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Guide and Walkthrough by Tricky

Version: 13.06 | Updated: 06/28/2013

                ___________      .__        __                  
                \__    ___/______|__| ____ |  | _____.__. ______
                  |    |  \_  __ \  |/ ___\|  |/ <   |  |/  ___/
                  |    |   |  | \/  \  \___|    < \___  |\___ \ 
                  |____|   |__|  |__|\___  >__|_ \/ ____/____  >
                                         \/     \/\/         \/ 

  Guide through: LEISURE SUIT LARRY 1 RELOADED!                                
  Version: 13.06                                                               
  This is an automated plain text conversion of a FAQ primarily written in     
  HTML. This conversion was done for sites like GameFAQs.com who don't allow   
  HTML for security reasons.                                                   
  To see the full, properly lay-outed version of this FAQ, please look it up   
  on http://faq.tbbs.nl                                                        
  I'll try to make this TXT version is complete as possible, but nothing       
  promised, and on the website mentioned above you are 100% certain you got    
  the latest official version of this FAQ.                                     

 *** Introductional stuff ***
    = General Overview of the game and how to use this FAQ ....... INT00000001
    = Age verification questions ................................. INT00000002

 *** Walkthrough ***
    = Fawn ....................................................... LSL00000001
    = Jasmine .................................................... LSL00000002
    = Faith ...................................................... LSL00000003
    = Eve ........................................................ LSL00000004

 *** Background stuff ***
    = A list of way to die ....................................... BCK00000001
    = Inventory Items ............................................ BCK00000002

 *** Ending Notes ***
    = Copyright and license ...................................... END00000001
    = How do you contact me? ..................................... END00000002
  General Overview of the game and how to use this FAQ                         
  It's here at last. The 'reloaded' version of LSL1 we were all waiting for,   
  and only 1 day after the release I began to write this FAQ, whoohooo (I      
  never was this early).                                                       
  The object of the game is to seduce three women into sex first (read: do a   
  horrible attempt to). It handles Fawn, Jasmine and Faith. Once you've done   
  that you gotta try to get Eve. The very basic setup that made Larry so       
  succesful (I mean the series, not the guy himself).                          
  In this FAQ I'll take out these girls one by one. Taking on Jasmine can be   
  done at any time of the game, before you can get to Faith you must have      
  completed Fawn. I'll note it at the start of each girl, so doncha worry      
  your little head.                                                            
  Also note, this is a walkthrough, so I make no bones about my assistance.    
  Reading this FAQ completely through might spoil the game. I recommend to     
  use it only when you are hopelessly stuck.                                   
  I also got to note that this game differs slightly from the original. Most   
  puzzles are the same, but a few of them are completely different, not to     
  mention that Jasmine didn't even exist in the original game (and neither     
  did she in the SCI remake).                                                  
  When it comes to Jasmine, I must thank the guys at the replay forums for     
  their hints that got me past Jasmine eventually, as she had me everytime     
  (and that was the only 'new' part that got me, actually).                    
  Then to this FAQ.                                                            
  I write in a room, point to point base. It's because I believe this is the   
  best way to keep my FAQs brief and well-organized.                           
  Each time I enter a new room I start a like with a "-" and a name I gave up   
  myself to the room, but that should get the picture. Then I'll use "=" at    
  each line to describe the action. Like this                                  
  - Outside Lefty's                                                            
    = Open the door to enter                                                   
  - Bar                                                                        
    = Hit the door to the back room                                            
  - Backroom                                                                   
    = Get the rose from the table                                              
    = Hit the door to "The John"                                               
  What you also need to know is that this game has 5 main locations            
  - Lefty's Bar                                                                
  - Casino Ceasar's Phallus                                                    
  - Wedding chapel                                                             
  - Come and Go - 24 hours convience store                                     
  - Disco - Club 69                                                            
  The Casino and the chapel are next to each other, as are the Come and Go     
  and Club 69. Except for those exceptions you cannot reach them on foot,      
  don't even try, you'll only end up in a dark alley were a punk will beat     
  you into death (just for fun I guess).                                       
  - = In order to reach a different location use the taxi caller in front of   
      every location                                                           
    = Enter the the taxi that appears                                          
    = CLick the location with the mouse                                        
    = Pay the cabbie (and you'll automatically leave the taxi)                 
  (Unlike the original two games, the driver won't kill you when you try to    
  get out without paying (perhaps unless you try to take the taxi when you're   
  outta cash), but you can't leave the taxi until you pay).                    
  I guess that's all there is to know.                                         
  Age verification questions                                                   
  To verify your age, the game will ask 5 simple questions. When you give a    
  wrong answer you will get an extra new question. When you answered your      
  second question wrong you're out and have to start over. Too bad these       
  questions are still (despite complaints from the community during the        
  development period) a bit U.S. citizen based, so you'll need a bit of luck   
  with these when you are outside the US. Below is a list of the questions     
  that I got right so far, I'll update whenever I come across more questions.   
  - Bill Cosby never sold...                                                   
    = Babies                                                                   
  - CompuServe was...                                                          
    = An online service                                                        
  - Emeril: "Bam!"::                                                           
    = Anne Robinson: "You are the weakest link."                               
  - Roberta Williams desinged what?                                            
    = Computer games                                                           
  - Rudy Guiliani used to be                                                   
    = Mayor of New York City                                                   
  - Steve Fossett was the first person to...                                   
    = ...travel around the world in a balloon                                  
  - Theodore Geisel is also known as...                                        
    = Dr. Seuss                                                                
  - Tornadoes seems magnetically drawn to...                                   
    = Trailer Parks                                                            
  - What's that little thing on the top of your shoelace?                      
    = Aglet                                                                    
  - What was the 'Concorde' also known as?                                     
    = The SST                                                                  
  - Which desert is also the name of a past or present Las Vegas Casino?       
    = The Sahara                                                               
  - Which famous performer's son used to be her daughter?                      
    = Cher                                                                     
  - Which musical act insulted the president of the United States and          
    vanished from many radio stations?                                         
    = Natalie Maine of 'The Dixie Chicks'                                      
  - Which of the following terms has to do with construction, not cooking?     
    = Soffit                                                                   
  - Which of these is not a kind of sushi?                                     
    = Kirigami                                                                 
  - Which of these games came first?                                           
    = Pong                                                                     
  - Which one of these is a dance?                                             
    = The Macarena                                                             
  - Which one of these is NOT an article of clothing?                          
    = Curmmerbund                                                              
  - Which one of these is NOT a part of the human body?                        
    = Mound of Glory                                                           
  - Which music act insulted the President of the United States and vanised    
    from many radio stations?                                                  
    = Natalie Maine of 'the Dixie Chicks'                                      
  - Which refers to the period before a war?                                   
    = Antebellum                                                               
  - Which "right" is spelled wrong?                                            
    = Copywright                                                               
  - Who didn't know whether "Buffalo Wings" were made from chicken or          
    = Jessica Sumpson. Haha!                                                   
  - Who has never been caught shoplifting?                                     
    = Stevie Wonder                                                            
  - Who once dangled his baby son off a hotel room balcony?                    
    = Michael Jackson                                                          
  - Who said, "I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti"?       
    = Hannibal Lecter                                                          
  - Who's known for the phrase"My Precious"?                                   
    = Gollum                                                                   
  - Who was NOT a Scientologist?                                               
    = Nayim Bialik                                                             
  That's all for now folks. I'll add more later                                
  Okay, let's get this show on the road, shall we.                             
  I'll start with Fawn (which is the most obvious one to start with). so       
  let's go!                                                                    
  No special requirements before starting on this one. Let's start at Lefty's   
  Lefty's Bar                                                                  
  - Outside Lefty's                                                            
    = Hit the door to enter                                                    
  - Bar                                                                        
    = EASTER EGG: If you are a backer of the Kickstarter campaign, click the   
      plague next to the door to the back room and see if your name pops up.   
    = Sit on a stool                                                           
    = Order a whiskey (you'll automatically pay $5)                            
    = Leave your stool                                                         
    = Hit the door to the back room                                            
  - Backroom                                                                   
    = EASTER EGG: The pin up girls on the North Wall were named after the      
      lovers of the heroes of other (very good) old Sierra adventures.         
    = Give the whiskey to the drunk (I only say you should do this because     
      this is a GAME and NOT reality). He'll give you a coaster in return      
    = Get the rose from the table                                              
    = Open your inventory and turn the coaster around to discover a number     
      combination. Don't write it down, because you don't have to. You don't   
      have to enter the number when the time comes, but that comes later.      
    = Hit the door to "The John"                                               
  - Toilet Room                                                                
    = Snatch the ring from the sink                                            
    = Turn on the hot water (left valve) to reveal the password "Ken Sent Me"   
      (which you'll write down with blood on a piece of toilet paper)          
    = Hit the door to leave                                                    
  - Backroom                                                                   
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Knock the door on the East                                                 
    = Show the "Ken Sent Me" password                                          
  - Pimp's Room                                                                
    Okay, forget all you know about the original game. Giving $100 or $200 to   
    the pimp won't get you past him any more (he won't accept your money) and   
    the original "alternate" way has been changed too, so here goes.           
    = Pick up the remote control from the TV                                   
    = Use the coaster on the glass cabinet beside the pimp (Larry will         
      automatically use the number written on the coaster to open it)          
    = Take a vibrator out of the cabinet                                       
    = Open your inventory and keep clicking the vibrator with the hand icon    
      untill you get some batteries from it.                                   
    = Put the batteries into the remote control                                
    = Keep using the remote control on the TV until the pimp leaves his spot   
      to watch TV                                                              
    = Exit upstairs                                                            
  - Prostitute's Room                                                          
    If you fuck the prostitute now you'll die as soon as you go outside, not   
    a problem as you'll "restart" in front of the bar still having your        
    things, but still....                                                      
    = Get the candy from the table (the prostitute will object, but you can    
      take it anyway)                                                          
    = Exit downstairs                                                          
  - Pimp's Room                                                                
    = Hit the door                                                             
  - Lefty's Bar                                                                
    = Exit South                                                               
  - Outside Lefty's Bar                                                        
    = Yell for a taxi by using the taxi caller                                 
    = Enter the taxi                                                           
  - Inside Taxi                                                                
    = Click the "Caesar's Phallus" on the North-West                           
    = As soon as you arrive pay the cabbie (this is the first and last time I   
      write this all out, next time                                            
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Outside                                                                    
    = Enter the casino                                                         
  - Inside Casino                                                              
    = Use either the slot machines or the Blackjack machine to win as much     
      money as you can. Save before playing and save when you win and load     
      when you lose. (The letdown is that your bet setting will reset to $10   
      when you restore a game. Dang!) When you have $10K or more you cannot    
      play anymore until your cash drops below that (but really when you got   
      $10K you got all the money you need).                                    
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Elevator Floor #1                                                          
    = Remove the access card for Studio 69 from the ashtray                    
    = Exit South x2                                                            
  - Outside the casion                                                         
    = Yell for a taxi and go to Studio 69                                      
  Studio 69                                                                    
  - Outside 69                                                                 
    = Show the 69-pass to the bouncer                                          
    = Enter the building                                                       
  - Inside 69                                                                  
    = Talk to the only girl sitting apart                                      
  - Looking at Fawn                                                            
    = Try out everything you can say to her                                    
    = Give her the rose, the diamond ring and the candy (if she refuses any    
      of those you didn't yet try out everything there is to say, talk some    
      more to try EVERYTHING out).                                             
  - Inside 69                                                                  
    = After the dance give Fawn the money she requests and she'll leave        
    = Exit this place                                                          
  - Outside 69                                                                 
    = Take a cab to the wedding chapel                                         
  Wedding Chapel                                                               
  - Outside the chapel                                                         
    = Enter the chape                                                          
  - Inside the chapel                                                          
    = Give the "priest" $100                                                   
    = After Fawn leaves the place, follow her example.                         
  - Outside the chapel                                                         
    = Exit West                                                                
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Outside Casino                                                             
    = Enter                                                                    
  - Inside Casino                                                              
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Elevator Floor #1                                                          
    = Use the elevator to go to floor #4                                       
  - Elevator Floor #4                                                          
    = Kock on the door to the Honeymoon suite (the door with the hearts on     
  - Honeymoon Suite                                                            
    = Talk to Fawn                                                             
    = Turn on the radio                                                        
    = Keep messing with the radio until you hear a commercial about a wine     
      delivery service.                                                        
    = Leave the Honeymoon Suite                                                
  - Elevator Floor #4                                                          
    = Go to floor #1                                                           
  - Elevator Floor #1                                                          
    = Exit South x2                                                            
  - Outside Casino                                                             
    = Taxi to "Come and Go"                                                    
  Come and Go                                                                  
  - Outside the Store                                                          
    = Enter the store                                                          
  - Inside the Store                                                           
    = Buy some wine (don't bring this wine to Fawn. You'll get killed on your   
      way there)                                                               
    = OPTIONAL: Take a magazine from the magazine shelf                        
    = OPTIONAL: You can buy a condom here if you ever want to fuck the         
      prostitute without dying by knocking on the 'condom sign'                
    = Pay the clerk                                                            
    = Leave the store                                                          
  - Outside the store                                                          
    = Wait until a drunkard appears                                            
    = Give him the wine (you'll get a pocket knife in return)                  
    = Use the phone to call 555-8039                                           
    = OPTIONAL: You can try these numbers for a bit of fun 555-6969, 555-1234   
      and 209-683-6858 (the latter was the number of Sierra On-Line, back in   
      the old days).                                                           
    = Take a taxi to Caesar's Phallus                                          
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Outside                                                                    
    = Enter                                                                    
  - Inside                                                                     
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Elevator - Floor #1                                                        
    = Go to floor #4                                                           
  - Elevator - Floor #4                                                        
    = Enter the Honeymoon Suite                                                
  - Honeymoon Suite                                                            
    = Have a wine with Fawn                                                    
    = Talk to Fawn and ... well see what happens :)                            
    = Use the pocket knife to get you out of here (if you don't have it,       
      there is an alternative way to get out which I might cover in an update   
      of this FAQ).                                                            
    = Pick up the leftover bungee cords                                        
  And with this Fawn's part of this story is over. You only have $5 left so    
  use the blackjack or slots machine to win some more before you continue.     
  Jasmine is a diver in the big aquarium in the back of the Casino, so that's   
  where we'll start this little quest.                                         
  As Jasmine is a totally new addition to this game, your knowledge of the     
  previous versions is void on this.                                           
  I start this part at the casino in the elevator room at any floor. Please    
  note that I assume you got enough money (note that Fawn stole it all at the   
  end of her quest).                                                           
  Well, let's get into this.                                                   
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Elevator Room - Floor #?? (any floor will do)                              
    = Use the Elevator to go to Floor #7                                       
  - Elevator Room - Floor #7                                                   
    = Take the thing that's lying in the plants (it happens to be  coveralls)   
    = Search them to find a key                                                
    = Use the elevator to go to floor #2                                       
  - Elevator Room - Floor #2                                                   
    = Use the key to open the door and enter                                   
  - Aquarium Room                                                              
    = Well, the girl here is Jasmine. Talk to her                              
  - Looking to Jasmine                                                         
    = Speak to her and discuss all the options you can discuss                 
    = After the talk leave                                                     
  - Aquarium Room                                                              
    = Leave this area and use your key to get back and Jasmine will be gone    
      (for now)                                                                
    = Remove a squid from the basket                                           
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Elevator room - Floor #2                                                   
    = Go to floor #1                                                           
  - Elevator room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Go to the Buffet                                                         
  - Buffet                                                                     
    = Clean up all the spots (with you bare hands) to score the hot sauce      
    = Leave                                                                    
  - Elevator room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Exit South x2                                                            
  - Outside Casino                                                             
    = Wait until a cat comes... if it doesn't come you can try a different     
      location. Any location can do as long as it's outside.                   
    = Lure it with your squid and .... oh my.... You get something, let's      
      leave it at that :)                                                      
    = Enter the Casino                                                         
  - Inside Casino                                                              
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Elevator Room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Go to Floor #2                                                           
  - Elevator Room - Floor #2                                                   
    = Enter the aquarium room (by using your key)                              
  - Aquarium Room                                                              
    I really hope no animal lovers play this game, because we're in for        
    another serious abuse of animals (let's hope you don't regret it).         
    = Empty the hot sauce into the whale's blowhole                            
    = Get the ambergris out of the water                                       
    = Leave this place                                                         
  - Elevator Room - Floor #2                                                   
    = Go to floor #1                                                           
  - Elevator Room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Exit South x2                                                            
  - Outside casino                                                             
    = Call a taxi and go to Lefty's                                            
  Lefty's Bar                                                                  
  - Outside the bar                                                            
    = Enter the bar                                                            
  - Inside the bar                                                             
    = Sit on the stool                                                         
    = Order a vodka                                                            
    = Leave the stool and this bar                                             
  - Outside the bar                                                            
    = Put the vodka into the empty hot sauce bottle                            
    = Call a taxi and go back to Caesar's Phallus                              
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Outside Casino                                                             
    = Get a jasmine flower from the bush beside the building (behind the       
      succubus statue)                                                         
    = Now mix the jasmine, the ambergris and the 'Civet' together into the     
      sauce bottle to get your "Eau d'Larry"                                   
    = Enter the Casino                                                         
  - Inside Casino                                                              
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Elevator Room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Go to floor #2                                                           
  - Elevator Room - Floor #2                                                   
    = Use the key to enter the aquarium room                                   
    = Give the perfume to her (and your honestly will get you kicked out,      
      just re-enter the room after that)                                       
    = Take the kit that's inside the open locker                               
    = Leave this room, and with that Jasmine's part of this tale is over.      
  In order to get anywhere with Faith you must have completed Fawn's quest     
  first and obtained the Bungee cords.                                         
  This quest has only a slight difference with the original game, so I guess   
  this one must be easy to figure out.                                         
  Faith is the security guard at the top of Caesar's Phallus, but before we    
  get to her, let's first go to Lefty's Bar.                                   
  Lefty's Bar                                                                  
  - Outside the Bar                                                            
    = Enter                                                                    
  - Inside the bar                                                             
    = Knock on the East door                                                   
    = Give the "Ken Sent Me" Password                                          
  - Pimp's Room                                                                
    = Exit upstairs                                                            
  - Prostitute's Room                                                          
    = OPTIONAL: If you have a condom you can take off your clothes, wear the   
      condom and fuck the prostitute. After that remove the condom, get        
      dressed again. It doesn't do anything required to finish the game, but   
      oh, what the hell.                                                       
    = Open the window to climb out                                             
  - Alley                                                                      
    = Go west until you fall into the dumpster. Larry will automatically       
      climb out of it with a hammer.                                           
    = Exit                                                                     
  - Outside the bar                                                            
    = Enter                                                                    
  - Inside the bar                                                             
    = Knock & "Ken Sent Me"                                                    
  - Pimp's Room                                                                
    = Exit up                                                                  
  - Prostitute's Room                                                          
    = Go out of the window                                                     
  - Alley                                                                      
    Well here we are again. I gotta tell you, doing this wrong will get you    
    killed (when that happens you'll get back onto the balcony again).         
    = Tie the two shorter bungee cords together (ignore the longer one)        
    = Tie the combined cord onto the fire escape                               
    = Use the hand icon on yourself to tie the cord onto yourself              
    = Use the hammer on the window and Larry will do the rest and you'll       
      score the pills.                                                         
    = Fall into the dumpster once more                                         
    = Leave this area                                                          
  - Outside the bar                                                            
    = Take a taxi to Caesar's Phallus                                          
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Outside Casino                                                             
    = Enter                                                                    
  - Inside Casino                                                              
    = Exit North                                                               
  - Elevator Room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Go to floor #8                                                           
  - Elevator Room - Floor #8                                                   
    = Speak to the girl (Faith)                                                
    = Talk about all topics                                                    
    = Give the Spanish Fly to her                                              
    = She'll leave and that ends Faith's part in this story                    
  Well, getting Eve is the final objective of the game, and before you can     
  get to that you must have complete Fawn, Jasmine AND Faith.                  
  Everything that's left to do can be done in Caesar's Phallus, so we don't    
  need any taxi trips any more.                                                
  Make sure you are outside the Casino and let's get this show started.        
  Caesar's Phallus                                                             
  - Outside Casino                                                             
    = A man should appear with a barrel in stead of clothes selling apples     
      for $1 each. Buy one. (He can basically pop up at any location as long   
      as it's outside)                                                         
    = Enter the casino                                                         
  - Inside Casino                                                              
    = We don't need any money any more, so let's just exit North               
  - Elevator Room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Go to the Cabaret                                                        
  - Cabaret                                                                    
    = Get the can of Helium (if it isn't there, you probably didn't yet buy    
      an apple. Get to that first, see the start of Eve's section about that)   
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Elevator Room - Floor #1                                                   
    = Go to Floor #8                                                           
  - Elevator Room - Floor #8                                                   
    = Hit the red button on the right of the desk                              
    = Hit the elevator that opens                                              
  - Elite Hotel Room                                                           
    = Get to the bed room. It's hard to spot, but you got to click a bit       
      behind the elevator                                                      
  - Elite Hotel Bed Room                                                       
    = Open the door and you'll find a love doll                                
    = Exit West                                                                
  - Elite Hotel Room                                                           
    = Open the glass door to the East                                          
  - Deck                                                                       
    = Fix the love doll with the latex fix kit                                 
    = Inflat the doll with the helium tank                                     
    = Fly over to the girl in the tub (just leave the close-up screen to make   
      that happen)                                                             
    = Speak to the girl (whose name is Eve)                                    
  - Looking at Eve                                                             
    = Speak to Eve about everything you can discuss with her until she         
      invites you into the tub.                                                
    = When you're done leave the close up                                      
  - Deck                                                                       
    = Take off your clothes                                                    
    = Jump into the tub                                                        
    = Give Eve the apple                                                       
  AND THAT FINISHES THE GAME!                                                  
  Enjoy the show.                                                              
  A list of way to die                                                         
  You can die in lots of ways, but whenever that happens the game is not       
  The game might show you being revived by Frankenstein, but that does not     
  always happen. Regardless if Frankenstein revives you, you will be placed    
  back in the game and the fatal action will be undone.                        
  Here's a list of ways to die that I found                                    
  - Beaten to death by the punk in the Dark Alley                              
  - Fucking the prostitue without wearing a condom                             
  - Forgetting to remove the condom after fucking the prostitute will get you   
    arrested (counts as death)                                                 
  - Trying to cross the street will guarantee a car will come and drive right   
    over you to death                                                          
  - Leave the store without paying for stuff you took and the clerk will kill   
  - Enter the taxi with anything recognizable as a alcoholic drink will get    
    the driver to steal it from you, drink it right away and crash into        
  - When you don't have enough money to pay your taxi ride, the driver will    
    kill you.                                                                  
  - Trying to get the Spanish Flea with the wrong set of bungee cords will     
    kill you.                                                                  
  - Try to fly over to Eve with the leaking love doll and you'll crash to      
  One, note.                                                                   
  When you're out of cash, just go outside and you might get some money.       
  Except for 69 every spot has a slot machine (and in 69 it's no trouble,      
  just go to the Come and Go) so you can win some more. The prices in the      
  taxi are mostly between $19 and $24 so that's the minimum you always should   
  Inventory Items                                                              
  I apologize at forehand if things are truncated in this list.
  In the HTML version of this FAQ you can see all info in full
  Item                Where to get it:                                        
  Breath Spray        Game Start.<br>When you lose it you can buy a new one at
  Wallet              Game start                                              
  Whiskey             Order at the Bar (Lefty's)                              
  Lefty's Coaster     Drunk in basement                                       
  Rose                Table in Lefty's basement                               
  Diamond Ring        Sink in Lefty's restroom                                
  Ken Sent Me         Lefty's restroom                                        
  Remote Control      On TV in Pimps room                                     
  Vibrator            In the safe in the pimp's room                          
  Batteries           Inside vibrator                                         
  Candy               On the table in the prostitute's room                   
  Studio 69 Pass      Ashtray near elevator casino                            
  Box of Wine         Buy in store                                            
  Magazine            Buy in store                                            
  Condom              Buy in store                                            
  Pocket Knife        Drunkard outside Come & Go                              
  Bungee cords x3     Reward for completing Fawn's quest                      
  Coveralls           Somewhere in the casino                                 
  Keys                Inside the coveralls                                    
  Squid               In a basket in the aquarium room, when Jasmine is having
  Hot Sauce           Reward for cleaning the buffet                          
  "Civet"             Get it from the cat                                     
  Ambergris           Get it from the whale                                   
  Empty Bottle        Used to contain hot sauce                               
  Vodka               Order at Lefty's                                        
  Eau d'Larry         Mix the four ingredients together to create it          
  Latex repair kit    Reward for completing Jasmine's Quest                   
  Hammer              In the dumpster outside Lefty's Bar                     
  Spanish Fly         Behind a window at Lefty's                              
  Apple               Buy from the man in the barrel                          
  Love Doll           In the elite hotel bedroom                              
  Copyright and License                                                        
  This FAQ is copyrighted by Jeroen P. Broks.                                  
  It's not officially authorized by the creators of this game or any           
  relations of them.                                                           
  This FAQ is licensed under Tricky's Public FAQ license v1.0                  
  - Definitions:                                                               
    = Copyright Holder - Jeroen P. Broks                                       
    = I, me - Copyright Holder                                                 
    = You - Person who uses this FAQ in any possible way                       
  - You may download, store, read and print this FAQ for personal uses.        
  - You may freely distribute this FAQ in any way you see fit under the        
    condition that:                                                            
    = No fee in form of money, goods or services were paid for it.             
    = You don't require the people you give this FAQ to or who can read the    
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    = You, your site, or any other medium you distrubute this FAQ by may not   
      be noted in the black list below when you want to distribute this FAQ.   
  - I do allow modifications to this FAQ and even to distribute them under     
    condition that:                                                            
    = The license stays as it is!                                              
    = That you note clearly in a good visible spot easy for people to see      
      that it handles a modified version of this FAQ.                          
    = You can not claim credit for the original work, you must credit me as    
      the original writer of the FAQ.                                          
    = That you include a section where all modifications are noted.            
    = If modified versions reach me, I have the right to copy your             
      modifications, unconditionally, into the original version of this FAQ,   
      and brand them as "official". (I will credit wherever possible, but      
      I've no obligation to do so).                                            
    = You don't steal from other people's work and put that in my FAQ.         
  - I allow quotes under the condition that:                                   
    = You always credit me for the FAQ you quoted from.                        
    = Up to 30 sentences, you can still license your FAQ the way you want to.   
    = With 31 or more sentences are quoted, your FAQ automatically gets the    
      same license as this FAQ.                                                
  - Disclaimers:                                                               
    = This FAQ comes "as is" and I grant no warranties or guarantees that      
      everything is 100% correct. Guarantees for being it free of spelling     
      and grammar errors can also not be given.                                
    = If modified versions contain 'stolen work' I disclaim responsibility.    
    = When modifications make it into my official version, I'll try to make    
      sure that the modifications are not based on plagiarism, but you gotta   
      admit that I can't 100% guarantee it. If you find anything, notify me,   
      I'll try to work it out.                                                 
  - The copyright holder keeps the right to change the terms of use without    
    obligation to announce it publicly. Always read the terms well.            
  Blacklisted sites:                                                           
  - Neoseeker.com                                                              
    = =====                                                                    
  You may freely us this license in to license your own FAQs. I do recommend   
  to only use this license for GameFAQs or other informative documentation.    
  How to contact me?                                                           
  If you want to contact me I recommend NOT to use my e-mail address. It's     
  there because GameFAQs and other FAQ sites hosting my FAQ require it, but    
  as with all e-mail addresses shown to the public on a website. It's          
  completely full of spam, and I can NEVER guarantee how long it will take to   
  read your mail, if I ever see it at all. I tend to change that adress on a   
  regular ocasion in order to bother spammers.                                 
  And thus I recommend that you go to my own website at http://faq.tbbs.nl     
  and use the contact system the site has in place there. It will ALWAYS send   
  your mail to an active mail address.                                         
  Furthermore there are some mails that I regulary get and to which I "cba"    
  to respond to them. Here is what I got to say if you got to tell me this:    
  - Mail You know nothing of "Leisure Suit Larry 1 Reloaded"                   
  - Reply Indeed, that's why I wrote a  FAQ on it! You also got something      
    INTELLIGENT to say?                                                        
  - Mail Fix your English!                                                     
  - Reply If I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read it at all.     
  - Mail Not to be rude, but your list doesn't cover even half of what it      
    should cover                                                               
  - Reply Such mails are worthless unless you give me the items I should add.   
    I'l even credit you for your trouble                                       
  - Mail Hadsdajdkaskldandiwjoiudaojiwoidjowaijdw!                             
  - Reply Me not understand! I only speak English and Dutch I will accept      
    German, but I'll reply in English                                          
  - Mail I got the best viagra for sale                                        
  - Reply If I would actually NEED that stuff, I'd go to a pharmacy! Thank     
    you for your trouble.                                                      
  - Mail Your boss strategy doesn't work, dick!                                
  - Reply Then send me yours, dick!                                            
  - Mail Some bosses you brand hard are easy. Some gamer you are!              
  - Reply On paper one's always more careful than in reality! I always take    
    so-called "noobs" in mind when I write my FAQs.                            
  - Mail You suck in levelling up!                                             
  - Reply You need to level up? Some gamer you are!There are two things I      
    hate. Wasting time and cheating!Constant levelling up falls in both        
    categories in my humble opionion                                           
  Okay that's the kind of mail I don't wish to get, and which I already        
  replied to by now.                                                           
  I do understand that you don't agree with me on some points, or that I       
  forgot the cover parts.                                                      
  I'm human, errors are as much my nature as they are yours.                   
  If you find some errors, mail me in a civil way and I will update my FAQ     
  (when I got the time) and credit you for your trouble.                       
  That's the way I work. No need to get offensive, is there?                   

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