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    R-101C Carbine FAQ by adam3k3

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/20/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

      "If you like my work, please recommend this FAQ to others as a thank you"
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                          R - 1 0 1 C  C a r b i n e  F A Q      
                            TitanFall R-101C Carbine FAQ
                                Written for PC version
                                   FAQ version 1.0
                                      By Adam3k3
                           Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com  
                              Website: http://adam3k3.com
                      This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper
                              Last Revision Aug 20, 2015
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide......................................[100]
     1-1. Availability...................................[110]
     2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
     3-1. Searching the Guide............................[130]
     4-1. Version History................................[140]
    2. FAQ Explained.........................................[200]
    3. Weapon Info...........................................[300]
     1-3. Against Pilots.................................[310]
     2-3. Against Minions/Titans.........................[320]
     3-3. Weapon Mods....................................[330]
     4-3. Weaknesses Scenarios...........................[340]
     5-3. Scenarios......................................[350]
     5-4. Challenges.....................................[360]
    4. Closing...............................................[400]
     1-4. Contacts.......................................[410] 
     2-4. Special Thanks.................................[420]
    100: About this Guide  \
    '-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'
    The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
    my website [1], GameFaqs [2].
    [1] http://adam3k3.com
    [2] http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs
    '-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
    the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.
    This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
    its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
    your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
    work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
    clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
    availability section.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0
    '-- 130: Searching the Guide -------------------------------------------------'
    Press "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Copy, paste the code to the desired section 
    from the tables of content into the search bar and click Find.
    '-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'
    Version 1.0 Aug 20, 2015.
    . FAQ complete.
    200: FAQ Explained             \
    My third Titanfall weapon FAQ, R-101C Carbine. This is my main and favorite
    weapon and the most time I spent with, so here are my strategies. Enjoy.
    300: Weapon Info       \
    "The R-101C is a fully automatic, compact assault weapon commonly used
    throughout the Frontier."
    — In-game description.
    Weapon Class: Primary Weapon
    Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
    50 - 40 (Infantry)
    25 - 25 (Titan)
    100 (Rodeo)
    Rate of Fire: 810 RPM
    Range: 32-44m
    Recoil: Medium - Low
    Fire Mode: Fully Automatic
    Reload Time: 2.92s (Empty)
    Damage Multipliers: 1.4 (Head
    Clip Size: 24 / 30 (Extended Magazine) 
    Starting Ammunition: 24 + 336 / 30 + 420 (Extended Magazine)
    Maximum Ammunition: 220 / 270 (Extended Magazine)
    Used by: Pilots
    Starter weapons usually suck in games. They tend to be underpowered for weak
    enemies and nothing further. Titanfall breaks this chain turns things upside
    down as the first weapon you get to use is arguably the best weapon in the
    entire game. 
    This is an assault rifle and a damn good one to honest. You can take out any
    enemy except the Titan with any given range as the weapon has add ons made
    for each type of range and play style. As a bonus, this is the default weapon
    of grants so even if you are not using this rifle as your main weapon, you can
    pick it up as a secondary firearm in addition to your main one.
    '-- 310: Against Pilots-------------------------------------------------------'
    . Enemy pilots are human controlled, meaning no running toward them with no
      strategy. Instead, analyze the surroundings before you make a move. Were
      you spotted? Any good hiding place nearby? You do have a long range rifle
      after all.
    . Use nearby walls or hiding obstacles to hide behind in case the enemy fires
      back (mostly long range). Bear in mind that hiding behind an obstacle will
      not stop other enemies from spotting you or even the one you were firing at
      from advancing toward you or worse, surprise you from behind. Never stay in
      a spot for too long, the golden rule of titanfall.
    . Watch out for enemy titans. You cannot deal any real damage using your
      R-101C Carbine so don’t show up on enemy titan’s view if you don’t want
      an unnecessary death.
    . Once you spotted an enemy on a friendly titan, take him out from a safe
      distance. Do not run toward the titan unless you are 100% sure no other
      enemy is in the area and that in itself is impossible to verify.
    . Try to get headshots as much as possible but don’t overdo it. Try aiming
      at the enemy’s neck as aiming directly on the head will most likely be a
    . If your weapon is set for long range combat, pick up another one by killing
      a minion and replacing your useless secondary weapon with another Carbine.
      Why? Because the ones minions carry will have the default setup that’s good
      for short range. 
    '-- 320: Against Minions/Titans ----------------------------------------------'
    Minions are easy to kill and don’t deal that much of a damage. With that being
    said, you should still carefully and preferably take them out from a mid-range
    distance. There is no telling what can happen especially when dealing with a
    mixed group of Specters and pilots.
    Scan the area for pilots before taking out minions and always go for the pilot
    in between. Minions will deal some damage, but the real threat is always the
    pilot and or a Titan.
    Speaking of Titans, like I said before do not encage directly. Hide behind a
    safe spot and fire your anti titan weapon but make sure to move afterwards as
    you will be spotted.
    It is best to throw an Arc grenade to blind nearby enemies or titan.
    '-- 330: Weapon Mods ---------------------------------------------------------'
    Moding your Carbine is very important, depending on your setup your weapon
    will be a long or mid-range capable. Something you need to consider depending
    on your play style.
    Weapon Attachments
    . Iron Sights
    The default sight. Limited to short and mid-range.
    . HCOG
    Unlock: The Expendables (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Grunts
    Arguably the best weapon sight. At 1.85X magnification this attachment gives
    you a flexible tracking view at mid-range. And while this can also help in
    long range fights, it is not recommended for sniping out your opponents from
    long distances.
    . Holosight
    Unlock: The Expendables (III) Challenge: Kill 50 Grunts
    The best option for a balanced view zoomed at 2.1X. This attachment enhances
    your weapon’s view at long range fights. Make no mistake; the attachment makes
    your weapon great for mid ranges as well. Like I said the balanced option and
    my current setup.
    . AOG
    Unlock: If It Moves... (III) Challenge: Kill 50 Enemies
    Perfect for extended long range fights zoomed at 2.4X. This attachment while
    great for long range fights makes it difficult to track your opponent at short
    or mid ranges.
    Weapon Mods
    . Extended Magazine
    Unlock: Machine War (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Spectres
    This should be your modification by de3foult without thinking. Your weapon
    is a rifle that fires bullets faster than you can say headshot. Extra ammo
    is always welcome.
    . Suppressor
    Unlock: If It Moves... (II) Challenge: Kill 25 Enemies
    Reduces your firing noise and hides you off the enemy’s map when firing. If
    your type of gameplay is stealth then this is for you. Otherwise go for the
    extra ammo.
    '-- 340: Weaknesses ----------------------------------------------------------'
    . The R-101C Carbine fires bullets at a fast rate meaning if you are not
      carful you could end up wasting your ammo and ending up reloading in a
      tight situation. Carefully fire only when you must.
    . Short range fights means danger, especial if the enemy is using shotgun
      or other rifles which have an advantage at short range fights.
    . It takes about 4 hits for a pilot to go down, this can become hard to
      accomplish if the pilot is constantly moving and jumping around. Practice
      aiming and target chasing.
    '-- 350: Scenarios -----------------------------------------------------------'
    . You are standing on higher ground with a target beneath.
    Depending on the range and your setup, try firing a couple of rounds and
    see how it goes. If the target is too fast, abandon your post and move to
    another direction as the target will most likely fire back or simply move
    out of your view.
    . The target is surrounded with enemy minions.
    Throw an arc grenade and fire away from short to mid-range. Keep in mind
    other enemy pilots may be around.
    '-- 360: Challenges ----------------------------------------------------------'
    If It Moves
        Criteria  Reward 
    1 - Kill 10  Enemies - 500 XP 
    2 - Kill 25  Enemies - 1,000 XP, Suppressor Mod, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    3 - Kill 50  Enemies - 2,500 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    4 - Kill 100 Enemies - 5,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    5 - Kill 200 Enemies - 10,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card 
    Top Gun
    1 - Kill 5 Pilots  - 500 XP 
    2 - Kill 15 Pilots - 1,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    3 - Kill 30 Pilots - 2,500 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    4 - Kill 50 Pilots - 5,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    5 - Kill 75 Pilots - 10,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    Machine War
    1 - Kill 10 Spectres  - 500 XP 
    2 - Kill 25 Spectres  - 1,000 XP, Extended Magaine Mod, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    3 - Kill 50 Spectres  - 2,500 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    4 - Kill 75 Spectres  - 5,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    5 - Kill 100 Spectres - 10,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    The Expendables
    1 - Kill 10 Grunts  - 500 XP 
    2 - Kill 25 Grunts  - HCOG Attachment
    3 - Kill 50 Grunts  - Holosight Attachment
    4 - Kill 100 Grunts - 5,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    5 - Kill 200 Grunts - 10,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    This Is My Weapon
    1 - Use Weapon for .5 Hour   - 500 XP 
    2 - Use Weapon for 1 Hour    - 1,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    3 - Use Weapon for 1.5 Hours - 2,500 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    4 - Use Weapon for 2 Hours   - 5,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    5 - Use Weapon for 3 Hours   - 10,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    Off the Dome
    1 - Get 5 Headshots  - 500 XP
    2 - Get 15 Headshots - 1,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    3 - Get 30 Headshots - 2,500 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    4 - Get 50 Headshots - 5,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    5 - Get 75 Headshots - 10,000 XP, Amped R-101C Burn Card
    400: Closing           \
    '-- 410: Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------'
    I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
    sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
    corrections, requests or anything else.
    E-mail: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com
    Twitter: @Adam3k3
    Website: http://adam3k3.com
    '-- 420: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------'
    . http://titanfall.wikia.com for some weapon references.
    . All websites that are hosting my FAQs.
    . You for reading this FAQ.
    FAQ Created by 
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