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The Cyberbyke is an armored Virtual Reality motorcycle you control from a multi-dimensional command post. It's outfitted with over 15 different weapons including: lasers, missiles, grenades, mortars, chain guns and scatter guns.
The WTO (World Treaty Organization) has taken over most of the world's major cities. Your government has left behind valuable secrets, nuclear components, as well as chemical and biological weapons. It's up to you, to use your Cyberbyke to steal back these secrets before the enemy realizes their potential. You'll have to infiltrate their new defenses and take out important structures with high-powered bombs. Prepare to track down and destroy enemy cycles from the WTO's political infrastructure. It's high speed warfare for the highest stake - WORLD FREEDOM. Your government needs you now more than ever!
- Customize your own bike
- 8 player network support
- Lightning fast 3D graphics
- Custom level construction
- 360 degree free movement viewing area
- VR headset compatible

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#604 highest rated PC racing game (#9666 on PC, #32678 overall)


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