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by nyiaor2

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Guide and Walkthrough by nyiaor2

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/08/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: December 2016 | Highest Rated Guide

  • version 1.1
  • December, 2016


I'm in a car talking to Ashley. She points out that I'm bleeding and I counter that it's just something that happens since the accident. I want to tell Ashley something, but get a phone call from Dr. Munshi. There's the sound of a car crash and I wake up.

  • Simon has promised to show up for a brain scan appointment
  • To ensure the best results he needs to drink some tracer fluid.

Pick up the phone on the nightstand to answer the call from David Munshi to Simon Jarrett. Munshi gives a reminder to drink the tracer fluid before coming in for the brain scan.

In the bottom drawer of the nightstand is the book Hooked.

There's a message from Jesse on the answering machine.

There are three photographs on the bookcase by a camera. One is a picture of an intersection, another is a beetle on a stick or branch taken at a beach, and a teacup.

Check the laptop. There's an email from David Munshi about the neurograph session. A second email is from a personal doctor. Brain continues to bleed into a head cavity that needs to be drained. Stress is bad so the doctor prescribed Prazosin to help reduce nightmares. There's an unsent email to Jesse at the Grimoire. The email can be sent.

On the desk is a Get Well card from mom and a notepad.

In the top drawer of the desk is a newspaper article from April 10, 2015, about a car accident that killed Ashley and resulted in the brain damage. There's a Cinema Variety magazine in the middle drawer.

There are some items pinned to the bulletin board over the desk. One is a picture taken at the beach. Another picture is of two people standing in front of The Grimoire. There's a prescription for the tracer fluid. A small ad for the Grimoire announces the upcoming book signing by Robyn McConnell, who also wrote the book "Hooked" that's in the nightstand. Another picture is a shot of someone's feet at the beach.

On the couch is the book "Mapping Minds" by Albert Isaacson.

By the TV there's a DVD case for the movie Massive Recoil. Can't watch the TV because it results in a headache.

The curtains by the desk can be opened.

The door by the window goes to the bathroom. No need to take a shower. Check out the contents of the medicine cabinet.

The cabinets in the kitchen can also be checked for the tracer fluid. The refrigerator is full of fast food.

There's some mail by the door postmarked June 6, 2049.

Grab my keys from the dish.

Exit the apartment.

Simon drank some tracer fluid in preparation for his upcoming brain scan

You can take a call from Jesse, your co-worker from The Grimoire. If you sent the email, Jesse mentions that he got the email. Matt and Chris are helping at the store while Simon goes to the brain scan appointment. Matt is apparently taking over the comics section which was Ashley's job.

The subway ride ends at St. Patrick station.

Simon took the subway to the PACE Laboratories in downtown Toronto, where ha has an appointment for a brain scan.

There's a light switch by the entry door. The curtains can be opened.

Check the emails on the laptop. The first email establishes that the current date is May 2, 2015. The other two emails are about getting access to the scanning rig.

Look in the top drawer of the desk for a notebook with the door code (2501).

The middle drawer has an article about David Munshi and Paul Berg working on a new treatment to reverse brain damage using a computer model to test possible treatments before applying a perfected treatment on the patient. Berg is a graduate student in neuroscience while Munshi is computer science student.

Use the code to open the locked door to Biometrics.

Explore the hallway. There's a bulletin board in the server room.

Go into room 364 at the end of the hallway. You meet Munshi. You can talk to Munshi multiple times to get more information on the session.

Sit in the chair. Birthdate is 1988, July 16.

After having his brain scanned, Simon woke up in an unfamiliar place

You are in a dark room. Munshi is gone. Use [W] to get out of the chair. You are definitely not in Toronto. Go to the red light on the left. Use the lever to restore power to the room and turn on the lights. There's a locked terminal next to the chair with a message that the terminal can be unlocked from the service console. The service console needs an Omnitool for access.

The button next to the door is red which means the door can't be opened. To the left of the door is a cracked window. Pick up an object and use RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON to throw the object into the cracked window to create an alternate exit. Use SPACE to jump out the window into a hallway.

The path to the left is blocked by a chainlink fence secured with a padlock. Go to the right and use the lever on the pneumatic seal to remove it from the door. You can now use the buttons to open and close the door to the Tech Depot.

Awakening 2

Go into the intersection. The path on the right is blocked by another chainlink fence. There's a sign pointing to the Thermal Plant (blocked by a fence), the Tech Depot (where we just exited), and the Break Room. The blocked path to the left of the sign leads to the Observation Tower, Observation Tunnel, and Security.

Let's go to the Break Room. Click on the DATA BUFFER. You hear two people talking about using the pneumatic seals to lock up parts of the area. The two people are heading to someplace called Theta and need to leave enough power running so they don't need to come back.

You can explore the Break Room. Across the hall from the Break Room is a bathroom.

Go back to the intersection and remove the pneumatic seal on the door to the Machine Hangar. Check out the two robots next to the door. One looks normal. The other has been modified in a way that is a bit unsettling. Go into the other half of the hangar. Touch the robot. You hear the woman from earlier talking to the robot. She asks if it wants structure gel. There's a loud crash. Go back to the door. The modified robot has broken out of the Machine Hangar.

Exit the Machine Hangar and go to the right to the Robot Dock. Go through the broken door. Go down the steps. Follow the path to the corner. The lights go out! Press [CTRL] to crouch down. Sneak over to the door with the pneumatic seal. Something tries to break through the door, but fails. Wait for things to calm down. Remove the seal and enter the room.

Go to the desk on the right and pick up the Omnitool (v 2.5 AI Helper Jane). You can read a pamphlet about the Omnitool that's on the desk. By the back wall is a decapitated corpse, which you oddly don't find disturbing. This is probably Louise Meuron since you find her Omnitool in the room. Exit the room.

Go back to the Tech Depot. Go to the Service Console by the door. Put the Omnitool in the cradle on the left side of the console. The system status tells us that the current date is now 2103 / 05 / 08 and there's 13 days of power remaining. The second option has some interesting character strings that include Sub_Simon Jarrett and Aut_DavidMunshi2015v1. The Inventory option tells us that two of the Basic Ductile Suits (BDS) are in use, BDS #3 is contaminated, and the other suits are OK.

Select the Omnitool option. You can listen to the Orientation for Field Service Technicians by John Strohmeier. The slideshow has some background information on the management hierarchy at Pathos-II and what looks like a map of different sites (Upsilon 1 and 2, Lambda, Theta, Omicron, Delta, Tau, and Phi). The rest of the orientation goes over using the Omnitool to open doors.

Select the Omnitool option and Unlock Tool Box. Grab a tool chip from the tool box and click on the Omnitool. Go back to the Service Console and click on Omnitool and select the Update Tool Chip option. Click on Update to update the security ciphers.

You can use the terminal by the chair, aka Pilot Seat #3 Upsilon. Click on the Reports option. The Pilot Report refers to Carl Semken and Amy Azzaro. These were the people we heard talking on the data buffer and in the Machine Hangar. The second report is from Chief Factor Jane Adam about the instability of the pilot system.

Exit the Tech Depot and return to the Robot Dock. Go around the chainlink fence and up the steps into a hallway. Something is in the air ducts. Go down the hallway to the top of some steps going down on the left. Some of the chainlink fence has been broken. If you go straight it leads to a closed door at the Thermal Plant and back to the Tech Depot.

Go down the steps. Swipe the Omnitool to open the circular door. Enter the Observation Tunnel. Check out the DATA BUFFER. You hear Azzaro and Semken talk about leaving Upsilon. Check out the drawings on the table. They have sketches of various sea life with the weird bio-mechanical growths you've seen in Upsilon. On the back of the sketch with the shark is the message "Like nothing happened, Everything still looks the same, All silence alike". The back of another picture mentions structure gel and WAU's freaky fishes..

Go through the observation tunnel and up the stairs.

Simon has just updated his Omnitool and it can now open certain doors

Follow the hallway to the right to Security. Enter the room. You hear a scary voice that freaks you out a little. The door slams shut behind you and the lights go out. If you try to use the door switch, you get an electric shock. Touch the pod on the console. This heals you. It's a HEALING POD. Use the switch to the left of the console to open a hatch. Climb into the duct.

Crawl to the Exhaust sign. You get a little scared because there's something in the duct ahead of you. Take a right towards Station Control.

After having his brain scanned, Simon woke up in an unfamiliar place

Press the yellow button to open the hatch and exit the duct.

Upsilon is the Geothermal Power Plant for Pathos-II. Check out the yellow sticky note on the right.

  • Don't touch the structure gel leakage
  • Can't confirm its effect on WAU
  • Issue has been reported to SSE Wolchezak.

On the floor is a wheezing robot. One computer screen has an insufficient power notification. The wheezing robot is connected to the console by two cables. Pull out each cable. The robot protests and then powers off. Hit the yellow button in the middle of the console. Go to the terminal on the right. Press the button on the right. Press the middle button when the S1 meter is in the green. Press the right button when the S2 meter is in the green. This restarts the turbines and restores power.

You get a radio transmission from a woman at Site Lambda. The connection keeps breaking up due to a problem with the relays. She instructs you to head to the Comm Center upstairs.

Go to the left and press the yellow button to open the door. Check out the console on the right. It says power was restored after 143 days, 11 hours, 37 minutes. Go to the left.

Simon managed to get in contact with a stranger over a failing radio. He was told to find the Comm Center, a room with a domed ceiling, so they could talk again

Follow the catwalk to a ladder. Climb down the ladder. Climbing up the ladder rips it from the catwalk and prevents you from getting back up to the catwalk. The ladder may also detach from the catwalk as you climb down.

Look for the staircase. A hostile robot enters the room. Let's call this the HUNCHBACK ROBOT. Sneak around the room and stay out of the robot's searchlight. You can sneak up the stairs and use the wheel to divert the steam pipes, but this alerts the robot. Sneak over to the staircase and go up to the landing. Use the switch to open the overhead hatch. Quickly get up the stairs and use the switch at the top to close the hatch behind you. Head to the top of the stairs.

There's a HEALING POD to the left. Check out the map on the wall. Control Station B is the camp used by Azzaro and Semken. You can check out some sketches on the floor, Amy's sketchbook, and another sketch on the footlocker.

Enter the workshop. Touch the robot on the floor. One of the robots was able to break into the camp and attack Semken before being disabled by Azzaro.

Enter Assembly B. There's a robot on the assembly line that talks like its Carl Semken. You can have an...interesting conversation with the robot. Exit Assembly B. Open the door to the left. There's a hallway with a corpse. Check out the ID Badge. It's Carl Semken, 0722. You can TOUCH the corpse to get the same information as the robot in the workshop.

Return to Control Station B and go to the terminals. Click on the terminal on the right without the sticky note. Click on the Change button and enter in Semken's ID 0722 to log in. You can check the status, event log, and power output. The event log records that there was a quake from an impact on 2103-01-12 @ 5:31:57. Following the impact were blackouts at Lambda, Omicron, and Delta.

The other terminal allows you to check mail, the power manager, and a staff listing. The unsent mail is about the Upsilon auto-process. The Power Manager allows you to restore power to Storage and Flow Control. Power to the Comm Center can't be restored without doing something in Assembly B or Flow Control. The Staff option lists the Upsilon Staff with the last known locations.

  • Chief Factor - Jane Adams (Theta)
  • Dispatcher - Vigdis Jonsdottir (Theta)
  • Geotechnical Engineer - Baxter Rogers (Theta)
  • Field Service Technician - Amy Azzaro (Upsilon - Shuttle Station B)
  • Gavin Finley (Theta)
  • Louise Meuron (Theta)
  • Wranglers
    • Carl Semken (Upsilon - Control Deck)
    • Aashish Shanakr (Theta)

In the Storage room is a pamphlet on the CCRV-7 Blackbox implant.

There are two ways to power up the door to the Comm Center: Assembly B or Flow Control.

  • Assembly B

Go into Assembly B and power up the conveyor belt. However, this leaves the Carl Semken robot in agony. Go back to the terminal and take the Power Manager option. Power on the Comm Center. Use the switch to open the hatch. Go up the stairs.

  • Flow Control

Go to Flow Control. Use the lever to cut off power. Exit the room.

Go to either Assembly B or Flow Control to power up the door to the Comm Center.


This opens the hatch that goes back down. The HUNCHBACK ROBOT comes up into Control Station B. Stay crouched and sneak over to the terminal where you can access the Power Manager. Power on the Comm Center. Sneak around to the switch and open the hatch up to the Comm Center. The ROBOT may hear the hatch opening so run up the stairs and quickly close the hatch using the switch at the top of the stairs.


There's a HEALING POD.

Check out the terminal next to the healing pod. Restore the corrupted files. The 2103-04-27 file is a recording between Strasky and Jonsdottir about the evac. It confirms that Semken and Azzaro were left behind to startup the power plant automatization process. The recording from 2103-04-28 is Jonsdottir introducing Amy and Carl to Strasky, the Theta dispatcher. File 2103-04-29 is a request by Semken to talk to site service engineer Heather Wolchezak. File 2103-05-04 is the last transmission from Semken just before he seals the comm center.

Check out the map. There's messages from New York, Lisbon, London, and Cadiz. The message from Lisbon references a collision and quake after an impact. The estimated time of the impact was 2103, January 12, 05:13.

Press the yellow button on the big terminal. Use the keypad. Type in a number to contact a site. Move the mouse cursor around the screen to tune into the channel. Save Lambda for last. Dial Omicron to hear someone (Ross) that tells you to kill yourself because there's nothing else to live for. The other stations, except for Lambda, are offline.

  • 2208: Omega - 0m
  • 2207: Phi - 3802m
  • 2206: Tau - 4114m
  • 2205: Omicron - 115m
  • 2204: Delta - 64m
  • 2203: Lambda - 96m
  • 2202: Theta - 153m
  • 2201: Upsilon - 99m

Contact Lamda. You get hold of Catherine. Before she can really answer any questions, there's a breach in the Comm Center and it becomes flooded. No worries. You mysteriously end up in a diving suit so you don't drown.

Climb up out of the hole in the Comm Center. We're under the sea. To the left is a sealed hatch and a zeppelin dock. Go straight ahead to the light that turns on automatically. Up ahead on the right is another inoperable hatch. Continue straight ahead to another light. Veer off to the right and go underneath the pipes.

Simon is looking for a shuttle station that can take him to Lambda, where Catherine said she would wait for him

Off to the right is a DATA BUFFER. You can hear Amy talking with Stratsky. This is after Carl has been killed. Amy decided to head to the auxiliary shuttle to Theta.

Follow the path. You come across a hostile ROBOT with a red light. It's looking for structure gel because it's thirsty. The path to the right goes to a dead end. Go to the left and run past the robot. You should come across a structure with a sign for Upsilon. To the right there's another robot trapped under a pile of rocks. Move the top rock to free the robot. This robot is friendly.

Continue along the path. You reach an area with automated drills. In the center is an underwater base. A hostile ROBOT is trying to get into the base. Go to the right. There's a glowing orb on top of a structure that makes you GLITCH. If you continue going counter-clockwise around the large structure you come across a shipwreck with a hostile ROBOT nearby. Just past the shipwreck is a large pillar that glows with an inner red light. Looking at the pillar makes you GLITCH.


Go up the incline to the Upsilon B Shuttle station. The friendly robot cuts through the door. Open the door manually and enter the airlock. Use the Omnitool by the panel with the yellow light to cycle the airlock.

Use [F] to toggle your flashlight. Go down the dark hallway. TOUCH the DATA BUFFER. Amy is at the shuttle, but the power regulator is broken. You find Amy's helmet and gloves by the shuttle on the right.

Open the doors on the blue shuttle. There's a sketch from Amy. On the back of the sketch may be a portrait of Semken. Check out the tablet. There's a Manifest, an Impact Event memo, and a video recording. The Impact Event memo states that the comet Telos crashed into the Pacific Ocean and apparently wiped out all life on the surface along with Platform Omega. The video is a goodbye from Dominic, Amy's ex.

Exit the shuttle. There's a a switch in the wall box under the red light, but there's insufficient power.

Turn around. Go down the left subway tunnel.

Simon is trying to start a shuttle that he can ride to Lambda, where he is supposed to meet Catherine, the woman on the radio

Crouch down and crawl through the tunnel on the left to bypass the blockage in the subway tunnel. Continue down the tunnel and go up the steps on the left.

Inside the room you find Amy Azzaro ensnared in a bio-mechanical growth. She's hooked up to a power box while a pair of artificial lungs appear to be breathing for her. You can talk to Amy. Pull out one of the plugs. You can talk to Amy again. Pull out the other plug. This kills the Amy. Good news is the power is stabilized!

Return to the shuttles. Open the power box under the red light. Use the switch to turn on the power. Enter the shuttle. The door should open automatically. There's a clipboard with the Floodable Airlock Repair Set. Sit in the seat. Put the Omnitool in the cradle on the left. Flip the three buttons on the left control panel. Press the big red button to activate the shuttle. This brings up the Transit Map.

  • Upsilon A - Thermal & Manufacturing Plant (99 meters, 8 personnel)
  • Upsilon B - Gas Harvesting & Refinery (107 meters, 0 personnel)
  • Lambda - Transport Terminal & Visitor Center (96m, 4 personnel)
  • Theta - Administration, Mission Control, Payload Assembly (153m, 24 personnel)
  • Delta - Shell Rigger & Casing (64m, 4 personnel)
  • Omicron - MedRes, Biosphere X, ACR (185m, 12 personnel)
  • Tau - Omega Operations, 4114m, 8 personnel
  • Phi - Omega Space Gun, 3902m, 0 personnel

Click on Lambda and confirm the destination. Enjoy the in-shuttle movie that gives some background on Pathos-II. The shuttle crashes.

Look down and use the handle to open the emergency exit which is apparently the entire front end of the shuttle. Turn around and pick up the Omnitool. Hop out of the shuttle and proceed down the tunnel.

Pick up the intercom on the right to talk to Catherine. Simon wonders why everything is underwater. Catherine brushes aside Simon's concerns and tells him to look for a maintenance hatch. The call ends abruptly.

At the far end of the tunnel is a HEALING POD.

Look for the red light on the wall. Under the red light is the maintenance hatch. Pull the handle to open the hatch. Crouch down and crawl into the maintenance duct.

Simon's shuttle has crashed and he now has to find another way to get to Lambda, the place where Catherine, the woman on the radio, is waiting for him

Click to grab onto the ladder and press [W] to climb to the top. Swipe the Omnitool at the panel to activate the airlock. Wait for the airlock to fill with water and for the hatch to open and another ladder to lower.

Simon has once again emerged into the ocean and needs to find Lambda, the place where Catherine, the woman on the radio, is waiting for him

Climb up the ladder to get outside. Stay on the left side of the pillar and go straight. The first landmark is a bright overhead spotlight. Keep going until you find the 350m marker. Continue on into a shallow canyon that makes you go to the right around a rock. On the left is the wreck of a submarine, the Pequod. There is a sign on the right marking 360m to Lambda. Exit the canyon.

There's a hostile ROBOT in the next area. You start to GLITCH. The robot is thirsty for the "black blood of the WAU". Crouch down and sneak past the robot and heads towards a bright spotlight. Look for a row of four small lights. You can climb up the coral on the right and take a peek inside Lambda. Go to the left. You should find the pressurized doors for the Lambda airlock.

To the left of the Lambda airlock is an escape pod. Open the door of the pod. Put the Omnitool in the cradle. The proper cortex chip is missing. Grab the Omnitool and exit the disabled escape pod.

To the right of the escape pod is a spotlight. Head in that direction. A friendly robot is swimming around that makes you GLITCH. Look for a long row of small lights. Follow the lights to a door. A different set of security protocols is needed for the Omnitool to open the door.

Go to the Lambda airlock. Press the button to open the pressurized doors to Lambda. Swipe the Omnitool to cycle the airlock.


Exit the airlock. On the left is a room with diving suits and a couple of lockers. Go down the hallway. You hear Catherine. She warns you not to look at "it". You start to GLITCH. Go past the two locked doors. You see something up ahead. Don't look at it. If you look away the monster teleports to you and attacks.

The BRUTE disappears if it attacks you. Go down the hallway and open the second door on the right. Go into the bathroom and use the HEALING POD.

Go back and go into the open room. You find Catherine. Another robot. She's a little more aware than the other robots that were insane. Catherine wants help getting fixed up so she can check up on her project.

Go to the other side of the room to the computer. Put the sort of square thing you're holding into the matching hole to activate Lambda terminal 27. You get a "Welcome, L. Meuron" message. Go back to Catherine. The robot deactivates and a panel pops open. Grab the cortex chip. Go back to the computer and plug the cortex chip into the Omnitool.

Catherine tells you about her project. She saved the brain scans of everyone in the station and put them in to a simulated world. Then she was going to launch the brain scans into space to escape the dead world. The project is named the ARK. Catherine manages to restore some data from a backup, but you have to check the computer in the other room.

As you leave, you sort of blow Catherine's mind when you tell her the last thing you remember is getting a brain scan in Toronto... back in 2015. Exit the room.

The room across from Catherine's room is the living quarters. A submersible robot tries to break through one of the windows. If Catherine is still plugged in and you try to open the other door, you get attacked by the BRUTE. In one of the lockers is an email from Josic Matthias to his son, Chris, dated Jan 12, 2103. Chris Matthias is one of the members of Pathos-II.

Head back to the airlock. The two locked doors are now unlocked. The door on the left goes to an empty storage room. Go into the room across from the storage room. Check out the Area Map. It gives you a simplified floor plan of Lambda HQ. Check out the other computer. Click OK on the Data Recovered: ATK message.

  • Opinion Poll
    • Interview #1: Robin Bass, 7 July 2013
    • Interview #2: Ian Pedersen, 8 July 2103
    • Interview #3: Mark Sarang, 9 July 2103
  • ARK Environments
    • CYAN v2, 5.11 square kilometers, modular space
    • KEYWOOD v4, 12.2 sq. km, mixed deciduous forest
    • AUROUS v2, 2 sq. km, Urban park
  • ARK Schematics
  • Calibration Survey v0.3
  • ARK Tracker

Find the ARK by clicking on the sectors. First one is Earth. Second sector is off the west coast of Africa. The third sector is the Tau station. The fourth sector is the upper right corner of the Tau station which is the Infirmary (Lat 35N 13'2.26" Long 36W 1'46.78").

Simon offers to carry Catherine to Tau to help launch the ARK. Catherine knows that special equipment, either the DUNBAT at Theta or a Power Suit, is needed to descend into the abyss.

Go back to Catherine's room and grab the Omnitool. Return to the airlock and swipe the Omnitool so you can go back outside.

Catherine's ARK project was meant to save humanity, but it is stuck deep within the abyss. To save it they need to find a way to site Theta where they will get to the DUNBAT, the only vehicle that can stand the pressure of the abyss

Go outside and get into the escape pod, the CURIE Emergency Vessel 4. Plug in the Omnitool. Catherine can't get the escape pod working. Catherine tells you the CURIE was a ship that made runs between Lambda and Lisbon. Catherine updates the security protocols on the Omnitool. Grab the Omnitool and exit the escape pod.

Head to the left. Follow the line of small lights. You start to GLITCH. Look for a red light. Swipe the Omnitool to open the door. Enter the shipwreck.

The right path is blocked. Go to the left and slide open the door. Climb up the ladder. Crouch down and crawl through the duct until you can get outside again. Go up the slope. You hear something roar. Continue up the incline. Here's the wreckage of the CURIE. You spot an escape pod overhead. Search inside the wreckage for a ladder. Climb up the ladder.

There's a door you can open that goes to a dead end and a door you can't open. Go up the stairs. Slide open the door and go to the other end of the passage. Slide open a door to go outside. Climb up the stairs on the outside of the wreckage. Go through the door at the top.

Simon has found the wreck of the CURIE, a large ship on the bottom of the sea. In ti he hopes to find an Emergency Vessel and travel to the site called Theta

Head to the left. Look out the window to see the ladder to the Emergency Shuttle. A sign reads "The MS CURIE Heavy Duty Semi-Submersible Freight Carrier". Go through a couple of doors. There's a hallway with an open door and a closed door. Inside the room with the open door is the BRUTE. You start to GLITCH as the BRUTE approaches. Crouch down and sneak past the room.

The best way to deal with the BRUTE is to crouch down and face a wall. The BRUTE only attacks if you look at it for too long, you make quick movements like running away, and getting too close to it. The amount of GLITCHING gives us the proximity.

If the BRUTE gets too close, backtrack and go into another hallway or a room until you can hear the bang when it teleports.

Crouch down and go to the T-intersection. Our goal here is to get through the doorway with the red light over it so we can take a right into Hallway F1.3. Go straight down F-1.3 to Hallway F-1.2. Take another right. Go through the open doorway to Hallway F-1.1. You should see a greenish light in the hallway. Once you get close to the ladder, the ''BRUTE' teleports nearby.

Turn the wheel to lower the ladder. Climb up the ladder.

The CURIE (Deck 2)

Slide open the door to Hallway F-2.3. To the left is a door to a bathroom. Go to the right to Hallway F-2.2.

Go up the steps on the right into the Emergency Shuttle. Place the Omnitool in the cradle. Catherine informs you that you need to find the Engine Room to release the safety locks.

The CURIE (Deck 2)

Exit the Emergency Vessel. Take a left and go to the end of the hallway. The BRUTE is probably blocking the way. You can sneak through the room on the left to get around the monster. Go through the doorway with the red emergency light to the bridge.

There's a healing pod on the far side under the catwalk. Go through the door marked by the red light. Go up the stairs to Hallway F-3.1.

The closed door near the top of the stairs goes to the upper level of the Bridge.

The door with the red light goes into a small room that leads to the Cargo Bay.

The other door without a red light leads directly to the Cargo Bay.

Enter the Cargo Bay. Go up the steps to the catwalk. Go into the Engine Room.

The CURIE (Engine Room)

At the far end of the Engine Room is a door on the left that goes into a small room.

There are four accessible reactors. By each reactor is a terminal with the current coolant efficiency and reactor temperature. Coolant starts out at 99% efficiency and reactor temperature is steady. Pull out one of the cables to reduce efficiency to 81%. Pulling a second cable drops efficiency to 68% and brings up a reactor service message. Pulling a third cable causes an explosion.

The ship automatically goes into abandon ship mode. The BRUTE teleports into the Engine Room. Turn around and run out of the Engine Room, down the stairs, exit the Cargo Bay, and run back to the Bridge. Follow the red lights on the floor back to the Emergency Vessel. Run up the steps on the left to get in the Emergency Vessel.

Catherine tells you the black tentacles, the WAU, are a manifestation of a malfunctioning, station-wide, artificial intelligence. The CURIE explodes. The blast pushes the Emergency Vessel off the plateau.

Simon has crash-landed near a site called Delta. He is still trying to get to the ARK, but to do so he first needs to go to Theta

You wake up in the crashed Emergency Vessel. Get the Omnitool from the cradle. Try to open the hatch. It's stuck. Wait and a friendly robot cuts open the hatch. Climb out. Go to the right towards the structure (Delta LUMAR Annex).

Delta LUMAR Annex

Climb up the ladder into the interior. There's a HEALING POD. TOUCH the body in the diving suit by the healing pod. It's someone named Komorebi looking for Strasky, the Theta Dispatcher. She warns Stratsky that Akers has gone mad and is heading to Theta.

Use the lever by the red light on the console to raise the terminal. It has an area map. Current location is the north Aux Station. The Landing Platform, Comm. Antenna, and HQ are highlighted. Exit the Aux Station by climbing down the ladder.

Follow the guidelights, the lights on the poles stuck in the ground, to get to the rest of the Delta site.

Go to the left. Stay to the left and go up the incline. There's an airlock.

Face the airlock and look the left. There's an insane ROBOT nearby.

Enter the building. There's a message on the wall with the jellyfish pictures.

"The light is hurting my eyes. He's telling me I don't need this vitreous flesh inside my skull to see salvation. I will gladly remove them. Stop them from obfuscating this divine mission."

On the wall by the lockers is a message

"My reflection in the black blood of our Warden whispers. I need to save them from this hell. Let them sleep. Lock them in the lucid dreams I've seen."

On the floor in the pool of blood are two human eyes.

The note on the console reads

"It's exciting to watch WAU claim Delta. Half a year ago I'd be worried. I'd have Goya and Wan clean the black blood from the machinery. Now its crusty surfaces seem to complement, even outshine what Delta was."

The Chess computer is corrupted and unplayable.

Site Delta (Outside)

Exit the Delta LUMAR Annex and check out the other buildings.

Delta Building

Try to slide the door open. It's jammed. The friendly robot cuts open the door. Enter the building. There's a HEALING POD. To the right of the healing pod are a couple of maps of the area. The door on the left leads to a bathroom.

Shuttle Train

The door to the shuttle train is rusted shut. The friendly robot declines to help you by cutting open the door.

Zeppelin Transport Delta

Activate the terminal on the right side of the gate by pressing the glowing button. There's a Shipping Log that starts on 2103-05-23 and ends on 2014-01-15. The last shipment is labeled unspecified (to Theta). The Zeppelins option can't make a link to Zeppelins 049, 840, and 216. The Antenna option has a message that the antenna has to be manually adjusted. Click on the Radio option and restore the corrupt audio files.

  • Delta:Theta 2103-08-14: Brandon Wan is talking to Stratsky. Wan is going with Goya and Krier to Theta. Stratsky mentions having to manually adjust the antenna to keep track of the zeppelins.
  • Delta:Theta 2104-01-15 is Terry Akers talking to Stratsky. Akers has changed his mind and wants to move from Delta to Theta.

There's someone trapped by the right pillar of the Zeppelin Dock gate and a corpse on the Zeppelin Dock platform.

Control Room building

Try to open the airlock. Wait for the friendly robot to cut open the door. Enter the Control Room. TOUCH the corpse on the floor. It's someone named Evans who saw Akers injecting something into Komorebi, Akers headed to Theta. The radio platform doesn't work. Evans is too injured to continue which leaves Komorebi to try the radio in the LUMAR Annex. The computer screen shows a log of Komorebi trying to stop the zeppelin, but Akers has already locked other people out.

Outside the airlock are the Antenna Controls.

  • The Green line should be set to channel 2 to link to 840
  • The Red line should set to channel 7 to link to 216
  • The Yellow line should be on channel 5 to link to 049

Manually set the antenna so it links with a Zeppelin. Go back to the Zeppelin Dock and use the Terminal > Zeppelins option. The Terminal > Antenna option shows which Zeppelin you're linked with. Use the Echo command to try to communicate with the Zeppelin and Request Transport to recall the zeppelin to the dock.

  • 840 is unresponsive and has an engine failure.
  • 216 establishes a link with Alan. 216 has an engine failure.
  • 049 has an automated voice that the transport is active.

Recall Zeppelin 049. Get into the zeppelin's basket. Place the Omnitool in the cradle. Catherine informs you that the tool chip is busted and needs to be replaced. A stun baton can be used to disable a robot so you can loot its tool chip. Go to the tool chest and press the yellow button. Pick up the stun baton.

Simon has called on a zeppelin, an underwater transport vehicle. Catherine says she could operate it if it wasn't for her tool chip being broken, Simon has to get a new one from one of the robots in the area before they can leave

There are two robots. One is the friendly robot that's been cutting open doors. The other is the insane robot. Stun a robot until it crashes. You can stun both robots as long as you don't remove a tool chip. The friendly robot always crashes near the zeppelin dock. Zap it until a hatch opens. The insane robot crashes near the zeppelin terminal. Take the tool chip from the disabled robot. Return to the zeppelin.


USE the Omnitool to replace the tool chip. Simon has a bit of an existential crisis. Simon isn't happy that he had to kill a robot. Catherine argues that it was it or them. Simon lets it sink in that he's a robot.

Press the yellow button to close the zeppelin basket. Pull the lever to take off to Theta.

Simon and Catherine continue their earlier conversation about being robots. Catherine suggests that Simon's mind is superimposing familiar sensory systems over the equivalent systems that Simon's robot body now possesses. If Simon's mind couldn't make this reconciliation, Simon would either shut down or go insane. Catherine wants Simon to focus on saving mankind. You also learn that WAU is short for Warden Unit.

One of the displays shows the zeppelin's progress.

There's a DATA BUFFER on the zeppelin. TOUCH it to hear Akers talking to his "god" about helping the others fall into the same peace within the universe of the WAU.

Simon and Catherine are going to Theta where they hope to find the DUNBAT, a vehicle made for extreme pressure environments. Only with the DUNBAT will they be able to enter the abyss and find the lost ARK

Retrieve the Omnitool from the cradle. Let's walk through the Theta zeppelin gate and go down the short ramp.

TOUCH the DATA BUFFER by the blinking red light near the bottom of the ramp. Someone named Emma Alvaro wants Stratsky to wake up Dr. Masters because Akers need medical attention. Brandon Wan is also there and comments on Akers being shredded by structure shrapnel. They plan to move Akers to the Infirmary.

Behind the zeppelin dock is the Shuttle Station entrance. The doors are warped and can't be opened.

To the right across the tracks there's a blinking red light on the left, a single white light in the middle, and a pair of white lights on the right. Go to the single white light. TOUCH the device with the blinking red light. It's Catherine thanking someone named Sarah Lindwall. Sarah helped Catherine stand up to Strohmeier. Catherine is a bit introverted, but is likable. Even Reed likes her.

Follow the tracks from the data buffer by the zeppelin to another DATA BUFFER on the right. TOUCH the DATA BUFFER. It's Strohmeier making a general broadcast about the ARK project. Sarang has been telling people to kill themselves. Strohmeier is saying don't.

Across from the second DATA BUFFER on the left is the robot of Robin Bass. You can talk to Robin. You learn that Robin got scared and killed herself. Apparently, people at Theta decided that they didn't want two copies of themselves surviving at the same time. The Robin Bass robot is delusional, but at peace. You can unplug the robot.

Go to the gates of Theta. Open the control panel on the right. Rotate the handle on the left. Pull out the handle and rotate it again. Push the handle back in to unlock the switch on the right. Pull down the switch to open the gate. Go through the first gate into a massive airlock. Swipe the Omnitool to cycle the airlock and get into Theta.

Simon and Catherine have found the DUNBAT, but it's been quarantined, and they need to find someone who would know a security cipher so they can gain access. Only with the DUNBAT will they be able to enter the abyss and find the lost ARK

In the far right corner under the "02" marking is an Omnitool panel. Swiping the Omnitool just brings up an access denied message. Go up the ramp on the right side, or "02" side, of the room. Grab the nearby fire extinguisher and use it break through the window. Jump to get inside the room.

Go the Machine Hangar Control console on the left and put the Omnitool in the cradle. You learn that the DUNBAT is the only vehicle that can survive the extreme pressures encountered when going down into the abyss. Simon wonders how they got the ARK down into the abyss if the DUNBAT is still docked in Theta. Catherine mentions that they must have walked. Simon asks about the ARK. Catherine assures Simon that the ARK is indistinguishable from reality and completely immersive. A solar-powered probe carrying the ARK could survive for thousands of years.

The DUNBAT is quarantined and needs a high-level security cipher to unlock. Catherine unlocks the rest of the station.

A map on the wall shows the location of Pathos-II.

Check out the computer. The Site Status shows the condition of Theta as of 2014 / 01/ 16. There's also a map. It shows that most of the Blackbox beacons are on the lower levels. There's a staff listing showing the people in Theta as of 2014 / 01 / 01.

  • ALVARO, Emma - Astrodynamics Expert
  • BASS, Robin - Field Service Technician ((Deceased))
  • CHUN, Catherine - Intel. Systems Engineer ((Missing))
  • CRONSTEDT, Dorian - Admin. Supervisor ((DECEASED))
  • DAVIS, Jessica - Structural Engineer ((Deceased))
  • DEFREINE, Joaquin - Field Service Technician
  • EVANS, Shawn - Field Service Technician
  • FISHER, Martin - Wrangler ((Deceased))
  • FOURQUEREAN, Keith - Overseer
  • FROST, Matthew - Biometrics Expert
  • HILL, Jasper - Software Coordinator ((Missing))
  • IVASHKIN, Nicolai - Systems Architect ((Missing))
  • KOMOREBI, Maggie - First Responder
  • KONRAD, Guy - Wrangler ((Deceased))
  • KOSTER, Alice - Payload Manager
  • MASTER, Nadine - Medical Doctor
  • PEDERSEN, Ian - Software Engineer (Missing))
  • REED, Imogen - Mechatronics Engineer ((Missing))
  • SARANG, Mark - Intelligence Analyst ((Deceased))
  • STRATSKY, Peter - Dispatcher
  • STROHMEIER, John - Security Operative
  • THABO, Richard - Mechatronics Engineer
  • WOLCHEZK, Heather - Site Service Engineer
    • ADAMS, Jane - Chief Factor - UPSILON
    • DAVIAU, Marishika - Wrangler - LAMBDA
    • FINLEY, Gavin - F.S> Technician - UPSILON ((Deceased))
    • GOYA, Javid - Wrangler - DELTA
    • GRAU, Nathan - Capt. of Port - LAMBDA ((Deceased))
    • HART, Vanessa - Dispatcher - LAMBDA
    • JONSDOTTIR, Vigdis - Dispatcher - UPSILON
    • JOSIC, Chris - LAMBDA
    • KRIER, Astrid - F.S. Technician - DELTA ((Deceased))
    • MEURON, Louise - F>S>T> - UPSILON ((Deceased))
    • ROGERS, Baxter - Geotechnical Engineer - UPSILON
    • SHANKAR, Aashish - Wrangler - UPSILON
    • WAN, Brandon - Wrangler - DELTA

Exit the Machine Hangar room to the gate room. There are now two unlocked doors on the other side. The "03" door and one that leads to "Servicer Access"


Walk through the tunnel until the lights switch on. There's a HEALING POD on the right. Go up the ramp to an intersection.

To the left is a storage room.

Straight ahead from the ramp is a door that goes to a lounge. The two doors on the left go into the bathrooms. In either bathroom you can see yourself in the mirrors. Yep, you're a robot. Off the lounge is a hallway with the Living Quarters.

On the table by the TV are a couple of pictures.

Go to the Living Quarters.

Guy Konrad's Room

Remove the pneumatic seal from Guy Konrad's room. There are a couple of pictures inside the locker and on the poster by the bed. On the desk is a schematic for modifications to a Maser tool, probably modified to make it into a weapon.

Catherine's Room

The next open door is Catherine Chun's room. In her locker is Toby, her teddy bear. Pick up the device on the floor by the bookshelf. Catherine mentions Reed's Vivarium. Check out the tablet on the desk.

The Journal entries shows how Catherine got the idea for the ARK. Imogen Reed tested a machine corrupted by the WAU that created a perfect simulation of the room and Reed in a digital space (June 6, 2013). A few days later (June 14), the WAU machine has been studied. The Vivarium machine works similarly to Catherine's AR capsule except it allows the simulation to live on in the simulation since it is not limited by the initial content. A week later Catherine realizes that she can save humanity by using the Pilot Seats to mimic the scanning technique used by the Vivarium machine (June 21). The next day Catherine has confirmed that using the Pilot Seats will work to create living scans of the remaining members of Pathos-II and that the WAU has probably been using the Pilot Seats for a while to create Mockingbirds of people that have used the Pilot Seats. July 3 marks the official beginning of the ARK Project where everyone will get scanned into the AR Capsule and launch the capsule into space. However, on July 13, Mark Sarang killed himself after his scan. Sarang believed that by only having one copy of himself, the one in the ARK, he would physically live on the ARK by ensuring only one copy of himself had continuity.

The AR-Capsule has notes. The simulated Reed is "too real" to interact with the other scans in the AR Capsule. Richard Thabo gave Catherine a set of AI templates that were unfolded into the AR Capsule.

Mark Sarang's Room

Up next is Mark Sarang's room. Remove the pneumatic seal. There's a letter on Mark's desk, essentially a suicide note, explaining what he did to enter the ARK. There's an audio recording device in the top right drawer of the desk. USE it to play back some observations from Sarang. The human body is made up of 75 trillion cells that are constantly being replaced, yet we remain ourselves during this constant replacement. "A continuous flow of thought and perception keeps an unbroken chain of continuity that we know as our self. Our conscious mind is not the pattern of our brain, but a continuous emergent entity based on that pattern". The physical self and the digital self will diverge as each experiences different experiences in the physical world and the digital world.

In the top left drawer is a file from Carthage Industries. It's a confidential company report about the imminent Class 3 extinction event. It has a diagram and a picture of an object. This might be the AR Capsule or ARK. The only writing on the page is

  • pAc: 4444
  • pBc:mx344*sas788845

The book on the nightstand is "The Nature of Identity" by Pavlina Martinu

The top drawer of the nightstand has a letter from March 7, 2102. It congratulates Sarang on making the WAU a station-wide presence. Dr. Johan Ross is to "steer and study" the WAU from Alpha. It also gives authorization for Julia Dahl at Omicron to "forcefully eliminate any opposition".

The second drawer of the nightstand has a clipboard with estimates about the extinction event. The number "218" is circled.

On the wall is the Warden Unit Circuit Map. There are various picture pinned to the map showing different kinds of WAU growths.

Robin Bass's Room

Remove the pneumatic lock. On the bed is a straight razor and a lot of blood. There are a couple of pictures by the bed with scribbled people done in crayon over ARK environment renders.

There's a picture of Robin with a guy on the floor.

Another picture can be found on the desk. Robin's suicide note reads "We're all dying anyway. I'm all in. I put my faith in Sarang and the continuity."

There are more personal pictures on the bulletin board and one more by the keyboard.

Martin Fisher's room has a HEALING POD.

At the end of the hallway is a window that shows another hallway with more personnel rooms. You can also hear something making noises and moving around in that hallway.

Research Area

The right path from the intersection goes up to a sealed door that leads to the Research area. The door to the Theta Laboratory is closed.

The room on the right is Research. This is where Catherine worked on the ARK project. The computers can't connect to the mainframe. You have to go reset the router in the sub-level vault. Open the box to the right of the first computer and grab the device.

The smaller room is Neurograph Storage where the scans were stored on memory chips. Use the green buttons to rotate the chip storage racks. You find one intact memory ship. All of the other chips are broken.

The Pilot Chair is in the room on the left. This is where Catherine did her scans. TOUCH the DATA BUFFER. Catherine needs help in the scan room because Konrad killed himself after the scan using a maser tool.

Go to the desk. You can plug-in the device from the Research room into a connector by the phone. So the device is some sort of portable hard drive. Still need to get the mainframe back online.

Go into the small room behind the pilot chair. Check the terminal. It has Legacy Scans from NanComp (captured March 12, 2014), Paul Berg (April 28, 2015), David Munshi (April 28, 2015), and Simon Jarrett (May 2, 2015). You also find out you died on June 1, 2015.

Check out the audio recordings. There's a Post-Scan recording from May 2, 2015 after the first scan. The next recording is on May 20, 2015 where Munshi tells Simon about the roadmap. The last recording is from June 1, 2015. Simon is on a heart monitor. Simon suggests that Munshi use Simon's brain scan for another use.

Catherine tells you that legacy scans are historic templates used for AI construction.


Go down the long staircase to the bottom. Catherine tells you that Strohmeier left a message that says "The Proxy listens". Catherine also tells you that Simon's brain scan was used as the base for the ARK.

Lots of noises and screaming down here.

The door closest to the bottom of the stairs goes to an empty dead end.

The door that's across from the bottom of the stairs, the middle door, goes to a room with servers. There's also someone trapped by the WAU. He doesn't look good and is wheezing.

Let's open the door on the left from the bottom of the stairs. Over to the right is another guy trapped in the WAU structure. This is also where the noises are coming from. Crouch down a nd turn off the flashlight. Start moving between the server racks. You will see something with two legs, a body, but no arms. This is a PROXY, someone corrupted by structure gel. The PROXY is very sensitive to sound, but completely blind. You can use the flashlight. Do not step on anything on the ground as this gets you attacked.

Sneak through the server room until you find the server mainframe control panel. Press the yellow button on the right and use the switch to reset the router. The noise attracts the PROXY so sneak away from the console. The PROXY should come investigate, then wander away. You have 30 seconds to flip the switch again to initiate the reset. Sneak back to the console, flip the switch, and sneak away.

Okay, sneak out of the server vault and go back up the stairs.

In a funny bit of level design, you have to climb up part of the broken stairs. Since the PROXY in the server room has no arms, it can't climb up the broken part oto follow you up the stairs.


Return to the Research area. Go into the Research Room. The first computer has a Scan Log and Schedule.

  • Chun, Catherine [Jul 4]
  • Ivashkin, Nicolai [Jul 5]
  • Hill, Jasper [Jul 6]
  • Lindwall, Sarah [Jul 7]
  • Pedersen, Ian [Jul 8]
  • Wolchezk, Heather [Jul 10]
  • Sarang, Mark [Jul 12] ((Suicide))
  • --- Investigation ---
  • Alvaro, Emma [Jul 29]
  • Reed, Imogen [Jul 31]
  • Meuron, Louise [Aug 3] ((Suicide))
  • Davis, Jessica [Aug 3]
  • Stratsky, Peter [Aug 4]
  • Grau, Nathan [Aug 5] ((Suicide))
  • Komorebi, Maggie [Aug 8]
  • Masters, Nadine [Aug 9]
  • Hart, Vanessa [Aug 10]
  • Fourqurean, Keith [Aug 11]
  • Finley, Gavin [Aug 12] ((Suicide))
  • Rogers, Baxter [Aug 17]
  • Josic, Chris [Aug 18]
  • Goya, Javid [Aug 19]
  • Krier, Astrid [Aug 20] ((Suicide))
  • Wan, Brandon [Aug 25]
  • Bass, Robin [Aug 26] ((Suicide))
  • --- Reprimand ---
  • Cronstedt, Dorian [Aug 29]
  • Fisher, Martin [Aug 30]
  • Jonsdottir, Vigdis [Aug 31]
  • Frost, Matthew [Sep 1]
  • Konrad, Guy [Sep 2] ((Suicide))
  • --- ARK project put on hold - indefinitely

The schedule shows the following people did not get scanned

  • Defreine, Joaquin
  • Strohmeier, John
  • Thabo, Richard
  • Adams, Jane
  • Shankar, Aashish
  • Daviau, Marishika
  • Evans, Shawn

Go to the Scanning Room. Use the dock by the computer to plug in the external hard drive. Copy just the Scan Room to the chip. The Float Tank is corrupted, the Beach is already on the chip, and Versailles was reconstructed by the WAU.

Grab the external device and go into the Research Room. Plug both the external hard drive and the memory chip into the two docks by the second computer. You want to upload someone who knows the Theta security ciphers. The correct one is Brandon Wan, but you can try the others first and save Brandon for last.

  • LINDWALL, Sarah (Nov 25, 2074, Greenlander) - help out delivering the ARK
  • SARANG, Mark (Sep 21, 2061 - Jul 12, 2103) Korean
  • WAN, Brandon (Oct 16, 2070) Sichuan Chinese - Construct wrangler, working for Strohmeier
  • BASS, Robin (Dec 10, 2072 - Aug 26, 2103) D.C. American - continuity suicide
  • KOMOREBI, Maggie (Jan 4, 2067) H.K. Chinese
  • WOLCHEZK, Heather (Jan 4, 2063) Silesian-Polish
  • STRATSKY, Peter (Mar 11, 2068) - North-Englander
  • KOSTER, Alice (Jun 1, 2069) - Canadian

Select an environment and click on Run to start the simulation

  • NONE - Wan freaks out and simulation aborts
  • Beach - Wan freaks out and simulation aborts
  • Ski Lodge - Wan gets suspicious, freaks out, and simulation aborts
  • Scan Room - Wan asks for Alice, gets suspicious, freaks out, and the simulation aborts.

Exit the Research area and go back to the dormitory hallway. Catherine unlocks Brandon's room.