• Steam Achievements

    A Bolt From The BlueKill an enemy hero on the world map.
    Ashes to AshesRaze a city.
    AvatarRecruit a Hero.
    Bad MojoWin as Myrodants.
    Begone!Banish an enemy Sorcerer Lord.
    BeholdWin as Eyegor.
    Best Friends ForeverMake an alliance with another Sorcerer Lord.
    Big BossWin as Orcs.
    Big SpenderSpend 5000 mana on spells.
    Birthday PresentGive a hero to another Sorcerer Lord.
    Black ChannelsTurn a living hero undead.
    Born to WinWin as pregenerated Sorcerer Lord.
    Burning ButtocksStart a hot seat game.
    Captain ElementHave a unit deal fire, cold, electrical and acid damage with one attack.
    Cobbler DratewkaKill a Drake with a Settler unit.
    Come at Me!Be at war with every other Sorcerer Lord at once.
    ConquerorCapture a city.
    CorruptedRecruit a living hero as the Unhallowed.
    Created to WinWin as custom Sorcerer Lord.
    Damsel in DistressRescue a hero from a world feature.
    DominatrixWin by casting Spell of Domination.
    DragonlanceWin as Draconians.
    Drill SergeantRecruit a unit.
    Dungeon MasterExplore a world feature.
    Earth, Wind and FireAchieve Tier 9 in all elemental circles.
    ExterminatusWin the game by defeating all other Sorcerer Lords.
    Founding FatherFound a new city.
    GadgeteerSpend 5000 mana on crafting.
    Gang of SixRecruit 6 heroes.
    GeronimoMake a unit fall into nothingness.
    Ghost in the ShellWin as R'jak.
    God GogWin as Magog.
    Grey EminenceWin as Grey Elves.
    GrimoireResearch all available spells.
    Hedge WizardCast a spell.
    High LordWin as High Men.
    Hive MotherWin as Prithvi Mata.
    Hollow KingWin as Unhallowed.
    Holy WaterBless a Water Elemental.
    I Am BackReturn from banishment.
    I See DarknessWin as Rastiss.
    In Your Own ImageCreate a custom Sorcerer Lord.
    KeelhaulMake a unit drown.
    Know-It-AllCast every spell.
    Last Man FallingDraw a battle.
    Life Is GoodWin as Ariel.
    ManamillionaireSpend 50000 mana on spells.
    MatriarchWin as Dark Elves.
    MerchantMake a trade with another Sorcerer Lord.
    MetropolisConstruct all buildings in a city.
    Mighty Morphing Power HeroesHave six heroes with all of their equipment slots filled.
    MulticulturalismHave a city of all seven living races.
    NecronomiconWin as Alhasret.
    New DealSign a treaty with another Sorcerer Lord.
    New GirlWin as Neve.
    No Rest For The WickedRaise a hero from the dead.
    Pimp My SoldierEnchant a unit with five unit enchantmets.
    Plane ScapeTravel to another plane.
    PopulousHave at least 100k population in your empire.
    Princess MakerWin as Istimaeth.
    Puppet MasterRecruit every unit.
    PurifiedRecruit an undead hero as a living race.
    Sail AwayEmbark a unit on a ship.
    Scaly SurpriseWin as Drakhis.
    ScribeResearch a spell.
    Serve MeSummon a champion.
    Silence Will FallWin the game without casting any spells.
    So Long, and Thanks for the SpellsDefeat a Sorcerer Lord.
    Sorcerer GadgetSpend 50000 mana on crafting.
    Sorcerer of FortuneWin as Markas.
    Sorcerer under the MountainWin as Dwarves.
    SpellslingerReach 100 Spellcraft.
    SuperheroHave a hero reach maximum level
    Temple of DoomDefeat a level 6 world feature.
    The Emperor Has No ClothesWin the game having spent no point during Sorcerer Lord creation.
    The Fastest Caster in the WestCast two strategic spells in the very first turn.
    The Old Man and the ThroneWin as Merlin.
    The Stout KingWin as Varkin.
    Tinker, TailorForge an artefact.
    UrbanizationHave at least 20 towns.
    VictorWin a battle.
    Vikings!Raid 100 gold as Orcs.
    XenophobeWin using only your starting race.
    You Know My NameReach 100 fame.
    Zero to HeroHave a unit reach maximum level.
    Zoning SchemeHave a city on all seven planes.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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