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FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/10/14

The LEGO Movie Videogame (PC Version)
A FAQ/Walkthrough by CyricZ
Version 1.0
E-mail: cyricz42 at yahoo.com

1. Introduction
2. FAQ
3. Basics
   3A. Controls
   3B. Menus/Displays
   3C. Hints/Tips
   3D. Character Powers
4. Story Walkthrough
   4A. Bricksburg Construction
   4B. Escape from Bricksburg
   4C. Flatbush Gulch
   4D. Flatbush Rooftops
   4E. Escape from Flatbush
   4F. Cloud Cuckoo Land
   4G. Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land
   4H. Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land
   4I. The Depths
   4J. Infiltrate the Octan Tower
   4K. Put the Thing on the Thing
   4L. Broadcast News
   4M. Back from Reality
   4N. Bricksburg Under Attack
   4O. The Final Showdown
5. Hub Exploration
   5A. Bricksburg
   5B. The Old West
   5C. Cloud Cuckoo Land
   5D. Octan Tower
   5E. The Bonus Room
6. Characters
7. Secrets/Unlockables
   7A. How To Get 100%
   7B. Extras
   7C. Trophies/Achievements
   7D. Secret Codes
8. Standard Guide Stuff
   8A. Legal
   8B. E-mail Guidelines
   8C. Credits
   8D. Version Updates
   8E. The Final Word





Welcome everyone to my guide for The LEGO Movie Videogame!  Also, welcome 
to all the folks who are new to this series of awesome LEGO games!  You're 
entering a super-fun world of video game enjoyment and I'm glad I have the 
opportunity to help you through this game.

In this guide you'll find information on how to get through the complex and 
intriguing story that is the LEGO Movie.  You'll also find the means on 
how to find all the cool collectibles hidden throughout the game.

So read on, and enjoy!

As a note before we begin: this guide is written for the PC version of the 
game as played on an XBOX 360 controller.  That said, this guide will also 
work for any other version of the game besides the 3DS or VITA, which are 
each a stripped-down version.

2. FAQ

Q: What is the LEGO Movie Videogame?

A: This is a LEGO-styled action game released in 2014 as an adaptation of 
 the blockbuster LEGO Movie.

Q: What is the ESRB rating of this game?

A: This game is rated E10+, with the added descriptors of Cartoon Violence 
 and Comic Mischief.

Q: Would this game be good for my kids?

A: Absolutely.  All violence is done to LEGO bricks, so there's no blood.  
 While there is a clear conflict and compelling story, the game (as the 
 movie) is idealistic about it.  The gameplay promotes exploration, 
 discover, and critical thinking.  There is also a forgiving difficulty and 
 a possible co-operative gameplay element.

Q: How well does this game follow the story of the movie?

A: Pretty much to the letter.  You even get cutscenes that are directly 
 from the movie itself.

Q: Who does the voices in this game?

A: All the actors that appear in the movie reprise their roles in this game, 
 including new dialogue specifically for the game.  This includes Chris 
 Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, and 
 the rest of the main cast.

Q: How many people can play?  Is there online play?

A: Two, and no.

Q: W... wait.  Why are you doing the PC version of this game instead of 

A: Because my PS3 died. :(

Q: Can I save in the middle of a Story Mission?

A: Not whenever you want, but when you make transitions to a new area, you'll 
 find a clear crystal with a red piece inside of it, and can access it as a 
 mid-mission save, which allows you to shut off the game if you need to go 
 to work or walk the dog.

Q: How can I purchase characters?  I can't find all of them!

A: At any time during your travels in the Hub areas, you can hold down the 
 Y button on the controller to access the Character Wheel.  From there you 
 can select the bottom option, which has the full list of characters you've 
 unlocked for purchase and you can buy them at any time if you're in the 


The instruction manual for this game is pretty bare-bones, so I've offered 
this little fleshing out of the basic gameplay in this section.

3A. Controls =

Left Thumbstick: Move your character.
Right Thumbstick: Move the camera.
A Button: Jump.
 - Some characters can fly by double-tapping A in midair.
X Button: Attack.
 - Most characters have basic punches for an attack.
 - Hold down the attack button and you'll pull up a targeting reticle by which 
  you can use a projectile attack for certain characters.
B Button: Action.
 - Tap B near switches to throw them.
 - Hold B down near LEGO piles to build them if you're a Master Builder.
 - Also used for certain characters special abilities.
Y Button: Shift Focus.
 - Also used to enter and exit vehicles.
 - Hold down to bring up the Character Wheel.
LB and RB Buttons: Used during Free Play to change characters.
Start Button: Brings up Pause Menu.

3B. Menus/Displays =

Main Menu -

New Game: Start a new game
Load Game: Load a previously saved game
Options: Gives you a basic options menu where you can adjust sound and 
 Subtitles.  Use the in-game options menu for a more robust set of options.
Quit to Windows: Self-explanatory, I'd think.


Pause Menu -

Resume: Get back to the action
Options: Opens Options Menu.
Extras: Opens the Extras menu, where you can use any of the Red Bricks 
 you've purchased.


Options Menu -

Vibration: Sets the vibration on the controller
Audio Volume: If you don't feel like adjusting your speakers.
Music: Turn off if you're sick of "Everything is Awesome!"
Hints: When set to Dynamic, hints pop up if you have trouble.
Subtitles: Whether or not text appears when characters speak.
Split Screen Mode: If Dynamic, the screen will split when the characters 
 get far enough away.
Invert Camera: Whether down or up pitches the camera down or up.
Controller Setup: Check the controls on any controller you use.
Video Settings: Adjust these to change how the game looks.
Effect Settings: Adjust these to improve performance over quality.

3C. Hints/Tips =

Smash freakin' everything!  If there are loose LEGO objects on the ground, 
punch them up for studs.  Use powers if you want to demolish whole areas 

Keep collecting studs.  They're what you use to purchase new characters 
and extras.  Also, if you collect enough studs during story missions you'll 
earn the status of "The Special".

Explore everywhere.  Run into walls and behind them to look for any studs 
you migh be missing.  Big value studs tend to be hidden in places where 
you might not normally see them.

Look out for visual cues to see how you can progress in a mission.  For 
example, look for green markers where you can Master Build, or blue and 
pink markers to use a high jump.

3D. Character Powers =

Many characters in this game have incredible abilities to get through the 
story, so here's a break down of the abilities and how they're used.


Build and Master Build -
 This is the ability to take loose piles of bricks and make something 
 neat.  In other LEGO games, this is taken for granted, but in this game, 
 only Master Builders can build from piles of bricks.  

 Also, there is the idea of "Master Building", where you find a green circle 
 on the ground.  Hold X while on the circle and aim the cursor at the 
 highlighted green objects in the field.  Once you highlight all three 
 objects, release X and you'll rapidly assemble something great.

 Examples: Wyldstyle, Vitruvius, Batman, Unikitty, etc.

Instruction Build -
 This is the ability to use Instruction Pages in the area and use them at a 
 large orange LEGO plate to assemble something useful.  Once you collect 
 the requisite pages, press B in front of the plate and you'll begin 
 assembling.  During the assembly, you'll be required to select pieces from 
 a circle.  Select the correct piece to proceed with the build.

 Examples: Emmet, Gail

Fix -
 This is the ability of construction workers to fix broken and smoking 
 blue objects.  Hold B next to them to take out a wrench and put them 
 back together.  This can also be used on switch like objects, but they 
 smoke and spark all the same.

 Examples: Emmet, Gail

High Jump -
 All female characters apparently have super strong legs which carry them 
 higher than their male counterparts.  Look for pink and blue circles on 
 the ground as a signal to leap up to higher ground.  Also, watch for 
 railings, poles, and other places where an acrobatic character can climb.

 Examples: Wyldstyle, Gail

Drill -
 Early in the first story mission you'll gain the ability for all 
 construction workers to use drills.  Hold down X and you'll hop on the 
 drill, which can demolish bricks well enough, but can also be used on 
 cracked blocks on either the floor or the wall.

 Examples: Emmet, Gail

Projectiles -
 Several characters have either guns or other objects that can be thrown.  
 In the case of guns, simply press X to fire them.  Thrown projectiles 
 need to be targeted by holding down X and moving the crosshair where you 
 want to throw it.  These projectiles can hit objects at a distance and 
 especially targets.

 Examples: Emmet (Old West), Vitruvius, Batman, etc.

Blind Courage -
 There are certain areas with blue and white sparkly bridges or ledges 
 that are very thin.  To cross these, you need someone who can't see 
 the danger they're in.

 Examples: Vitruvius (Old)

Secret Knock -
 Characters with a staff can access these blue circles.  Prompts will come 
 up and you'll have to wait until the light reaches the button to press it.  
 Do so three times and the secret door will open.

 Examples: Vitruvius, Gandalf

Grapple -
 These characters have a rope that can attach to sparkling yellow grapple 
 points and either pull them down or climb up to them by pressing B.

 Examples: Batman, Wonder Woman

Rainbow Bricks -
 Unikitty has the ability to smash and manipulate rainbow bricks.  Simply 
 break them as if they were normal bricks and assemble them.

 Examples: Unikitty

Hack -
 Benny, as well as other space characters and robots, has the ability to 
 hack computers.  This takes the form of a hacking minigame where you 
 control a small cube bouncing around a maze.  Find the cores in the maze 
 and mash B on them to upload a virus and hack the computer while avoiding 
 the MegaB1tes that bounce around to stop you.

 Examples: Benny, Robo Skeleton

Explosives -
 Silver LEGO bricks require explosives to destroy.  Several characters have 
 the ability to fire or throw explosives, but they all need to be bought.
 Examples: Wiley Fusebot, MetalBeard, etc.

Laser -
 Lasers can melt or cut through gold LEGO bricks.  Focus them on the target 
 and you'll get through them.

 Examples: Bad Cop, Superman

Water -
 The Blaze Firefighter is a character that can squirt water at fires to 
 put them out.  In the case of the story mission, you'll need to step in 
 water puddles to charge up his extinguisher, but in free play, his 
 extinguisher is fully charged whenever you switch to him.

 Examples: Blaze Firefighter

Flight -
 Certain super characters can fly by jumping, then pressing A in midair.  
 Hold A while flying to go up, and B to go down.

 Examples: Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman

Fire -
 Certain characters can be purchased that can use fire near floor plates 
 marked with fire.  Press B near them to set fire and burn nearby things.

 Examples: Caveman, Lady Liberty, Wiley Fusebot

Green Lantern -
 Good ol' GL can assemble green bricks with his powers.  It doesn't come 
 up often, but there it is.

 Examples: Green Lantern


As you begin the game, you'll immediately be entered into a mini-mission of 
sorts which also serves as a tutorial.


The Prophecy -

Characters: Vitruvius (Young), Shakespeare, Cleopatra

First, use X to attack and smash the three robots.  Next, use A to jump over 
the laser that's sweeping around.  The laser will zap a pillar which will 
release some pieces.  Hold B near the pieces to assemble them into a rocket 
launcher.  Hold Y to bring up the Character Wheel.  Select Cleopatra and 
use her high-jump ability to jump onto the plunger to launch the rocket.

You'll go through all the steps a second time.  This is just to familiarize 
you with the controls.  Once the second rocket is launched, you'll have to 
perform what's called a "Master Build".  The idea is to stand on the green 
circle on the ground and hold X.  Move the crosshair that appears over the 
three illuminated objects, then release X to assemble something awesome.  
This will end the tutorial.


You're now in Bricksburg, in control of Emmet, our protagonist.  You can 
walk around and explore if you like, but there's really not much to do at 
the moment except smash some things or drive around in the cars scattered 
about.  What you're meant to do is follow the green stud trail over to the 
construction area.  There's an arrow pointing to the smoking blue object 
next to the gate.  This is an object that needs to be "fixed", and it can 
be done with any construction worker, including Emmet.  Hold B next to the 
object and it will be fixed after a few seconds.  You can now enter the 
open gate to begin the first story mission.

4A. Bricksburg Construction =

The Special at 105,000

Characters: Emmet, Gail, Wyldstyle


Walkthrough -

Construction Site -
 As your coworker has just informed you, you need to build the porch for 
 the house you're standing in front of.  That large orange plate is the 
 spot for an Instruction Build.  To use those, you'll need Instruction 
 Pages.  Head to the right and punch your way through the walls, then fix 
 the delivery tube to open it and find the Page.  Switch to Gail so she 
 can hop up and grab it, then head back left and press B in front of the 
 Instruction Build.

 Now, to properly perform a Build, you'll need to watch the object being 
 built and when it stops, you'll need to select what's missing to fill it 
 in.  Hold the Left Thumbstick in the direction of the object and press A 
 to select the correct one.  If you take too long or pick incorrectly, 
 you'll lose 1,000 of the 5,000 studs maximum you can get for this build.  
 Once you pick the right object, you'll be flown to the next part.

Site Part Two -
 Now for some destruction.  Fix the switch next to the building on the left 
 and walk in and pick up the pneumatic drill.  This is an item that will now 
 be with all construction workers.  Hold X to drill into the ground and 
 basically make a mess all over.  Drill into the cracked block on the side 
 of the strange house to make it collapse (you'll need to drill in three 
 spots).  Once done with the house, finish up on the road and garden.

 Next, head through the gate to the right.  You'll need to find two pages 
 here.  One of the guys will promise you a page, but you'll have to fix the 
 instruction machine behind him.  To do this, first push the box on the 
 left all the way into the wall, then head right, drill the statue, then 
 hop up onto the platform left behind and push the second box off the truck 
 and into the wall.  That gets you one page.

 Now for the second page, head to the right.  Place one of your characters 
 on the platform with the rope attached to it, then use the other character 
 to enter the crane cab that Sleepy Pete just hopped out of in the back.  
 Move the crane up and the first character will hop off.  Switch back to them 
 and have them fix the switch to get the belt rolling in the other direction.  
 Ride up to the top.

 Now that we're on top of the building, we'll need to get the workers out 
 of the coffee cabin.  The trick is that sweet boombox in the back.  Push 
 the box next to it into the wall to turn it on, but you'll need speakers 
 to really pump up the jam.  Hop up the box onto the top of the coffee cabin 
 and fix the speaker on the right.  For the speaker on the left, drill the 
 cracked wall and use Gail to hop up to the top and fix the other speaker.

 Now... SWEET RAVE PARTY!  Follow the prompts to dance when they reach the 
 circle.  You don't have to really do well, but you get more studs for being 
 better at hitting the prompts, so boogie up a storm!  You'll also get the 
 second page.  You can now use the pipe to head back down to the ground and 
 use the Instruction Build.  Once the wrecking ball is built, push Down on 
 the stick to wind up the ball, then Up to swing it back.  You get more studs 
 for swinging it in the white area as opposed to the green areas, but it's 
 not really important that you're perfect, so just do your best.

The Long Way Down -
 As you fall, try to aim yourself into the stud circles to collect as much 
 as possible.  Other than that, just enjoy the tumble.


New Characters: Emmet, Gail, Wyldstyle
Available for Purchase: Emmet (Pajamas), Frank the Foreman, Demolition Guy, 
 Mrs. Scratchen-Post, Cardio Carrie, Larry the Barista


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Projectiles) You need to destroy five cameras in the 
 construction site.  The first two are in the very first area and are mounted 
 high up, so projectile them.  The next one is in the second area on the 
 left (above where you get the drill).  The fourth is at the far right end 
 near the conveyor belt, and the last is on top near the coffee shack.

Gold Page #2 - (Laser) In the first area, laser the gold lock, then 
 continue to the right to find a Deconstruction Zone.  Smash all eleven 
 structures in the area.

Gold Page #3 - (Laser, Business) This is in the same Deconstruction Zone 
 as #1.  Go to the far right to find a switch for Lord Business.  Put the 
 giant legs on and walk through the fire in the back, then flip the big 

Gold Page #4 - (Unikitty) In the second area, go to the far right and smash 
 the rainbow bricks.

Gold Page #5 - (Free Play) At the end of the giant fall, you'll land on a 
 spot with happy stuff on the right.  Mash X to fall onto the right side and 
 you'll tumble through a different shaft.  This page is found in one of rings 
 of studs.  Note that this only works on Free Play.

Pants - During the sweet dance party, get three prompts correct to earn the 
 Disco Pants.


Hub Interlude:

You're now in control of Wyldstyle and Gail.  Use their jumping prowess to 
get out of the pit by climbing up the railing, flipping over the pole, and 
jumping off the walls.  Follow the stud trail to the Police Station, then 
climb up the walls of the station to reach the top.

4B. Escape from Bricksburg =

The Special at 80,000

Characters: Wyldstyle (Hood), Emmet (Piece of Resistance)


Walkthrough -

Melting Chamber -
 First, deal with your local constabulary (the robots).  Now, only 
 Wyldstyle can "free build", so use her to put together the laser in the 
 center of the room.  Press Y to hop into it and point it at both the 
 missile launcher and the gold door on the wall.  For the door, cut in a 
 square to get through it.  "Gold" is the key with lasers, so remember it.

 Now head inside the left-hand room to find a Page.  Also, use Emmet to 
 drill the cracked block in there.  This will open up a small obstacle 
 course for Wyldstyle.  Go outside and climb up the railings to the roof 
 of the enclosure, then assemble the pile on the right to make an "agility 
 plate" so she can wall-run over to the right.  Push the object off the 
 push track and assemble its remains into a trampoline so Emmet can hop onto 
 the building, then drill all the cracked parts of the floor to get the 
 second page.

 Now hit the button in this room to reveal a window with a gold frame.  To 
 get out of this room, smash the fan on the back wall then assemble it into 
 an air lift.  Float out and hop into the laser turret again.  Cut the 
 window out and hop up to get the last page.  Now you can use the Build on 
 the floor to make a ladder.  Mash B on the ladder's crank to extend it so 
 you can climb up.

Upper Ledges -
 You're now officially "cut off" from the ground floor.  Head to the left and 
 smash the computer to build a trampoline.  Bounce up and cross the ceiling.  
 Continue to follow the pretty obvious path around the walls to the 
 catwalks.  Switch back to Emmet to deal with the rocket robot, then use 
 Wyldstyle to flip across the poles to the right.  Climb up the walls in the 
 back, then switch back to Emmet so he can fix the junction box, allowing 
 Wyld to cross to the left.  Grab onto the blue fan to drop it.  Have Emmet 
 fix it, then ride up the draft to the exit.  Drill the cracked wall and 
 you can leave.

Backstreet Breakout -
 Just as a note, on your right is the Piece of Resistance in crystal.  This 
 is a checkpoint allowing you to save and quit the game if you want, then 
 come right back to this spot later.

 Anyway, you can immediately use a Master Build to put together part of a 
 motorcycle.  With Emmet free, you can have him drill on the two spots in 
 the alley.  The left one will release water that Wyld can ride up to the 
 ledge, allowing her to grab the railing above her and knock down the 
 box.  With all these pieces, you can now build the rest of the motorcycle.

Motorcycle Chase -
 This next area largely consists of moving Wyld around the area while Emmet 
 drives the bike and shoots lasers.  It's all very hectic, but it's also 
 all very one-directional, so I don't really intend to describe everything 
 going on.  Suffice to say you'll be shooting down enemy vehicles, 
 building, jumping, and performing cool acrobatics.  Don't worry about 
 sticking too many of the tough-looking jumps.  The game kinda helps you 
 here for the most part.

 About halfway, Wyld will hop into a cannon turret and you'll have to fight 
 a series of trucks and a helicopter.  Use the cannon to blast the trucks, 
 then shoot down the missiles with the bike's lasers.  Shoot the side of
 the helicopter to disable it when prompted.

 At the end, you have to perform one more Master Build to make your bike 
 into a plane.  It's pretty cool.


New Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance)
Available for Purchase: Emmet (Trash Can), Wyldstyle (Hood), Ice Cream Jo


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - On the upper ledges of the Melting Chamber, as you crawl 
 along the wall, you can drop down to the light fixture and walk over to 
 the page.

Gold Page #2 - (Laser, Unikitty) In the back street area, go left and laser 
 the gold lock.  Smash the rainbow bricks and assemble a launcher.  Once 
 you get launched to the right, climb up the ladder and use Blind Courage 
 to get across to the page.

Gold Page #3 - (Laser, Unikitty) From Page #3, go up to the stairs to the 
 back and cross over to the left to find the page.

Gold Page #4 - (Laser, Hack) In the back street area, go to the back and 
 laser the gold lock.  Hack the computer to remove the electricity.

Gold Page #5 - During the chase, shortly after shooting the fuel tanker, 
 you'll go to an area where you'll see dramatic slowdowns as enemy bikes 
 close in.  Blast these bikes as they approach.  Make sure to take out all 

Pants - (Hack) In the Melting Chamber, once you use the laser on the back 
 window, hack the computer and head to the back hallway to get to the Control 
 Room.  In this room, you'll need to grapple down the door, then enter the 
 room and fix the generator so you can cross the wall with a girl.  In the 
 center, fix the switch to raise the bridge so you can move the green thing 
 to the center.  With that in place, go right and smash the rainbow bricks to 
 make a way to get up the wall.  At the top, push the swing bar to the left 
 and flip to the other side of the room, then hack the computer inside, 
 which will open the door on the back wall leading to the Agility Pants.


Hub Interlude:

To continue to the next story mission, simply walk over to your awesome 
LEGO jet.

4C. Flatbush Gulch =

The Special at 110,000

Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldstyle, Emmet (Old West), 
 Wyldstyle (Old West)


Walkthrough -

The Portal -
 And it is once again falling time!  You know the drill: collect the studs 
 as you go.

Rocks and Rolls -
 And the falling transitions into sliding and rolling.  There's not much to 
 say here, although you may want to glance at the Free Play stuff down there 
 if you want to go for them now.

Welcome to Flatbush -
 And now we're in here proper.  Head to the right and stand beneath the 
 wind pump so the robot up there drops dynamite near the silver object, 
 then drill your way through the rest of it to drop it halfway.  Hop up 
 with Wyld and kick down the ladder so Emmet can climb and fix the vanes.  
 This gets you a Page.

 Head to the left and hop up to the railing to pull open the main door.  
 The other Page is behind it, so take both and Build the wagon.  This will 
 change you into your super-cool Wild West disguises.  You also got guns 
 with the costumes, so use them to pick off the enemies up high and to 
 shoot the target on the wagon as well as the target on the fence to the 
 right.  Breaking the fence gives you the ability to Master Build a winch 
 for raising the gate, and breaking the wagon gives you horses that you 
 can ride onto that winch to do the raising.

Clash of the Patrons -
 First up, smash all the bad guys that pop up.  Soon a dynamite robot will 
 appear.  Stand on the silver tables (particularly the one on the left) so 
 his dynamite blows them up.  Use Wyld to jump to the top left of the 
 area, then walk around the upper edges to find a Master Build which creates 
 a ladder so Emmet can climb up and fix the switch.


New Characters: Emmet (Old West), Wyldstyle (Old West)
Available for Purchase: Sir Stack-a-Brick, Prospector, Native, 
 Wiley Fusebot, Robo Cowboy


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - This is found during the portal fall.  It's not the easiest 
 thing to point out (unless you have the detector), but try to keep in the 
 lower right portion of the screen.  The page is in the middle of a ring 

Gold Page #2 - This one's a bit of a bear.  It's during the tumble down the 
 big hill after the portal.  There are five mail bundles hanging from 
 wooden posts that you need to jump into as you fall down the hill.  The 
 first is on the left after the path overlap early on.  The second is on 
 the right and is after a spot where there's a drop on the right.  The 
 third is on the left just before a tunnel.  The fourth is just outside of 
 the tunnel on the left along the train tracks, and the last is further down 
 on the right on an upper ledge that you need to be on kinda early.  Yep, 
 not easy.
Gold Page #3 - Also not easy.  Halfway down the hill roll, you'll get 
 bypassed by a mine cart.  You'll need to follow the tracks AND make the 
 jumps over the gaps in the tracks without falling off.  At the end of the 
 track is the page.

Gold Page #4 - (Water) Put out the fire in the first area you can walk 
 around in.

Gold Page #5 - (Secret Knock) This is found in the saloon at the end.  Once 
 you get to the upper level, go to the back right and secret knock the door 

Pants - (Laser) In the first area you can walk around, go to the far right 
 and laser the gold lock.  Climb up the right side of the barn and get to 
 the roof and drill the cracked block to open the gate and get the Stinky 


Hub Interlude:

The game will mention this, but I'll reiterate: you can use the rainbow 
swirly portals to travel to any of the old worlds.  For now, though, head 
along the stud trail to the cactus with blue and pink on it.  Smash it to 
make a climbable surface.  Climb up and follow the trail up to the roof and 
jump across to the green building.  Drop down to the door level and kick 
down the ladder so Emmet can climb up and fix the switch.  Enter the door.

4D. Flatbush Rooftops =

The Special at 210,000

Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldstyle, Vitruvius (Old)


Walkthrough -

High Stakes Hightail -
 You now have Vitruvius with you, who is also a Master Builder and has 
 other perks besides.  Head to the right and you'll find your way blocked 
 by fire.  Assemble the blue and white bricks to make a ledge you can 
 cross, but only Vitruvius, literally blind to the danger, can make the 
 crossing.  Smash the water tower to put out the fire and make pieces for 
 a bridge that the other two can cross.

 Use Emmet to drill the wall to uncover wall jumps for Wyld.  At the top, 
 grab the first Page.  Next, jump up to the left and grab the second 
 Page.  Have Emmet assemble the totem pole, then drill it so everyone 
 can make it to the upper area.  Drop down the roof to the right and 
 drill the crack with Emmet on the clock tower, then reassemble the 
 pieces into a box.  Push it onto the green panel and hop up.

 In this next area, you'll use another of Vitruvius' abilities.  Target 
 his Staff and aim at the blue socket on the side of the little shack.  
 It will stick and Wyld can leap onto it to jump onto the roof.  Kick 
 the ladder down, then have Emmet climb up and drill the crack on the 
 roof.  You'll get pieces for another beam that Vitruvius can cross.  
 Master Build on the other side to make an odd ballista.  Fire it, 
 then crank it back to pull some pieces apart so Wyld can build a bridge.  
 Once across, have Emmet fix the rope winch.

Showdown with the Sheriff -
 In this immediate area are three Pages: two are very obvious and the 
 third is in the back right behind a chicken coop door.  Assemble the 
 catapult and head to the back of the area to find a barrel that you can 
 ride over to the catapult's arm.  Fire the barrel to destroy one of the 
 ladders that are hooked onto the building.  Do this twice more to take 
 out all three ladders.  Once this is done, a jetpack robot will fly in.  
 Throw Vitruvius' staff at it, then quickly Master Build using it to 
 make a bridge.

 On the next roof is another socket for the staff.  Use it to flip up to the 
 roof.  Kick down the ladder so Vitruvius and climb up and cross the 
 ledge.  At the end, smash the nearby box and assemble the pieces into a 
 ramp to climb over the roof to the other side.

 You're now facing Sheriff Not-A-Robot.  First, drill the two ladders with 
 cracked spots, then go to the right and smash the cages to find pieces 
 for another crack to put on the third ladder to drill.  The Sheriff will 
 now show up personally to fight.  Instead of directly attacking him, 
 wait until a flying robot shows up.  Stun him with the staff, then Master 
 Build.  This will put the Sheriff out of commission.  Master Build the 
 scaffolding that comes up.

Escape From Flatbush Gulch -
 You now need to make your awesome escape.  Emmet uses the turret gun and 
 Vitruvius can throw dynamite.  You can use either to blow up all your 


New Characters: Vitruvius (Old)
Available for Purchase: Tomahawk, Deputron, Sheriff Not-A-Robot, Robo SWAT


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Explosives) There are three skeletons hooked onto the wall 
 that have targets above them.  Hit each with projectiles.  The first two are 
 right near the beginning (one on the upper ledge).  The last one's in the 
 second area on the very far right, behind a silver gate.

Gold Page #2 - (Unikitty) In the second area, after crossing the first 
 bridge, drop down and smash down the rainbow bricks to enter a saloon.  
 Use Batman to grapple up to the upper ledge to get the page.

Gold Page #3 - (Explosives) In the second area, on the very far right end 
 is a silver gate that needs to be blown up.  Behind it, flip up to the 
 roof to grab this page.

Gold Page #4 - Destroy three covered wagons during the chase.  It's best 
 to just fire randomly and hope you hit something, but they are rather 
 large so maybe you can pick them out.  Don't worry if you miss your 
 chance; the whole area loops as long as you don't finish off your 

Gold Page #5 - Shoot down three rocket robots, but man are they TOUGH to 
 eyeball.  Two show up on the right-hand ledges and one shows up on the 
 left.  That's really the best I can give you.  Just keep your eyes peeled 
 or just shoot everything on the ledges.

Pants - (Unikitty) In the second area, after crossing the first bridge, 
 drop down and smash down the rainbow bricks to enter a saloon.  Go to the 
 back of the ground floor and press Circle to engage in a mini shooting 
 gallery.  Shoot down ten robots to get the Pneumatic Pants.


Hub Interlude:

To get to the next mission, you'll need to open a gate.  Have Vitruvius 
throw his staff at the socket above the gate and have Wyld jump up and 
over the gate to Master Build a train.  Hop on.

4E. Escape from Flatbush =

The Special at 48,000

Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldstyle, Vitruvius (Old)


Walkthrough -

Making Tracks -
 You're now on a runaway train, never coming back.  Head to the right 
 across the cars until you reach a connector that Emmet has to repair.  
 Keep moving right and stun the jetpack robot so you can Master Build a 
 catapult.  Fire it to clear the path, then continue right and turn the 
 crank.  Drill the box inside the car to get parts for a trampoline that 
 you can bounce up and continue to the right.

 At the far end, have Wyld jump across to the railing and then to the 
 next car.  Hop into the crane and push Down to lower the crane, then 
 Right to swing everyone over to the right, and to create a platform so 
 they can jump over the crates.  More robots await you, as well as some 
 pieces you can use to make a platform.  Throw your staff at the nearby 
 socket, then have Wyld cross to the right.  Make your way along the 
 railings and platforms to the far right, where you can make it to the 
 top.  Head right from there to find a green valve handle in a box.  Take 
 it back to the left, place it, and turn it to fire up the hose, which 
 will douse the fire and allow you to build a box and push it off the 
 top of the train so the other guys can get up.  Head back to the far 
 right and fix the switch to cross.

 Make your way across this next area, avoiding being blown up.  At the 
 end, use Wyld to hop onto the railing and get the Page.  Assemble the 
 elevator and cross the burning car with Vitruvius.  At the other side, 
 hop onto the other train in front of you, then head all the way to the 
 right to find a Master Build which makes a switch that slows down the 
 second train to allow the other two to get on.  Head to the right on 
 the second train with Wyld and jump up to the first train using the 
 railings.  Kick down the ladder so everyone can get back on the first 
 train as it derails.

 Emmet can drill nearby to get pieces for a bridge.  Cross and continue 
 further to the right.  Master Build at the very end to make a ramp for 
 Bad Cop's cruiser and finish the mission.


New Characters: Emmet (Wheel Head), Batman
Available for Purchase: Mummy, Hank Haystacks, Hot Tub Harry, Calamity Drone, 
 Robo SWAT (Rocket)


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Flight) Fly to the left from the beginning and then switch 
 to Unikitty to smash the rainbow bricks at the very far left end.

Gold Page #2 - (Flight) Fly over the log pile and grab this midair floating 

Gold Page #3 - This one may be a freebie.  As Wyldstyle makes her way 
 along the side of the train, rockets blow open the car, revealing a 
 robot and this Page.

Gold Page #4 - After braking the second train, go back to where the fiery 
 train car used to be to collect this page.

Gold Page #5 - After the second train crashes, drop down into the next 
 car and go behind the green door to find this Page.

Pants - (Flight) Fly to the left from the beginning, then laser the gold 
 panel on the roof of the train car and drop inside.  Laser all the gold 
 bricks and attach them to the safe, then laser the safe open and assemble 
 the parts.  Now, step on the blue panel until the white part is pointing 
 down and the red is pointing right, then step on the gold until the green 
 is pointing up and the red is pointing left to open the chest for the 
 Speedy Pants.


Hub Interlude:

BATMAN!  You will be dropped off for a moment's respite.  Switch to the 
Caped Crusader and press B (for BATMAN) near the Batwing to pull it down 
so everyone can hop on for the next mission.

4F. Cloud Cuckoo Land =

The Special at 75,000

Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldstyle, Vitruvius (Old), Batman


Walkthrough -

NOTE: Before we start, you may notice your party's getting a little 
crowded.  At any time, you can hold down Y to bring up the Character Wheel, 
rather than just tapping Y to switch, which can sometimes be awkward in a 

Rainbow Cloud -
 Yay, rainbows!  Note that obvious kite you were shown at the outset.  
 Head over and grapple it with Batman to pull it down.  Smash it and 
 assemble the grapple point onto to the cloud to pull down the whole 
 cloud.  Switch to Wyld and jump up to the left.  The cloud will float 
 down and everyone can cross to the left.  Batarang all the balloons 
 supporting the next cloud, then hop on and smash the green cloud to 
 find the spot for a Master Build, which creates a sail.  Slap it with a 
 Batarang to turn it to get over to a big set of stairs.  Have Wyld climb 
 the stairs and push down the box so Batman can assemble the pieces and 
 grapple the stairs open.  Climb up and smash the light blue cloud.  
 Vitruvius can now use the Secret Knock to get in.  Watch the button 
 prompt and hit it when the light touches the button.

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land -
 You now have Unikitty in your team.  She can smash rainbow bricks and 
 assemble them, so smash the two rainbow flowers and assemble them into a 
 bridge.  Climb up and grapple the blue... thing.  This allows Emmet to 
 fix it with his wrench.  This does a... thing.  Hit the obvious target 
 with a Batarang and throw the staff at the socket on the blue thing, then 
 have Wyld jump up to the top.  Push the rainbow cup off the table and 
 have Unikitty assemble it into a catapult which launches everyone to 
 the next part.

 Head right and grapple the cloud way off to the right.  Use both Wyld and 
 Unikitty to hop onto the toaster switch, which releases rainbow toast.  
 Assemble it into another launcher and get launched.

Cloud Cuckoo Land Part 2 -
 Grapple the rainbow arch and assemble the bricks into a bridge.  Head 
 right and grapple down the teapot.  Note that two sockets are now 
 uncovered.  Put the staff in the first one, then have Wyld hop to the 
 second pole, then switch back to Vitruvius and press B to call the staff 
 back and throw it to the socket on the left.  Flip to the left and 
 climb up to the next area.  Walk to the right and smash flowers to find 
 a handle for the jack-in-the-box on the left.  Place it and open it.  
 You can now use Batman to grapple to the cloud with the giant chick.  
 Grapple said chick, then climb inside with Wyld.  Wyld is now inside a 
 rainbow egg.  Roll it down to Unikitty so she can smash it and build 
 another launcher.  Everyone is now up on the upper level and Vitruvius 
 can Secret Knock the giant rainbow door on the right.

Cloud Cuckoo Land Part 3 -
 This area requires both an Instruction Build and a Master Build.  First, 
 head to the left to get a Page.  Now, drill to the left of the elephant 
 head and grapple to the right of the elephant head.  This moves the Master 
 Build pieces into position so you can make a mouse so you can scare the 
 elephant head.  Climb up inside the new shaft with Wyld to get the second 
 Page.  Head to the right and cross the rope, then drop down the 
 shaft in the next tower to get the third Page.  Assemble the rocket and 
 you're on your way.


New Characters: Unikitty
Available for Purchase: Emmet (Clown), Shakespeare, Magician, Gallant Guard


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - Use a Batarang on all five pinwheels in the very first area.  
 Three are available right at the beginning, and you pass two more rather 

Gold Page #2 - (Unikitty) In the first area, go to the right and smash the 
 rainbow cloud.  Assemble the launcher to go to the storm cloud.  Go to 
 the back and grapple down the pieces for a ledge for Vitruvius to cross.  
 Secret Knock the cloud on the far side to get more bouncy platforms, then 
 go up to the top cloud, grapple it down, then smash the rainbow bricks 
 into a launcher.

Gold Page #3 - There are three piles of colorful clouds (NOT rainbow clouds) 
 in the first area that can be smashed and turned into LEGO snowmen.  One is 
 at the bottom of the big stairs, and the other two are at the top.

Gold Page #4 - At the top of the clouds, use Wyldstyle to jump up above the 
 "secret knock" door to get this page.

Gold Page #5 - In the third area (the second of CC Land), there are five 
 darkish clouds on the ground that turn into thunderclouds when punched.  
 Find and punch all five.

Pants - (Unikitty) At the cloud stairs, smash the rainbow cloud and 
 assemble a launcher to get launched to the Thunder Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Head down the stairs and destroy the rainbow bricks in the back, then 
assemble them and head up the stairs into the meeting hall.

4G. Attack on Cloud Cuckoo Land =

The Special at 75,000

Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldstyle, Vitruvius (Old), Batman, 


Walkthrough -

Attack Part One -
 The group has been separated, and you have only Vitruvius and Wyldstyle 
 at the moment.  Throw the staff into the socket on the left, then head 
 left and up as Wyldstyle.  Once at the upper area, lure the Micro 
 Manager's laser into the gold LEGO to get pieces to make a water 
 squirting clown.  Stomp on the plunger to activate it, then drop back 
 down and head to the right.  There's Batman in an embarrassing position.  
 Head further right and use Secret Knock on the wall.  Have Wyld hop up 
 the walls of the open passage and then over to the right onto the 
 big flowers.

 Follow the flowers over to where Emmet is and switch to him to use his 
 wrench to free himself.  Head back, watching out for lasers, and drill 
 Batman out of the rubble he's stuck in.  Grapple the flower down and 
 assemble it into a fan.  Have everyone ride up, then have Emmet drill 
 the wall.  Put the staff in the socket on the left, and go left with 
 Wyld.  There isn't much to do on this top level yet apart from pulling 
 down the railing on the right.  This will allow you to Master Build a 
 lift for everyone.

 At the top level you'll face a Micro Manager.  Use a Batarang to stun it, 
 then grapple the back of it off to destroy it.  You'll do this for three 
 more Micro Managers.  Hop into the bird's mouth at the end.

Attack Part Two -
 Drill the back of the wall here to find some bricks to assemble a ledge.  
 Send Vitruvius across it, then use Secret Knock on the flower to 
 make a bridge for everyone else.  Head up and deal with the Micro Manager, 
 then fix Abe's rocket chair.  Hope across the rocks in the river that he 
 creates, then run over to Unikitty and switch to her.  Hold down B to 
 UNLEASH THE BEAST.  Smash all the bad guys with Rage-ikitty.  You can now 
 free Wyldstyle from the rainbow egg near the beginning, then assemble the 
 pieces into a launcher.

 Now to face the Micro Manager Walker.  Climb up its back as Wyld and use 
 the valve on top of its head with B.  Once you turn the valve, it falls 
 over and you can drill it with Emmet.  This will give you pieces to turn 
 into a laser cannon.  Ride it and aim at the gold part of the rocket.  
 This will allow you to go back to the left and Master Build a pair of 
 water squirting vehicles.  Drive one over to the flames and hold X to 
 squirt water at them.  Aim at all the fire to put it out, then head up the 

 At the top of the structure, you'll face a bunch of robots, then another 
 Micro Manager, which you can use to laser the gold bricks.  Smash the 
 rainbow bricks underneath, then assemble them into a launcher.


New Characters: Benny, Abraham Lincoln
Available for Purchase: Emmet (Woodsman), Cleopatra, Witch, Lord Vampyre, 
 Test Dummy, El Macho Wrestler


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Water) You need to put out six fires in the first area.  
 One is right near where you start.  The second is in the watery area 
 above.  The third and fourth are  to the right of where Batman is stuck.  
 The fifth and sixth are at the top area where the chick is.

Gold Page #2 - (Flight) In the right area where Emmet is trapped, fly 
 in front of his platform to find this page.

Gold Page #3 - (Laser) At the top of the first area, laser the gold wall 
 to find this page.

Gold Page #4 - (Water) In the second area, put out three fires.  Two are  
 to the left of where Unikitty is being held.  The third is to the 
 right near the silver windmiill.

Gold Page #5 - (Explosives) Find the silver windmill on your way up the 
 stairs.  Blow it up.

Pants - (Green Lantern) In the second area, fly all the way to the left 
 to find a platform with six gold doors.  Laser all of them, then use GL 
 to put together the jet to get the Rainbow Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Just to let you know, you can go back inside that meeting room to access 
the character customizer, but for now, switch to Benny and head to the 
right.  Use that blue computer to begin the hacking minigame.  To hack, 
move your little Benny square around the maze, avoiding the moving enemy, 
and go to the circular thing at the top.  Mash B when you're on top of it 
to hack the computer.  This will move a spaceship in range so you can 
use it to cross to another cloud.

4H. Escape from Cloud Cuckoo Land =

The Special at 30,000

Characters: Wyldstyle, Vitruvius (Old), Batman, Unikitty, Benny


Walkthrough -

Submarine Slide -
 Okay, the idea here is to assemble the sub in three stages.  For the first 
 stage, use Wyld to hop up the high-jump ledges to the top, then land on 
 the red smokestack to launch soot at the bad guys.  You can now use Batman 
 to grapple up on the left and Master Build that part of the sub.

 The second part is Vitruvius'.  Climb onto the new ledge as Wyld and 
 smash the robots.  Then an attack ship will come in.  Master Build it to 
 make a computer that Benny can hack which will get Vitruvius up to the 
 spot where he needs to Master Build his part.

 Finally, Unikitty.  Head to the right to see the new parts that flew in.  
 Head to the right and smash a rainbow structure to assemble a snail which 
 will create a climbable surface on the wall.  Cross as Wyld, then smash 
 and assemble the nearest object into a crank to lower the wall, allowing 
 the other two to cross.  Take care of all the robots that show up.

 Now there's one last robot shooting rockets.  Lure him to fire at the 
 three silver fans to get the pieces you need to make a comptuer for Benny 
 to hack.  You're now controlling the rocket robot.  Fire at the silver 
 safe door on the back wall to get rainbow bricks for Unikitty to get her 
 to the upper level.  Climb up the stairs to the center part to Master 
 Build the final part of the sub.


New Characters: Emmet (Lizard)
Available for Purchase: Emmet (Surgeon), Green Ninja, Michelangelo, Caveman


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - Head down to the left side of the sub.  At the very end is 
 this Page.

Gold Page #2 - Head to the right side of the sub to find this on one of 
 the fins.

Gold Page #3 - During Unikitty's segment, you'll need to turn three rainbow 
 flags into fireworks.  The first is early in the new section.  The second 
 is on the far right, and the third is in the upper part of the area.

Gold Page #4 - (Laser) In the Unikitty segment, find and laser three 
 gold flowers on the walls.

Gold Page #5 - (Free Play) Use Emmet or another construction worker to 
 drill the obvious cracked wall in the Unikitty section behind the snail 

Pants - (Green Lantern) At the right end of the Unikitty segment, laser 
 the gold lock off the box and assemble the green bricks with GL.  This 
 will get you the Golden Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Welcome to the "lower" part of Cloud Cuckoo Land.  Head down the zip line, 
then use Wyld to hop onto the side of the castle, then step on the big 
red plunger to create a ladder for everyone else to get up.  Turn the 
rainbow bricks into a launcher to get to the sub by climbing up to the top.

NOTE: For some weird reason I didn't have Wyldstyle, but that's easily 
fixed by switching to her in the Character Wheel.  Don't ask me to explain 
it, though.

4I. The Depths =

The Special at 120,000

Characters: Vitruvius (Old), Benny


Walkthrough -

Under Pressure -
 Instead of a large group, you just have two characters in this mission.  
 Shoot the light hanging on the left and build a cap for the water.  
 Continue left and smash the stuff to find a record.  Put it on the sound 
 system in the middle to drop down a level.  Head right and smash stuff to 
 build a rock that diverts the water onto the fire.  Smash the wood to 
 uncover a Secret Knock spot.

 Past the secret door, smash the right hand wall, the Master Build a 
 water wheel to get up a floor.  Go to the left and use projectiles on the 
 hanging heart above to drop it (and yourself) two decks down.  Smash the 
 speakers on the left and right, then assemble them into pressure 
 switches.  As Benny describes, one person needs to stand on it while the 
 other pulls the handle.  Do this for both switches, then hack the computer 
 that appears.

 Now you need to swim.  Look out for blue hearts to replenish your oxygen.  
 Swim up through the top of the sub and out.  Shoot the torpedo stuck in 
 the ground to the lower left and enter the tunnel.

Underwater Tunnel -
 Well, this is getting complicated.  Swim down and follow the path, 
 replenishing your oxygen and watching out for bad guys shooting spears 
 at you.  Also watch out for schools of fish that can drag you back some 
 distance.  Swim out of their way and let them pass.  You'll soon reach a 
 large open area.  Watch out for the robo-swordfish and lure it to the 
 right.  Try to get it to charge the statue blocking the path to the 
 lower right to continue on.

Dark Depths - 
 Wow, it's dark down here.  There's actually not much to this apart from 
 following the path and avoiding dangers.  Watch out for eels.

Eel Escape -
 This is pretty much don't get eaten and swim straight up.


New Characters: Swamp Creature
Available for Purchase: Emmet (LEGO Piece), Emmet (Shower), Lady Liberty, 
 Panda Guy, Yeti


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Laser) Once you finish with the record in the sub, laser the 
 gold rocks to reach this page.

Gold Page #2 - Once you fill the sub with water, swim back up to the rotating 
 arm area and grab this page above it.

Gold Page #3 - In the underwater tunnel, blast five treasure chests.  You 
 may want to target them to make sure you're hitting them.  The first is 
 not long after the checkpoint.  The second is shortly thereafter.  The 
 third is after the path bends to the right.  The fourth is near the first 
 school of fish.  The last is in the large open area near the bottom.
Gold Page #4 - As you swim down the underwater tunnel, you'll see a page 
 seemingly sitting in the middle of a wall.  Swim in from the left to 
 find a hidden passage to it.

Gold Page #5 - In the Dark Depths, once you get past the school of fish, 
 go down and straight down through the spiny coral floor to pass to 
 an open area where the Page is.

Pants - (Laser) About halfway down the underwater tunnel you'll see some 
 gold rocks on your left.  Laser them away to enter a new area.  Laser 
 three golden puffer fish to get the Cold Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Smash the nearby rainbow flower to make a lever for the toaster.  Hop onto 
the toaster and use Batman's grapple to pull the structure closer.  
Slide across the zipline and hop onto the couch.

4J. Infiltrate the Octan Tower =

The Special at 205,000

Characters: Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldsytle, Batman, Vitruvius (Old), 
 Queasy Kitty, Unikitty, MetalBeard, Benny


Walkthrough -

The Sea Cow -
 You'll need five pages for Emmet's plan.  First, go to the right and Secret 
 Knock the wall for the first Page.  Second, shoot the target and push the 
 double-decker couch to the left.  Have Wyld hop up and smash a cage for 
 pieces of a ladder.  Once everyone's up, smash the area to find pieces 
 for a fuse, then grapple down the nearby torch.  Hey, MetalBeard!  You 
 don't mind if we blow a few holes in your ship do you?  No?  Good!  Drop 
 down the hatch, smash all the boxes, and assemble the plank.  Go out on it 
 and grapple down the prow.  Go back up and assemble the beam so Vitruvius 
 can cross it to the second Page.

 For the third, have Wyld climb the rigging that just dropped down and 
 enter the smokestack at the top.  You'll get launched to the right where 
 you can grab the third Page as well as build a ladder for everyone to get 
 up to the poop deck (hee hee).  Have Emmet drill near the boiler, then 
 grapple up to the next deck.  Hit the target, then grab the crank near the 
 pile of rainbow bricks.  Drop down and use the valve on the boiler.  This 
 will create steam to launch everyone up.  Have Unikitty smash and assemble 
 the rainbow bricks into a launcher to get up to the next deck, where you'll 
 find the fourth Page.

 Finally, head to where MetalBeard is and Master Build a super cannon so you 
 can be shot up to the final Page.  Drop down and build your delivery 

The Delivery Dock -
 It's time for some destruction.  You have both Rage Kitty and MetalBeard to 
 make a nice mess, so break everything you can.  Take out all the robots 
 and the turrets.  Everyone else will pop out, so take Emmet over to the 
 cracked wall and drill it, then blast the silver underneath with MetalBeard.  
 Have Wyld hop up to the ledge and head to the left.  Hit the button to 
 reveal a spot that MetalBeard will need to throw an enemy robot into (press 
 B, then target and throw).  This will lower a lift for everyone.  Take 
 Batman and have him grapple down the vent in the back, then Master Build a 
 security computer so Benny can hack it.  This will reveal silver caps on 
 the back doors that MetalBeard can blast.  This will open the back doors 
 allowing you to proceed.

The Warehouse -
 Head in and wreck some robots.  You can use MetalBeard's cannons to lay 
 waste to the Micro Managers.  Once they're all down, a drop ship comes in.  
 Grapple it with Batman and then throw a robot into the ship.  Master Build 
 the remains into a series of steps.  Climb up and cross the ledge as 
 Vitruvius.  Head to the left and Secret Knock to find some stairs so 
 Benny can hack the nearby computer.  This will allow you to move a robot 
 down to the ground floor so MetalBeard can toss it into the socket, which 
 lowers a lift so MetalBeard can ride up and blast the turret at the 
 far end as well as the silver wall behind it to move on.

The Relic Room -
 Have Wyld hop over the lasers, then Master Build the relics on the left to 
 make a ramp.  Bring Emmet over and drill the cracked floor so you can 
 Master Build a trampoline.  Hop over and Master Build the stuff on the left 
 to make a ballista, then fire it and crank it back, then Master Build the 
 calculator.  Now hop onto the buttons in the order 0.25697, then grapple 
 the shiny stuff with Batman.


New Characters: Queasy Kitty
Available for Purchase: MetalBeard (Minifigure), FemBot, Ma Cop, Pa Cop, 
 Robo SWAT (Armour), Robo Fed


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - Destroy four cannons on the deck of the Sea Cow.  One is at 
 the far left end (the bow), and the other three are on the right side, 
 two near the boiler and the last near to MetalBeard.

Gold Page #2 - (Fire) On the deck of the Sea Cow, start a fire near the 
 door to the right of the Instruction Build to enter the Captain's 
 Quarters.  Here, you need to put the plans in order.  First, fix the 
 blue switch on the right, then smash the plans board, then start another 
 fire on the left.  Lastly, take the green valve and put it on the steam 
 vent on the right.  Assemble all the pieces to make all five plans, then 
 flip the switch.

Gold Page #3 - (Laser) In the delivery dock, use a laser on the delivery 
 ship with gold canisters on it.

Gold Page #4 - (Flight) In the large warehouse area, go outside the 
 window in the front right area to find this page spinning in space.

Gold Page #5 - (Lord Business) At the end of the Relic Room, use the 
 Lord Business switch in the back left and then hit the nearby switch 
 through the lasers.  Head to the right to get the Page.

Pants - (Fire) These are in the exact same location as Gold Page #2.  
 You'll get the Exploding Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Use Emmet on the nearby switch and have Wyld hop up onto the lift, then 
head right and swing across the poles to find a switch that will open up 
the back door.  Head to the left to the robots.

4K. Put the Thing on the Thing =

The Special at 100,000

Characters: Emmet (Robot Disguise), Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise), Batman, 
 Vitruvius (Old), Benny, Unikitty, Emmet (Piece of Resistance), Wyldstyle, 


Walkthrough -

The Assembly Room -
 Head around the room to the back.  You'll need to smash some stuff near 
 the green circle and assemble a photo booth.  Get in with either character 
 to get a Photo ID, then insert the ID into the reader on the right.  
 Now you can Master Build on the left to make a TV set to get the robots on 
 the left to go away.  Ride up the left and drill through the crack in the 
 insruction chute to get the first Page.

 Assemble the nearby pieces to bust down the door.  Inside the room, push 
 the pole to the left, then swing across to the right.  Open the nearby 
 door so Emmet can drill through the second chute for the second Page.  
 Assemble the pieces to make an agility plate to run to the right and 
 Master Build a ladder so Emmet can drill the last chute for the last Page.
 Head down and build the subwoofer.  Next, Master Build in the back to 
 make a jukebox.  Then... SWEET RAVE PARTY ENCORE!  Head to the right 
 and drill through the wall to escape.

The Kragleiser -
 Grapple the nearby point to uncover a cracked wall to drill.  From there, 
 head across to the right, avoiding the lit-up floor panel.  Also note the 
 part where you're forced to move slow.  At the other end, grapple and drill 
 again.  You can also push a box off the ledge if you want to get there 

 Next, the gantry moves, so head back to grapple and drill the third 
 point of the gantry.  Head left across the trapped floor and grapple and 
 drill once more.  The gantry drops and you can approach the Kragle.

The Think Tank -
 Switch to Batman and use your Batarang on all the team to get their 
 bonds off, then smash the remainder of the robots in the room.  Lord 
 Business will now send out Robo Skeletons, which are impervious to 
 normal damage.  Switch to Wyld and go to the back of the room.  On the 
 right side of the right-hand blue glowing thing is a spot where she 
 can climb, so climb around the railing until you pull down some tanks.  
 Have Emmet fix the blue gears that break, then send Benny up the 
 ladder and to the computer that appears to hack it.  This will put 
 you in control of a Robo Skeleton, so use it on the gold LEGOs holding 
 MetalBeard suspended.  Use MetalBeard's cannon arm to take out the 
 Skeletons in the area.

 You now have to face the Giant Micro Manager.  The trick is to unscrew 
 its arms off.  Throw Vitruvius' staff into the socket on either side, then 
 jump on with Wyld to unscrew each arm.  Now, switch back to Benny's 
 Robo Skeleton and laser the front cannon on the Manager.  Next, grapple 
 the Manager, then drill its brain.


New Characters: Emmet (Robot Disguise), Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise)
Available for Purchase: Bruce Wayne, Biznis Kitty, Executive Ellen, 
 Robo Skeleton, Robo SWAT (Laser)


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Flight) Fly straight up in the Assembly Room to find this 
 just floating.

Gold Page #2 - (Hack) In the lower right area of the Assembly Room is a 
 computer to hack, which reveals this page.

Gold Page #3 - (Laser) This is in the windowed viewing room in the back 
 right of the Assembly Room.  Laser down the door to get in.

Gold Page #4 - (Hack) Before moving the gantry in the Kragleiser room, go 
 to the right and hack the computer.  Control the Micro Manager and move 
 it into the Page.

Gold Page #5 - To the left of the third cable hookup in the Kragleiser room.  
 This is floating above the lower gantry, so jump to it.

Pants - During the dance sequence, you need to get nine of the button 
 prompts correct to get the Power Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Head left and hop up the railing to the tank to pull it down, then have 
Unikitty use the rainbow bricks to make a launcher.  Send someone (who's 
not Unikitty) up to the switch to throw it, then grapple the pipe that 
just appeared, then hack the computer that just appeared.

4L. Broadcast News =

The Special at 100,000

Characters: Wyldstyle, Batman, Unikitty, Benny, Bad Cop, MetalBeard


Walkthrough -

TV Studio -
 First is a little Simon Says thing following the button prompts on the 
 big keypad.  Once that's done, you'll need to set up the TV set so 
 Wyld can broadcast.  First, crank the nearby camera to turn it, then 
 shoot the target on the lights for the first light.  Next, go to the 
 right and smash the rainbow warddrobe.  Assemble the blocks and you've 
 got sound.  Smash the red and white supports to tip the wall over so you 
 can push the second camera into position.  Now go to the back corner as 
 Wyldstyle and jump onto the wall.  Head to the rafter and push both 
 lights into place.

 Now, take out the robots that rush in, then the Micro Manager.  Assemble 
 its pieces into a laser cannon and push it to open up the editing room.  
 Hack the computer inside.

 Now... you've got Bad Cop on your team.  He's got a laser.  Use it on 
 the gold stuff in the room, like the vases and the painting.  Build the 
 push track, then push the partition out of the way so you can find a 
 handle.  Put it in the shaft to the left to raise the backdrop, then 
 cut through the gold doors in the back to leave this area.

Server Room - 
 Switch to MetalBeard to pick up the server at the end of the walkway.  
 This will create some pieces, but you'll also need to use Bad Cop's laser 
 on the gold pillar near it.  Lastly, a jetpack robot will fly in, so stun 
 him and you can Master Build part of the ship.  Now, head up the stair 
 blocks to the left and hack the computer to extend a bridge so MetalBeard 
 can toss another server.  Laser the gold pillar nearby where it lands and 
 use another jetpack robot for the second Master Build.  Now, head up the 
 stairs to the right and hack another computer for MetalBeard.  Toss the 
 last server and assemble the final Master Build.


New Characters: Bad Cop
Available for Purchase: Wyldstyle (Space), Sharon Shoehorn, Where Are My 
 Pants? Guy, Dr McScrubs, Velma Staplebot, Good Cop (Scribble Face)


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - In the TV Studio, climb on the back wall as Wyldstyle, then 
 hop up to the ledge with the page obviously on it.

Gold Page #2 - (Fix) In the TV Studio, use a Wrench near the bleachers to 
 find a door to the board room.  This page is near the plans in the back.

Gold Page #3 - (Fix) In the same board room as #2, go to the colored piano 
 and follow the prompts on the screen (five blue, one green, then six blue, 
 green, yellow, orange, green, yellow)

Gold Page #4 - (Flight) This is in the server room, on the back left wall 
 high above the ground.

Gold Page #5 - You need to use MetalBeard to destroy the six sets of 
 canisters in the Server Room.  You won't get a noise, but you should see 
 the numbers briefly flash as you smash them.  Two are in the back 
 corners and two are on the lower floor so you need to shoot them.

Pants - (Flight) This is floating above the living room set.  It *may* be 
 possible to jump to, but why go through all that effort?  This will get 
 you the Faster Build Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Hey, we're back in Bricksburg!  Head to the construction area and smash 
the excavator holding the rainbow bricks so Unikitty can make a launcher.

4M. Back from Reality =

The Special at 100,000

Characters: Emmet (Master Builder), Blaze Firefighter, Gail


Walkthrough -

Crater Site -
 Use the drill to dig up the cracked floor, then, with EMMET, Master 
 Build.  You'll get the electricity out of the water so the fireman can 
 fill up his extinguisher.  Squirt water on the flames and head up the 
 gutted building.

 In the next area, dig up the floor and lure the Micro Managers into 
 the hole to break them.  This will get Gail on the team.  Head to the 
 right and hop up to the railing near the last Micro Manager to take 
 care of him.

Crater Site Part 2 -
 Drill the back of the truck to dump water into the hole so Justin can 
 fill up his extinguisher again.  Put out the fires and move on to the 
 conveyor belt.  Run to the far side and climb up the wall.  Kick the 
 ladder down and break the nearby water cooler to fill the pool.  Put 
 out the fires and move on up.  At the top, lure the Micro Managers into 
 lasering the support pillar, then Master Build a double catapult.

Crater Site Part 3 - 
 Fix the blue gears to open the elevator shaft and push the elevator to the 
 right.  Switch to Gail and climb up the walls to the very top and smash 
 the toilet to release some water.  Put out the fire to the right and be 
 on your way.

Crater Site Finale -
 Head up to the main area and head to the left to find a spot to drill.  
 You'll release some water, so put out the nearby fires.  There's a valve 
 under the left fire, so place it on the cement mixer to dump it out.  Push 
 the steamroller to the right to set it in place.  Now, go to the right 
 and fix the lift.  Climb up and drill to release the wrecking ball and 
 smash the Micro Manager.  Lastly, have Gail climb up to the crane and 
 turn the crank inside it.  You can finally Master Build something REALLY 


New Characters: Emmet (Master Builder), Blaze Firefighter
Available for Purchase: Garbageman Grant, Ice Cream Mike, Robo (Construction)


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - After rescuing Gail, go to the left and jump up to the obvious 

Gold Page #2 - (Laser) Just after the conveyor belt is a gold wall on the 
 right.  Laser it down to find this Page.

Gold Page #3 - After pushing the elevator, push it all the way to the right.  
 The doors on it will open with this inside.

Gold Page #4 - In the sideways building area, once Gail climbs up to the 
 restroom, to behind the partition near the jump point to find this.

Gold Page #5 - (Grapple) In the sideways building area, grapple up from 
 the ground floor to find this Page.

Pants - (Lord Business) In the area with the conveyor belt, drop down and 
 use the Lord Business switch, then defeat all the robots that show up to 
 get the Wet Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Master Build your way out of this hole and head over to the mech.

4N. Bricksburg Under Attack =

The Special at 120,000

Characters: Emmet (Mech), Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Benny, 


Walkthrough -

Bricksburg Streets -
 Yeah yeah YEAH!  Not only are you curbstomping with Emmet's mech, but 
 you've also got Superman on your side!  Start smashing Managers as you 
 move forward.  A large arm will block your way.  Burn the gold cover off 
 with Superman's laser eyes.  Now, head back and grab the big Octan tank 
 with the mech and toss it at the arm to destroy it.

Streets Part 2 -
 And now... Green Lantern.  Head to the back and smash the trailer to find 
 some green bricks that GL can put together.  This will uncover the weak 
 point of the arm, so pick up the trailer as Emmet and toss it at the 

 Now, you've got Wonder Woman, Benny, and Wyldstyle ready to go.  Like 
 Batman, Wonder Woman can grapple, so use her to destroy the Micro 
 Managers.  Master Build the van into a plane which will put plungers on 
 the wall.  Flip up to the railing to drop the aerial and assemble a 
 computer out of it.  Hack it and you'll control a Rocket Robot.  Fire 
 the rocket at the silver pipe to expose the weak point, then throw the 
 rest of the trailer at the weak point.


New Characters: Superman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Garbageman Dan
Available for Purchase: Plumber Joe, Kabob Bob, Taco Tuesday Guy, 
 Robo (Demolition)


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - (Water) Put out four fires in the first area.  They're all 
 rather obvious to find as there's not much room to run around in.  The 
 last fire will only appear once the Octan tank gets knocked down.

Gold Page #2 - This is hidden in the first area.  Go up the right side of 
 the street and look for an alley in front of a red HOTEL sign.  Go into 
 the alley to get the page.

Gold Page #3 - In the first area, use Emmet's mech to pull off two signs 
 on the wall on the right side of the street, a red HOTEL sign, and a blue 

Gold Page #4 - In the second area, once you get Green Lantern, go to the 
 right and find parts to build a statue of Gandalf.

Gold Page #5 - (Laser) In the second area, laser away the gold gates 
 that lead to the subway, then go down to find the page.

Pants - (Lord Business) Fly up past the plumber truck in the second area 
 to the higher rooftop.  Use the Lord Business switch and hit the big 
 red switch to the left, then switch to Unikitty and smash the rainbow 
 bricks to get the Super Pants.


Hub Interlude:

Smash down the wall to your left so we can go to the finale of this crazy 

4O. The Final Showdown =

The Special at 30,000

Characters: Emmet (Mech), Mega Kitty


Walkthrough -
 Smash smash, smashy smash!  Destroy all the Managers and switch to Mega 
 Kitty.  Hold down B to unleash her beam attack, and use it on the gold 
 panels.  Continue until all the panels are gone, then Gandalf will swoop 
 in and give you a hand.  Take the giant piece of building and fling it 
 at Business.

 In the second part, first use Emmet to destroy all the Managers coming 
 at you, then switch to Mega Kitty so she can beam Business.  Continue 
 fighting and beaming.

 For the finale, wait until the robot gets its legs stuck, then smash it 
 as best you can.  Once you knock a leg off, throw it at the robot.  Do 
 this for both legs, then grapple the robot with Emmet and smash it up


New Characters: Gandalf
Available for Purchase: Vitruvius (Ghost), Gordon Zola, President Business, 
 Lord Business (Minifigure)


Free Play: 

Gold Page #1 - There are three Kragle'd objects on the edges of the arena, two 
 on the left and one on the right.  Smash them as Mega Kitty.

Gold Page #2 - (Flight) In the first area, fly to the marker above the 
 building door on the right and press B to make some circles of studs appear, 
 as well as the Page.

Gold Page #3 - (Flight) In the second area (the lower rooftops), fly up 
 and to the left to find this Page floating.

Gold Page #4 - During the last part, when Mega Kitty and Emmet meet back up, 
 go to the right side and smash all three vents.

Gold Page #5 - (Explosives) At the final rooftop area, blow up the silver 
 billboards on either side of the fight.

Pants - (Laser) In the second area, fly over to where Emmet's mech is and 
 laser the huge billboard.  It will take a while, but you'll get the 
 Tight Pants.


Congratulations!  You've completed the story for LEGO Movie, but you are SO 
not done yet!  Go back and go through all the missions on Free Play and find 
all the collectibles!  Go and have fun!


There are, more or less, five hub areas in the game.  Cloud Cuckoo Land 
has two parts to it, an area in the skies and one down by the water, but 
they're basically the same area.

You can travel between the hub areas by going through rainbow portals in 
each area.  Also, any of the story missions can be replayed by pressing 
B at the rainbow colored circle that represents it.

The point of hub exploration is to find the Red Bricks.  There are five in 
each of the first four areas.

5A. Bricksburg =

Emmet's hometown is a nice little city.  The first area is an apartment 
block with a small park in the middle.  Further up the street is a 
fountain square with a rail station, a police station, and the 
construction site.

Prologue - Can be accessed by going into Emmet's apartment.
Mission 1 - Found near the entrance to the construction site.
Mission 2 - On the ledge above the Police Station.
Mission 3 - The alley leading to the portal.
Mission 13 - The pit in the construction site.
Mission 14 - The open field at the back of the construction site.
Mission 15 - Near the breakable wall in the same field.

Red Brick - Studs x2
 You need Vitruvius for this, so this can be done right after Mission 4.  
 There's a spot near the fountain square that needs a Secret Knock.  
 Knock it, then go through to reach the roof.  Assemble the blue and 
 white pieces to make a ledge for Vitruvius to cross, then throw the 
 switch to start a crane lift.  Drop down to the other crane and fix it 
 to send the box over to the fountain.  Push the box into the green square 
 in front of the fountain to make the brick appear.

Red Brick - Pants Detector
 You need a Master Builder.  Go to the little park outside of the Emmet's 
 apartment and smash one of the trees to find a green circle underneath.  
 Master Build using the stuff in the park to make a watering can vehicle.

Red Brick - Collect Guide Studs
 You need to find three billboards and Master Build them to say "Question 
 Authority".  The first is across the square from Emmet's apartment.  Smash 
 the pink and blue fence and use it to build a wall jump area for Wyldstyle.  
 The green circle is under the bench.  The second is on top of the rail 
 station and can be easily climbed to.  The last is in the same area as 
 Studs x2 in that you need to get up to the roofs near the construction 
 site.  Go to the left of the second crane to find the green circle for 
 the last billboard.

Red Brick - Fast Repair
 This is an Insruction Build.  There are three pages in Bricksburg, and you 
 can't complete this build until after the game is over and you can buy Lord 
 Business.  The first page is found near the construction site.  Some guys 
 will lament not having a drill, so use one to drill through the floor 
 near all the guys, which will result in the first page.  The second page 
 is on the roofs across from Emmet's apartment.  Throw a staff into the 
 socket on the light green house and use Wyldstyle to flip over to the 
 balcony.  The last page is inside the cafe below the rail station.  To 
 get inside, you need to go to outside the construction site and find a 
 red and black bin near the porta-potties.  Inside are the pieces for a 
 Lord Business switch.  Use it, then head over to the right-side wall 
 of the cafe and hit the switch to open it.  With all three pages, assemble 
 the kabob stand and the brick will appear.

Red Brick - Studs x10
 This is another one that requires Lord Business.  Go to see Mrs. 
 Scratchen-Post near your apartment to learn that she's missing her 
 cats.  The first cat is pretty easy.  To the left of Mrs. Scratchen-Post 
 are some pieces that become a grapple point.  Pull it down.  The second can 
 be found on the roofs across from Emmet's apartment.  Climb up as Wyldstyle
 and hop around the railing to the right to find a small area to the right 
 of a fence.  Once you get close to the cat it will follow you.  The third 
 cat is found at the rail station.  Go up the stairs to the train platform 
 and hack the computer on the left.  The fourth is in the roofs near the 
 construction site.  Smash the rainbow bricks near the police station and 
 assemble the launcher to get to the roofs, then find a porta-potty with a 
 target on top.  Hit the target with a projectile and the cat jumps out.  The 
 last cat is inside the cafe beneath the rail station.  To get in there, go 
 to outside the construction site to find a red and black bin near the 
 porta-potties.  Inside are pieces for a Lord Business switch.  Use it and 
 head over to the right side wall to hit the switch.  This will open the 
 doors and you'll find the last cat inside.

5B. The Old West =

This area is an open field surrounded by buildings.  Clockwise from 
the main entrance are a corral, a barn, the bank, the saloon, the 
sheriff's office, the train station, the church and cemetery, and another 
house and corral.

It's worth noting that the church contains the cutscene viewer, if you're 
so inclined.

Mission 4 - In front of the Saloon
Mission 5 - In front of the train
Mission 6 - In the cemetery

Red Brick - Gold Instruction Page Detector
 This is found on the very top of the green building.  To get up there, 
 you can use Wyldstyle to climb up railings.  The brick will just be 
 sitting there with no need to "reveal" it.

Red Brick - Fast Build
 You'll need the Firefighter for this.  Go to the house on fire and spray 
 water on the three windows.

Red Brick - Studs x4
 Go to the bank (to the left of the green house) to get a mission to find 
 the three Cooper brothers who robbed the bank.  The first is found at the 
 green saloon.  Climb up to the door just below the big "Saloon" sign and 
 use Secret Knock on the door.  For the second brother, go to the gate 
 to the train and climb up the railing.  Use Batman to pull open the door 
 to the bathroom stall.  For the last brother, Go to the barn to the left 
 of the bank.  Smash the cactus in front of it to find a Master Build spot.  
 Master Build some stairs and you can enter the attic area.  Push the box 
 outside, then assemble the fire panel.  Use a fire character to burn the 
 house down (Kids, don't try this at home) and the last brother will pop 
 out.  Each brother drops a gold ingot to bring back to the bank manager.

Red Brick - Fast Drill
 There are five blue birds that need to be... rustled, I suppose.  First, 
 go to the corral across from the Pants Dispenser and smash the rainbow 
 bricks with Unikitty, then assemble them.  The second bird is on top of 
 the house behind the corral.  You can Master Build stairs to create a way 
 up to the attic.  Inside the attic are pieces for a chimney which scares 
 the bird.  The third bird is on top of the bank.  Climb up using Gail and 
 drill the cracked wall.  The fourth is on top of the Sheriff's Office next 
 to the Saloon.  Hack the computer near the wind vane to blow the bird 
 away.  The last is a little elaborate.  Go to the movie shack near the 
 graveyard and use explosives to blow up the silver object.  Assemble the 
 switch and pull it.  After the scene, the last bird on the saloon will 
 fly off and you'll get the brick near the fence in front of the graveyard.

Red Brick - Character Studs
 This is an Instruction Build.  You'll need to find three Pages.  The first 
 is on top of the Saloon and can only be accessed once you start looking 
 for the Cooper brothers.  When you Secret Knock the door holding the 
 brother in the Saloon, throw the switch to make the Page appear on the 
 left roof.  The second page is behind the gold wall near the train, so 
 you'll need a Laser for it.  The last page is in the corral with the 
 fierce horse.  Go in as Vitruvius to get it.  Now go build the well and 
 use a wrench on the side of it to pull up the brick.

5C. Cloud Cuckoo Land =

The first area of Cloud Cuckoo Land is a cloudy area and it connects to a 
lower area on the water.  Most of the area is haphazardly constructed, so 
there's no point in mapping it or anything.

That said, going back towards the meeting hall will lead you to the character 
customizer, where you can adjust your Custom characters.

Mission 7 - At the rainbow steps.
Mission 8 - At the top of the slide leading down to the lower area.
Mission 9 - Near the sub in the lower area.
Mission 10 - On the double decker couch in the lower area.

Red Brick - Fast Boomerangs
 You need to start three fires to set off fireworks, so the first thing 
 you need is a fire character, but also explosives.  First, ride the 
 spaceship over to the cloud that leads to the lower area for the first 
 spot.  The second is found in a tower on the main cloud.  To the left of 
 the teacup is a pile of rainbow bricks.  Turn them into a ladder and 
 climb up.  The last is behind the silver bricks.  Blast them, then smash 
 the rainbow bricks on the next cloud behind to make a launcher and you'll 
 be launched to the last one.

Red Brick - Attract Studs
 You need to open three jack-in-the-boxes, or perhaps jacks-in-the-box.  
 Actually Unikitty's in them so it doesn't matter.  The first is on the 
 main cloud in front of the rainbow steps.  Grapple down the teacup and 
 you'll find it inside.  For the second one you'll need explosives.  Go 
 past the silver bricks to the left of the rainbow steps to find it on the 
 next cloud.  For the last box, go through the gold bricks to the right of 
 the rainbow steps with a laser, then grapple down the tower on the next 
 cloud.  Enter the tower and you'll find the box.  Emmet needs to wrench 
 each one open.  The brick will appear just to the right of the rainbow 

Red Brick - Fast Secret Knock
 You need explosives for this one.  Blast the silver bricks to the left of 
 the rainbow steps, then cross the flowers behind and use Master Build on 
 the fans in the back to make stairs, then a rope that Wyldstyle can 

Red Brick - Red Brick Detector
 This is an Instruction Build with three Pages.  From the rainbow steps, 
 look for a target high up on the left.  Shoot it and high jump up to the 
 Page.  The second page is right next to the Fast Secret Knock brick, so 
 look that one up above.  The third page is in the tower behind the gold 
 bricks.  So you need to laser those bricks, then grapple down the tower 
 so you can climb up to it.  Assemble the carousel.  The brick will 
 appear right next to it.

Red Brick - Studs x6
 First, you'll need a laser to get past the gold bricks to the right of the 
 rainbow steps.  Melt them down and go to the next cloud.  You'll see a 
 series of buttons and pictures.  The idea is to match on the nearby 
 pictures what appears on the picture behind it.  Match each of the three 
 sets using the buttons to turn each panel.  The brick will appear once 
 they're all complete.

5D. Octan Tower =

Lord Business' abode consists of a few rooms and hallways.  The first area 
is an entryway.  Through a door is the entry to the Assembly Room on the 
left, and a hallway leading back to another room which goes to the TV 
Studio and further back to the Think Tank.

Also, there are rafters overhead.  They can only be reached initially via 
flight, but you can fix it so anyone can get up there.

Mission 11 - In front of the Assembly Room just beyond the big door.
Mission 12 - In front of the TV Studio in the back of the area.

Red Brick - Regenerate Hearts
 You need Unikitty to assemble three rainbow dance platforms.  The first is 
 in the first room, just left of the stairs, behind the gold bricks, so 
 you'll need a laser.  The second is up the stairs to the left, just to 
 the left of the door to the Assembly Room.  It's a rainbow picture on the 
 wall.  The third requires a flight character to get to the rafters above.  
 Fly up and activate the left of the three computers up here to release 
 the rainbow bricks.  The brick appears near the toothy door near the 
 Assembly Room.

Red Brick - Studs x8
 You need a flight character.  Fly up to the rafters area and activate the 
 middle of three computers to open the TV studio beneath you.  Enter the 
 studio and spin the wheel inside.  It's random, but you'll soon enough 
 get the brick.

Red Brick - Invincibility
 You need a flight character.  Get up to the rafters and use Secret Knock 
 on the wall to open it.  Use the switch behind it to roll a green ball 
 through the office.  The brick is inside the office.

Red Brick - Fast Hack
 You need Lord Business for this.  The same green ball that you rolled 
 through the office for Invincibility is green, so Green Lantern can use 
 the pieces to make a hammer and slam a switch, revealing a Lord Business 
 platform.  Transform and use the switch on the left wall.  The lasers on 
 the upper ledge will turn off and you can get the brick.

Red Brick - Extra Hearts
 This one requires you to pull down five glowy wanted posters of Emmet.  
 The first can be found near the warp tunnel and requires explosives.  Blast 
 the silver box to the left of the tunnel and assemble the grapple point, 
 then pull it down.  The second is in the anteroom to the Assembly Room 
 up the stairs.  Fix the blue smoky computer and use it to get a box that 
 has the pieces you need for the grapple point.  The third is in the room 
 ouside the Think Tank and TV studio.  Climb up the wall and push the red 
 box off the edge.  The fourth is in the upper rafters which you need a 
 flight character for.  The last is in the same room as Invincibility.  The 
 brick will appear in the upper area.

5E. Bonus Room =

Initially, this room is empty and blue, except for the space in the middle 
where you can assemble any of the Gold Instructions you have collected.  
Once you complete the story, however, this room changes considerably.

In this crazy giant room of giants, you'll need to get ten Gold Bricks and 
one million studs.  It's pretty easy when you have flying characters, so just 
explore the area.

That said, here are the Gold Bricks:

1) Inside the aquarium.
2) Go up to the top of the shelf with the stereo on it and push the car to 
 tip over the trash can.
3) At the top right corner of the pegboard behind the computer monitor.
4) On top of the red shelf in the corner of the room.
5) Inside the tube near the door.
6) Inside the air vent near the door.  Laser off the screws.
7) Hack the computer near the... computer.  The brick will appear in the 
 CD tray.
8) Get in the car near the dresser and drive to a white line on the floor.  
 Follow the stud trail and collect all of them to make a brick appear on 
 the floor not far from the construction set.
9) Go to the box under the bed and grapple it down.  Assemble all the 
 parts to the structure.
10) Collect 1 million studs.  The brick will appear on the computer table.


There are ninety-six characters to be collected in this game.  You will 
gain all the characters for unlock over the course of completing story 
missions.  To purchase the characters, either find them in the hub areas 
or hold down Y to bring up the Character Wheel and purchase them from 


Emmet - After Mission 1
Emmet (Piece of Resistance) - After Mission 2
Emmet (LEGO Piece) - After Mission 9 (50,000)
Emmet (Pajamas) - After Mission 1 (50,000)
Emmet (Shower) - After Mission 9 (50,000)
Emmet (Surgeon) - After Mission 8 (50,000)
Emmet (Lizard) - After Mission 8
Emmet (Clown) - After Mission 6 (50,000)
Emmet (Woodsman) - After Mission 7 (50,000)
Emmet (Old West) - After Mission 3
Emmet (Trash Can) - After Mission 2 (50,000)
Emmet (Wheel Head) - After Mission 5
Emmet (Robot Disguise) - After Mission 11
Abilities: Instruction Build, Fix, Drill, Projectile (Old West)


Gail - After Mission 1
Abilities: Instruction Build, Fix, Drill, High Jump


Frank the Foreman - After Mission 1 (25,000)
Abilities: Instruction Build, Fix, Drill


Demolition Guy - After Mission 1 (50,000)
Abilities: Instruction Build, Fix, Drill, Explosives


Emmet (Master Builder) - After Mission 13
Abilities: Master Build, Instruction Build, Fix, Drill


Wyldstyle - After Mission 1
Wyldstyle (Hood) - After Mission 2 (50,000)
Wyldstyle (Old West) - After Mission 3
Wyldstyle (Robot Disguise) - After Mission 11
Wyldstyle (Space) - After Mission 12 (75,000)
Abilities: Master Build, High Jump, Projectiles (Old West), Hack (Space)


Vitruvius (Old) - After Mission 4
Vitruvius (Ghost) - After Mission 15 (750,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles, Blind Courage, Secret Knock


Batman - After Mission 5
Bruce Wayne - After Mission 11 (50,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles, Grapple


Unikitty - After Mission 6
Queasy Kitty - After Mission 10
Biznis Kitty - After Mission 11 (150,000)
Astro Kitty - After Mission 12 (200,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Rainbow Bricks, Hack (Astro)


Benny - After Mission 7
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles, Hack


MetalBeard (Minifigure) - After Mission 10 (250,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Explosives


Gandalf - After Mission 15
Abilities: Master Build, Projectile, Secret Knock


Superman - After Mission 14
Abilities: Master Build, Flight, Laser


Wonder Woman - After Mission 14
Abilities: Master Build, Flight, Projectiles, Grapple


Green Lantern - After Mission 14
Abilities: Master Build, Flight, Projectiles, Green Lantern


Green Ninja - After Mission 8 (250,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Cleopatra - After Mission 7 (150,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


FemBot - After Mission 10 (150,000)
Abilities: Hack, High Jump


Witch - After Mission 7 (150,000)
Abilities: Master Build, High Jump, Projectiles


Lady Liberty - After Mission 9 (150,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Fire, High Jump


Abraham Lincoln - After Mission 7
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Shakespeare - After Mission 6 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Michelangelo - After Mission 8 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Magician - After Mission 6 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Swamp Creature - After Mission 9
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Lord Vampyre - After Mission 7 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Panda Guy - After Mission 9 (150,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectile, Secret Knock


Yeti - After Mission 9 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Mummy - After Mission 5 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles


Test Dummy - After Mission 7 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build


Caveman - After Mission 8 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build, Projectiles, Fire


El Macho Wrestler - After Mission 7 (100,000)
Abilities: Master Build


Mrs. Scratchen-Post - After Mission 1 (10,000)
Abilities: High Jump, Projectiles


Cardio Carrie - After Mission 1 (10,000)
Abilities: High Jump


Executive Ellen - After Mission 11 (10,000)
Abilities: High Jump


Sharon Shoehorn - After Mission 12 (10,000)
Abilities: High Jump


Where Are My Pants? Guy - After Mission 12 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Blaze Firefighter - After Mission 13
Abilities: Water


Plumber Joe - After Mission 14 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Garbageman Grant - After Mission 13 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Garbageman Dan - After Mission 14
Abilities: Projectiles


Gordon Zola - After Mission 15 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Fire


Kabob Bob - After Mission 14 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Fire


Ice Cream Mike - After Mission 13 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Ice Cream Jo - After Mission 2 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, High Jump


Dr. McScrubs - After Mission 12 (10,000)
Abilities: None


Larry the Barista - After Mission 1 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Taco Tuesday Guy - After Mission 14 (10,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Gallant Guard - After Mission 6 (50,000)
Abilities: Master Build


Sir Stack-a-Brick - After Mission 3 (50,000)
Abilities: Master Build


Prospector - After Mission 3 (25,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Hank Haystacks - After Mission 5 (25,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Hot Tub Harry - After Mission 5 (50,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Tomahawk - After Mission 4 (150,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Native - After Mission 3 (100,000)
Abilities: Projectiles


Wiley Fusebot - After Mission 3 (125,000)
Abilities: Hack, Explosives, Fire


Robo Cowboy - After Mission 3 (125,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Hack


Deputron - After Mission 4 (150,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Hack


Calamity Drone - After Mission 5 (500,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Hack


Sheriff Not-A-Robot - After Mission 4 (500,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Hack


Ma Cop - After Mission 10 (25,000)
Abilities: High Jump


Pa Cop - After Mission 10 (25,000)
Abilities: None


Velma Staplebot - After Mission 12 (50,000)
Abilities: High Jump, Projectiles, Hack


Robo (Construction) - After Mission 13 (75,000)
Abilities: Hack


Robo (Demolition) - After Mission 14 (100,000)
Abilities: Explosives, Hack


Robo Skeleton - After Mission 11 (150,000)
Abilities: Laser, Hack


Robo SWAT (Laser) - After Mission 11 (50,000)
Abilities: Laser, Hack


Robo SWAT (Rocket) - After Mission 5 (125,000)
Abilities: Explosives, Hack


Robo SWAT (Armour) - After Mission 10 (125,000)
Abilities: Hack


Robo SWAT - After Mission 4 (50,000)
Abilities: Hack


Robo Fed - After Mission 10 (25,000)
Abilities: Laser, Hack


Good Cop (Scribble Face) - After Mission 12 (300,000)
Abilities: Projectiles, Laser


Bad Cop - After Mission 12
Abilities: Projectiles, Laser


President Business - After Mission 15 (1,000,000)
Abilities: Lord Business


Lord Business (Minfigure) - After Mission 15 (1,000,000)
Abilities: Lord Business, Projectiles

7A. How To Get 100% =

Typically, if you want to get to 100% efficiently, I suggest not purchasing 
characters until you get a decent amount of studs in the bank.  To do this, 
you need to get the stud multipliers as early as possible, and you can get 
the x2 multiplier right after you unlock Vitruvius in Mission 4.

The next multiplier (x4) can be purchased after you buy a Fire character.  
Wiley Fusebot is the first one who can do that, and also has Explosives, 
which are useful and not on any default story character.  You'll also need 
Batman to get x4.

After that, you may as well just finish the story with those multipliers.  
Many things become trivial once you get flying characters.  All you need to 
purchase after that to find items is one of the Lord Businesseseses.

7B. Extras =

The famed Red Bricks are found in the Hub areas between missions.  Information 
on how to get each one can be found in Section 5, but here I explain how much 
they cost and what their effects are:

Studs x2 - Found in Bricksburg
Cost: 250,000
This multiplies your stud intake by 2.  These multipliers stack, so if you 
 actviate multiple multipliers, you get even more studs, up to x3840.

Studs x4 - Found in Old West
Cost: 500,000
This multiplies your stud intake by 4.

Studs x6 - Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cost: 1,000,000
This multiplies your stud intake by 6.

Studs x8 - Found in Octan Tower
Cost: 2,500,000
This multiplies your stud intake by 8.

Studs x10 - Found in Bricksburg
Cost: 5,000,000
This multiplies your stud intake by 10.

Fast Repair - Found in Bricksburg
Cost: 100,000
With this, fixing stuff with a wrench will go faster most of the time.

Fast Drill - Found in Old West
Cost: 100,000
While this won't make you move faster on the drill, it will make it quicker 
 to get through cracked walls.

Fast Build - Found in Old West
Cost: 100,000
This will seriously cut down building time.

Fast Boomerangs - Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cost: 100,000
This will speed up the flying projectiles like Vitruvius' Staff and Batarangs.

Fast Secret Knock - Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cost: 100,000
With this, you'll have to knock once to get through a door instead of the 
 usual three times.

Fast Hack - Found in Octan Tower
Cost: 100,000
The hacking minigame will allow your little icon to move and hack a lot 

Gold Instruction Page Detector - Found in Old West
Cost: 200,000
With this turned on, you'll see white arrows on your screen to indicate 
 where Gold Pages are in the story missions.  You won't be told exactly how 
 to get it, but you'll have the general area where it will appear.

Red Brick Detector - Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cost: 200,000
 Much like the Gold Page detector, only it has red arrows and only appears 
 in the hub areas.

Pants Detector - Found in Bricksburg 
Cost: 200,000
Like the Gold Page detector, except the arrow is purple.

Character Studs - Found in Old West
Cost: 100,000
Smashing characters will produce studs for you to collect with this turned on.

Collect Guide Studs - Found in Bricksburg
Cost: 50,000
This will allow you to collect the green guide studs for 1,000 each.  
 Unfortunately, this becomes useless once you complete the story, as guide 
 studs will not appear again.

Attract Studs - Found in Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cost: 600,000
This increases your stud-collecting range, making it much easier to clean 
 up areas.

Extra Hearts - Found in Octan Tower
Cost: 100,000
You will have six hearts instead of the usual four.

Regenerate Hearts - Found in Octan Tower
Cost: 100,000
This will cause your hearts to refill over time if hurt.

Invincibility - Found in Octan Tower
Cost: 100,000
Nothing will hurt you with this on, except for a fall.

7C. Trophies/Achievements =

The first sixteen achievements are all for completing missions, including 
the Prologue, so I won't list them here.  The following are the rest:

Honey, Where Are My Pants?
- Collected all pairs of Pants

You Are The Special
- Achieved The Special in every level

Welcome to Bricksburg
- Collected all of the Red Bricks

Build Things Only You Can Build
- Collected all Golden Manuals

Including, But Not Limited To
- Purchased All Master Builders

The Special People In Your Life
- Purchased All Characters

Always Read The Instructions!
- Completed all Instruction Builds in Story Mode

Midas Touch
- Completed all Golden Instruction Builds
NOTE: Meaning you have to go to the Bonus Bedroom and put them all together.

Business Business Business
- Earned 1,000,000,000 studs
NOTE: Not difficult once you turn on all stud multiplier extras.

Everything Is Awesome!
- Achieved 100% Completion

Really hard? This be Impossible!
- Destroyed 50 Enemies as Metal Beard
NOTE: This must be done as the big MetalBeard, not the minifigure.  Simply 
 go to Mission 10 Story and keep punching robots in the delivery dock.

The Opposite Of Happiness
- Killed 20 Enemies as Rage Unikitty

Ah! The Kragle!
- Kragelized 10 people with the Kragle Gun
NOTE: This must be done to enemies, not just random people.

Building Bad
- Attempted a Master Build-It with a Non-Master Builder
NOTE: Basically just try building with Emmet.

Pow Pow! Bullet Bullet! Gun!
- Defeated 30 Enemies as Emmet Cowboy

- Defeated 20 Enemies as Sheriff Not-A-Robot

I Could Sing This Song For Hours
- Scored 21 awesome dance moves in the Construction Site dance mini game
NOTE: Which basically means doing it perfectly.  Listen to the music instead 
 of watching the prompts.  You'll score better that way.  This is Mission 1, 
 if you didn't figure it out.

No Way, This Is My Jam.
- Scored 21 awesome dance moves in the Kragelizer dance mini game
NOTE: This is in Mission 11 and is the same deal.

- Made a Fire
NOTE: Can be done with Caveman or Lady Liberty on a fire spot.

First Try!
- Completed an Instruction Build without losing any studs
NOTE: Easiest to do this in the first mission on the porch build.

I Am The Computer
- Collected all studs in a hacking mini-game

Wear Clothes... Check!
- Customised your character
NOTE: Go to the character customization place in Cloud Cuckoo Land.  It's 
 through the door leading to the big meeting room.

A House Divided
- Played as Abraham Lincoln and Lady Liberty
NOTE: Can be done separately.  Don't need both characters at once.

- Completed all Master Builds in Server Room as Benny

I Super Hate You Right Now
- Played as Superman and Green Lantern
NOTE: Can be done separately.  Don't need both characters at once.

It's Just Business
- Used Lord Business' Legs Machine

The Prophecy, I Made It Up!
- Switched from Vitruvius to Ghost Vitruvius

- Shot Emmet with Robo Skeleton

Glues Your Daddy?
- Used the Kragle Gun to Shoot Ma and Pa Bad Cop in the Relic Room
NOTE: This has to be done in Free Play in Mission 10.  You'll need Ma 
 and Pa and Lord Business unlocked.  Just switch your characters to Ma 
 or Pa and have the other be Business and shoot them with the Kragle 
 while you're in the Relic Room.

To The Invisible Jet!
- Found and destroyed the Invisible Jet
NOTE: This is found in Mission 5.  Go to the storm cloud area where you 
 find a gold page and need to use Unikitty to get there.  As soon as you 
 get this area, you'll see white sparkles to your right.  Swing in that 

- Smashed a chair as Bad Cop
NOTE: This is done in Mission 2 and you must have Bad Cop purchased.  There 
 is a chair right in first area.  Just press Circle in front of it.

Too Bad!
- Switched from Good Cop (Scribble Face) to Bad Cop

7D. Secret Codes =

I picked up a few codes off of GameFAQs to share.  They're all for 
characters, so enjoy:

F3VG47 Abraham Lincolin
P4YX22 Cleopatra
FNHLTK Emmet (Clown)
UOOAQY Emmet (Lizard)
NIHX2B Emmet (Old West)
HJ4C21 Emmet (Pajamas)
FXP9AN Gallant Guard
OSSVNI Green Ninja
A76DN7 Lady Liberty
K7TDXJ Larry the Barista
KGJ4DU Lord Vampyre
UP7HJQ Mrs. Scratchen-post
NG73OM Panda Guy
FHNCD1 Prospector
GFH2F8 Robo SWAT (Laser)
31S3I5 Shakespeare
BID12F Swamp Creature
BC2XJ5 Vitruvius (Young)
V4P96P Yeti

There are also some other codes that give you special pants, but they're 
not really important to completing the game.  Still, have fun with them if 
you want.

8A. Legal =

This FAQ was made 100% by me, and is Copyright © 2014 Scott "CyricZ" 
Zdankiewicz.  You may not take it in whole or in part and claim it as your 
own.  You may not alter it in any way, even if you ask me first, and that 
includes putting it in HTML format.  Please don’t post this on your site 
unless you have express consent by me.  I’ve put a lot of time into this.  
Give me some credit.

Currently, the following sites have permission to post my FAQ:


I'm not going to allow people with small personal sites to post this FAQ.  
They may post the link on GameFAQs with all the LEGO guides, but, trying to 
keep updates, well, updated, I'll only allow large committed sites that I 

8B. E-mail Guidelines =

If you wish to e-mail me, be sure to follow these guidelines...

- Make ABSOLUTELY sure I haven't already answered your question in the guide.
- Make sure it has something to do with the LEGO Movie game.  I don't want 
spam, chain letters, offers for friendship.  Compliment me on the FAQ all you 
want, though.
- Make sure you say LEGO Movie at one point in your e-mail.  I have 
more than one LEGO FAQ, and asking a generic question such as "How do I beat 
the last level?" doesn't tell me much.
- Spell correctly and use proper grammar, please.  If I can't understand 
your e-mail, it'll go to the junk pile.

8C. Credits =

CJayC, SBAllen, and all respective webmasters for having this on their sites.

LEGO, for their world of imagination.

Animal Logic, for this sick movie.

8D. Version Updates =

Version 1.0 - 3/10/2014 - This should be all set, unless I missed some 
 abilities certain characters had.  Please let me know if I'm missing 

8E. The Final Word =

Another one in the bag.  I'll see you guys for the LEGO Hobbit game in a 
little while!



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