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by MGreen

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Ending List by MGreen

Updated: 02/20/2014

1 - In Office

  • Leave Office - 2
  • Close Office Door - Directionless Ending

2 - Outside Office

Note: the map here randomly changes.

  • Click 5 times on door 430 - this starts a lengthy sequence in which the narrator has you run around clicking on random things in the office. You do eventually get an achievement.
  • If the office walls are blue, open door 426 - Whiteboard Ending (not actually an ending)
  • If the office walls are yellow, climb over desk 434 and crouch and walk through the window - Out The Window Ending (there is a choice here but it only determines which dialog you get)
  • Take Left Door - 3
  • Take Right Door - 4

3 - Meeting Room

  • Go into the Broom Closet and shut the door - not a branch, but some very funny dialog.
  • Go up stairs - 5
  • Go down stairs - Nightmare Loop Ending

4 - Employee Lounge

  • Hang around in the lounge - some funny dialog.
  • Go through left door, then straight ahead - 3.
  • Go through left door, then down on the lift - Confusion Ending. This ending continues through multiple restarts!
  • Ignore left door and stand on cargo lift all the way - 9.
  • Ignore left door and jump off cargo lift onto floor - You Are Very Powerful Ending.
  • Ignore left door and jump off cargo lift onto gantry - 8.

5 - Boss's Office

  • Take Elevator - it never arrives until you press the Down button to return to the office.
  • Type the correct code before the narrator tells you it - narrator complains at you and plays you hidden music.
  • Back out of the boss's office as the door closes - bugs out the game, but returning to Stanley's Office reveals the Escape Ending.
  • Type 8888 on keypad - gets the 8888888888888888 achievement.
  • Do nothing in Boss's office - narrator chews you out and opens the door for you.
  • Go into Facility - 6.
  • Follow Escape route - 7.

6 - Mind Control Facility

  • Turn Machine Off - Intended Ending (gives "beat the game" achievement)
  • Turn Machine On - Countdown Ending

7 - Death Machine / Backstage

This allows you to explore a large area about the making of the game.

  • Turn Switch Off - Museum Ending

8 - Lower Office

  • Go through Red Door - Zen Ending.
  • Go through Blue Door - Playtester Ending (highly recommended).
    • If you actually play the baby/puppy game for four hours(!), you instead get the Divine Art Ending.

9 - Telephone Room

  • Answer phone - Apartment Ending. (I recommend getting this last)
  • Unplug phone, then walk back to choice point:
    • Go right, then left - Real Person Ending (short).
    • Go left, view alternate version of the story, then go right then left - Real Person Ending (full version with credits)

Special ending: Heaven

Somewhere in the office area each playthrough there will be a computer with the message "Awaiting Input". This can be any of the computers in the office area before the first choice, or the one just outside the boss's office. Clicking on it will give the message "Input Received". Once you have done that, get any ending (or just restart the game) and a different computer will show the message. After 4 inputs, restart once more and Stanley's computer will show the message. Clicking on this gives the Heaven Ending. Note that this must all be done in one session: quitting the game to desktop resets the number of inputs.

Special "ending": The Serious Room

Enable the console and repeatedly try sv_cheats 1. You can escape with map map1, but not with cheats enabled.