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by RedIsPoetic

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Guide and Walkthrough by RedIsPoetic

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/21/2014

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Hey-o! It's RedIsPoetic with a short guide for a short, but great, first chapter of a game. The game itself is 'The Last Door', a free-to-play indie horror game. It has nice old-school visuals and revolves around the point-and-click mechanic. It's nothing too hard to get into and is actually surprisingly enjoyable. I won't give anything away about the details of the game, but you should definitely give it ago. It takes under an hour anyway.

This guide gives a quick description of the basics of the game, gives the prologue to it, then gives a full walkthrough for it, as spoiler free as possible without going overboard. Hope you enjoy!

- RedIsPoetic


Basically, you simply click on objects of interest. If your cursor turns to the Lens when you hover over it, you'll examine it. If your cursor's a hand, you'll interact with it. You can also click on item in your inventory then use them, either on other items in your inventory, or things of interest in the room you're in. To do so, simply click on the item, then click on what you're going to use it on. Simple! If what you use it on causes your cursor to briefly turn to a red 'X', then it can't be used on that thing of interest. Additionally, you can speed up moving between rooms by double clicking on doors. This way you will move immediately to the next room. Easy, eh?

The only other controls are the 'Accessibility Options', which are as follows:

While playing:

'''Press '1': Enable/disable dyslexia-friendly font.

Press '2': Enable/disable descriptions of sounds [cc].

Press '3': Fullscreen mode.'''


The following is the text from the prologue, as well as the very obvious instructions, just in case you need them. It's basically the tutorial for the game. The text in the boxes are what's coming up on-screen between actions.

After all the things I've seen

Pick up the rope off the floor. Pick the chair up from the ground.

After all the things I've done.

The chair will now be upright on the floor. Click on one of the two rafters to tie the rope to them.

My life is on a course that I can't escape from

Click on the rope.

It's too late for me now

It'll now be a noose. Click on the chair.

I just hope you could forgive me someday

The noose will be around his neck. Click on the chair.

Yours sincerely, Anthony Beechworth

You'll now be hanging yourself. After a moment, you'll stop moving. After the title appears, the credits will roll. Feel free to skip them if you wish to. After that, the game itself will begin.

October 1891

"Videte ne quis sciat."

That's the only thing my dear old friend Anthony Beechworth wrote in his letter. It had been many years since I last heard that sentence. It used to be the motto of the science and philosophy group that we secretly ran back when we were in that secluded boarding school in Scotland. We left it all behind, like simple childhood memories. But it was unusual. That letter could only mean something awful must have happened, something that must remain absolutely secret. I had to figure out what was going on. Without delay, I took the first morning train to Sussex to the address on the letter. And there it was, the old home of Anthony's family. The Beechworth Mansion.

Chapter 1: The Letter

The game will start, properly! You can use the Lens on the horizon for a bit of flavour text. After that, click on the door to head inside. Once inside, you'll take off your coat. Time to explore the place! You can interact with the clock, your coat and a painting of Anthony. From here, you can either head right or left. Head right first.

In the drinks cabinet in the next room, first examine it, then interact with it to find Matches. You can also examine the gramophone, fireplace and window. Once you're done here, ineract with the door to open it, then interact with it again to head on through.

In the next room, head right over to the large painting. Examine it, then interact with it three times. The painting will fall off the wall. Behind it you'll find a Rosary. Exmaine it, then interact with it to take it. You can now head through the door to your far left, or through the door that's not locked to your far right. Head into the right one first.

You'll find a kitchen. Examine, then interact with the stove. You'll grab an Old Cloth from there. Now unlock and head out the door to your right. Outside, you'll see a number of crows feasting on something. You can't get close to them, but you can head left. If you do so though, you'll just wind up back at the front of the house. Instead, head back to the hallway with the paintings. Head to the far right side and head through the door there that's unlocked.

Examine the Unlit Lamp above the chest of drawers in this bedroom. Now go over and grab it. You can examine the note on the bedside table for some interesting notes if you like. Leave the window for now. Once you're ready to, head all the way back to the foyer of the house. Now head left, up the stairs.

Now that you have the Unlit Lamp and Matches, use the Matches on the Lamp. It'll turn into a Lighted Lamp. Now start walking down the hallway to your left. You'll see a boarded up door. Looks like we'll need to find a way in. Keep going to the next door and open it up. The one at the end is locked, so don't worry about it. Head through the door that you can and head into the next room.

It's another bedroom. You'll find a Silver Key on the bedside table here. Grab it. You'll notice that you can go by the balcony to reach the next room, but you need to pry open the latch first. Let's find an item that'll be able to do it. Head back out into the hallway. The key won't actually work on the nearby door (that's the one you're reaching by opening that latch anyway). You'll instead need to head back downstairs, through the room to your right and through the next door until you're back in the hallway with the paintings. Head to the far right end and try using the Silver Key on the locked door here. It'll open. Head on through.

You're in the basement. Head left. When you see a record on the ground, examine then interact with it to pick it up. You'll now have the Record in your inventory. You'll be able to use that with the gramophone. Keep heading left for now though. You'll come upon some firewood and a Crowbar. Examine then interact with the Crowbar to grab it. You can also examine the boiler and the cement wall here. Once you're done, head back upstairs and back to the room with the gramophone. Feel free to place the record on the gramophone and play the song. Head back out to the foyer, then head back into the room. Once you're done there, head back into the foyer once more, then go outside. Head around the back of the house and the crows will be gone, with one dying Crow on the ground. Pick it up. Now head back inside and upstairs.

Go over to the boarded up door and use the Crowbar on it. You'll break it down. Head on through the door. Look at the body on the bed then interact with it to read a note. A Hairpin will drop to the floor. Pick it up. Feel free to look at the other notes scattered on the floor. Once you're ready to, head on through to the next room. Look at all the portraits, especially the final one, then head back out into the dark hallway. Head further left, to the next door. Head on through.

You'll be back in the bedroom. Head on over to the glass door and use the Hairpin on it. The latch will open. Head on out to the balcony. You'll appear in another room. Look, then interact with the Hammer to pick it up. There's also a can of Thinner that you should make sure to examine and then grab off of the ground. Examine the trapdoor to the attic. Looks like you need a golden key. Looks like we'll need to find it. Unlock the door and head back into the hallway.

Head back downstairs. Now to put all the stuff we've found to good use. Head to the bedroom on the bottom floor (it's the door second from the right end in the hallway with the paintings). Place the Crow in the bowl by the window. Now use the Rosary to hold open window. Head to kitchen (the far left door in the hallway with the paintings). You'll here a cat meowing. Head back to the bedroom to find the crow gone. Head back out of the bedroom and go down into the basement (the door at the very right end of the hallway). Walk to the very end of the basement where the cement wall is. Use the Hammer on the wall to break it down. You'll find the cat, then it'll run off. Interact with the box behind the wall to grab the Knife.

Okay, head out of the basement and back up into the dark hallway. Head through the door that used to be boarded up and then through to the room with the paintings. Use the Cloth on the Thinner to get a Wet Cloth, then use that on the far left painting. Head back into the dark hallway now and head to the room where the Thinner and Hammer were. Use the Knife on the Lynx. Interact with the Lynx again to receive the Golden Key. Use the key on the attic trap door.

In the attic you'll find Anthony's body. Examine, then interact with his body. You'll find a letter. Read the letter and then watch what ensues. That's Chapter 1 complete! Hope you enjoyed it!

Version History

Version 1.00

Dates: 22/01/2014

Change Log:

  • All complete!

Notes: Enjoy everybody!

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A massive thank you goes to:

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  • Most importantly, You, the reader, for reading this guide. You're the reason that I write!

Final Word

All done then! Obviously there's more to come! Check back for FAQs on all of the other chapters of the game. Hope you enjoyed the guide and found it helpful!

Throws crows at you repeatedly

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