1. Adam Cogan Additional Contractor
  2. Clay Cook Additional Contractor
  3. Nick Miller Additional Contractor
  4. Gabriel Smith Additional Contractor
  5. Matthew Via Additional Contractor
  6. Jason MacNeil Additional Design
  7. Trevor Phelps Additional Game Designer
  8. Brandon Stephens Additional Game Designer
  9. Tal Arrowood Additional Gameplay Programming
  10. Jim Ashcraft Additional Gameplay Programming
  11. Douglas Cox Additional Gameplay Programming
  12. Nick Korn Additional Gameplay Programming
  13. Amilcar Ubiera Additional Gameplay Programming
  14. Rodney W. Harper Additional Sounds
  15. Paul Buda Animator
  16. David Lamb Animator
  17. Jeremy Riccione Animator
  18. Drew Walton Animator
  19. Eric Peterson Art Director
  20. Makoto Ando Art Director (Namco Bandai Studios)
  21. Nick Friedemann Assistant Engineer
  22. Jun Umeda Assistant Engineer
  23. Mami Okada Casting Director
  24. Preston Law Character Artist
  25. Mike McClelland Character Artist
  26. Josh Piszczek Character Artist
  27. Ivan Moy Concept Artist
  28. Matt Everhart Designer
  29. Brett Freese Designer
  30. Brandon Stephens Designer
  31. Oscar Garcia Dialogue Editor
  32. Benjamin Harrington Dialogue Editor
  33. Justin Kohler Dialogue Editor
  34. Ricardo Watson Dialogue Editor
  35. Tomoko Iura Director (Namco Bandai Studios)
  36. Chihiro Kozasa Director (Namco Bandai Studios)
  37. Fumihiro Suzuki Director (Namco Bandai Studios)
  38. Midori Takahashi Director (Namco Bandai Studios)
  39. Mike McClelland Effect Artist
  40. Tal Arrowood Engine and Tools Development
  41. Jim Ashcraft Engine and Tools Development
  42. Nick Korn Engine and Tools Development
  43. Amilcar Ubiera Engine and Tools Development
  44. Douglas Cox Engine Programming Director
  45. Kunihisa Yahishita Executive Producer (Namco Bandai Games)
  46. Alfred McNulty Gameplay Programming
  47. Ed Rowe Gameplay Programming
  48. Allan Campbell Gameplay Programming Director
  49. Katsushi Obi Graphic Design (Namco Bandai Studios)
  50. Takaharu Suzuki Graphic Design (Namco Bandai Studios)
  51. Jim Ashcraft Graphics Programming
  52. Nick Korn Graphics Programming
  53. Amilcar Ubiera Graphics Programming
  54. Nathan Bolt Lead Environment Artist
  55. Jason MacNeil Lead Environment Artist
  56. Rob Maxwell Lead Environment Artist
  57. David Schultz Lead Environment Artist
  58. Robert Simpson Lead Environment Artist
  59. Dan Wallace Lead Environment Artist
  60. Dave Ellis Lead Game Designer
  61. Kevin Mabie Lead Gameplay Programmer
  62. Michael Nelson Lead Scripter
  63. Mark Reis Lead Sound Design
  64. Ryota Toyama Localization
  65. Babucaru Sagna Localization (Namco Bandai Studios)
  66. Seiji Sugimoto Localization (Namco Bandai Studios)
  67. Jim Ashcraft Physics Programming
  68. Eric P. Sherman Producer
  69. Bryan West Producer
  70. Kunito Komori Producer (Namco Bandai Games)
  71. Tohru Takahashi Producer (Namco Bandai Studios)
  72. Jermaine Gill Production Coordinator
  73. Megumi Kunisada Production Coordinator
  74. Benjamin Harrington Recording Engineer
  75. Chris Driggers Scripter
  76. Michael Richey Scripter
  77. Minako Takahashi Senior Localization Producer
  78. Rodney W. Harper Senior Producer
  79. Patrick Rodman Sound Supervisor
  80. Masanori Kato Supervisor (Namco Bandai Studios)
  81. Tsuyoshi Kobayashi Supervisor (Namco Bandai Studios)
  82. Jonathan Bishop Technical Artist
  83. Nathan Bolt Texture Artist
  84. Dave Graham Texture Artist
  85. David Schultz Texture Artist
  86. Robert Simpson Texture Artist
  87. Scott Sprange Texture Artist
  88. Ryan Hoss Texture Artsit
  89. Ivan Moy UI Artist
  90. Amilcar Ubiera UI Programming
  91. Michael Richey UI Scripter
  92. Kevin McMullan Voice Driector
  93. Russell Jimmies Voice: Betrayus
  94. Lucien Dodge Voice: Blinky / Skeebo
  95. Orion Acaba Voice: Clyde
  96. Sandy Fox Voice: Cyli
  97. Kyle Herbert Voice: Fluffy / Cyclops
  98. Keith Silverstein Voice: Fuzbitz
  99. Percival Williams Voice: Ice Ghost / Green Ghost
  100. Bryce Papenbrook Voice: Inky
  101. Rachel McCabe Voice: Ms. Globular
  102. Chuck Morgan Voice: Ogle
  103. Erica Mendez Voice: Pac-Man
  104. Julie Kliewer Voice: Pinky
  105. Steve Pinto Voice: President Spheros
  106. David V.O. Lodge Voice: Sir C
  107. Vic Mignogna Voice: Spiral
  108. Dave Ellis Writer


Data and credits for this game contributed by BGoldTLE, NamcoMuseum2, and oliist.

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