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Discover swashbuckling adventure like never before. You are Cyrus, a Redguard mercenary who has returned to his homeland to find it in peril. The quest leads from the Iron Governor, to a restless band of pirates, and even into another dimension. You'll solve their puzzles, with both your wit and your sword, and live an epic story. Action, adventure, and storytelling are all combined in the genre-breaking game that is REDGUARD.

* Return again to Tamriel, land of The Elder Scrolls.

* Real time 3D cinematics highlight the story that evolves at the pace of your play.

* Sword fight, jump across dizzying chasms, and swing across ropes.

* Interact with dozens of characters and hear every line of dialog.

* Involved puzzles with multiple objects and deep combinations will test your skills.


* Travel the lush landscapes of Redguard. Beaches, rivers, hills, and mountains will test your stamina.

* Make your way into the palace and seek an audience with the Governor.

* Delve into deep caverns, Dwarven ruins, mysterious catacombs, and even into another dimension. The entire world is open for you to explore. If you get stuck in one area, you can leave and tackle another.

* The heart of your search is Syros M'Kal, an island of unparalleled scope and detail. Explore the harbor towns and unlock the secrets of its landscape.

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