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by TendaShy

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FAQ/Walkthrough by TendaShy

Version: 3.1 | Updated: 10/02/16

Elliot Quest

Version History

V3.1 - 10/02/2016 8:51:31 AM

Some new information concerning acquiring the shovel on the evil path has been added.

V3.0 - 07/26/2016 10:45:17 PM

The Wizard's Tower sidequest is now finished.

V2.0 - 01/17/2016 7:57:15 PM

The walkthrough portion is now complete. This covers all heart pieces, all crystal locations, most magic jars, and all temples, explained well enough so that anyone having trouble completing them can read how I did it. The path from start to finish I detail in the guide is decently optimized and I'm happy with it, as it is designed to cut down on backtracking. I am thinking of ways to further improve other areas of the FAQ/Walkthrough. The coliseum is one area not really covered yet. The Wizard's Tower also needs a section written for it.

V1.0 - 01/15/2016 3:58:16 PM

This is the first version of my Elliot Quest FAQ/Walkthrough. More information will be added as I have time to update the walkthrough and other sections. A large portion of the game is covered in pretty good detail already but I still have a lot to cover.

Please let me know what you think of the FAQ/Walkthrough. Any suggestions, boss tips and tricks, or corrections are welcome.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is a proud winner of GameFAQs FAQ of the Month Contest for January 2016!


Elliot Quest is an independently developed computer game, mainly designed and programmed by Luis Zuno, a game developer and pixel artist residing in Mexico. The soundtrack is credited to Michael Chait and it is a nice soundtrack indeed. Warning: this game may cause nostalgia overdose for Zelda fans. Metroid fans also may feel faint or confused but in a good way. Save your game and take a break if you notice any dizziness, lightheadedness, or you want to throw a controller. Call your doctor if he needs help with the second dungeon and tell him to use this walkthrough.

All kidding aside, I really love this game. No matter how I may wish to find flaws with it, I still come back to it for more because the gameplay and level design are so perfect at living up to the same games that it serves as an homage to. For one person to have created this, it's an astoundingly polished experience. I mainly am putting this guide together as a way to spread some awareness about the game, not because I want anyone to look up how to do everything instead of playing and discovering it on their own.

Currently, you can enjoy Elliot Quest either on a computer or the Nintendo Wii U. This guide intends to cover the PC release of the game only but may eventually include info about what is added in later ports. On Wii U, the only thing I'm not covering in this guide are the little paintings that were added to the overworld to find. It has been announced that ports are on the way for PS4, Xbox One, and PS Vita. Currently, I play this on a laptop running Windows 10. I have not noticed any bugs in the PC version (desktop v.1.1.7) but if you encounter any, I can make note of them if they are game breaking and repeatable.


The controls are not really configurable through the game itself, so get used to the default mapping or use a program like JoyToKey with a gamepad to get a more comfortable setup for playing. Pressing G on the keyboard will turn off the game's default gamepad support, which is nice since the default mapping can interfere with your custom controls otherwise. So, turn it off unless you find it works fine as is with your controller. I use a Nintendo Classic Controller Pro along with a Mayflash adapter to play this game and I find it works great.

Keyboard Controls:

  • Jump: Space Bar
  • Shoot Arrow: D
  • Use Magic: S
  • Dash Move: Shift Key
  • Item Menu: Enter

After bringing up your menu, the shift key will switch between the inventory screen, the journal of key items, and the level up/karma paths info screen.

The dash ability is only possible once you have acquired the Dash Boots which are actually hidden rather well in the game.

Exploring the World Map

"As for me, I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote. I love to sail forbidden seas, and land on barbarous coasts."
― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

Map of Urele

When you aren't exploring the game in the sidescrolling view, you will be on the world map, in a kind of Chrono Trigger-like top down view of Urele, Elliot's world. The only way to know when you can enter a spot on the map is to move about and look for an exclamation mark to appear above Elliot's tiny pixel head. Then, just press the shoot button and the view will switch back to the usual sidescrolling style. The map is made like this so that you aren't spoiled on everything there is to find. I will give you specific directions in the walkthrough sections, but feel free to explore all on your own and just come back to the guide if you can't find your way.

Leveling Up Elliot

Five stats are possible to level: STR, WIS, AGI, VIT, and ACC.

Level Up Screen

These represent, as you no doubt already figured out, Elliot's strength, wisdom, agility, vitality, and accuracy. Experience goes up with each enemy defeated until a point is generated to put toward one of these stats. Just putting a few points into one won't make a huge difference, but completely maxing it out will make a noticeable difference by the end of the game. These are areas that are meant to reflect the improvement Elliot is seeing as he accomplishes tasks throughout the game. Shooting your bow so much, eventually you get stronger, so the arrow flies farther. Put effort into using the enchanted Guardian items, though, and your magic ability is enhanced so that you can use spells more as well as regenerate your magic meter.

The build shown above is what I had by the end of the game. Although 25 points would fill out the entire board, the max level is 20. I made my biggest sacrifice with the vitality stat, mainly because the ability to carry two potions, each totally refilling your health, is already very convenient and more useful than slowly regenerating health. The MP regen ability was far more useful to me as it meant not having to carry any magic potions. Magic is more versatile and comes with its own perks, such as hitting enemy weaknesses, so I strongly recommend maxing out wisdom. Strength gets its best upgrade at the third point where you unlock a power shot. Simply hold the shoot button, wait for the flash at the arrow's tip, then let go for a devastatingly powerful shot (just don't miss). At maximum strength, your arrow flies perfectly horizontal without succumbing to gravity.

Accuracy increases critical hit frequency and comes with a couple of status effect abilities: stun and killer shot. While these aren't statuses you can depend on happening very often, they are quite nice and do happen frequently enough to be worth it. Stun leaves the enemy temporarily immobile. Overkill, caused by killer shot, will immediately kill the enemy on that hit. Bosses aren't affected by killer shot.

Karma Status

At the top of your level up screen, there is an indicator that tells you which of the three endings you are currently set to receive when you beat the game. There are specific choices you make as part of your play style that will determine all of this, and I bring up these choices in the walkthrough. If you do not want to check the walkthrough, I have included an Endings section of the guide. I do not spoil exactly what happens for each ending, though I have played through the game multiple times and know how they play out. After initially being a bit let down by my first ending, I pushed on to see the rest. I feel I now understand why the game ends as it does in each case and hope to guide you to the one that works well for you.

Seeing each ending is probably best, but it's understandable that you may not want to play this game three times from beginning to end just to see each one, so without any spoilers to worry about, I encourage you to read my little analysis; there I pose questions to you in the hope that your general feelings about it all will lead you to the most satisfying ending in your case. It's important to have some idea of what you want out the story's conclusion before you're locked in to an ending path.

Your karma status will also change what NPCs in the villages say, so make sure to talk to everyone to see the difference if you decide to go with the good or evil ending.


Your Quest Begins

You begin this game as Elliot, a cursed but otherwise normal guy, who has found himself in a situation he's not really prepared to deal with. A demon known as the Satar has picked Elliot as its next vessel. The beginning stages of this process has made Elliot sick, enough that it has clearly started to impact his quality of life and made him consider death. Of course, Elliot's wife, Cara, has recently disappeared, with some mystery behind the event, leaving Elliot without much reason to go on when you add in this recent curse by the Satar. However, there is hope. Elliot decides that if anyone can help, it would be the ancient island Guardians. Each Guardian lives in a temple on the island and guards an enchanted item representing natural forces. The Guardians have recently been in hiding, possibly a sign that they have turned their back on the island inhabitants, sealing their fate as easy pickings for the Satar until something is done.

After a quick intro scene, you start the game in front of a stone that looks suspiciously like a gravestone. That's kind of what it is, in fact. These stones work like checkpoints and activate instantly as you pass them. The game is automatically saved at each one as you pass it, and, assuming you fall in battle or fall into a pit, the last one activated is where you will pick the game up again. The only good part of the Satar's curse is that Elliot is now immortal and cannot be fully killed. Even an intentional jump from a cliff will simply result in Elliot reappearing at a stone.

Choose your path...

If you want to, you can go to the lower left here to get to the world map. There isn't much to do on the world map right now, so head to the right instead. The upper left way has a chest you can reach but you'll be coming back around here eventually, so it's not necessary to get now. This area has enemies only slightly scattered, most being weak and slow, and plays pretty simply to help the player get used to the controls. If you feel like you aren't shooting or moving all that fast, don't worry, that's why you are fighting enemies. With experience, you'll eventually shoot and move a little faster.

After going to the right a screen or two, you'll see a ladder going down. Ignore it for a moment and go right. The wooden boxes here can be destroyed if you shoot them twice each. Beyond, you will find a map of the current area. Although maps are really simple representations of the current area, they are still convenient to quickly spot unexplored rooms and areas. Explored areas are filled in automatically but that doesn't mean you found everything on that screen, just that you've been there before. See the two boxes in the right corner? Destroy them, there's a false wall here. Just move right through it to find a hidden treasure chest. Nice. Now head back and take that ladder going down that we passed earlier.

There's a green magic jar in a currently unreachable spot to your lower left. Collecting these will grow your magic meter (you don't even have a magic meter yet, heh). Oh well, just keep going, you can't get lost here if you tried.

King Slime Boss Fight:
This boss is very simple and is basically an overgrown version of the small guys you've already encountered. He will jump, so don't let him land on you, but he's not hard to dodge. After a bit, it sticks to the celing and sends little slimes after you. This is a good thing, as killing the small ones may drop a heart refill. Keep up your attacks, about ten hits should finish him in total, and avoid him until the fight is done.

Your reward for defeating it is a nice full heart container, permanently increasing your health status by one heart.

In the bottom left of your display, you'll see a Chain meter. By now, you've maxed it. All that means is that enemies are more likely to drop recovery items or gold. It gives you a small boost in that way but is otherwise not an important meter to worry about, just thought I'd mention it in case you were wondering about it.

The next screen, right after the boss, has a blue chest behind some grey blocks over to the right, but you can't open it. You need bombs and the blue key, both of which come a little later in the game. Blue chests are upgrades over the regular treasure chests, containing more gold. For now, take the path up one screen. While on this screen, look to the left side as you climb up the platforms (also, consult your map if you want to confirm the area is there) and there will be moving platform leading to your first crystal!

Crystals are key items that aren't given much explanation but they are essentially keys for the overworld. Sort of like using keys in a dungeon, there are doors that these crystals open, leading to lots of great secrets and extra bosses. This being your first one, there's nothing to do with it but it's one down, ten more to go. Oh, you may have gained your first level already, what did you choose for your first stat boost? I'm going with STR for my first point, it makes my arrow shoot much farther. Not too shabby, but still lots of room for improvement, huh?

As you progress, look for treasure chests and open those, because you need money. Gold is important to collect, so don't feel like you won't have much to spend it on and it's not worth opening another, they're always worth getting. Of course, I'm referring to chests you find in the wild like this. Chests found inside of homes in villages should not be looted, assuming you are working toward the "Good" path, that is. Evil players, by all means, take those too. I won't mention every chest in the guide, as most aren't hidden all that well to begin with. Just keep an eye out for little side areas, there's bound to be gold in most nooks and crannies of the game.

One last note about this area just before you hit the world map and enter your first dungeon: there's a screen up ahead with wind that will push you, making it hard to run to the right. Just don't try to platform over the spikes until it stops blowing and gives you a small window in time to safely jump over them. No need to take unnecessary damage, you only have four hearts right now, after all. A small flashback scene plays here, showing Elliot when he first showed symptoms of being sick with the curse. After that, you are on the world map. Congratulations! See the gold temple up top? Go to it and enter. The small hut to the right is a potion salesman if you want to check it out, but I think you should just save your gold. It's possible to already have two red potions in your inventory if you explored well, and there's more to find soon. The game isn't making things hard...yet.

Wind Temple

Wind Temple Map

The first Guardian's temple is also your first major test, but just remember that dying isn't really much to worry about. There's a save stone right as you enter, after all, and passing those will also refill your health a little if you need it. At worst, you will be sent back to your last save spot, but anything major you've accumulated will still be there in your inventory (keys, equipment, or potions). You lose a small chunk of your experience you've accumulated towards the next level up, but you can't level down from dying. Just get over this, it's a very small price to pay for the convenience of immortality and magically warping stuff back with you.

There's a moving spike on the ground on the first screen, so just jump over it. These are common in dungeons, and they hurt, so be careful. Later in the game, you'll even find ones that explode on contact, ouch! The skeletons temporarily fall apart if you attack them but they get back up, typical of the undead. I guess they get perks like you do, but at least you still have skin on your bones.

A simple puzzle on the next screen. Climb the ladder, shoot the plate. The plate, upon activation, spins and a door opens. The spinning will stop after just a moment and the door will close. Don't be under it when it comes back down, trust me. Head down after checking out the treasure chest up to the right if you want, but jump over the projectiles shot at you or you will take some damage here. A shield would be nice...

This room is heavily booby trapped and there's a few undead that will pop up. Near the bottom of this screen, take the ladder to the upper left. The dungeon map is lying right there, so take it, then head back and go down. The next area introduces some floating eyeball enemies. Yuck. Well, your mother said something about putting someone's eye out with that bow...time to make good on that. Head to the left three screens; here you will find your first dungeon key. It's a Small Key, so it opens a regular door. There's always a single Big Key in every dungeon that you find last, and that key will open the way to the Guardian boss and a new elemental power.

Moving on, use that key on the door several screens to the right, it's in a room with a moving platform and an eye enemy that will bounce around the room. You can't kill that kind of eye, only stun it. Try to dodge it, but otherwise you want to ignore those. Your next key is in a room with a bunch of eyeballs (kill them all to get a door to open, the key is in a pot there). In this dungeon, our next thing to find is a shield. The shield here is very basic and only protects you when you are stationary. It won't guard all attacks, either. Find the shield (there's a fake wall on the left side in the same room as the shield), then get the big key and head for the boss room. On the map I've supplied above, you'll see all of this marked.

Wind Guardian Boss Fight:
For this fight, the strategy is simple. The boss can use wind to push and pull you. As you get drawn to him, some bushes will start to move slowly in your direction as you run to the right. The timing is just perfect for you to make these jumps and avoid taking damage but you have to keep holding to the right as you jump the bushes. When the boss stops with the tornado business, you can get some attacks in. Do so, then repeat this process of avoiding his tornado. After you get his health down, he resorts to trying to stomp on you. Just do your best to dodge and keep attacking. For a Guardian, he goes down quite easily.

The reward for this boss is a major power: the tornado elemental spell. This has lots of uses and even gives you temporary invincibility when fighting enemies.

You'll need the spell to get out of the room. The tornado will let you push through the bushes and if you find bushes in a line, it will carry you quickly, cutting through that line of bushes. Enter the teleport door to finish the temple.

The Desert Trek

We're done with the Wind Temple, so where to next? The desert is our next major area but in order to get there, we need bombs.

Wait a second, we're on the world map and I just realized, now is the time to really check things out! For a little trivia, during early game development, Elliot Quest's world was originally spelled Urule. What does that remind you of when you read it? If you thought of Hyrule, then you got it. The original name might have been too close in spelling, so it was changed to be a slightly more subtle classic Nintendo reference.

You may have noticed there are enemy encounters that appear on the world map, leading you to a random screen with enemies and obstacles. Sometimes you find money bags on these screens, which is nice, but there is always one screen out of each overworld enemy type that has a key hidden on its screen. The pink slime here hides the Old Key if you want to get it soon, but not only can you not use it just yet, you need bombs because the key is behind some bombable blocks. Back to getting some bombs, then.

Head to the little village just to the south, temporarily ignoring that cave you appeared beside after the temple. This is Elliot's home village and everyone knows him, though they all seem like they want to ignore the problems of the world and leave it to fate.

Enter the item shop, which has a bottle as its sign, and buy the candle. Having this helps in dark caves, just the thing we need for the cave we passed earlier. You can check out the rest of the village, then just exit the town either to the right or left, back to the world map. Enter the cave just a little to the northwest. The very first room ensures you have the tornado ability, as you can't pass without using that to destroy the bushes. Work your way through, and enjoy the random thoughts that are going through Elliot's mind right now. Thoughts of Cara really haunt him, but they also seem to help him push on through all of this. There is a mini boss here, a bomb throwing troll that won't stand for intrusions. Take him out to get your first bomb bag from the cave. He stands in the corner a lot, so just shoot him while you can, it's rather simple. Now that you have bombs, that key is possible to get from the pink slime on the overworld. Also, the tornado ability will let you backtrack and get the green magic jar I mentioned before the Wind Temple. You don't have to make a special trip at the moment, but your magic meter is rather small, so it does help a lot to expand it some. I like a challenge, so I'll put off getting it for now.

When you're finished, you must leave that cave and head east where you enter another cave. As you move through here, you'll notice that these octorok style enemies leave their shell on the ground after you defeat them. These shells can be pushed with your arrow shots, making them a convenient platform that you can move into place for jumping to high places or to move onto a switch, for example. You can't use the ladder here, but the blocks above can be bombed soon so that this cave will give you a different route later on. Just go all the way to the right for now.

Upon exiting, you'll see you're already in a big desert area. Head east until you see an exclamation mark (ignore going northeast, it's a dead end right now). This area features snakes, rock spitting guys, and weird sand enemies that are a little like Leevers if you have played Zelda. You will also come across swarms of bugs which can be annoying, but the cool thing is that your tornado power makes short work of them. Also, to even progress at times, you will need to use your tornado ability to ride the air currents you see. The tornado spell has a lot of general uses, and it's a useful ability throughout the entire game, actually.

I'm at level 2, currently, and I have put two points into strength. I'm aiming for that power shot at level three simply because I find it works wonders against bosses, giving me that really powerful move I need to have an edge on them, if only for a quicker fight. I suggest you do that as well but it's up to you, of course. There's a boss on our way to the next temple, so try to hit level 3 before you get to him. There is a worm creature you'll encounter that pops up from the sand and throws rocks. It's a dangerous foe right now, so don't be shy about using tornado to avoid damage (watch your magic meter, though).

Right before the upcoming boss, there is an area you can bomb with a path leading up and several rock spitting monsters that head right for you. There's a crystal up this way you may want to get now instead of coming back for it later, but that's up to you. To get it, you need to use the tornado ability to suck some mines, while you stand below them where there's a ladder. Take care of the ones on the ground by shooting the first one with an arrow. By using tornado, the ones up top collide and clear the way, so you can go up and get the crystal. Two down! Almost forgot to mention, but there's a green magic jar to get as well, but you'll need a bomb. Hopefully you haven't run out already (like me, oops). We'll be able to buy bombs in our home village once we have double jump, which is in the next dungeon.

Giant Sand Worm Boss Fight:
You will encounter this boss just after a save stone and he's probably the hardest so far, but still easy to fight with patience and focus. As the worm emerges from the ground, it kicks up a lot of rocks, so don't let these hit you. Also, don't be anywhere near where the worm emerges because direct contact with it will really hurt. If you have already unlocked the power shot ability, you can charge that up and make quick work of this guy. The little bugs hang around and try to damage you, too, but they drop heart refills if you take them out.

Enjoy another heart container as your reward, you earned it.

Simply follow the path down, now, using your tornado on bug swarms, and do your best to push on, you're right on the front steps of the Fire Temple, almost. There's a blue chest on the way, in plain sight, that's behind bombable blocks. You can't open blue chests, simply because we haven't found the blue key yet, so don't waste a bomb on it. You'll hit the world map just like you did when finding the Wind Temple (every temple is only accessible from the world map). The salesman in the hut is an important one - he sells a bomb bag upgrade! I say buy it, as you'll expand to eight bombs max and refill your current stock.

Fire Temple

Fire Temple Map

The fire temple is full of pits of lava, so don't fall into any of them or it's a quick trip back to your last save along with enemies fully respawning, too. You will also notice some of it dripping from the ceiling. If a small amount drips down, wait for it to dissipate before trying to pass or else you will take damage. Just be mindful, those lava drops can take a toll on your health if you don't watch out for them.

Head left to the screen after the save stone. A lava serpent, thing, pops up here, so don't try to jump across until you've killed it. There's an enemy across the gap that has facial guard (makes you think of the tiny Helmarocs from Zelda). You can use your tornado to remove the guard, or just shoot from a distance and hit its back. Climb the ladder up, the other jump isn't possible, forcing us the other way right now.

I'm now level 4, and after unlocking the power shot, I think I'll upgrade agility for my next point. Faster arrows make a difference, trust me. Wisdom is worth it, because a point in that means you may get a bigger refill from green magic orbs you collect. Same thing with vitality but for health refills, not magic. Increasing criticals with accuracy is pretty nice, too...lots of choices. Oh well, they're all pretty good right now, but I'll take faster arrows.

Grab whatever treasure you want as you go up and avoid the rotating fire bars. You must kill all the little face guard enemies to get a door to open. Any door in a dungeon that isn't a key door will open like that from destroying all of the enemies on the screen, keep that in mind. In the room with the big blocks with eyes on the side, moving around, you can't get the magic jar yet. If you destroy both eyes, you can kill these things, but they also work as moving platforms, so don't kill them unless you need to.

Drop down. You should be at a new save stone with lava pools on either side of you. You must take the ladder down, so do so. The fire bats are best killed by sucking them up with your tornado. The room just below has some odd looking eyeball enemies with long legs. Wow, I don't want to know how those things evolved. Just head down and to the right, we're going to get the double jump ability. The wing upgrade is only protected by a door that requires you to kill both of the face guard guys, hey, no sweat. Use tornado to remove the masks if you want to be careful.

Now, with double jump, we can explore this dungeon so much more. Those lava pools we couldn't cross? Just double jump to get across. The eyeballs with legs? Double jump and shoot at the eye to kill them. Head back a couple of rooms to where the fire bats were. Jump over the lava, collect the small key, and then go back to the other side of the room to open the door here. Collect the dungeon map by using your tornado and double jump.

Before we get another key, we need to get that magic jar we passed up near the beginning, so backtrack to that room. Kill both platform eye enemies and the door blocking access to the magic jar will open.

Check your map, head toward the unexplored areas to the left. You now enter a room that's mostly lava and serpents. If you fall in, you lose experience, so don't make it a habit. Use tornado while jumping the lava for some temporary invincibility. Keep going. You can get the big key now, actually, a little early in this dungeon. It's on the far upper left part of the map. Go ahead and get it now, along with the special item that's nearby. Special items are collectibles that lower the amount of experience penalty you get from dying. Pretty nice.

Alright, almost done here. Head for the second small key by heading down after getting the big key. The puzzle is that the key is in a jar on a platform that even your double jump can't reach. Just use tornado and wait for the jar to get pulled down so that you can get the key. Backtrack and use it on the door that's in plain sight. The next set of rooms feature some lava that will rise up and then fall back down. You don't have a big window of time while it's down, so be quick and watch for a chance to get a small key in an area that may trick you into getting caught by the lava.

Fire Guardian Boss Fight:
A weird eyeball made of fire. This guy puts up a better fight than the first Guardian, but that's because falling into the pit is a real possibility and it's instant death if you do. Small fire entities will show up sometimes to help him out, so use your tornado to deal with them. They drop magic, so you shouldn't run any risk of running out of magic in the fight. Keep moving back and forth to get a good shot, and either fire fast, repeated arrow attacks or go for a charge shot if you feel confident.

Take your brand new elemental power, the fire arrow, you earned it. Light the torch to leave.

A Trip to the Mountains

We are basically done in the desert for now, but with our double jump and fire arrows, there's definitely a lot to explore now. A trip to the northern village, just before we head into the mountains for our next temple, will mean grabbing the opportunity to upgrade our attack and defense, so I suggest focusing on that. I have 410 gold so far, that should be enough to buy what is needed.

You should be fine getting back to your home village, just follow the cave back. From your village, head due north and enter an area that needs your double jump. Notice a heart piece is above you here, but it's not possible to get it just yet. Place a bomb to take care of the path here, otherwise you can't get past. When you're back on the world map, look for the village to the north and enter.

The first house is an item shop, but nothing I want, personally. The feather will warp you to your home village but it's nothing I've ever needed - potions are nicer and usually found for free. There's a door that's locked in the item shop, and it leads to a special shop. You will want to buy from that place once we get the key for the door.

The third house in the village is where you'll find a shady salesman who has a...crystal?!? It costs 400 gold, though. Don't buy it right now, we're here for the arrows and defensive gear. Move along and find the shop that sells these. Oh, there's an experience scroll down the well here. It's well guarded, so watch out. Experience scrolls give you instant experience, so they're always nice to get. They really make up for any you lose from dying in the game.

You need 530 gold, combined, to afford the iron arrows and iron helmet. Go for the arrows, 250 gold price, and continue saving for the helmet, that's my recommendation. Best defense? A brutal offense. The enemy won't know what hit 'em when a tornado comes flying by, toting a bow and arrow capable of power shots. Elliot is actually very capable when it comes to offensive options, so that's why it's best to build your magic capabilities. Magic supports your main attack, usually crippling the enemy so that you can finish it quickly with arrows.

If you're an advanced player, you can choose to skip buying either upgrade and push on, saving the gold for the final upgrades that come later on. For those who elect to do this, the blacksmith here in the mountain village will no longer carry the iron gear for purchase, preventing any shenanigans where a player might find themselves actually downgrading their equipment by accident (or on purpose).

Finish checking out the town if you want. By jumping on houses in the second part of town, you can take a chimney down to get a magic jar. There's also another one of the special items hidden here, a purple hat. Find it in one of the homes, on the left behind a fake wall.

To open the way to the next temple, you have to pay a guy in the village to build a bridge. I leave it to you. The bridge is needed either way, but we still need a new ability before we can go very far in that direction (the power necklace, which will allow Elliot to push a stone block). We'll soon be able to get the Dash Boots, which aren't necessary to beat the game at all, and I didn't find them until well into a second run through Elliot Quest. They are fun to use, though. This is the earliest you can try for them, as it requires double jump, the power necklace, and the fire arrow to get to them (possible to get before the Stone Temple, but I'll wait until just after that to lead you to it).

Chasing Waterfalls

Leave the village and head back down south. If you go slightly southeast, there's a screen with air currents going up and some platforms between them. Use tornado and ride the currents to make it over to the platforms, you'll find a piece of heart at the top of one. After you get the heart piece, it's safe to just drop down, as you can't die from falling here - it's an optional shortcut, pretty much. We need to go back to Elliot's village, then go west to the bridge you see on the world map. Consider building wisdom as you level up, at least for a few points, we really need that MP regen ability as well as better magic drops. As our magic meter grows from collecting jars, those passive bonuses will really kick in and bolster it quite well.

Cross the bridge. I say that like it's easy, but there's fish that spit water to knock you down. It's a little like medusas in Castlevania, wouldn't you say? Just be quick and jump before they can mess with you, and use tornado on the oversized dragonflies that show up. After you cross and are back on the world map, look to your left where the beach area is located. You can get another piece of heart here and the third crystal!

Go as far north here as you can and then to the waterfall spot on the right. You enter an area here that's experiencing some stormy conditions. The lightning flashes can blind you for a moment, so watch out. Our big purpose for being here is that we need the power necklace (bracelets aren't the style anymore), which is tucked away here instead of in a dungeon. This area is actually very important for other reasons, too, if only for how it connects up with the Ice Temple part of the world map later in the game. There's a crystal hidden here as well.

Getting to the necklace won't take long, just head to the right and explore. Mostly turtles and frogs scattered about, but the turtles have a dangerous shell for protection. Only a bomb, placed at the right time so that they pass it as it explodes, will reveal the relatively weak creature beneath so that you can defeat one. You will also fight more of the worms here, the ones that pop out and throw rocks around at you. Power shots work pretty well on them, and you can always use tornado to avoid damage while you spam arrows at them.

When you get to an area, after climbing a ladder, that has bushes blocking the way, you are now able to go up and to the left to get a crystal. Doing so means backtracking, though. Anyway, go to the right either now or after getting the crystal and look for a save stone near where some bugs are swarming. On the next screen, you meet a guy who won't let you through unless you take out some of those turtles and collect shell shards, four of them to be exact. You'll just have to backtrack now (if you didn't get the crystal yet, do it now) and keep bombing tortoises to get some shells. We need these, because that strange hooded guy is guarding the path that takes us to the power necklace.

Alright, that took longer than expected, but we've got our four shell shards. You can pass him now, but he's not clear on what he really needed them for...what a weirdo! There's a scene here, a short one about jumping again, just to give you the hint that jumping into the waterfall is exactly what you should do now. It takes you to an area with some platforms and a decision to go left or right. Go left for now. There's a couple of treasure chests over this way, one of them blue. That reminds me, after the power necklace, we get that blue key so that we can start building gold up a lot faster by getting the blue chests. Putting it off until now was not a bad idea, but some players would have it already had they spent some time in the caves near Elliot's village.

Go to the right and keep going until you are on a screen with some torches. Light these in the correct order: the higher torch, the lower torch, then go to the right and light a third torch. Collect that power necklace with pride! Test it out on the right where you find a block in your way. Just press against it and you'll move it with no problem.

Back on the world map and right beside the Wind Temple. There's a shortcut here, head into the forest. On this screen with the wind, there's a portal door on the upper path if you jump on the bushes, so use it now if you want to just get on with things. If you take the long way and go down and to the left, you can explore and pick up stuff you've missed like a magic jar. I say wait, we need that blue key. The portal takes you to the very first screen where you started the game. Head left (the upper left has a magic jar, snag that, then go back), hit the world map, and go east, passing the first cave, and enter the second one. Use it to go to the desert and enter the cave you see to the southwest. Explore the caves using bombs and lighting your way with fire arrows. You will find the blue key in here, I promise. The octorok enemy's shell can be pushed into the purple water to float along, forming a platform. Blue slimes are tough, but a blast from the fire arrow finishes them instantly, just be careful as the flames spread everywhere and that can hurt you. You'll know you're close to that blue key when you find a spot to blast some bombable blocks to uncover access to a ladder (this is where the cave right near the town is linked up).

Alright, now you have the blue key if you explored the cave. Wasn't so bad, was it? From now on, any blue treasure chest can be opened, yielding more gold than a normal treasure chest. If you paid the guy in the mountain town to build the bridge, you're all set to make your way through the mountains and enter the Stone Temple. Buying the helmet is highly advised before you do that, though. You can go back to the waterfall area to collect those blue chests you saw before, and there's an area near the first village, to the north, where you can find a blue chest, so look for that. It pays to be more adventurous now and check all around. Thanks to your double jump, the bomb shop can be reached in the village, and there's a windmill there you should check out for a surprise. Buy bombs any time you run low on them, they're too useful to run out of in this game.

Oh, that enemy on the world map near the mountain village? Keep fighting it until you get the screen with the Dragon Key. We will use that in the mountains, after the Stone Temple. It's the enemy screen with the updraft to your left. Burn the boxes to get it. Your key item list in your menu should now have: 2 strange item, Old Key, Dragon Shaped Key, and 4 shell shards.

A Stomping Good Time

On our way up through the mountains, we will be facing a boss as well as getting a cool item, the stomp boots. These are boots you can use to literally stomp on enemies with. Stomping lets you effectively triple jump and stuns enemies. They are necessary but also fun to use. Any wooden boxes can be stomped on for an impressive bounce jump.

Just so we're clear, you've paid for the bridge to be built and have entered the area leading up to the temple in the distance in the mountains.

With four crystals, we have enough to enter a crystal door you'll find on the way in this area. It leads to a magic jar, but you'll need bombs. Worth it!

This area has more places to bomb than anywhere else in the game, probably. Certainly feels like it, but you've got 12 bombs at least if you've followed what I've been doing up until this point. We'll need most of those and enemies seem to rarely drop any bomb refills.

The idea is to "Go up, up, the mountain ahead." That's right, that's a quote from Zelda, and it applies here. When you reach an area with a save stone and clouds floating up, there's a cool trick to this place. To your left is a false wall leading to a spot with some flying enemies. Keep using your tornado to instantly defeat these enemies and then return to the save stone, refilling your magic to half if it drops below that. Yep, just keep repeating this, as the save stone is there to make it easy to exploit some quick enemy kills and level up several times (do it as long as you want, but don't overdo it just for the sake of keeping the game's level up pace closer to a normal one). I was level 8 when I first made it to this spot and I left after gaining to level 11. That's some nice progress! My stats at level 11 are: 3 STR, 2 WIS, 3 AGI, 2 VIT, and 1 ACC.

Alright, boss time!

Black Smoke Boss Fight:
I didn't really know what to name this boss. It's a smokey eyeball boss that moves around kind of randomly. He's not hard at all because he doesn't seem to target you. Avoid his direct path and try to get some charge shots on him. Just two charged power shots killed him for me. Wow, could be the easiest boss so far, to be honest. I guess having the iron arrows right now is too much for him or the power shots are what hurt him so much.

You get a full heart container, so take it you filthy animal!

The area after the boss is where the stomp boots are hidden, and they're fairly easy to find. Lots of trampolines are found here, too. Bouncy, bouncy; so fun! Alright, quit playing around, we have an island to save, people.

With your stomp boots equipped, press down in the air. That's what activates them, otherwise you just take damage and look like a dummy hitting an enemy and not stomping.

Take the convenient path upward by bouncing on the green blobs. Those green blobs are pretty much everywhere, so having these boots is a big deal. Head to the right when you reach the save stone. You have to bounce off of some enemies here to get to the upper right path, so leave one alive or else you have to leave the screen and come back to have another go at it. In order to reach the ladder on the next screen, which lead to a bunch of boxes to burn, you have to stomp on one of the Tektite-like monsters, so don't kill them all as tempting as that may be. The reward is just a regular treasure chest, though. A blue chest is similarly hidden to the right of this, so get that too.

Mysterious Hooded Rogue Boss Fight?
You encounter a strange, black cloaked dude who wants to join you here. Having him join is an evil act, though, so you should consider which karma path you are headed for before agreeing. This won't be the last time he offers to join, so even if you fight now you'll get another chance to say yes to him anyway. Agreeing has one small perk. By joining you, he will randomly kill enemies for you. If you refuse the offer, he will put forth a rather weak attempt at fighting you. He's pretty close to the mini boss with bombs you fought near the start of the game, only he moves around and jumps a lot rather than being a lethargic troll like the other guy.

No reward for winning the fight; okay, you get to live to fight another day. That's pretty nice.

World map time. You are now able to enter the Stone Temple, it's right there, but we can take a detour and get a much better shield, so let's do that. A Golden Shield is hidden at a special part of the overworld, and to get to that area, we can use a new shortcut. The stomp boots give us a way to avoid doing the long climb through the mountains again, so don't worry. Head to the right and down the little path, which leads to a new grassy area. Ignore the cave over to the right for now. There is a spot, just to the southwest of an enemy that roams the world map, that you should enter. On this screen, you'll see a lot of green blobs. Understand why they're there? The stomp boots let you easily make your way to the left, makiing this a new shortcut. You can't get that experience scroll up top just yet but it won't be long until we're up there. Emerging back out on the world map, we're just above Elliot's village, but don't go down there, stay in this part of the world.

Head to the northwest, past the mountain village, and enter the cave up here. Take the ladder down (it's to the left of a save stone) on the first screen of the cave. A crystal door is down here, but you can open it with your four crystals, so just keep moving. The save stone here is convenient because you're in for a couple of screens of tricky platforming where you must stomp on bubbles that rise up from the water. Jump, stomp, jump, stomp... Use tornado if you feel the enemies are messing up your jumps, or stomp on the enemies. It's actually harder later, when we have to do this room again but going the other way to get back.

Exiting the bubble area to the right, you are on the special part of the world map that secrets not only the Golden Shield but also the final upgrade shop. Both are in the little forest to the bottom left, above the bridge you see spanning due south. To get the shield, you need to investigate this building that has many arches to enter. The first door has a treasure chest to loot. The second archway leads to a room with a door that has the symbols of the four colossi, the extra bosses in the game. Only by beating all four may you enter this place. The next set of doors leads to a simple puzzle, involving a plate, a switch, and a bombable area to let you climb a ladder. Head up the ladder after you get through solving the puzzle and you'll be on top of this building. Take the ladder down in the very middle and enter this previously inaccessible room. Voila, the Golden Shield is yours. Take the ladder back up.

Before you jump down, go to the left and get the gold from the blue chest. Now, jump down and either talk to the blue robed guys or just leave to the left. There's a place on the world map in this little nook that you can enter to access the shop with the silver arrows (400 gold) and golden helm (380 gold). I only have 502 gold right now, but that's enough to get one of these really great upgrades. If you happen to be able to afford both, you really went crazy on gold collecting, good for you. Now that you know how to get to this place, make it a priority to come back if you had to choose just one, because you'll really want both before we take on the Ice Temple. Head all the way back, now. While it was out of the way to make that special trip, this new shield protects you while running and blocks a lot more from damaging you. Just head for the mountain temple, using that shortcut with the green blobs, unless you want to be really adventurous and head off to find the dash boots. I will cover those after the next temple, because you get some useful stuff there and it's way more convenient to do the temple now. We need to build up some more money anyway (I do, at least). Oh, and yes, that was a Chozo statue in that upgrade shop. Elliot really needs morph ball, too bad it's not in this game.

A quick but important note about the silver arrows: these arrows apparently are a little more special than you may realize at first. Normally, you must avoid a certain evil path choice if you want to obtain the shovel as there is a special door opened in the process. However, it would seem that the silver arrows are powerful enough to destroy that barrier, leaving you the option to take the evil path on every choice and still get virtually everything in the game, so keep this in mind as it is not very obvious at all that this is possible.

Stone Temple

Stone Temple Map

As you enter, shoot the helmet of the knight statue to get a green potion. This temple introduces many wizard enemies, waiting to take you on, and they like to shoot fireballs. If you followed the guide, you now have the Golden Shield upgrade, so just keep Elliot directly facing them and the fire will bounce right off. You have nothing to fear from them as long as you continue facing them. Just spam arrows or charge a power shot. I chose the silver arrows so they go down quickly.

Stomp on the fish enemy, quickly before it drops, and then stomp from the green blob to the other to then double jump, making it up to the platform. Pots to your left contain some magic orbs if you need them.

The enemy on the next screen is actually a bunny with a cape and helmet. Use your tornado to remove all of its protection. I really can't fathom why anyone would throw a helmet on a bunny and send it after you, but maybe there were carrots involved.

Take care of the first mages you see. These red ones just walk around but in the next area, heading up the ladder, you'll fight mages that teleport, just like a Wizzrobe. I would suggest using the charge shot on those, simply because you are protected with the golden shield and you usually don't have enough time to spam arrows and take them out before they teleport again. A single charge shot will get them in one attack, just wait for them to teleport and unleash as soon as they fully appear and shoot fire at you.

Take care of all mages and the door opens, allowing us to collect the first small key of the dungeon. As you head back to the left, you'll notice a stone platform above you. Notice the little spot in the middle? Platforms that look like this have a secret to them, a way to activate them so they'll start moving around. We don't have that special ability just yet, but we get it in this dungeon. Head down, then to the right.

Some kind of movement in the temple causes blocks to start falling. Just be very careful, you don't want to be crushed by a block. I wonder what's creating all the tremors? Jump across the blocks. You see a moving stone platform here. This one is already activated, nice. Ride it up and take the ladder. In this next room, just eliminate all of the enemies to get the dungeon map. Head back down, now, then go to the right.

This room has a knight enemy throwing axes like a madman. He must have a magic bag to store all of those axes, huh? Same thing Link uses to carry all of those bombs, wands, bottles, arrows, etc. I think the best way is to rush in with tornado and then spam arrows to finish him. If it works, why not? Alright, open the door using your small key. There's a save stone between two moving spikes. Save, then head up. As you fight the mage after going up the ladder, some blocks fall from the ceiling after another tremor. These don't have far to fall, giving you a lot less time to react. If they killed you, don't worry, the save point was just down one screen, so it's easy to make it back. Just don't let it happen too much.

Don't go right just yet, take the left side, past the fountain. There are a lot of mages in this room guarding your next small key. The block on the ground can be moved so that you can access the platforms with your double jump. Just take it slowly, these mages are easy to defeat but when they gang up on you it can be tricky. Get the key, then head back and go right past the fountain. Bomb that block, you can tell it's bombable because it's cracked. Don't go down there yet, instead head up and take care of the enemies here. Light the torch in the top right corner with a fire arrow to get the door to open.

Use the key on the door and notice that, if you continue, you'll be temporarily unable to leave this screen back to the left. That's fine, because one screen to the right, sitting right there for the taking, is the Fairy spell. This item lets you send out a fairy; she can fly around all over the current screen, but while you are controlling her it costs magic. Useful in some cases for scoping out an unfamiliar room, the main use of the fairy is to activate any stone object that has the small circle in the middle. If you go to the right here, there's a false wall. A blue chest and some more needed gold to collect from it.

Heading back, we need to use the fairy to unlock the door. Do that, then head left and you'll be able to activate a moving platform with the fairy to get some more gold. There's another bombable wall up here, to blow it up and go left. The fire arrow is the best way to deal with this huge row of boxes, uncovering another blue chest.

Remember the block we bombed previously? Go down there now and take the drop. You'll be in a room with a stone tablet and the big key is visible to your left, but it's blocked by a knight statue. Stone knight statues like these are controllable using your new fairy ability, so let's give it a try. Just send your fairy to it and take control. Move the statue to the right, let it fall, then left to stand on the switch for you. Press jump or shoot to stop controlling the statue. A door is open now because the switch is being held down, so get the gold from the chest.

Take the ladder down. Another knight statue to control and another switch to put it on. Take care of that and go right to the next screen. Here you'll finally encounter a little stone that has a purple circle of light on it. If you shoot these stones with an arrow, they toggle to a blue light. It's a simple toggle, either allowing you through an area or closing it off, the color being connected to the door type, of course. Don't try to activate the switch on the right, that will just lock you to that side of the screen. Although, you can place a bomb and then quickly run past before it explodes to activate it that way.

The easier option (without wasting a bomb) is to deal with the enemies and go up and to the left. You can simply stomp on the boxes here to drop down to the switch in the middle. Shoot it, then stomp and move down the ladder you just unlocked. A save stone, so that probably means a tricky spot. Go right, but there's a tremor that causes the platforms to fall, platforms you need to make it across and over to the right. Don't be tricked, just let the stones fall and then jump on the ones that are left. In the next room, deal with the knight and get the third small key. I really hope you have a bomb to use here, as it will uncover a way to a magic jar, extending your magic meter some more. Head all the way back to the save stone.

Go to the left, using the fish to make the jumps, and use your third key here. Your first instinct will be to deal with the axe throwing knight but you shouldn't kill him just yet. You need to stomp off of his head to get up to the upper left path. Use tornado to stun him to make it easier, and grab that key lying on the ground behind the knight. This room is optional, of course, but it hides an experience scroll. Get it and then head all the way back to the big key room. After collecting the big key, either go back to the beginning of the dungeon to grab that magic jar I've marked on the map, or head straight for the Guardian boss room. It's up to you.

Stone Guardian Boss Fight:
I like to call this guy Rachmaninoff, the Guardian that rocks! He has a large stone for an exterior and will roll around, aiming to run you over. Use the platforms to get above him and trick him into hitting one of the walls. This will cause stones to fall from the ceiling. Do what you must to avoid those, but pay attention because a mine will also fall down and land on a platform. You need to either use an arrow to knock the mine into the boss or use tornado in some way to do it. Three explosions will remove his stone covering, which is progress, but now he's more agile. He'll start jumping to the different platforms in the room and throw boulders at you like crazy. Silver Arrows will really hurt him, so just avoid what he throws at you and get in shots when you can.

The elemental power here is a stone spell, allowing you to throw rocks of your own. It's more useful than you'd think.

Throw a stone to hit that plate and exit the temple.

Finding the Dash Boots

We now head out to get those darn dash boots I've been teasing you about for a long time. Upon exiting the Stone Temple, head to the cave that's a little southeast of where you are standing. This is a weird cave meant to tempt Elliot or anyone else into entering. It's pretty much a death trap unless you have all of the Guardian powers, which we do not have, since we're missing the one from the Ice Temple. We're going in here, because there's a trick. Climb the ladder and use a fire arrow to burn the boxes to your right, hurrying to avoid the wall from killing you. Just after this, there are some stones that crumble beneath your feet. You might think falling here would be fatal but it's a trick, there is an area below here that's safe to explore.

Falling down from the wall crushing room, jump to the right as soon as you can to get a magic jar. Now, head down and to the right. DO NOT activate that torch to the left, by the way. That will just close off the path to the wall room, and there's stuff you will want to do in there later.

Follow the cave until you come out on the world map, in the desert. See the ladder on the world map here? Go up and enter that area. This is the shortcut area with the green blobs, perfect. Grab that experience scroll lying there, then use a bomb on the rocks to the far left and you can now come back here a little more easily. Go back the way you came; we want to continue through the desert area we were just at. Back in the desert, move to the lower right.

A save stone and some sand blocks on this screen. The sand blocks can only be removed with a shovel, which we'll get right after the dash boots. As you work your way to the right on this screen, the enemies are going to make it hard. The worms here have a very powerful guided magic projectile that circles around, causing you damage if it hits. Your tornado eliminates these projectiles, providing you with a fallback option to avoid its attacks as you shoot arrows at it. You can avoid them with some fancy moves as well.

Before you go to the next screen, use a bomb on the cracked block and go left for a blue chest. If you take the ladder down, and you should, you can get a magic jar here as well as bomb the block to make a shortcut. Go back up, head right.

This next screen is going to be pretty tough if you aren't good at fighting the worms yet. Just practice using the tornado and use a charge shot if you must. Keep moving right. On the next screen, there's a ladder heading down to give you a break from all of this, along with a save stone. If you have four bombs, you can use them to open a way to the right here to get a magic jar. If not, that's okay, it just means you will need to come back later for it if you want it.

Take the ladder down from the save stone and go right, being very careful not to take damage from the plethora of fire bars in this area. The crystal door here is blocking access to the dash boots, but that's no problem if you've followed the guide. Head on in and get the boots! Press Shift Key now to dash, but you will want to practice with these before you use them near pits. You can dash right into a bad spot if you're not careful.

Bomb the wall here and go right to get a new special item, the monster bag. The dash boots will get you through safely - the fire bars here move pretty fast.

Now, to get out of here, just go left and keep going left. You'll find a shortcut that links you up with the caves from the beginning of the game. Just grab anything you see, like a magic jar or an experience scroll, that is along the way and head out to find Elliot's village.