    • Each jump in difficulty will take 4.5 minutes
    • Teleporter countdown is 90 seconds


    Monsoon is a veritable hellstorm of enemy attacks, bosses coming from all angles, and stronger regular foes.

    • Money starts at $15
    • Each jump in difficulty will take 3 minutes
    • Teleporter countdown is 120 seconds
    • Blighted Enemies (enemies who are invisible/hard to see) will attack


    This section will examine each Class found in the game, including strategy for using each type effectively.

    UNLOCKING CLASSES: Please see the Achievements section for details.


    Double Tap Each attack will hit twice for 60% damage each0
    Full Metal Jacket This shot passes through all foes, dealing 230% damage AND knocking the foe backwards3
    Tactical Dive Sends your character rolling forward for a short distance, during which you are invulnerable4
    Suppressive Fire Fire in both directions, dealing up to 480% damage (8 shots of 60% damage)5

    The Commando is a starting class, and as such it is designed around having a good dodge, the ability to fire a LOT of shots, and the potential to have a lot of secondary Item effects trigger. Not made to tank, keep moving and get him around the enemies, all the while popping off fast shots that his attacks afford you.

    Items that are most effective with the Commando are fire increase Items (Soldier's Syringe, Predatory Instincts, etc.), allowing him to continually fire away, hard hitting Items that can deliver massive damage (The Ol' Lopper, Crowbar, etc.), and the Leech Seed in particular is great for him, as the rapid firing will heal him very quickly, keeping him mroe battle ready.

    Ancient Scepter: Suppressive Fire gains two additional blasts per attack, increasing damage potential up to a total of 600% damage.


    Riot ShotgunThis attack will hit for 160% damage0
    Shield SlamThis attack hits enemies for 210% damage, and knocks them back5
    Protect And ServePlaces your shield in front of you, blocking most enemy attacks, increasing attack power while decreasing your movement. Once you move out of this defensive spot, the second cooldown applies1 & 5
    Crowd ControlA bouncing grenade will explode on enemies, dealing 250% damage, and it can stun enemies5

    Due to his lack of mobility, the Enforcer needs to be a very effective tank of a character, and you also need to use his attacks to perform excellent crowd control. Learn to use his shield from a defensible position, being ready to bail out and make a run for it when things get too hairy out there.

    Items that make the greatest impact for the Enforcer are the ones that cause great area damage (Gasoline, as an example), and ones that cause knock back (like the Boxing Glove) or enemy delays (Prison Shackles is good for this). Also quite helpful would be Paul's Goat Hoof, as better speed would be useful for escaping large groups that are overwhelming your position.

    Ancient Scepter: Crowd Control becomes Tear Gas, still dealing 250% damage, but it will instead make enemies get the Fear status AND knocks them back.


    Blast This attack will hit for 150% damage 0
    Dynamite Toss A small arcing throw will drop an explosive that deals small area for 230% damage 3
    Smokebomb This turns the Bandit invisible for 3 seconds, and stuns enemy when the Bandit returns to fully visible, dealing 140% damage. if you perform another attack before the 3 seconds are up, you become visible again, and the stun damage can still hit nearby enemies 13
    Lights Out A massive blast fires, dealing 600% damage, and if the attack kills an enemy, all cooldowns will be reduced to 0, meaning all attacks are immediately available again 7

    This is a class that can dole out supremely high damage, but he can also make a quick escape with the Smokebomb attack, meaning you can tank when you need to, but evade as well. If you press the Blast attack button rapidly, it will fire faster than just holding it, but this loses effectiveness after you get a few Soldier's Syringes, or hang out in a Warbanner aura.

    Any Item that increases damage to your direct connection assaults would be ideal (Brilliant Behemoth), as well as anything that ups your critical hit rate (high damage that gets extra damage bonus, like a Harvester Scythe or The Ol' Lopper). Finally, a few Soldier's Syringes will make him a real killer, as he can just let the Blast shots go with great rapidity.

    Ancient Scepter: This doubles up the Lights Out attack, sending out two blasts, dealing 600% damage each, while the cooldown reset bonus still applies.


    StrafeThis attack deals 120% damage0
    Laser GlaiveThis attack deals 300% damage, and can bounce into other enemies up to four times, increasing damage dealt by 30% per bounce3
    BlinkThis teleports you forward a small distance instantaneously3
    Cluster BombThis attack hits for 320% damage, followed by dropping a cluster of 6 bombs that deal 80% each7

    The Huntress is a kiting machine, designed to keep firing while on the move without penalty, and she can even fire backwards. This means that she should never stop moving, always letting shots fly into the foes that are constantly attacking.

    The best Items for the Huntress are damage uppers (Brilliant Behemoth, Ukelele), passive activators (Mk 1/ Missiles, Sticky Bombs), and speed enhancers (Paul's Goat Hoof, Soldier's Syringe). She can be a monster, she just needs a few things to make her damage output increase.

    Ancient Scepter: The Cluster Bomb becomes the MK7 Rockeye, and it doubles the amount of cluster bombs that drop when the arrow (still 320% damage) hits home.


    HurtThis attack deals 180% damage0
    DroneSends drone out as a projectile, dealing 190% damage, AND it heals you for a small amount0
    OverclockIncreases attack speed and gives a chance to stun enemies when using other attacks, and killing enemies will increase duration of the upgrades7
    Forced_ReassemblySlams a massive hammer into the ground, dealing a whopping 500% damage while sending enemies airbourne5

    A slow, non-dodging powerhouse, you will need to make good use of the Drones to heal to make up or damage you will take, and the Overclock can help with attacking quicker. The Forced_Reassembly will allow you to kill a lot of enemies in one mighty swing, provided you line the enemies up in a small enough area, so make it your go to when the enemy start to really close in.

    Items to make HAN-D more effective are speed Items (Paul's Goat Hoof, Soldier's Syringe), healing/health Items (Mysterious Vial, Leech Seed, Bitter Root), or even something that provides both categories (Warbanner makes HAN-D very strong, able to heal and just attack with blazing speed).

    Ancient Scepter: Forced_Reassembly becomes Unethical_Reassembly, which will do the exact same thing, but it adds a stun to all targets in the area.


    Tri-NadeThree bouncing grenades that deal 80% damage each0
    Bounding MineContinually spawning (maxing at 15), each mine deals 300% damage6
    Thermal HarpoonsFour homing shots that fire up into the air, dealing 250% damage each5
    Auto-TurretContinually spawning (up to 2), each deployed turret lasts for 30 seconds, shooting in bursts of three, dealing 100% damage per shot landed40

    The Miner is another high potential damage dealer that has limited mobility. However, his ability to set up a zone where he can be very safe (layering the Auto-Turrets and Bounding Mines in a small area will keep foes at arm's reach, while Thermal Harpoons and Tri-Nades weaken foes even more at a distance), just be sure to not stay mobile when the defensive set-up is overrun.

    Items like speed (Paul's Goat Hoof, Soldier's Syringe), healing/health (Mysterious Vial, Bitter Root), and cooldown reduction (Wicked Ring, Alien Head) will make this strong hitter into a real mechanical terror.

    Ancient Scepter: Adds a Mk. 2 to the Auto-Turret name, increasing the max amount of turrets to 3.


    CrushThis melee attack deals 140% damage0
    Drill ChargeCharging for 2 seconds, release to bust through enemies, dealing up to 600% damage8
    BackBlastSending you flying in the direction opposite of where you are facing, dashing through enemies for up to 200% damage5
    To The Starsjump into the air to fire a blast of three shots go downward, dealing 180% damage each, and the blast will boost the Miner further into the air5

    A character designed for melee and in-close charges/blasts, this character is tailor made for grouped enemies, chaining the charge and blast, the To The Stars, and then swinging some Crush shots in there for good measure. The Crush has a fairly large area of reach as well, so be sure to make good use of it to group enemies before unleashing the combo of attacks that make the Miner so nasty.

    The Miner is best served by Items for health/healing (Mysterious Vial, Bitter Root), and speed (Soldier's Syringe), and mobility (Rusty Jetpack and Hopoo Feather), keeping the health high, charging the Drill Charge quicker, and being able to get higher up to spread out the To The Stars blast a bit more into the large groups below.

    Ancient Scepter: Creates the Starbound attack, adding 2 additional shots for the To The Stars attack, meaning 5 shots dealing 180% damage each.


    SnipeOpens a meter that has a sweet spot, hit that to increase damage on the base 250% damage the attack deals0
    Steady AimHold the button down, the longer it is held, the more damage it deals (up to 2000% damage)4
    Military TrainingPerforms a back flip, and you are invulnerable while doing so6
    Spotter: ScanSends out a spotter to scan an enemy, increasing the chance of a critical hit to 100%0

    Designed as a one on one killer, the Sniper works best when he is able to keep the enemies from massing. He can use hit and run to whittle down the enemy, but he needs to create some room between him and them to give himself time to line up a hard hitting shot (the Military Backflip does this fairly well).

    Items that help the Sniper hit a lot of foes (Heaven Cracker) and greatly increase damage (Crowbar) will both suit him quite nicely. He also should seek out a good use Item for hitting multiple foes, as he can use the crowd control capabilty it provides the (the best one being the Nematocyst Nozzle, due to the low cooldown time).

    Ancient Scepter: Spotter: Scan gets upgraded to the Spotter: Isolate, which adds an automatic slow effect to the Spotters abilities.


    Festering WoundsThis melee attack deals 120% damage, and poisons enemy for 24% per second0
    NeurotoxinA ranged attack that deals 220% damage, and stuns the target for 1 second3
    Caustic SludgeLays down green liquid that deals 90% damage per second to the enemy, while allies gain a speed boost17
    EpidemicPoisons enemies for 100% damage per second, spreading to new targets nearby11

    Acrid will be spamming the Caustic Sludge at all times, as it will weaken foes continually, allowing him to further weaken the enemy with other attacks. An important thing to exploit are repeated Festering Wounds attacks, as those poison effects can be stacked.

    As for Items, increasing health and armor is a must (Mysterious Vials, Guardian Hearts), while in close passives (Barbed Wire, Frost Relic, Fireman's Boots), and status effects (Prison Shackles, Spikestrip, Permafrost) will also help further weaken foes and keep them in range of the Caustic Sludge.

    Ancient Scepter: Epidemic gets upgraded to a Pandemic, which has the same stats to it, except any enemy that dies from the attack will heal Acrid.


    Laser SwordA quick slash of a sword dealing 130% damage0
    Whirlwinda spinning jump slash, dealing two hits at 80% damage each2
    Blinding Assaultlunge forward, dealing 120% damage, and you can perform this up to three times, provided the previous attack hit an enemy6
    EviscerateTargets the nearest enemy, dealing 6 blows at 110% damage for each hit6

    The Mercenary is the purest form of the melee character in the game, and due to being somewhat of a lightweight in damage dealing, the way to use the character effectively is to chain your attacks effectively to spend as much time as possible in an invulnerable state, timing that around the big attacks from the enemy.

    In close passive Items are a must (Barbed Wire, Tesla Coil, Toxic Worm), health increasers (Guardian Heart, Bitter Root), and cooldown reducers (Alien heads, Wicked Rings) work the best for the Mercenary, making it a harder hitter, more durable, and able to spend less time vulnerable, respectively.

    Ancient Scepter: Eviscerate becomes Massacre, with the exact same damage output, BUT if the target dies, the attack moves on to the next closest enemy, starting the attack of 6 x 110% damage fresh.


    KnuckleboomHit for 120% damage, but every third attack will deal double (240%) damage while blasting an enemy into the air0
    Debris ShieldCreates a shield for 3 seconds, making you completely invulnerable5
    Hydraulic GauntletFire at an enemy to deal 210% damage, if it hits an enemy or a wall you will be pulled toward the target3
    M440 ConduitPlace two lightning rods to create an energy arc, dealing 80% damage per second, and the bolt will last for 9 seconds2

    The Loader is made to spam attacks all the time, looking to keep the enemy off balance by out attacking them. The Debris Shield is an excellent escape maneuver, once the enemy finally close in past your waves of attacks.

    The Items best suited here are passive attack (Missile Mk 1/2, Sticky Bomb, Ukelele, Rusty Knife), and the cooldown reduction (Wicked Rings in particular), as the fast attacks will be best suited to extra damge from so many attacks, and the reduction of cooldown allows for more time invulnerable and more Conduits in play.

    Ancient Scepter: M440 Conduit becomes M700X Discharge Conduit, and it adds a stunning factor to the energy bolt that arcs between the two conduits.



    Throws a cleaver at the enemy for 100% damage per hit, returning to CHEF

    Boosted - Throw 9 cleavers in a circle for 100% damage per hit each, returning to CHEF


    This attack deals 260% damage, and knocks the enemy back

    Boosted - This attack deals 420% damage, and knocks the enemy back


    This attack will run over foes for 78% damage per second

    Boosted - This attack will run over foes for 78% damage per second, and stuns foes

    Second HelpingThis will Boost the next attack you use8

    The CHEF is fairly overpowered, assuming you can use the Second Helping to boost your attacks at key times. In particular, the Mince attack when boosted just shreds larger characters (in particular, Magma Worms). Sear does solid in close damage, while Glaze makes for a good way to get moving quickly in one direction.

    Items that suit are speeding up your attacks (Soldier's Syringe, Warbanner, Energy Cell). Anything else is just a bonus, as the high damage potential of the sped up attacks is enough to make this character strong.

    Ancient Scepter: Second helping becomes Full Course meal, meaning that the next two attacks will be boosted.


    This section will examine the Items in Risk of Rain, running down all the stats and how they work.

    Items can be broken down into six categories:

    1. White
    2. Green
    3. Red
    4. Yellow
    5. Purple
    6. Orange

    Items can be obtained by opening Chests and Bins, using Shrines, Shops, Roulette Chambers, and killing Bosses/Elite Enemies. Although these are the ways to get an Item, each method has different chances of dropping Items, and only Boss kills, Shops, Roulette Chambers, and Chests guarantee an Item every time.

    Each Item will Have an initial effect, and then add additional gains from stacking the Item (ie collecting multiple copies). if possible, a max amount will be listed for the stacking effect.

    All Items are not available from the start of the game, requiring the player to unlock them. For more on unlocking specific Items, see the Achievements section.

    NOTE: There also are Artifacts to be found, which can change how the game plays, setting them up before beginning a new game. For more information, see the Artifacts section.

    White Items

    These are common Items, and any source of Items can drop these types of Items.

    ItemDescriptionEffectStacking EffectAvailability
    Barbed WireGrey, bumpy circleEnemies touching the wire take 50% damage per secondIncreases radius by 20% and damage by 10% per secondUnlocked
    Bitter Roota white root vegetableIncreases health total by 8%Additional 8% health increase, maxing at 300% increase (38 total)Locked
    Bundle of FireworksA large bottle rocket with multiple fireworks attachedOpening a Chest fires off 8 fireworks, which deal 300% damage eachIncrease Fireworks total by 2, and increases damageUnlocked
    Bustling FungusA green capped mushroomStand still to let mushrooms grow, refilling 4.5% of health total per secondIncreases regeneration by 4.5%Unlocked
    CrowbarA red bar with grey tipsAdditional 50% damage to any enemy with 80% or more of their total health remainingIncreased damage by 30%Unlocked
    Fire ShieldA red orbIf you take more than 10% damage, your character will damage nearby enemies for 200%Increases damageUnlocked
    GasolineA bright, red plastic containerBurns small area for 2 seconds, damaging for 60% per secondIncreases damage by 40%Locked
    HeadstompersA spiked, brown bootDeals damage based on speed of your fall (up to 507%)Increases damage you can dealUnlocked
    Hermit's Scarf A green scarf10% chance of evading an attackAdds another 10% evade, capping at 35% (4 Scarves)Locked
    Lens Maker's Glassespink lensed glassesIncreases critical hit rate by 10%Multiplies critical hit rate by another 10%, adding to totalUnlocked
    Life SavingsA piggy bankGain $1 every 3 secondsIncreases dollar amount by 1Unlocked
    Meat NuggetA reddish cube of meat8% chance of appearing on each attack landed, drops two Meat Nuggets that fill up 6 Hit Point per NuggetIncreases Hit Points gain by 6 per NuggetUnlocked
    MedkitA white box with a red crossAfter taking damage, refills 10 Hit Points 1.1 seconds laterIncrease health gain by 10 Hit PointsUnlocked
    Monster ToothA brown tooth (incisor)Receive a 10 Hit Points refill with each killIncreases health gain by 5 Hit PointsUnlocked
    Mortar TubeA black cylindrical tube9% chance of firing as a secondary shot on each attack landed, sends a mortar in an arc in direction faced, dealing 170% damageIncreased damage by 170%Unlocked
    Mysterious VialA green liquid in a bottleIncreases natural regeneration by 1.2 Hit Points per secondIncreases by an additional 1.2 Hit points of regeneration per secondUnlocked
    Paul's Goat HoofA brown furred goat hoofIncreases speed by 20%Increases speedLocked
    Rusty KnifeA wooden handled, bladed knife15% chance of triggering when an attack lands, dealing 4 hits of 35% damage over a 2 second periodIncreases chance of triggering by 15%Unlocked
    Snake EyesA pair of red diceFail at a Shrine to get a 6% critical hit rate increase, adding up with successive fails (maxing at 36%)Increases critical hit rate per failureLocked
    Soldier's SyringeA needle filled with yellow fluidIncreases attack speed by 15%Increases attack speed by 15% (8 max)Locked
    SpikestripA metallic interlace of sharp metalTaking damage will drop this, slowing enemies movement by 20%Increase by 1 second the time the spikes remain in placeLocked
    Sprouting EggA green egg with spots and a vineIf you go undamaged for 7 seconds, increases regeneration by 2.4 Hit Points per secondIncreases by an additional 2.4 Hit Points per secondUnlocked
    Sticky BombAn orange coloured shelled grenade8% chance of sticking to an enemy when an attack lands, dealing 140% damage when it detonatesIncreases damage by 40%Locked
    Tasera black handgun7% chance of snaring an enemy for 1.5 secondsIncreases snare duration by 0.5 secondsLocked
    Warbanner A red bannerWhen you level up, a circle appears that grants increased damage (by 4), increased regeneration (by 1% of max health per second), and speed (by 30%). Overlapped Banners will give increased effects.Increases the radius of the Banner dropUnlocked


    These are uncommon Items, and any source of Items can drop these types of Items.

    NameDescriptionEffectStacking EffectAvailability
    56 Leaf Clovera green plantElite mobs have a 4% chance to drop ItemsAdds an additional 4% to the drop rate (capping at 30%, 8 total)Locked
    Arms RaceA box with a missile on itDrones firing will have a 9% chance to fire additional missiles and mortars, dealing 300% and 170% damage, respectivelyIncreases chance of firing additional missiles and mortars by 9%Locked
    AtG Missile Mk. 1A green missile launcher10% chance of launching a missile when an attack lands, dealing 300% damage when it detonatesIncreases chance of firing a Missile by 10%Unlocked
    Boxing GlovesA red boxing glove6% chance of knocking an enemy backwards when an attack landsIncreases chance of knockback by 6%Unlocked
    Chargefield GeneratorA white crystalWhen an enemy dies, a small white circle encases you for 6 seconds, dealing 50% damage per second, and killing more enemies grows the circle, renewing the 6 second countdownIncreases damage by 10% per secondLocked
    Energy Cella tube filled with blue energyWhen below 50% health, attack speed increasesIncreases rate of attack speed gainUnlocked
    Filial Imprintinga pile of of green cellsSmall creature follows you, dropping attack speed, movement speed, and health regeneration power-ups every 20 secondsAdds an additional dropLocked
    Concussion GrenadeA green weapons tube6% chance of stunning an enemy when an attack landsIncreases chance of stunning an enemy by 6%Locked
    Dead Man's FootA lower leg with a bone sticking out

    When you take damage, you will sometimes drop a poisonous mine that deals 150% damage, doing so four times

    Adds another round of poison damageLocked
    Frost RelicA blue snowflake

    When an enemy dies, three chunks of ice circle you, dealing 33% damage

    Adds another ice chunkUnlocked
    Golden GunA gold plated handgun

    The more gold you have, the more damage you can inflict

    NOTE: If you have any information on how this works exactly, please let me know at the email listed in this document

    Reduces required gold for maximum damage by 50%Locked
    Guardian's HeartA blue heart

    Adds a shield to your health (60 Hit Points), which regenerates to full strength after 7 seconds of not taking damage

    Adds 60 Hit Points to the shieldUnlocked
    Harvester's Scythea sharp bladed reaping toolIncreases critical hit rate by 5%, and you gain 8 Hit Points for each critical hit rate deliveredIncreases critical hit rate by 5%, and an additional 2 Hit Points gained per critical hitLocked
    Hopoo Feathera blue featherAdds a second jump (while in air)Adds an additional jumpUnlocked
    Infusiona test tube with blood spilling outEach kill will give you a new Hit Point (increases maximum total)Gain an additional 0.5 Hit Points per killUnlocked
    Leeching SeedA brown seed sucking energy from red fleshEach hit to an enemy will refill 2 Hit PointsIncreases refill of Hit Points per successful hit by 1Unlocked
    Panic MinesA grey landmineWhen your health drops, a mine will sometimes drop, dealing 500% damageIncreases mine totals dropped by 1Locked
    Predatory InstinctsA wolf headIncrease critical hit rate by 5%, and when a critical lands, attack speed is increased by 10% for 3 seconds, stacking to a maximum of 3 times (30% increase), while further critical hits will reset countdown on attack speed bonusIncreases critical hit rate by additional 5%, and an additional 1% attack speed.Locked
    Prison ShacklesGrey handcuffsWhen an enemy is hit, they are slowed by 20%Increases duration of the enemy being slowedUnlocked
    Red WhipA red whipIncreases speed by 80% when not in battleAdds a bit more speed when not in battleUnlocked
    Rusty JetpackA yellowed pair of tanks with fire coming out the bottomIncreases jump height slightlyIncreases jump height even furtherUnlocked
    Smart ShopperA small coin purseIncreases enemy gold yield by 25%Increases enemy gold yield by a further 25%Unlocked
    Time Keeper's Secreta purple filled timeglassWhen going under 15% health, time stops for 3 seconds (only usable once per stage)Adds an additional time stop and another second (maxing at 10 seconds pause, 8 being the maximum)Unlocked
    Tough Timesa brown teddy bearIncreases armor by 14Increases armor by 14Unlocked
    Toxic WormA worm spitting green toxinsTouching an enemy poisons then, dealing 50% damage per secondAdds an additional simultaneous poisoning opportunityLocked
    UkeleleA brown, stringed instrument20% chance of launching lightning when an attack lands, dealing 33% damage when it hits the enemy, landing up to four shotsIncreases damage per bounce by 33%Unlocked
    Will-o'-the-wispa fireball in a far33% chance of creating a lava pillar when an enemy dies, dealing 500% damageIncreases damageUnlocked


    These are rare Items, and any source of Items can drop these types of Items.

    NameDescriptionEffectStacking EffectAvailability
    Alien HeadA purple alien headDecreases attack cooldowns by 25%Decreases cooldown by 25% (maximum of 60%, or 3 total)Locked
    Ancient Sceptera purple bladed staffUpgrades a character's fourth ability (see the Characters section for specific details)No effectLocked
    AtG Missile Mk. 2A yellow missile launcher7% chance of launching three missiles when an attack lands, dealing 300% damage each when it detonatesIncreases chance of firing three missiles by 7%Unlocked
    Beating EmbryoA purple cellUsable (or Orange) Items will have a 30% chance of having their effects doubledIncreases chance of duplicationUnlocked
    Brilliant BehemothA brown bazookaAll attacks explode, causing an additional 20% damageIncreases explosive damage by 20%Unlocked
    Ceremonial DaggerA purple hued knifeEvery enemy kill will send four shots out, homing in on enemies to deal 100% damage eachAdds two more shots to each killUnlocked
    Dio's Best FriendA white pigbearWhen you die, you revive with 40% healthThere is no way to stack them, but after you die, a new one can be obtained, and that will work to revive you againLocked
    Fireman's BootsA set of boots on fireAnywhere you walk leaves fire for a few seconds, dealing 35% per secondIncreases damage per second by 20%Locked
    Happiest MaskA white mask with blood tearsWhen an enemy dies, a ghost spawns, that can deal 50% damageIncreases damageUnlocked
    Heaven CrackerAn orange, pointed weapon attachmentEvery fourth attack fires a piercing, level wide shot, dealing 100% damage
    NOTE: This even works for melee classes, giving them a long range attack
    Reduces shot total by 1 for every piercing attack (at 4, piercing shots are continual)Unlocked
    Interstellar Desk PlantA green blossom with purple leavesWhen an enemy dies, a plant grows in their place, which heals you for 8 Hit PointsIncreases healing by 3 Hit PointsLocked
    Laser TurbineA red laser tubeAttacks charge up, firing a level wide laser, dealing 2000% damageDecreases charge timeLocked
    Old Boxa brown wind up boxWhen you are below 20% health, a jack in the box drops, which makes enemy run in fear for 2 secondsIncrease health line for dropping a jack in the boxUnlocked
    Permafrostan ice cubeChance of freezing an enemy for 2 seconds when an attack lands, and slows enemy for 3 seconds when they unfreezeIncreases chance of freezing and slowing enemyUnlocked
    Photon JetpackA grey jetpack with green flamesAllows for flight for 1.6 secondsIncreases flight time by 0.8 secondsLocked
    Plasma Chaina dark handgun with a light tipA chance of tethering a plasma beam to an enemy when an attack lands, dealing 60% damage per secondIncreases plasma chain total by 1Unlocked
    Rapid MitosisAnd orange set of cells dividingReduces usable (or Orange) Items cooldown by 25%Decreases cooldown by 25%Unlocked
    Repulsion Armorupper body armorAfter being hit 6 times, for the next 3 seconds, all damage is reduced by 83%Increases countdown by 1 second (maximum of 8 seconds, or 6 total)Unlocked
    Shattering JusticeA large hammerReduces armor of enemy by 5 when an attack lands, maxing out at 25 armor removed, for 2 secondsAdds 0.5 seconds to the countdownLocked
    Telescopic SightA sniper's scope1% to kill an enemy in one shot, when an attack landsIncreases chance of one hit kill by 0.5% (maxing at 3%, or 5 total)Locked
    Tesla CoilA large, metal poleDamages nearby enemies for 150% damage, it can arc up to five times to nearby enemiesIncreases damage by 50%Unlocked
    ThalliumA large rod10% chance to deal 500% damage and slow enemy by 100% when an attack landsNo effectUnlocked
    The Hit ListA yellowed paper with a list on itMarks on screen enemies, if they are killed, it tallies at the bottom of the screen, increasing attack by 0.5 (maxing at 40 kills, or 20 attack increase)Chance for more marked enemies on screen simultaneouslyLocked
    The Ol' LopperA large, sharp bladed hatchetWhen an enemy is at less than 10% total health, a critical hit is guaranteed to occurIncreases enemy health remaining for guaranteed critical hit rate to occur by 4% (maxes at 35%, or 8 total)Locked
    Wicked RingA ring emblazoned with a skullWhen a critical hit lands, cooldown on the attack is reduced by 1 secondReduces cooldown by an additional 1 secondLocked


    These are Boss specific Items, and only Bosses can drop these types of Items.

    NameDescriptionEffectStacking EffectAvailability
    Burning WitnessAn orange, glaring eyeWhen an enemy is killed, speed increases 5% and a fire trail follows player (for 6 seconds)Speed increase goes up by 5% and duration of effects increasesUnlocked
    Colossal KnurlA chunk of rockIncreases health by 40, regeneration by 1.2 Hit Points per second, and Armor by 6 Increases health by 40, regeneration by 1.2 Hit Points per second, and Armor by 6 Unlocked
    Ifrit's Horna dark horn8% chance of triggering when an attack lands, dealing 220% damage to the enemyIncreases damage by 30%Unlocked
    Imp Overlord's TentacleA dark, coiled tentacleSummons an Imp helper, reviving every 60 seconds to attack anewIncreases Imp's strengthUnlocked
    Legendary Spark 8% chance of triggering when an attack lands, dealing 200% damage to the enemyIncreases damage by 200%Unlocked


    These are special Items, and a specific enemy or location can lead to the drop of these types of Items.

    NameDescriptionEffectStacking EffectAvailability
    Keycarda plastic swipe keycardOpens a single locked door in the Risk of Rain levelEach one allows you to open one more door (max 4)Unlocked
    White Undershirt (M)A White Tee-ShirtIncreases Armor by 3Increases Armor by 3Unlocked


    These are usable Items, and any source of Items can drop these types of Items.

    NameDescriptionEffectBeating Embryo EffectAvailability
    Captain's BroochA golden broochCreates a chest that can be opened for a price, yielding an Item (135 second cooldown)Drops two chestsLocked
    Carrara MarbleA chunk of marblePlaces a marble arch (3 second cooldown) that you can then be warped to when Item is used again (45 second cooldown)NoneUnlocked
    Crudely Drawn BuddyA large, white headYou drop a decoy, which will draw enemy fire for 8 seconds (45 second cooldown)Doubles the time to 16 secondsLocked
    Disposable Missile LauncherAn orange missile launching unitFires a group of missiles (45 second cooldown)Increases the damage of the MissilesUnlocked
    Drone Repair KitA grey toolboxRepairs all drones to full healthNoneUnlocked
    Dynamite PlungerA red box with a plungerKilled enemies drop dynamite, which does 200% damage when triggered (45 second cooldown)Enemy drop double the dynamite when killedUnlocked
    Foreign Fruit A green, orange spotted appleHeals 50% of your maximum health (45 second cooldown)Heals 100% of your maximum healthUnlocked
    Gigantic AmethystA purple crystalSets all your attacks to ready to use (8 second cooldown)NoneLocked
    Glowing Meteorite A blue ball of mineralsIt rains meteors, dealing 220% damage to friend and foe alike, lasts 8 seconds (70 second cooldown)Increase duration (and thus amount of meteors that hit)Locked
    Gold-plated BombA gold covered bombTakes 50% of your gold in the blast, dealing 1 damage per gold used (45 second cooldown)Increases damage dealt to 2 damage per gold usedUnlocked
    Instant Minefielda set of mines7 mines are spread in a line, each dealing 400% damage (45 second cooldown)Increases mines laid down to 14Unlocked
    Jar Of Souls A jar with specters insideAny live enemies will have a ghost duplicate created, which will attack the live enemies (45 second cooldown)Makes two ghosts of each live enemyUnlocked
    Lost DollA voodoo dollTakes 25% of your maximum health to deal damage at 5 times your maximum health (45 second cooldown)NoneLocked
    Massive LeechA pack of leechesYou have 10 seconds to fire at enemies, recovering 10 Hit Points per shot landed (45 second cooldown)Increases durationLocked
    Nematocyst NozzleA white tentacleFires out 6 shots, each dealing 200% damage (23 second cooldown)Increases shots fired to 12Unlocked
    Pillaged GoldA bag with a green $ signWhen active, enemy will drop 1 gold piece for every attack that lands (45 second cooldown)Increases gold dropped per hit to 2 goldLocked
    Prescriptionsa vial of open pillsFor 8 seconds, your attack is increased by 10% and speed increased by 40% (45 second cooldown)Speed is increased by 80%Locked
    Rotten Braina blue brainThrow a bouncing brain that stays in place, dealing 200% damage to any enemy that it touches (45 second cooldown)You throw 2 brains instead of 1Unlocked
    Safeguard Lanternan oil lit lanternLasting 10 seconds, enemies will take 20% damage, and run away in fear (45 second cooldown)Increases durationUnlocked
    SawmerangA circular sawbladeFlying out and then back to you, it deals 500% damage per hit landed (45 second cooldown)Sends a second Sawmerang behind youUnlocked
    Shattered MirrorA cracked hand mirrorLasting 15 seconds, you will have double the firepower due to having a shadowAdds a second shadow (ie triple the effects)Unlocked
    Shield Generatora small cylinderFor 8 seconds, you will be completely invulnerable to damage (45 second cooldown)Increases durationLocked
    Skeleton Keya large keyOpens all chest on screen (90 second cooldown)NoneUnlocked
    Snowglobea cloudy snowglobeLasting 7 seconds, enemies will be temporarily frozenIncreases durationUnlocked
    The Back-upA walkie talkieFor 10 seconds, 4 drones will appear to fight the enemyAdds 2 more dronesLocked
    ThqwibAn orange jellyfishSends a swam of 30 Thqwib out, each dealing 200% damage (45 second cooldown)Doubles the amount of Thwqib to 60Unlocked
    Unstable Watch a yellow watchFreezes time for 7 second (67 second cooldown)Double duration to 14 secondsLocked


    This section will examine the Artifacts that can be found in the game, and what effects they have when you implement them at the start of a new game.


    LocationHive Cluster
    How To ObtainLocated in the top-right of the map, there are a set of ropes that will periodically become visible for a moment, then disappear. they can be traversed when visible or not, so jump across them, reaching the Artifact.
    EffectRemoves Chests and Items, creating colour coded boxes (white/green/red/orange) for you to select what you want in the way of Items (from the respective coloured Item family).


    LocationDamp Caverns
    How To ObtainIn the upper-right area of the map, if there is a small altar on a floating ledge, the Artifact will appear there. To make it appear, you will need to jump across to some small ledges (so you need good leaping Items, or the abilities to manufacture some extra distance), where a switch needs to be activated by using an explosive/concussive attack.
    EffectLocks one of your four attacks, choosing a skill every minute to lock (it can lock the same one multiple times in a row).


    LocationSunken Tomb
    How To ObtainIf you can see an area in the bottom right of the map where there are a series of tunnels, you can drop down off the map near it, reappearing on the ledges there. Keep heading right, and if you fall off and "drown", you will get replaced further along, eventually getting to the Artifact.
    EffectYou begin with a Use Item, and it will have a random effect, and enemies might drop a pick-up called "Small Enigma", which will reduce the cooldown time of whatever Use Item was randomly selected.


    LocationAncient Valley
    How To ObtainThere is a cave in the bottom left of the map, and if there is an altar there, the Artifact can be obtained. Climb the roped on the left side of the level, and look for a small opening in the walls, which leads to an area with 5 buttons. Activate all 5 buttons in the same 15 second window, and the Artifact will appear on that altar in the cave.
    EffectReduces your Hit Points to 10% normal amounts, but increases damage to a whopping 500% (a real "Glass Cannon").


    LocationDesolate Forest
    How To ObtainLook to the left side of the area, looking for a small opening into the rock wall, where a large vertical leap is required to get up to the ledge (the Miner should be able to blast himself up, or maybe a Commando roll when jumping off the nearby rope... otherwise you will need to get some Items like the Jetbacks or Hopoo Feather to make the leap). Follow the passage from here to find the Artifact.
    EffectAll regular enemies will spawn as Elites.


    LocationDried Lake
    How To ObtainOn the right side of the level, if there are open areas beyond the wall, look for a weakened section of wall to blast open. After that, it will require either some good jumping Items are certain skills uses to get inside the passage, leading to an area with three buttons. All must be activated within a few seconds of one another to make the Artifact appear, though if you fail, you can try again.
    EffectAll enemies will spawn on a stage as the same type of enemy.


    LocationRisk of Rain
    How To ObtainActivate every single other Artifact in the game before beginning the game, and then reach Providence's room, and it will be waiting for you to pick it up on the lower ledge of the room, AFTER you defeat Providence.
    EffectEvery 10 minutes, a portal will appear, dropping three Black Imps, and a one large Imp Vanguard to attack you.


    LocationMagma Barracks
    How To Obtain The altar for this artifact is to the middle left area of the map, but to make the Artifact appear, you will need to trigger three switches that are inside of the walls, so you will need an attack that passes through walls, explosive/concussive attacks that can spread through the wall to hit the switch, or bait the Cremator boss into firing shots that hit the switch for you. The switches are located in the top-left, top center, and down the left-most long vertical shaft near the bottom left. Once all three are active, go grab the Artifact from the altar.
    Effect Chests no longer spawn, enemies will drop Items when killed.


    LocationTemple of the Elders
    How To ObtainOn the right side of the map, fall off the ledge, and if there is a small ledge to land on, you can then make a long series of jumps to the left, eventually reaching the Artifact.
    EffectAll (your characters and the enemies) move faster when low on health.


    LocationSky Meadow
    How To ObtainOn the left side of the map, on the raised cliff, look for a chunk of ground that is weakened, blasting it open with explosive/concussive attacks, and follow the path to find a series of jumps, leading to the Artifact.
    EffectEnemies drop active bombs on death, the larger the enemy the more bombs they drop.

    Monster Logs

    This section will look at the Monster Logs.

    What are they?

    They are random drops from certain enemies.

    What do they do?

    They do nothing for you in-game, they are collectibles that give you details about the enemies that drop them. Some of them are pretty interesting to read!

    What enemies drop Monster Logs?

    The following Enemies (21) and Bosses (10) drop Monster Logs:

    1. Lemurian
    2. Rock Golem
    3. Wisp
    4. Greater Wisp
    5. Sand Crab
    6. Jellyfish
    7. Child
    8. Spitter
    9. Tiny Imp
    10. Black Imp
    11. Mushrum
    12. Whorl
    13. Clay Man
    14. Bighorn Bison
    15. Mechanical Spider
    16. Gup
    17. Parent
    18. Evolved Lemurian
    19. Temple Guard
    20. Elder Lemurian
    21. Archer Bug
    22. Colossus
    23. Wandering Vagrant
    24. Magma Worm
    25. Ancient Wisp
    26. Imp Overlord
    27. Ifrit
    28. Toxic Beast
    29. Cremator
    30. Scavenger
    31. Providence