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    Combat System FAQ by adam3k3

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 11/25/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                       B A T M A N  A R K H A M  O R I G I N S
                                 Combat System FAQ
                                For Xbox 360/PS3/PC
                                    Version 1.25
                                   By Adam Cooper
                          Email: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com  
                           Website: http://adamcooper.me
                     This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper
                          Last Revision February 10th, 2014
    Table of Contents
    1. About this Guide......................................[100]
     1-1. Availability...................................[110]
     2-1. Copyright and License..........................[120]
     3-1. Searching the Guide............................[130]
     4-1. Version History................................[140]
    2. Introduction..........................................[200]
    3. Basics Explained......................................[300]
     1-3. Combo System...................................[310]
     2-3. Standard Moves.................................[320]
     3-3. Special Attacks................................[330]
     4-3. Gadget Attacks.................................[340]
    4. Enemy List............................................[400]
     1-4. Thugs..........................................[410]
     2-4. Armed Thugs....................................[420]
     3-4. Armored Thugs..................................[430]
     4-4. Knife Thugs....................................[440]
     5-4. Electric Rod Thugs.............................[450]
     6-4. Shield Thugs...................................[460]
     7-4. Martial Artist.................................[470]
     8-4. Venom Thug.....................................[480]
     9-4. Enforcer.......................................[490]
     10-4.Freeze Thug....................................[411]
    5. General Strategies....................................[500]
    6. Closing...............................................[600]
     1-6. Contacts.......................................[610] 
     2-6. Special Thanks.................................[620]
    100: About this Guide  \
    '-- 110: Availability --------------------------------------------------------'
    The Latest version of this FAQ and all of my work is always available on 
    my website [1], GameFaqs [2] and IGN [3].
    [1] http://adamcooper.me
    [2] http://www.gamefaqs.com/users/Adam3k3/contributions/faqs
    [3] http://www.ign.com/blogs/adam3k3
    '-- 120: Copyright and License -----------------------------------------------'
    This FAQ is Copyright (c) 2013 Adam Cooper, and released under the terms of
    the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial, No Derivatives License.
    This License enables you to distribute this FAQ provided it remains in 
    its full form, unchanged and full credit is given. Publishing it under 
    your name on websites or otherwise is prohibiting. You may not use this 
    work for commercial purposes. For any reuse or distribution, you must make 
    clear to others the license terms of this work along with the notice in the 
    availability section.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [3] http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0
    '-- 130: Searching the Guide -------------------------------------------------'
    Press "CTRL+F" to Search the FAQ. Copy, paste the code to the desired section 
    from the tables of content into the search bar and click Find.
    '-- 140: Version History -----------------------------------------------------'
    Version 1.25 May 5th, 2014
    . Added Freeze Thug.
    . More information on Martial Artist.
    Version 1.10 February 10th, 2014
    . Corrections/ more information on Martial Artist.
    Version 1.0  November 26th, 2013
    . FAQ complete.
    200: Introduction              \
    This FAQ was written to share my knowledge of the Arkham games battle system. 
    Although at first the battle system may seem like a simple button smashing 
    fights, you will soon realize that it’s more than that, way more. The simple 
    yet powerful technics requires you to time, select and sometimes even risk 
    movies on different enemies throughout the game.
    The FAQ aims to explain the combat system’s each move along with its effects 
    as much as possible while keeping it simple to understand. I have also included
    enemy types for you to better understand the effects of combat on each type.
    Enjoy and update me should anything is missing or needs to be edited.
    300: Basics Explained          \
    '-- 310: Combo System --------------------------------------------------------'
    The combo system while simple allows for great tactics and depth. Without 
    proper understanding and strategy you will not get any high score or combo so 
    it’s important to know and plan.
    For starters there are 12 moves you can pull against enemies. Each
    move while effective against a type, fails on another so know when 
    to use it. The combo system must be started with a hit, be it defensive 
    or offensive one. After that, quickly hit again to start the multiplier 
    and the timer. Successfully hitting three times will enable the critical 
    hits knocking thugs on each hit.
    There are 2 ways to start a combo, by triple hitting a thug or the better 
    way by standing and countering the first thug attack, jump behind him (Evade) 
    and strike him followed by another strike to the close by thug and repeat 
    until your combo miter becomes critical "yellow" promoting for a special 
    take down that can be performed. After that it’s back to normal. Fail to 
    perform a move or take some time and the combo indicator will go back to zero 
    forcing you to start all over losing points.
    The timer is not visible and runs out in seconds. The multiplier is a number 
    of hits multiplied to the total score. Keep the combo going as long as you 
    could for bigger score.
    Should the combo be broken, you will lose the multiplier and will have 
    to start all over again. Of course you will still get the total score you 
    reached before losing the combo. It is important to understand that you are 
    totally free in each of your moves and there is more than one way to keep 
    your combo going after each move. 
    Another factor is the noon hit combo actions. Some moves while not adding to 
    the multiplier will give you more time and continue the combo with increasing 
    the overall score. For best results carefully mix the offensive and defensive 
    actions and keep focused on your next move. Move the camera to your advantage 
    to better plan your next attack especially while preforming a takedown as it 
    gives you time to look around and plan your next move.
    Always use Evade instead of counter if you’re having a hard time timing the 
    action. Also, Evade automatically cancels any enemy attack or the nearby thug 
    giving you time to think and free escape. You can also evade any thug unlikely 
    counter. Just make sure you don’t stun your enemy before attempting evade as 
    you will aerial attack instead. 
    '-- 320: Standard Moves ------------------------------------------------------'
    The basic standard controls are as followed:
    1. Strike - a basic punch that can be used 3 times in a raw
    Started by throwing a punch toward an eligible opponent, followed by 
    another one and finally the third one starting free flow combat. After 
    that, a single hit will knock your opponent (but not necessarily out) 
    with an invisible timer between each hit. 
    The punch will not work on some enemy types but can be upgraded later during 
    the game to bypass this restriction.
    2. Counter - counter an enemy’s attack (Not all attacks can be countered).
    Counters are great way to block most attacks. You can now counter up to three 
    enemies at once. Be aware that pressing the counter button more than needed 
    will break your combo.
    Timing it right will give you an extra hit as well. Watch as the enemies is 
    about to hit you with either his hands or a pipe and counter.
    3. Evade - jump over an enemy.
    Evade is the move you should be using allot for two purposes; giving you 
    more time and avoiding enemies you can’t counter. You can evade any enemy 
    except for some bosses. Evading does not count as a hit but still keeps your 
    timer going. Use it should things get crowded or simply when you need to think.
    You can also use it to jump out of a boss’s way or to get to a better area 
    during the fight.
    4. Stun - Stun an enemy for a few seconds.
    Not only does this useful move stun an enemy for a short time, it is also a 
    gateway for a much powerful takedown. Stunning an enemy will open him for a 
    beat down takedown and some enemies will even require it. A useful move for 
    getting some extra time and space. Doesn’t count as hit but keeps your combo 
    timer going. 
    5. Ultra Stun - enemy will fall stunned for more time.
    Same as above but this time you will need to preform it up to three times 
    for the enemy to fall down for a somehow reasonable time giving you a an 
    opportunity for a ground take down or to engage with someone else.
    Some bosses require this move opening them for damage.
    6. Aerial Attack - a risky move where you climb and jump on top of an enemy.
    Very risky move and should be avoided unless necessary. Stun an enemy once 
    and use evade toward him to climb and punch him leaving him on the ground. 
    Some type of thugs require this to be put down but overall a risky move 
    opening you for an attack which you cannot counter. 
    7. Beat down – Stun a thug and keep striking until he goes out.
    Stun a thug and quickly start punching for a combo takedown. Be careful, 
    nearby enemies will try to hit you but as long as you’re carful and counter at 
    the right time you will succeed. Should you feel you cannot finish your beat 
    down or unblockable enemy is about to hit, simple Evade to another direct and 
    NOT toward the stunned enemy as it will start the Aerial Attack.
    You will jump out and have a chance to continue your attack on someone else.
    8. Ground Pound - Finish off enemies on the ground.
    Once the enemy ends up on the ground for whatever reason you will have a 
    chance to finish him off by preforming the ground takedown. Watch out as 
    nearby enemies will try to attack you and you will be defenseless and unable 
    to counter back. Use on an enemy far from the group or while others are 
    '-- 330: Special Attacks -----------------------------------------------------'
    Special attacks (Takedowns) can be preform after reaching critical combo. 
    They are usually one hit takedown with a rare exception on some type and 
    the bosses.
    1. Special Takedown Combo 
    Can be used anytime on any thug except the Titan thug. Very effect as it 
    cancels any enemy attack except the boss. A good practice is to move the 
    camera around to get a better view of enemy placement as the action is slowed 
    down during the special combo.
    2. Special Disarm and Destroy
    An excellent combo that while not hurting the thug destroys his weapon 
    preventing him or anyone else of picking it up. Effective against electric 
    stun rods as they can become very annoying.
    3. Special Bat Swarm
    Creates a bat tornado and stun enemies inside for a very short time.  
    Unless you’re surrounded with many enemies don’t attempt this combo. 
    Better use the takedown or disarm one instead.
    4. Special Multi Ground Takedown
    Powerful combo as it can take up to 5 thugs at once. The strategy is to 
    critical strike a few thugs and immediately follow it with this combo. 
    Result, 5 thugs taken down without risk at once. All enemies must be on the 
    ground for this to take them down.
    '-- 340: Gadget Attacks ------------------------------------------------------'
    Gadget attacks can be hard or easy to pull depending on what you’re using. 
    They can be performed anytime but become very powerful after reaching X12 
    combo without use until then. Another X12 will be required without normal 
    usage should you want the powerful gadget attack again.
    1. Batarang throw
    Effective to hit thugs far away or to stun coming thugs to get some time 
    taking care of the nearby ones. Up to three can be thrown. Be careful to not 
    over use ending your combo. Also useful for stopping a faraway thug about to 
    throw something on you without the risk of getting hit.
    2. Concussion Detonator
    Confuse and stun the enemy when shot and activate. Shot once then shot again 
    to activate it on the caught enemy. Somehow not necessary yet an extra aid 
    should you need it since it’s unlimited. Use it on a far enemy for better 
    results since nearby thugs are better evaded.
    3. Bat Gel
    Spray the gel once and wait for the indicator to tell you how many enemies 
    will be affected, spray again to activate it. A bit tricky to pull especially 
    in tight places so watch out for enemy attacks when attempting it. Effected 
    enemies will fall for a short while, best used on a group.
    5. Grapple
    Pull enemies toward you for an easy strike. Pull an enemy and hit again as he 
    is coming toward you for a knock blow. Not all enemies are pullable  and some 
    damage you on contact like electric rod thug. Never use it when surrounded as 
    it will open you for an attack. 
    6. Glue Grenade
    Throw on a thug(s) to stun them for Sometime. Very useful especially on an 
    armed thug shooting at you from a distains. Throwing another grenade will set 
    the first thug free.
    7. Shock Gloves
    Obtained at later point in the game, very powerful and useful. Smash though 
    any thug or enforcer with ease. Sends the thugs flying per hit. Can attack 
    any thug including the shield and electric rod thugs.
    A good but careful mix of the above will land you a good score. 
    Think and practice. See Enemies section for effective attack chart.
    400: Enemy List                \
    '-- 410: Thugs ---------------------------------------------------------------'
    These guys all over the asylum. Fortunately, they are easy to defeat. 
    A simple punching combo will finish the thug off. If they are in packs, 
    which they usually are; a takedown should be applied for quicker finishing. 
    For a very quick multi thug finish, use the Special Multi Ground Takedown.
    Make sure that you have sufficient space when using a normal ground takedown 
    as another thug can easily hit you while you’re busy. 
    '-- 420: Armed Thugs ---------------------------------------------------------'
    Armed thugs are exactly like normal thugs except that they have a weapon. 
    You can use the batclaw to trip them, throw Batarangs at them or just normally 
    punch em. Keep watching them during the fight and take them down as soon as 
    they are about to fire as they can reach you from distains and break your 
    Use any takedown you see fit.
    '-- 430: Armored Thugs -------------------------------------------------------'
    Armored thugs can easily confuse you and break your combo. First of all, 
    they can either be taken out via a special takedown or by a beat down. Use 
    extra caution when attempting the later as another thug (up to 3) can and 
    will try to attack you so counter smartly or even jump out of the way and 
    attack someone else. 
    Enemies will cancel their attacks once you use a special takedown so use 
    this when you don’t feel like taking a risk. As a bonus, you will have a 
    second or two to take a look at your surroundings while batman is doing 
    the takedown animation.
    '-- 440: Knife Thugs ---------------------------------------------------------'
    Dangerous combo breakers that can be easily be beaten when not attacking. 
    When they do, use the knife dodge technic, evade or a special takedown. 
    You will not receive another hit from other enemies once you’re in the 
    middle of the knife dodge.
    '-- 450: Electric Rod Thugs --------------------------------------------------'
    Use an electric rod to attack. Cannot be normally countered or pulled since 
    hitting you will result in a shock. Attack from behind after a successfully 
    evade or disarm them using the special disarm. Can also be takedown by a 
    normal special takedown.
    '-- 460: Shield Thugs --------------------------------------------------------'
    Disarm or Arial attack. They cannot be normally countered. Watch out when 
    attempting the Arial attack as other thugs can easily hit you. Use special 
    takedown if necessary otherwise disarm.
    '-- 470: Martial Artist ------------------------------------------------------'
    The most annoying combo breaker there is. Not only can he escape a special 
    takedowns, he also counters your attacks. Countering him is tricky; You must 
    pay attention as he will first push or quick punch you which is something you 
    cannot counter and trying will only ruin your combo, after his first push/punch
    comes his real attack which needs to be countered. Rarely will he attack from 
    the first hit. 
    To make things little easier, watch for his attack as it slows down 
    indicating that it’s an actual attack and not a quick counter.
    Doing this during a heated battle can easily distract you and break your combo.
    The safest method is to evade and hit from behind followed by a multi ground 
    takedown if possible.
    '-- 480: Venom Thug ----------------------------------------------------------'
    Venom Thugs must first be disarmed by using a special takedown or a beatdown. 
    After that, they are normal thugs. Not that hard to beat, use evade should 
    '-- 490: Enforcer ------------------------------------------------------------'
    Enforcers come in two types, the normal and armored type.
    Use a beat down on a normal type until he goes down. For the armored one, 
    use the special take down to disarm him and continue beating him down. You 
    don’t need to finish them in one go, you can hit them, deal with another 
    thug and continue.
    '-- 411: Freeze Thug ---------------------------------------------------------'
    Freeze Thug uses a freezing gun which will freeze you until you break free 
    by repeatedly pushing the evade button. Keep in mind that as soon as you’re 
    frozen the thug will throw a Grande at you so start smashing the button as 
    soon as you’re frozen. Other thugs may hit you as well.
    The best way to avoid him is to wait for the last possible second as you can 
    see him getting ready to fire then jump out of the way. Quick batarang may 
    also buy you some time.
    *Exclusive to Cold Cold Heart DLC.
    500: General Strategies\
    The best advice is to practice. Practice when going through the story on the 
    normal street thugs or simply retry the challenge maps over and over again 
    trying different tactics and testing new things before applying it in the 
    story or the later challenge maps.
    Get used to pulling critical strikes and master the counter timings as they 
    will come handy when going for big score or attack. Use the special takedown 
    should you need some time to think and plan as you will get a few seconds 
    during the takedown animation. Use the camera to your advantage as well since 
    moving the camera uncovers the hidden territory and possible thugs.
    Don’t take unnecessary risk and stick to the safe methods for higher combos 
    watching out for each thug’s weakness and strength. Learn by practice and 
    knowledge, take your time going through the game.
    600: Closing          \
    '-- 610: Contacts ------------------------------------------------------------'
    I may be contacted any time via my email, Twitter or Blog. Just make 
    sure to properly mention the subject. I welcome questions, contributions, 
    corrections, requests or anything else.
    E-mail: adam3k3[at]gmail[dot]com
    Twitter: @Adam3k3
    Website: http://adamcooper.me
    '-- 620: Special Thanks ------------------------------------------------------'
    . http://batman.wikia.com for some small info.                   
    . All websites that are hosting my FAQs.
    . You for reading this FAQ.
    FAQ Created by 
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