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Under the Atlantic ocean, the crustacean race is creating mechs... powerful machines that resemble them. Their colony is thriving happily... The plans to the mechs hidden away. But a recent attack shows that other oceanic animals are building mechs. Because the plans are stolen ! And the enemy fishes are coming ! Prepare your mech and get out there ! Aqua Mech Warzone is a classic platformer with a slight tweak. You play as a soldier mech armed with plasma launching cannons, and rapid boosters to swim about. Use this to fight the incoming waves of enemy fish, eel, jellyfish and more types of mechs. The high rank mech bosses are preparing their attack too, so watch out. Upgrade your guns and collect props you unlock from the shop by collecting crystals, beating mechs and rescuing the stolen fishes, one at a time. But the fun doesn't end there ! Collect all the achievements. And most of all, find the traitor !

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