• Level skip code

    This trick requires the v1.33 patch. Press [Ctrl] and [Alt] and [Shift] and [End] together during game play.

    Contributed By: Desert eagle.

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  • Basketball Court

    Start a New Game and set the Training difficulty to 'Expert'. Play through Training as usual until you get to the part where you fight against the guard. Fight him until he starts to walk away. Quickly run to the table, get the key, and follow the guard. If you take too long, the iron bars will shut behind him and you'll have to restart training.

    Once back in the room where the guard comes out from, you'll see a locked grey door. Use the key on it, and you'll be in a basketball court. There's a basketball on the floor that you can throw around, and you can try to make it in one of the hoops. At the far end of the room, there's a bedroll that you can pick up that contains humorous quotes from the Thief production staff.

    Contributed By: PandemoniaChick.

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  • Cash/Level cheat

    These two cheats require the v1.33 patch. First find the dark.cfg file in your Thief directory. Create a backup file of it, because you have to edit it. Open the dark.cfg file with a text editor (Wordpad, Notepad).

    To start at any level you want:
    Add the line ''starting_missionX'' X=the number of the mission. Play a New Game and you will start at that mission.

    To have as much cash as you want:
    Add the line ''cash_bonusX'' X=the amount of cash you want to start with.

    Contributed By: call me peppi.

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  • Easy Fire Talisman

    In the Lost City level, buy the speed potion before starting the mission. When you enter the tunnel past the big waterfall, instead of going left to the library, go right. Follow the tunnel and kill the baby spiders. When you get to the opening you will be looking at the talisman in the tower (Garret says ''So this is the Lost City...) Rope arrow one of the rafters. Drink the speed potion, then get a running start straight towards the opening, and jump to grab the rope (it may take a few tries). Once you get across, just climp the rope, jump through the window, and the Talisman is yours!! This may also work on Thief Gold, but I haven't tested it.

    Contributed By: awp81.

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