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Massively multiplayer online racing game. Race against the ghost recordings of your friends and players from around the world. Design and share your own racetracks. Collect over 100 cars and race them in 11 classes. Compete on a new racetrack every day. Play in 3D or top-down 2D!-- Features --***** Retro top-down or 3D racing with super-fun driving physics***** Compete every day on a brand new track-of-the-day***** Track designer***** Daily and monthly rankings***** Social features and friend lists-- Choose your opponents --* Everyday at midnight (GMT) the daily track is switched.* You initially compete against random 'ghost-lap' recordings of other players using the same type of car. We call this Division: Unclassified.* When enough laps have been recorded for a car type, they are sorted into six ranked divisions. You start by racing against opponents from division F, and when you beat all 4 ghosts in your session you will be allowed to progress to division E, and so on.* At any time you may also choose to race against the ghost-laps of your own friends.-- Scoring --Medals are awarded at the end of each day, based on the best laptimes.* 60 points for the best overall laptime* 20 points for the best laptime in each type of car* 5 points for a Gold Tier laptime, i.e. one that is within 105% of the winner for each type of car* 2 points for a Silver Tier laptime, i.e. one that is within 115% of the winner for each type of carEvery month, the final medals leaderboard is posted to our Facebook page, along with some custom analysis from our expert racing team. Then a new championship starts!

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