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The Exile
Complete The Exile Part 1 & 2 sidequests
Vitamin A Overdose
Find all the huge carrots in the game
Complete "I WANT THAT" sidequest
A Family Always Stays Together
Complete A Family Always Stays Together sidequest
Queen Hunter
Kill the Scarab Queen in "Beware I Live" Chapter
Scorpion Hunter
Kill the Cave Scorpion in "In Too Deep" Chapter
Super Nice Guy
Complete all the side quests
Shuboreas Taken
Obtain Wind Magic
Heptastus Taken
Obtain Fire Magic
Deisimeter Taken
Obtain Essence Magic
Find all collectibles
Smoking hot!
Burn something for the first time
Look ma, no fire magic!
Doing a fire burst through wind-push for the first time
By your powers combined...
Do a Havoc for the first time
There’s no I in ME
Do a combination spell for the first time
This is just the beginning
Deafeat the traitor
Who’s the rat now?
Defeat the archmage
Escape the Sand Dragon
This is not the end
Defeat Sho’rak
Fire Nova
Collect fire spell variation: Fire Nova
Fire Pillars
Collect fire spell variation: Fire Pillars
Collect wind spell variation: Hurricane
Wind Elevation
Collect wind spell variation: Wind Elevation
Soul Eater
Collect essence spell variation: Soul eater
Ghost Summoner
Collect essence spell variation: Ghost Summoner
Nice Guy
Do all the side quests in The Edge
The Floor is Lava
In the city don’t touch the ground until the shield is down.
Don’t die during Emil’s Challenge
History Won’t Repeat Itself
Stop the Sarahuls without dying once

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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