1. Olga Andriyenko Additional Background Design
  2. Mathias Fischer Additional Background Design
  3. Sebastian Kempke Additional Background Design
  4. Anna Otten Additional Background Design
  5. Yury Schicker Additional Background Design
  6. Manuel Vormwald Additional Background Design
  7. Matt Kempke Additional Character Design
  8. Sebastian Kempke Additional Character Design
  9. Rebecca Bertram Additional Design
  10. Nicky Dretvic Additional Design
  11. Corinna Ertl Additional Design
  12. Claudie Marvisi Additional Design
  13. Stefanie Szabo Additional Design
  14. Corinna Ertl Additional Dialogue
  15. Aljoscha Jelinek Additional Dialogue
  16. Malin Lovenbërg Additional Dialogue
  17. Valentina Tamer Additional Dialogue
  18. Benjamin Kuhn Additional Scripting
  19. Marvin Schwieger Additional Scripting
  20. Oliver Urbanik Additional Scripting
  21. Christian Ahlers Animation
  22. Olga Andriyenko Animation
  23. Tobia Baraccani Animation
  24. Stephanie Barz Animation
  25. Johanna Baumann Animation
  26. Gunnar Bergmann Animation
  27. Nadja Clauberg Animation
  28. Maren Collet Animation
  29. Corinna Ertl Animation
  30. Marco Hüllen Animation
  31. Regina Haselhorst Animation
  32. Tatjana Heinz Animation
  33. Oliver Hinzmann Animation
  34. Martin Kailuweit Animation
  35. Martin Kailuweit Animation
  36. Simone Kesterton Animation
  37. Simone Kesterton Animation
  38. Franziska Klaus Animation
  39. Ingo Leitner Animation
  40. Johannes Lott Animation
  41. Stephan Mangelsen Animation
  42. Nick Noah Animation
  43. Anna Otten Animation
  44. Marta Pevida Animation
  45. Carolin Simon Animation
  46. Sarah Slabiak Animation
  47. Philipp Suchowski Animation
  48. Valentina Tamer Animation
  49. Irina Zinner Animation
  50. Fabia Zobel Animation
  51. Olga Andriyenko Animation Lead
  52. Gunnar Bergmann Animation Lead
  53. Martin Kailuweit Animation Lead
  54. Mathias Fischer Card Game Design
  55. Simon Nguyen Core Scripting
  56. Kevin Niederelz Core Scripting
  57. Tobias Omernik Core Scripting
  58. Eduard Wolf Core Scripting
  59. Matt Kempke Creative Lead, Writer, Director
  60. Olga Andriyenko Cutscenes
  61. Mathias Fischer Cutscenes
  62. Martin Kailuweit Cutscenes
  63. Simone Kesterton Cutscenes
  64. Rino Pelli Cutscenes
  65. Olga Andriyenko Interface Design
  66. Matt Kempke Interface Design
  67. Johannes Lott Interface Design
  68. Matthias Mangelsdorf Interface Design
  69. Anna Otten Interface Design
  70. Simone Kesterton Lead Background Painter
  71. Matt Kempke Lead Background Penciler
  72. Olga Andriyenko Lead Character Designer
  73. Kevin Niederelz Lead Scripter
  74. Matt Kempke Puzzle Design
  75. Ulrich Wanitschke Puzzle Design
  76. Tilo Alpermann Sound Design
  77. Thomas Gimpel Sound Design
  78. Tobias Omernik Sound Design
  79. Malte Seddig Sound Design
  80. Samantha Werner Sound Design
  81. Tilo Alpermann Soundtrack Composer
  82. Matt Kempke Story
  83. Alix Wilton Regan Voice: Anja Mouse
  84. Neil McCaul Voice: Backpack Mouse
  85. Andrew Wincott Voice: Banking Lizard
  86. Neil McCaul Voice: Building Contractor Lizard
  87. Ian Drysdale Voice: Cannon Guard
  88. Glen McCready Voice: Conrad Owl
  89. Ali Pettit Voice: Dance Mouse
  90. Ali Pettit Voice: Edith Squirrel
  91. Neil McCaul Voice: Fortune Selling Lizard
  92. Tim Bentinck Voice: Fox Gatekeeper
  93. Ali Pettit Voice: Friend of the Polar Scientist
  94. Kieth Wickham Voice: Garden Rabbit
  95. Tim Bentinck Voice: Hangover Mouse
  96. Steve Furst Voice: Hedgehog with Blue Pants
  97. David Rintoul Voice: Hedgehog with Red Pants
  98. Ali Dowling Voice: Hespera, Moth Nun
  99. Wayne Forester Voice: Huckster Lizard
  100. Ben Elliot Voice: Humbert
  101. Andrew Wincott Voice: Japanese Poet
  102. Jed Kelly Voice: Jerry Hazelnut
  103. John Bull Voice: Jonathan Squirrel
  104. Harriet Carmichael Voice: Kitsune
  105. Keith Wickham Voice: Ludwig Mole
  106. John Bull Voice: Memory of a Raven
  107. Ali Dowling Voice: Mouse Guard 1
  108. Adam Longworth Voice: Mouse Guard 2
  109. Ian Drysdale Voice: Mr. Churchmouse
  110. Peadar Kelly Voice: Mr. Hazelnut
  111. Charlotte Moore Voice: Mrs. Hazelnut
  112. Terry Wilton Voice: Night Watchman
  113. Rula Lenska Voice: Phosphera, Moth High Priestess
  114. Adam Longworth Voice: Plato the Frog
  115. Alix Wilton Regan Voice: Polar Scientist
  116. Steve Furst Voice: Spitzweg
  117. David Rintoul Voice: Steinberg
  118. Brian Deacon Voice: The Great Zaroff
  119. Peadar Kelly Voice: The Leprechaun
  120. Wayne Forester Voice: The Marquis de Hoto
  121. Steve Furst Voice: The Mysterious Woodsprite
  122. Peter Marinker Voice: The Old Magician of Mousewood
  123. Adam Longworth Voice: The Pole Whale
  124. Terry Wilton Voice: The Rock Toad


Data and credits for this game contributed by BartSmith, BGoldTLE, misschu, and oliist.

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