Dewdrop Collector
Find dew that glitters in the daytime sun.
Story Collector
The Woodsprite knows many stories..
Sticker Collector
Find all the lost mouse children stickers!
Card Collector
You can only win with a full deck!
Just keep clicking...
Look at the night sky.
Calendar Page
Spend a month in Mousewood.
Spell Breaker
Break the curse of Zaroff.
Back Home
Reunite a feathered family
A Good Hand?
Show everyone how good you are at Quartets.
Golden Patience
Don't let the leprechaun upset you.
It was nice visiting you!
Say goodbye to the inhabitants of Mousewood.
Alice in Wonderland
Follow the White Rabbit.
Event Manager
Get everything read for the big festival.
Model Student
Learn all the spells.
Bounty Hunter
These creatures have no business in Mousewood.
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Originally Contributed By: BGoldTLE

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