What PC keys are for What?

  1. Don't have instructions.

    User Info: GKPrinceValiant

    GKPrinceValiant - 10 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The controls are re-bindable.

    Some idiot thought it would be a good idea to disable the ability to link urls to the game's manual. Here are the [default] control listings.

    Use Weapon/Mouse Button 1 Use Item/Mouse Button 2 Block/Mouse Button 3 Run/W Walk/S Backpedal/X Turn Left/A Turn Right/D Sidestep Left/Z Sidestep Right/C Lean Left/Q Lean Right/E Jump/SPACE Block/SPACE (with sword selected) Crouch/F Look Up/T Look Down/G Center View/V Drop Item/R Map/M Objectives/O Menu/ESC Quick Save/F11 Quick Load/F12 Next Item/Tab Previous Item/Shift+Tab Clear Item/Backspace Screen Gamma Adjust/+, - Clear Weapon/~ Sword/1 Blackjack/2 Broadhead Arrow/3 Water Arrow/4 Fire Arrow/5 Moss Arrow/6 Gas Arrow/7 Rope Arrow/
    8 Noisemaker Arrow/9 select Healing Potion/F1 select Breath Potion/F2 select Holy Water/F3 select Lock Pick 1/F4 select Lock Pick 2/F5 select Flash Bomb/F6 select Gas Mine/F7 select Mine/F8 select Compass/F9 take Screenshot/F10

    User Info: Hicks233

    Hicks233 - 10 months ago 0   0

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