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Weapon FAQ by adam3k3

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 12/22/14

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              Title:    The Evil Within
              System:   PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One
              Type:     Weapons FAQ
              Version:  2.0
              Author:   Adam3k3
              Email:    adam3k3@gmail.com  
              Revision: December 3, 2015

                FAQ Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper

         For contact details, please see Contacts section.

Table of Contents

1. About this Guide......................................[100]
 1-1. Availability...................................[110]
 2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
 3-1. Version History................................[130]

2. FAQ Explained.........................................[200]

3. Weapons List..........................................[300]
 1-3. Knife..........................................[310]
 2-3. Handgun (Revolver).............................[320]
 3-3. Handgun (Automatic)............................[330]
 4-3. Burst Handgun..................................[340]
 5-3. Shotgun........................................[350]
 6-3. Double-Barreled Shotgun........................[360]
 7-3. Sniper Rifle...................................[370]
 8-3. High-Penetration Sniper Rifle..................[380]
 9-3. Magnum.........................................[390]
10-3. Agony Crossbow.................................[311]
11-3. Machine Gun....................................[321]
12-3. Rocket Launcher................................[331]
13-3. Grenade........................................[341]
14-3. Brass Knuckles.................................[351]
15-3. Melee Attack...................................[361]
16-3. Melee Weapons..................................[371]

4. Closing...............................................[400]
 1-4. Contacts.......................................[410] 
 2-4. Special Thanks.................................[420]

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100: About this Guide  \
'-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'

The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 


'-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'

This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2015 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.

This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
availability section.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
their respective trademark and copyright holders.

[3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0

'-- 130: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'

Version 2.0  December 3, 2015

. Updated FAQ to my new Format
. Added more in-depth weapons information as requested
. Added weapons strategies
. Added Handgun upgrade points
. Added Melee Weapons
. Corrected grammar and spelling mistakes

Version 1.0  December 22nd, 2014

. FAQ complete.

200: FAQ Explained             \
Weapons list FAQ for one of the best horror games made. Listed in this FAQ 
are game’s weapons along with tips and explanation on how to best use each one.

As always, any tip or correction is welcomed and you will be credited.

300: Weapons List      \
'-- 310: Knife ---------------------------------------------------------------'

Picked at the start of the game but cannot be used apart from the neck kill. To
perform a sneak kill; crawl behind the enemy and press the action button as 
soon as it appears when you are close enough.

Sneaking around can be risky for a number of reasons; first of all, sneaking
behind an enemy takes time and patience as most of the enemies will wonder
around. Having to crawl behind an enemy in the middle of nowhere is fine and
good, doing so when others are around is dangerous and will most likely result
in another enemy spotting you before you make the kill.

The second reason to be extra careful is that enemies can and w ill often
turn around for no reason spotting you in the process followed by an immediate
attack. Should you end up in such a situation, pull out your handgun and shot
it in its face. If you're out of bullets, perform a melee attack and step away.

All in all, sneak kill could save you some bullets or so but should only be
performed when you have a backup plan like meleeing or a gun with at least
five bullets. Never ever sneak on an enemy surrounded with  an armed pack.

Note: Not all enemies can be sneak killed. The normal human looking monster
are your best shoot.

'-- 320: Handgun (Revolver) --------------------------------------------------'

. Handling the Weapon

The default handgun picked at chapter II. The most used weapon in the entire
game all the way from chapter one to chapter 15. Usable against all kind of
enemies including most of the bosses as well as setting off traps and bombs.
Bullets for the Handgun are the easiest to come by unlike other weapons. Still,
use them wisely as enemies tend to get stronger and out maneuver your shots.

Using the Handgun with melee attacks tend to work best if your dealing with a
single enemy but not as effective when surrounded. Shooting the enemy in the
face will result of a short stun or head explosion depending on how healthy
was the enemy at the time so try shooting it in the head.

Aiming at the enemy's legs will most likely take them down for a short while
but don't be fooled, they will still attack from the ground. The best possible
scenario is to use matches to light up the grounded enemy. Using this method
can burn over three other enemies as long as they were very close to the
grounded one. This method can fail for two reasons:

a. The enemy will kick canceling your attack as you are about to light it up.
   This scenario is randomized and depends on if the enemy is kicking or no.
   Sometimes the game will glitch where the enemy is kicking while the
   animation for using the matches is complete but the attack will still fail.

b. The surrounded enemies will fail to catch fire even though they were close
   enough which will result in you getting hit. Another enemy might attack
   while in matches animation canceling the attack as well.

Very risky but rewarding when low on health and bullets as lighting up
enemies is an instant death saving you precious bullets in intense fights
like the last chapter. Sometimes, starting the matches animation little
early will still catch on to the nearby enemies as they approach. Get used
to doing this as they come to save yourself time yet still group kill them.
This is something you need to get used to.

Important note: Don't waste bullets on the downed enemy if you believe he is
dead or don't wish to burn him killing the incoming horde Wasting bullets or
matches on a single downed enemy is not efficient as you can simply kick him
a couple of times to ensure he is dead. On the other hand, you can use corpses
to burn others. In some situations, the ground will already be filled with gas
ready for you to light it up when the incoming horde steps on it. You don't
take damage when stepping on burning enemies but in rare cases can still be
attacked by the burning ones.

. Upgrades

Since this is will be your most used weapon in the entire game, upgrading the
weapon's power and  ammo capacity is a must. Upgrade both to at least level 3.
Taking the weapon further won't hurt but you should distribute your green gel
equally among weapons and abilities as weapons power alone is half the battle.

Below is the chart for upgrading the weapon's power.

Level 2 120% - Points needed = 2500
Level 3 140% - Points needed = 6000
Level 4 160% - Points needed = 12000
Level 5 200% - Points needed = 20000

. Fire Range

Another important point I would like to include is to watch your distance
when firing. While the Handgun can fire from typically any distance it is
strongly recommended to fire from close to mid range for maximum damage.
Firing from closeup will get you more stability needed for a headshot but
put you at greater risk since the enemy is close and can attack. Doing so
on low health is even riskier but needed if you're low on bullets.

The typical close range situation is when  your little further than a melee
range. Don't get too close as you won't have enough time to aim before getting
hit by the enemy. Staying little further than melee range gets you time to
fire even if the enemy starts his attack as you can counter it with your shot.

. Reloading

Reloading takes time meaning you are open for attacks. This can be very risky
and can cost you health or even life. Always reload when the enemy if far away
unless you have no other option. Try backing away when surrendered in order to
give yourself time to reload. Upgrading the reload time is not recommended
unless you have a green gel to spare as the animation for reloading is already
short but should be taken seriously regardless. Reload before important parts
such as bosses or a group of enemies ahead. Reload all your weapons for an easy
switch during the fight.

'-- 330: Handgun (Automatic) -------------------------------------------------'

Should unlock when collecting all the archives. Some report that this gun
won’t unlock even when the archives collected.

Since this is an upgrade more stable handgun, same tactics and strategies
apply as above. In some cases, Sabastian pulls it out automatically during
game events.

'-- 340: Handgun Burst Handgun -----------------------------------------------'

Acquired when all Map Fragments are collected. Uses 3 bursts shots. This
Handgun is good for stopping charging enemies and headshots. the downside
is, it will run through bullets faster. Use on bosses or when needed to
dispose of an enemy quickly. Once again, the normal Handgun strategies apply.

This gun share the upgrades with the normal Handgun.

'-- 350: Shotgun -------------------------------------------------------------'

. Handling the Weapon

Arguably the best weapon in the game and my personal favorite. The Shotgun
deals allot of damage even on the default level 1. An excellent stoppage
weapon against single or multi-group of enemies as they approach. The balance
of accuracy and power will often blow away the normal human-looking enemies
especially in the head giving you time to burn them or reload which takes
allot of time as the only downside (see Reloading).

Shooting the approaching group's legs will most likely send them to the ground
which opens up an opportunity  to burn them with a single match. Later enemies
will get tougher so it won't be as easy as the early chapters of the game but
still, even without upgrades this weapon remains a dangerous and powerful tool
in eliminating most of the enemies with ease.

The ammo for the Shotgun is somehow less available than the Handgun but not as
rare as the Magnum so use the ammo carefully. I recommend saving the Shotgun
for when you really needed in situations such as group attack or when your out
of bullets for the Handgun.

. Upgrades

Upgrading your Shotgun in power is not as necessary as the Handgun but
strongly recommended. The important upgrade you need to consider is
ammunition capacity. The more you can carry the better as you will be
saving the Shotgun for later coming across bullets you can't carry is
as painful as death it self! Picking up extra bullets will only ensure
and more flexible fights later on.

In short, upgrading the Ammunition capacity should be your top priority
when upgrading t he Shotgun followed by power. Leveling up the reload
speed won't hurt as well but considering how rare the green gel is, it's
better to concentrate on the important stuff as you will be upgrading
other stuff besides weapons.

. Fire Range

The Shotgun is a close to mid range weapon meaning no firing from a distance.
The good news is, the shot gets spread hitting nearby enemies in the process
possibly sending them to the ground or at least giving you some room to
breathe. Getting close and aiming for the head or legs is the best use of
Shotgun. A great use on larger enemies as well as bosses since it deals allot
of damage. There is literally no bad time to use the Shotgun. 

The only thing to watch out for is the fire rate, firing a shot will slow you
down for a split second and not as flexible as the Handgun. Avoid firing when
a boss is about to attack unless you have to as doing so will leave you little
time to react and move before getting hit.

. Reloading

As pointed out earlier, reloading the Shotgun takes some time. Avoid close ups
when reloading and always have your Shotgun reloaded and ready beforehand.
Leveling up the reload speed is nice but not necessary as it won't make much
difference in my opinion.

'-- 360: Double-Barreled Shotgun ---------------------------------------------'

The Double-Barreled Shotgun is a Fighting Chance preorder only. And while
you cannot purchase this code on the official PSN/Xbox Live store, many eBay
sellers are offering it at a low price.

The Shotgun itself fires two shots before needing to reload. This can present
an advantage on an attacking group or charging enemy. Keep in mind that you
cannot upgrade this weapon at any point during the game. The good news is,
you can switch between this version and the original Shotgun freely anytime
so switch back and forth when needed.

Keep in mind that as you progress and upgrade the original Shotgun, the
Double-Barreled will become less powerful but still useful on the normal
enemies (Haunted). Uses the same type of ammunition as the normal Shotgun
as well.

'-- 370: Sniper Rifle --------------------------------------------------------'

. Handling the Weapon

The Sniper Rifle is a tricky weapon. It's a powerful weapon against bosses
and eneimes of all kind. On the otherhand, it's hard to use and open you up
for attacks when sourrnded by enemies as you will be zooming in. As in any
other game, this Rifle is great at sniping out enemies from far way scoring
headshots and giving yourself time to escape as the enemy approaches.

As noted above, zooming in while close up or surrounded will most likely get
you attacked from behind or sides as you won't have the full view when aiming.
Using it in the close range should be done when you have no other ammo left,
and even then you runing away and aiming from a safe distance is a better plan.

Another advantage to zooming is the ability to shoot dynamite and slowing down
enimes with weapons from a safe distance. Sniping out bosses as they approach
as also an important advantage. The important thing to note though is while the
Sniper Riffle is more power than the Shotgun, the knockback power is way less
than the Shogun. You will still mostly make the enemy fall by shooting its legs
or score a  headshot but not as effective against a group.

There will be situations that require a long distance firing so save the ammo
for such situations and avoid using it unless needed. Of course you can still
use the Handgun should you run out of ammo in long distance fights but it will
be allot harder for obvious reasons.

It is worth to note that the ammo for this weapon will be hard to come by so
use it wisly and when needed.

. Upgrades

Upgrading the Sniper Riffle is not generally recommended seeing as this is an
already powerful weapon except for the ammo capacity. You will need to carry
ammo to be used when needed. Level 3 will do the job.

. Fire Range

The X2 zoom capibilty gives you an advantage in long range battles. Use
this capability to snipe pout enemies from far away before being spotted
then finish off the ones that are running toward you or at least shoot them
in the legs to slow them down. There will be allot of situations in the later
chapter that requires you to fight at extended range and this is the only way
to go. As noted earlier, never use this in close up as it will blind you from
your surroundings. If you must, quickly fire at the incoming enemy then switch
to something else or use melee attacks.

. Reloading

Takes some time to reload so stay away and reload beforehand. In most cases,
you should fire once then immediately switch to another weapon instead of
waisting time to reload. In the event of shooting a target from a distance
that is firing back at you, it is wise to fire once, hide and reload before
emerging again for your next shot.

'-- 380: High-Penetration Sniper Rifle ---------------------------------------'

Acquired when all Map Fragments are collected. This rifle shares ammunition
and upgrades with the normal Riffle with an extra benefit of penetrating an
enemy hitting the one behind. Basically an upgraded version. Use the same
tactics as the normal one.

Please don't try to get a double penetration hit by trying to position
yourself or wait for the enemies to do so, you will only get attacked
by waiting. If it happens good, if not don't over-try. Use this weapon
as an upgrade, not a trick pony.

'-- 390: Magnum --------------------------------------------------------------'

. Handling the Weapon

The Magnum is arguably the most power non-special weapon in the game.
The balance between accuracy and power make it a weapon of choice on
bosses and large enimes. This weapon should always be used on a single
target or one at a time as its a Handgun like a weapon and will not
spread fire to the enemies nearby making it useless on groups. Instead
take out the targets one at a time, switch to another weapon or melee.

A single level 1 Magnum will kill the normal haunted enemy in a single
shot even when wearing a protective vest just to give you an idea how
powerful this weapon is. Save it.

For basic usage see the Handgun section.

. Upgrades

Upgrading this weapon is not advised as it's already powerful enough. A
single nonupgradaded Magnum can carry up to 6 bullets, not bad but could
still use an upgrade provided you already upgraded the other stuff.

. Fire Range

Same tactics apply as the normal Handgun as it reacts exactly the same
except that its way more powerful. Fire from a midrange for best resoults.
Firing from a distance is recommended at a dangerous fast boss giving you
time to move away before an attack as aiming and firing take time.

. Reloading

Reloading takes normal time, about the same as the normal Handgun so there
isn't anything new to cover. Basic strategy as always, keep the gun reloaded
and ready. Move away when reloading or directly switch to another level
especially in a boss fight.

'-- 311: Agony Crossbow ------------------------------------------------------'

. Handling the Weapon

The most serious weapon in the game. The Agony Crossbow can use six different
types of ammo depending on the situation and enemy type. The bolts needed to
make an ammo can be collected either by crafting or simply finding it in the
environment. Two of the bellow can only be obtained via the preorder Fighting
Chance pack while the rest can be crafted or found.

Bolts needed to make ammo can be obtained by disarming traps carefully
as failing to do so will set some of them off hurting you in the process.
Combining the collected bolts you can make the desired ammunition depending
on how many bolts needed. Ammunition found the environment is already
predetermined and you can use that to craft an ammo as its already set.

Before going any further, the Agony Crossbow is the most useful weapon to use
as a melee attack since it has the longest reach and is the fastest in that
type of attack as opposite to the non-weapon fist attack.

. Fire Range

The Bow fire shots depending on the ammo type equipped at the time, but the
weapon itself handles nicely with mid-range and further. You can extend the
weapons reach via upgrades but the default level 1 settings are what I used
to beat the game on multi difficulties without a problem. In short, the
standard settings are fine but can be tweaked further depending on your love
for the weapon and play style. Try it out and see how you feel before doing
any upgrades.

. Upgrades

Upgrading this weapon is necessary for two categories: Bolts capacity and
power for the specific ammo you like to use. For example, you would need
to upgrade the power for explosive bolt dealing more damage in the process
as opposite to another type of ammunition such as electricity. Upgrading
reload speed can help boost the long reload time but is not necessary as
it won't be day and night difference anyway.

. Reloading

Reloading takes a little time. I strongly advise crafting and setting
everything up before the battle to avoid wasting time creating ammo in
the middle of a fight. After the desired ammo type is out, you can equip
another type depending on what you crafted. Reloading takes little longer
than other weapons but is worth it. Make sure to stay away from groups or
charging bosses as reloading will slow you down. You can switch to another
weapon to slow the attacker then continue reloading the weapon
(from the beginning).

. B o l t  T y p e s

. Explosive Bolt

The most powerful multi-target bolt there is. As the name suggest, this bolt
explodes after a second once successfully hit the target. Aiming correctly is
the key as the bolt won't explode if missed the target unless the enemy steps
over it. The good news is, should the bolt miss it's target, you can collect
it again and reuse it as long as it's in your reach.

The blast damage nearby enemies as well so that's a great way to handle an
attacking group of enemies. Make sure to stay away from your target as the
blast will affect you as well. Firing from a mid to long range is recommended
although the weapon can reach the far targets on its default settings meaning
you will have to upgrade for maximum distance, but that's not really a huge
problem as most of the battles are dealt with at mid-range.

very useful on bosses as this bolt deals a huge amount of damage. I would
suggest upgrading the capacity and holding on to these bolts for bigger
enemies and bosses. You can finish off the weakened enemy with a
Handgun/Shotgun afterwards as well.

It may be little hard to fire at a fast-moving enemies but once it hits the
desired target, the impact is huge. You can hit the standing enemy that is
yet to detect you and deal damage toward the nearby group without exposing

Another strategy that you may benefit from is shooting the ground ahead and
wait for the enemies to attack resulting in an explosion when they step on it.
Make sure to keep a safe distance not to get caught in the blast.

Bolts needed 3

. Flash Bolt

As the name suggests, this bolts flashes blinding the affected enemies for a
short while giving you the opportunity to reload against bosses or better yet,
sneak kill the normal ones from any direction as long as they remain blinded

Not exactly the most damage dealing bolt but do give you time to breathe in
tight fights when surrounded by a group. Sneak kill animation takes time so
don't expect to kill everyone in that way. Instead, kill two or three then
immediately run and reload. I personally did not craft any flash bolt myself
and instead used the ones I found.

Note: Some bosses are not affected by this bolt.

Bolts needed 2

. Harpoon Bolt

A very powerful and important bolt that should not be overlooked! This sharp
spear will send enemies (even fat ones) across the environment and even pin
them to the wall for a short while. Full upgrading it will also add fire
damage making it even more effective against bosses.

While the Harpoon can only damage one enemy at a time, it will also knock
that enemy away giving you time to reload or run away. For instance, I was
standing on a high ledge with an enemy climbing, once on top I fired the
Harpoon and the enemy got knocked over on extra fall damage as well as time
for me to rearrange for the next target.

The distance this bolt travels is not bad at all making it an excellent
choice hitting further enemies or bosses.

Bolts needed 2

. Poison bolt (Preorder exclusive)

A Fighting Chance exclusive. In short, not worth to craft. If you find it
fine, if not don't bother. This bolt deals damage to its target with time
making it useless against large enemies or bosses while only affecting the
weak. Enemies will still attack as they get damaged so finish them off with
another weapon like the Handgun. The damage done is very little to even
consider using it, let alone craft it waisting 5 bolts that could be used on
something better.

Bolts needed 5

. Freeze Bolt

The shot freezes the enemies caught in the blast giving you time to reload
or even smash the frozen enemies (Haunted) by meleeing them. The effect last
for a short time so be quick. Very usful on bosses giving you enough time to
reload, rearrange your tactics or position yourself in a better area. Extra
useful when cornered by a group of enemies as unlikely the explosive bolt you
won't have to worry about taking damage.

Make sure to fire the bolt at the incoming group as missing the target will
just freeze an empty area.

Bolts needed 5

. Incendiary Bolt (Preorder exclusive)

Another Fighting Chance only bonus. fires in three directions at ones covering
the surrounded area of your target. Using this bolt is important when dealing
with a group or even bosses as most of the enemies in this game are sensitive
to fire. As a result, you will be dealing allot of damage to your target and
its surroundings.

Can also be fired at Laura burning her buying you extra time. Careful where
you fire for maximum damage. Can also be set as a trap for enemies to walk on.

Bolts needed 5

. Shock Bolt

Deals very low damage but is useful to buy time, especially when used on
groups or the Sadist as he runs around with a chainsaw. The enemies will
be shocked and stunned for a short amount of time, enough for you to get
away or reload. Crafting this bolt is not recommended, instead use the 
ones you find.

Once againb, this is a time buying bolt and not a damage dealer unless you
have nothing else to use.

Bolts needed 4

'-- 321: Machine Gun ---------------------------------------------------------'

A secret weapon that can only be used in the New Game + after beating the
game. The Machine Gun have an impressive fire rate but normal damage. Using
the Riffle ammunition, this weapon should be used on a group of enemies rather
than large bosses as the damage power is considered normal per shot, even for
a normal enemy.

Keeping this weapon as a backup when cornered is great but that's about it.
You can use it for fun but don't expect it to stop a powerful boss. You can't
upgrade this special weapon.

'-- 331: Rocket Launcher -----------------------------------------------------'

Unlocked and used in the New Game +. The Rocket Launcher is a powerful
weapon when used on most enemies and smaller bosses. Deals damage to the
nearby enemies of your initial target causing an explosion upon impact.
Stay away when firing on targets nearby as you will also deal damage should
you get caught in the explosion.

I wouldn't say this is the ultimate boss stopper as the damage done is not
that great on the big ones as opposite to the normal enemies and smaller
bosses. Use it from a distance to damage the incoming group or boss keeping
a safe distance to run or reload after firing the Rocket Launcher. You can't
upgrade this special weapon.

'-- 341: Grenade -------------------------------------------------------------'

Grenades deal a huge amount of damage to normal enemies and bosses of all
kind. The huge explosion will send the nearby enemies flying and can even
damage you should you happen to be within the blast's range.

Kinda rare so don't waste it unless you have to and use from a distance.
Make sure to through the grenade aiming at your targets feet so it lands
nearby and not past your target. Keep in mind that it will also bounce
upon impact before exploding so calculate the distance right before throwing.

'-- 351: Brass Knuckles ------------------------------------------------------'

Unlocked after beating the game in the Nightmare difficulty and only used
in the New Game +. Increases the melee damage to the point that most of the
enemies can be taken down with a single punch. It is automatically equipped
and can't be removed. 

Useful for a speed run but remember to watch your back as enemies can still
hit you while you're meleeing your target. Using this when surrounded with
a group is risky but can work if your fast and careful enough.

'-- 361: Melee Attack --------------------------------------------------------'

The melee attack is an important, yet dangerous attack that can either help
you or kill you. First of all, never attempt to melee bosses unless you have
no other choice and about to die anyway. The only acceptable time to use this
attack on a boss is when you're on top of the ledge and the sadist is climbing
to get you. Hit him once or twice as he is about to climb up then jump down.
Never attempt this as he is climbing down as he will hit you with his leg.

Normal enemies are a different case, hitting a single haunted and backing away
is the safest method although sometimes you can hit him twice before he reacts.
As soon as you hit it, you will see the enemy is getting into position about to
punch. If you managed to keep a safe distance the enemy will miss for you to
hit back again.

Attempting this when surrounded is foolish as other enemies will most likely
hit you in return. Punch and run away to be safe. Upgrading the melee won't
do a noticeable difference so I suggest doing so in new game + as you will
probably have enough green gel to spare.

'-- 371: Melee Weapons -------------------------------------------------------'

Melee weapons are a one time use. Often carried by enemies for you to pick
and use after killing the holder. Some of them will kill normal enemies with
one hit while dealing a great deal of damage toward the bosses. You can carry
one melee weapon at a time and it will automatically be dropped if you pull
your main weapon, but you can still pick it up again.

. Bottle

The bottle is mainly used to distract enemies giving you time and path to run
away. Throw the bottle in any direction and the enemy nearby will run toward
it to investigate.

The other more important but hard to pull trick is to throw it at the enemies
face stunning it for a short time enough for you to perform a sneak kill from
any direction.

. Torch

The Torch will kill the normal enemies with a single hit and can also be
used to stun Laura as she is sensitive to fire. You can burn more than one
enemy provided they are close enough but don't focus on doing so as it will
leave you open for attacks.

. Axe

The Axe will also kill normal enemies with one hit as well as damage bosses.

400: Closing           \
'-- 410: Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------'

I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
corrections, requests or anything else.

E-mail:   adam3k3@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adam3k3
Website:  http://adam3k3.com
YouTube   Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Adam3k3

'-- 420: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------'

. http://theevilwithin.wikia.com for some info.
. All websites that are hosting my FAQs.
. You for reading this FAQ.

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