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Walkthrough by horror_spooky

Updated: 01/04/2015

Square Enix and Airtight Games team up to bring this innovative game to both 
the seventh and eighth generations.

Murdered: Soul Suspect Walkthrough/Guide
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

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E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Walkthrough
   The Docks
   Town (2)
   Salem Police Department
   Town (3)
   Ashland Hills Cemetery
   Town (4)
   Lux Aeterna Psychiatric Hospital
   Town (5)
   Salem History Museum
   Town (6)
   Church (2)
   Town (7)
   Judgment House
   Town (8)
   Salem History Museum (2)
3. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Ronan is a former criminal turned police officer turned ghost. His goal is to 
discover the identity of the person who killed him and avenge his own murder. 
You're here to help.

A - Accept/Advance Menus
B - Back/Skip Cutscenes
X - Interact With Objects
Y - Use Deduction
LB - Teleport
RB - Detect Mode
LT - RUn
RT - Reveal, Remove, Poltergeist
LS - Movement
RS - Control the Camera
D-pad - Navigate Game Menus
View Button - Open the Clue Logger
Menu Button - Pause the Game
Xbox Guide - Xbox Home Menu

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Walkthrough
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The first thing that you can do in the game once you have control of Ronan is 
walk forward. Walk towards the front door of the apartment building. Attempt to
open the door by moving Ronan's hand towards the door knob and press X. Try 
this a second time and a scene will play.

Once the scene is over, try to align your spiritual body with your physical 
body. Adjust Ronan's limbs and head using the left and right analog sticks. 
Upon doing this successfully, another scene will play.

Next start moving towards the light. Push the left stick forward to do this. 
Ronan will have a quick chat. Once that's over with, speak with the people 
trying to help you by tapping the button that appears over them. On Xbox One, 
you press the X button.

Ronan will notice a ghost girl walk through the alley. Follow her. The objects 
that are white and ghostly themselves are impassable. You can pass through the 
solid objects that are not covered in that white light, however.

Once you've reached the ghost girl, talk to her. I recommend going through 
all of the different conversation options available with her. She will explain 
a lot about what it's like to be a ghost.

When you're done talking to her, it's time to leave this place. Walk through 
the nearby dumpster and fence. Go behind the ghostly images that are hanging 
out, and then through the next fence you'll find a bunch of ghostly looking 
barrels blocking the path. You can "remove" these barrels by pulling the 
right trigger.

Removing the barrels will allow you to return to the scene of your murder in 
the town.

Time for your first investigation. The first thing you want to do is possess 
the sergeant. The most relevant information he has on your case is that all of 
the weapons found at the scene belong to you. Select that from his notepad and 
then depossess him. By the way, to possess people, just look at them and pull 
the right trigger.

Afterwards, you want to possess the cop standing next to the jerk Baxter. 
You will have the option to eavesdrop. Do this and then check out all of the 
clues marked on the ground near your body.

Once you've collected all the clues there, possess the woman that is being 
interviewed by the cop. Choose to influence her. Choose the Bell Killer clue 
to get her thinking.

Depossess her and then you can conclude the investigation by pressing the 
Y/Triangle button.

Move into the apartment building. Follow the ghost through the wall and 
speak with him. Then move through to the next door to find an old couple. 
Move through the door of their apartment to find a hallway that has a poster 
and a note about your killer to collect.

Return to the main hallway. Go into the pool room. Examine the corner. Then 
"collect" the water heater there. Leave this room. Go into the room next to 
it that is still under construction. There is a furnace here to "collect", so 
do that. Then speak with the ghost girl.

Go back to the apartment with the old people. Check out the gardening tools 
in their closet. Then examine the newspaper clipping on the table and the 
note on the end table, the same one with the potted plant on it. It's right 
by a bookshelf.

Now possess both of the old people. Choose to influence them. Choose the 
"a mysterious murder" clue for both of them. Now conclude the investigation 
by pressing the Y/Triangle button while standing in their apartment. You have 
to put together the three most relevant clues to the case.

The Old Man's Secret and The Old Woman's Secret are both necessary here. The 
final clue is the A Mysterious Murder. Return to the ghost woman now. Tell 
her what happened.

Go into the north stairwell next. Here you'll find another boiler. Collect it. 
There will be a cut-scene at the top of the stairs. Watch it and then move 
through the wall to apartment 2A. In the closet here is another boiler to 

Go to apartment 2B next. Speak with the ghost in the closet of the bedroom. 
Then leave apartment 2B and return to the main hallway of the second floor. 
There are writings on the wall that you can reveal and collect. They are the 
ghost girl's gallows.

Try to go into the next stairwell to reach the third floor. A demon will 
appear. Hide in the ghostly residue and bounce around out of this room and 
wait until the demon leaves. Hold the right bumper to watch the demon through 
walls. You can see his line of sight as well as his position by doing this.

The demon will have his back to you. Sneak up bheind him and hold the right 
trigger. Follow that up with the button combination that pops up on the 
screen to defeat the demon. You are now free to head up to the third floor of 
the apartment building.

There are two demons on this floor. Wait for the closest one to be facing 
away, then take him out. Then do the same for the second one. Remember to 
use the right bumper to watch their movement through walls before you strike.

With the demons gone, you are free to explore the third floor. On the ground 
in the hallway is a collectible called Julia's thoughts #1. Pick that up. 
Then go to apartment 3A. In the bathroom here is a ghost in a bathtub. Chat 
with him for a spell and then go into the bedroom of apartment 3A. On the wall 
closest to the husband in bed reading a book is another drawing by the ghost 
girl that you can reveal and collect. Right trigger to reveal, just in case 
you forgot.

Apartment 3B has a party going on. There's a boiler in the corner here in 
plain sight. There's a ghost to talk to that's just sitting on a chair and 
watching TV. In the bedroom is a TV that you can manipulate using your 
poltergeist powers.

When you're done here, go to the fourth floor. There's another boiler to 
collect in the far corner of the hallway. Enter the apartment, which is the 
apartment Ronan was shoved out of in the prologue. This is the start of another
investigation, so I hope you have your handy dandy notebook at the ready.

There's other collectibles here as well. The final boiler is in this apartment 
as is another one of Julia's Thoughts, located right at the base of a closet 
in the room to your right as soon as you enter the apartment through the 
front door.

First walk around the apartment and check out the clues on the ground. You 
will find Mom's Gift, the gun Ronan's mom gave him. A knocked over candle is 
Signs of a Struggle. Examine the Damaged Wall as well as the Book About Ghosts 
on the shelf. Check out the shattered window here Ronan was knocked through, 
too. On the kitchen counter is a book that will trigger one of the Profiler's 
Memories collectibles.

Near the closet is the memory of the killer. There are a bunch of words 
floating around. You have to choose the two correct ones. Choosing a correct 
word will cause some of the incorrect words to turn red, so you know that 
they aren't part of the equation. Choose SEARCHING and PURPOSEFUL to get this 

In the girl's bedroom, you'll find her memory leaning against the wall. 
Reveal it and then analyze it. The words you want are HIDING, WATCHING, and 

On the counter next to the stove are papers from a psychic. Check those out 
to get another clue. In the room where you find Julia's Thoughts, the room 
that is mostly empty, you'll find a child's psychological drawings on the 
floor and a packed bag near the lamp. Inspect both of them to get a couple 
more clues.

Okay, now that you have 10/14 clues, you probably want to keep looking for 
the rest. However, you can't do that just yet. Instead, you have to solve 
the first part of this investigation. Some investigations will have more than 
one question to answer, and this is one of them. After you have collected the 
first 10 clues as outlined above, you will be able to answer the first question
of why the killer was here.

Choose the two clues you got from analyzing the killer and the girl in the 
bedroom. A cut-scene will play showing the events that happened after you 
successfully choose the correct clues.

Afterwards, approach the cop with his hand on the photographs on the 
counter. Examine the photos to get the "obscured photos" clue. Then possess 
the cop. Influence him by choosing the "obscured photos" option. Dispossess 
him and he will move away, allowing you to check out the photographs for 

You have to choose what the most relevant object is. The object you want is 
the picture of the girl with the priest in front of the church. Choose this 
and you will be able to solve the investigation.

On your way to the church, take a right. There is something to reveal here. It 
is a "My Life" collectible. Examine it. By the orange traffic cone you will 
find another one of Julia's Thoughts. Possess one of the cops that are 
standing by the cop car. Eavesdrop on them.

In the next alley is a big ghost ship. Near it is a wooden fence. Move through 
the fence. On the wall here is another ghost girl drawing that you can unlock 
called "Stone". Reveal it and then collect it.

You'll find some ghost residue to hide in near a partial boat. Hide in it to 
then zoom to the residue that is beyond the boat. Leave the residue and 
examine the back wall. Here you will find another ghost girl drawing that you 
can collect. While you're here, you should check the ground by the crates to 
find the G. Soderberg Family Photo collectible.

At the end of the dock, you will find another one of Julia's Thoughts just 
sitting on the ground in plain sight. To the right of that is a structure 
that you can remove. Do so and then move through it. On the ground is something
you can reveal. This is a gas can. This is similar to the boilers you collected
in the apartment building. You can collect these to reveal anothr hidden ghost 

The second gas can is nearby. Move forward and you'll see a broken ramp. Use 
Reveal to fix the ramp. Walk up it and you'll find the next gas can in a 
corner by some crates.

Go back to the other end of the docks. There is a broken ramp that is supposed 
to lead down to the beach. Reveal the ramp and you can move down to the beach. 
On the picnic table here is another collectible to get more info about the 
killer. Snag the collectible and then speak with the ghost woman that is 
freaking out.

Time for a beachside investigation! There are three items that can be revealed 
in the sand around the woman. The rowboat will reveal a bouqet of flowers, and 
beyond that will be a memorial site. Now that you have all five of the clues, 
it's time to piece it together.

The three most relevant clues are the obituary, the bouqet of flowers, and the 
picture that is framed that shows the survivors of the ship wreck. Speak with 
the woman once you've completed the investigation.

Now head further down the beach. Just before the dock is a plaque. Grab it, 
and then go onto the dock. Review your life at the ghostly figures there, and 
then grab Julia's Thoughts at the end of the dock. That's all the collectibles 
for this section.

Collectible time! First, let's explore the pews. There's a hand saw in here. 
The hand saw is the Church equivalent to the boilers or the gas cans. At the 
altar is another memory for Ronan. There's another one of Julia's Thoughts at 
the altar as well. Near the demon portal on the ground is a crazy ghost lady 
you can chat with. There's another ghost sitting in the pews that has an 
interesting story that you can sit and listen to.

Now return to the area where you first entered the church. Near the stairs 
that aren't blocked is another hand saw. Go up the stairs. There is a ghost 
wall blocking the way. If you stand near the railing and look behind it, you 
can see ghostly residue that you can zoom to and "hide" in. Do that now and 
then exit. Walk to the end of this place and just beyond the ghostly family 
is another one of Julia's Thoughts.

Next to the organ is a plaque. For another plaque, zoom through the hole in 
the second ghostly wall. Finally, go through the door that leads to the top of 
the stairs blocked by the demon portal. There's a hand saw sitting at the 
top, right in front of the door.

Return to the pews. Investigate the scene of the priest talking with the girl. 
Note that you will need to reveal it first. Choose the Church clue when 
prompted to get a new objective.

There are two doors on either side of the altar. They both read "Rectory". Go 
through the one on the right first. There is a hand saw in plain view. Then 
go down the next hall to find the next hand saw. Possess the priest as he 
vaccuums the floor. Do NOT read his mind because that will just make it so you 
will have to wait longer to dispossess him.

When he is clear of the demon portal, get out of the priest. Walk forward a 
bit to trigger a cut-scene and get a new objective.

Run to where the cat went into the building. This will lead you to a room 
with a woman chatting with her mother. In the corner of this room is another 
hand saw. Facing the women, take a right. Walk through the two walls until 
you are in another hallway. On the wall here is another plaque to snag. Near 
the stairs in this same area is another hand saw.

Now you'll want to head into the hallway with the elevators. In this hall, 
you will find the cat, but ignore it for now because we still need to get the 
rest of the collectibles. Go into the bathroom here. Check the wall above the 
bathtub. Another ghost girl drawing is here. Reveal it and then collect it. 
Check the closet in here for another hand saw. Then leave.

Back in the hall, go forward. Go to the shut door on your left to find a 
storage room. In here is yet another hand saw, so be sure to pick it up. Now 
hold in the right bumper. A demon that is prowling around can be seen. You 
can sneak up on him easily. He's in the dining room. Take him out and then 
check the far wall of the dining room. There is a window in the wall. Through 
the window you can see the pantry, and on the floor you can see the next 
hand saw. Go through the wall/window and grab the hand saw. Now we're ready to 
continue the story.

What you need to do now is possess the cat. Go into the kitchen. Move through 
the opening. Jump into the dining room. Climb up the shelves. Take the first 
right in the air ducts. Go into the courtyard and climb the scaffolding as well
as the vines to reach the window that will lead you to the attic. You can exit 
the cat now and move through the door here to find the girl you've been 
searching for this entire time.

Before dealing with the investigation, walk through the door that has a dresser
in front of it. On the ground is the final hand saw. Get it to finish the 
side story here. Then go through the open door. Take a left in the middle of 
the room and face the wall. Another ghost girl drawing can be had here.

Return to the girl now and possess her. Choose to influence her. Go to the 
Searching Killer clue to cause a cut-scene to happen. Afterwards, talk with 
the girl until you've exhausted all dialogue options. When that's done, possess
the cat again.

Use the cat to exit through the window in the girl's room. Climb to the bottom 
of the courtyard. Exit the cat. Return to the hallway with the priest. Watch 
the scene. Use your poltergeist ability on the vaccuum to get the priest's 
attention. Possess him, and then dispossess him when he walks over the demon 

Return to the pews. There are two demons here now. Hide in one of the residues 
in the pew. Get as close to the crow as possible. Aim at the crow and pull the 
right trigger to use it as a distraction. Then exit your hiding place and 
execute the first demon.

The second crow is located near the back of this room, sitting on a bench. 
Zoom to it using the hiding spots, then use it to distract the second demon. 
Execute this demon and then exit the church.

TOWN (2)
Talk to the cat. Choose the Mother's Note clue. Now backtrack to the alley 
where you chased the ghost girl for the first time. Take a right at the first 
ghost house down the narrow path. There will be a stack of barrels here. Remove
them. On the ground on the other side is the C. Nelson Family Photograph to 

Now go to the playground where you spoke to the ghost girl. On the ground is 
the A. Grace cause of death as well as another one of Julia's Thoughts. On 
the ground is another one of Ronan's memories that you can review.

In the playground, look down the alleys until you see an arrow pointing to 
the left. Go towards this sign. Take a right instead. You'll find some killer 
info on a crate.

Now move through the alleys until you find a cat sitting in front of a 
doorstep. Possess the cat. Use it to climb on the dumpster and then use the 
wooden board as a bridge. Climb up the vines and make your way to the fire 
escape to find a psychotic ghost woman. Chat with her for a second.

Drop off the fire escape. Take a left through the wooden fence. Here you will 
find a ghost building with an evidence marker on the ground next to it. Grab 
the C. Nelson cause of death that is lying on the ground here. Now return to 
the street where the apartment building is.

In front of the gallows is a scene that you can reveal. Choose to do so and 
then watch the scene with Rex by collecting it. Now go across the street to 
the playground. Another one of Julia's Thoughts can be found here. Beyond the 
wooden fence at the playground, behind a bush, is more information about the 
killer for you to collect.

While we're on this side of town, start making your way towards the cemetary, 
which will be opposite of your objective marker. In the grass is the cause of 
death of another one of the killer's victims. Down the street you will find 
the family photo of K. Douglas by the picnic bench with a couple sitting at 

You can speak to the groundskeeper ghost leaning against the ghostly wall. 
At the fence near the small playground is a jealous ghost woman. Talk to her 
to help her out. The playground has a plaque you want. Grab it. Follow the 
broken ghost buildings around the corner to find a newspaper article in 
between some air conditioning units.

Okay, time to solve the investigation of the jealous ghost. Possess the 
boyfriend and choose to influence him. Choose the Broken Heart clue. Then 
possess the girl now. Possess her and influence her with the Broken Heart 
clue as well. Then choose to solve the case. Broken Heart, Ex-Girlfriend's 
Suicide, and A Shoulder to Cry On is the correct order of the clues that you 
need to choose. Report the information back to the jealous ghost girl to 
complete this side quest.

Now, how do a couple of gas cans sound? Pretty gassy, right? Well, near the 
playground is a fenced off area that is well-lit. There's a cat here. Possess 
it. Use it to climb on top of the wood palettes. Leap across to the 
scaffolding, climb up the boards, materialize and collect the first gas can. 
Then return to the ground. Jump on the palette. Use the tarp to climb up to the
top of the next scaffolding. Collect the gas can.

Return to the apartment building street and start going to the police station, 
which is where your objective marker has been pointing this entire time.

Fenced in at the building right next to the bank (towards the police station), 
is another one of Julia's thoughts. Take a left at the stop sign to find 
another gas can. Then go down the next alley towards the ghost house and you 
will find another gas can through the wooden fence, right next to a cat that 
you can possess. Use it to climb to the top of the fire escape and collect 
yet another gas can.

Return to the main street. There is a bicycle leaning against the wall. Near 
its rear tire is another one of Julia's Thoughts. Collect it, then take note 
of the series of residue hiding spots leading past the dumpster. Face the 
first one, then turn left. There is a dark alley with two trash cans blocking 
the way. Move through the trash cans and examine the far wall to find another 
one of the ghost girl's drawings. This one is called Flowers.

Now follow the residues to find another plaque, this one behind the dumpster. 
Enter the historical courtyard next, right near the bike where you collected 
the last of Julia's Thoughts. As soon as you enter, take a left to find 
yet another gas can.

The next gas can is also in this park, opposite of where you found the last 
one. Now exit the park the opposite of where you entered. This street will 
lead you to a crashed car with a ghost next to it. Talk with the ghost to 
get another side quest.

Examine the license plate on the ground by the car. Examine the broken whiskey 
bottle on the sidewalk. Then move into the next park. Collect the gas can and 
plaque here. Also be sure to grab the gas station receipt on the ground for 
the third clue regarding the car crash. Now exit the park on the other side.

On the telephone pole here is Baxter's Official Statement, which is more info 
about your killer. At the gas station, recreate Rick puking, Brad using the 
payphone, and Laura pumping gas. Near the entrance of the gas station, examine 
the tail light shards on the ground as well as the dented trash can.

Now solve the investigation. Choose Laura pumping gas, Rick puking, and Brad 
using the payphone in that order. Now possess the guy that is screwing around 
with the gas station door. Choose to influence him and choose the "Mysterious 
Bang" clue to solve the investigation.

Before returning to Brad, go around the corner of the gas station. Here you 
will find a plaque on the wall. Now continue going down the street. You will 
find another gas can and a newspaper article about the killer. Move through 
these ghostly houses. On the wall is a Chalk Bell Symbol. Next to the guard 
building (near a currently inaccessible area of the game) is even more info 
about the killer to collect.

Across from the guard building is a small alley with trees and bushes. Go here 
to find yet another gas can. And with that, that's enough collecting for now. 
Return to Brad and tell him what you've found out.

Now head to the police station. In the corner of the parking lot is another 
one of Julia's Thoughts. Enter the police station by simply going through the 
front doors.

In the investigatoin room, check the desk for two clues. Then check the 
clipboard for another clue. You can use your poltergeist powers on the fan 
and on the phone if you want.

Leave this room for now. Go to the front desk. Collect the missing persons' 
report on the counter by the phone. Go to the end of this room to find a 
rifle leaning against the wall that you can materialize. The rifle is the 
equivalent to the gas cans for the police station. Collect them all for a 
creepy ghost story!

In the front lobby, there is a display case. Next to the case is a plaque. 
Collect the plaque. Also in the front library is a memory about Baxter. 
Reveal it and then examine it to complete Baxter's side cases in the game. 
Just beyond the Baxter memory is a trash can, right near a potted plant next 
to the front doors. On the wall above the trash can is another collectible, so 
be sure to grab it.

Go farther into the police station. To your left is a coffee maker that you 
can screw with. Beyond that is the bathrooms. Attached to the wall next to 
the bathroom door is more info about the killer to collect. Now enter the 
bathroom. In the stall directly across from where you entered is a rifle that 
you can materialize and then collect.

Head into the stairwell to find the stairs blocked by a demon portal. At the 
bottom on a trash can is a collectible to get regarding the killer. From 
there, go into the first office with an open door. You'll find more info about 
the killer. Check the computer in here, by the way; looks like the officer 
that works in this office enjoys Deus Ex!

Collect the plaque on the far wall of the main cubicle area. Enter the office 
of K. Kane to find yet another collectible about the killer, the police 
status on the A. Grace murder. Go through the next door to find their progress 
on C. Nelson sitting on a bench.

Across from the bench are bars. Go through it to find a plaque on the wall. 
Then go through the bars of the cell that has a ghost prisoner inside of it. 
Talk to him. Walk through the wall behind him. Reveal Ronan's prison memories 
and collect it. Then walk through the next wall into the next cell to find a 
guy freaking about ghosts. On the wall in this cell is another ghost girl 
drawing for you to collect.

Return to the hall beyond the demon portal. There is a metal door. Move 
through it. Go through the next door. There is a rifle leaning against the 
wall next to the water cooler for you to collect. Move through the next set 
of bars and grab the plaque on the wall that is right next to the door that 
has MORGUE on the window.

Inside the actual morgue, talk to the woman that is sitting next to her dead 
body. Then investigate Ronan's corpse at the other end of the morgue. Now 
backtrack to the Holding Area. Move to the end of it to find a rifle next to a 
chair. Grab it. Then check the interrogation room closest to the door you used 
to enter to find another file. In the holding area across from the open door 
one, check the back wall for another one of ghost girl's creepy ass drawings.

Now return to the main area to find the stairs. Go up to the second floor. 
In the corner is the final piece of Ronan's life puzzle for you to 
investigate. Congrats on finishing that set of collectibles in the game, but 
there's plenty to go!

Leaning against a pillar up here is a rifle to collect. Then you are free to 
go into the subsequent offices. Sitting on the desk is another file about the 
killer. The cubicles in here are all empty. Go into Rex's offices to find 
Julia's Thoughts and Rex's Thoughts here. This will be the last piece of 
Rex's Story. Yeah, this police station visit has been extremely fruitful, huh!

On Rex's desk are two more collectibles about the killer. Move through the 
wall of Rex's office and then through the next wall after that to find a 
rifle leaning against the wall. Go into O'Connor's office for Julia's Thoughts 
on the floor, on the end table, and then in the next small storage room that 
is connected to his office. This storage area also contains another rifle to 

Now go into the meeting room up here for a map of where the killer has struck. 
Go into Baxter's office to find the second one of the Profiler's memories 
sitting on the floor. On your way out back to the top of the stairs, check 
behind the chalkboard to find the final rifle and complete the ghost story 
for the police station.

Return to the investigation room now that the police station has been 
thoroughly ransacked. Examine the map on the wall. Examine the missing person's
flyer on the desk. Examine the wanted poster on the bulletin board. Investigate
the autopsy report on the desk.

Taking a look at the autopsy report will cause a cut-scene of a cop walking in 
and sitting down at the desk. Possess Rex and then eavesdrop on his phone call.
Possess the cop looking at the clipboard and choose the bottom option for 
what is most important on it.

Possess the cop on the computer. Choose the Missing Persons Flyer clue. Then 
choose to peek. Put the cursor over the Amber Alert update and confirm that 
this is what the cop updated. You will now have all of the clues that are 
possible at this point. Conclude the investigation.

Return to the holding cells. Move through the wall to find the girl sitting at 
the desk. Use your Poltergeist powers on the security camera. Then talk to 
her again. Use your powers on the coffee machine. Then on the printer. Then 
on the copier. This will lead her to the stairwell. Talk to her in here to 
initiate a cut-scene. Then when that's done, possess her until she gets you 
across the demon portal.

Up here, use your powers on the printer and coffee machine. The girl goes 
into the detective offices. Posted on the wall next to the doors here is a 
note about the killer to collect. Talk to the girl again.

Go to Baxter's office for another cut-scene. Choose the Mug Shot folder out of 
the three folders that are lying on the ground. A new investigation begins 
now. Check out the trophy on the filing cabinet, and then examine the 
bookshelf next to that. Look at the book sitting on the end table. Examine 
the framed commendation on the wall. Examine his class photo on the wall 
next to the commendation. Investigate the phone and then talk to the girl so 
she will play the phone message.

Now examine the gun rack on the wall. Choose MATCHES GUN RACK, STAINS, and 
IMPRINTED out of the words that are floating around. Now inspect the gun rack 
again to discover a hidden lever. Talk to the girl again to tell her about the 
secret lever.

When that's done, move through the nearest cubicle. Poltergeist the copier and 
then follow her down the stairs and talk to the girl again when she stops. 
Follow her into the Bell Killer War Room (the first investigation of the 
police station) for another cut-scene.

Leave the police station through the front doors.

TOWN (3)
Outside talking to the girl, choose The Witness's Mother's Note as the most 
relevant clue right now. I've already had you explore this area pretty 
thoroughly, but now it's time to do some cleaning up. Facing the crab bistro, 
take a left towards the psychiatric hospital. Take another left down the alley 
with the dumpster. Right next to the dumpster is a ghost girl drawing called 

Go to the taxi in this street. Next to it is an alley. Follow it to get behind 
the crab bistro. Reveal the stairs here and then go up them to find another 
gas can. Almost done...

Now return to the area where you possessed the cat and collected the two gas 
cans in the same spot. Run right through the chainlink and then through the 
wood. You'll be in the area with the larger playground. Take a left. On the 
ground nearby will be another one of Julia's Thoughts. Further on will be 
another gas can. Just two left!

Continue this way. Watch for the ghost girl symbol on the ground. Examine 
the brick wall near it to find the "In Her Hands" drawing by the ghost girl. 
Go to the picnic table here close to the playground (backtrack a bit) and 
examine the wall next to it to find the "Burning" drawing by the ghost girl.

Okay, we're close to being done with the town. But right now go to the 

Go to the left to find Julia's Thoughts near her headstone. Now go across the 
bridge. Talk to the ghost on the bridge. Then finish going across the bridge 
to trigger a cut-scene.

Investigation time! Investigate the shovel. Talk to the ghost woman that is 
sitting against the headstone. Investigate the police tape wrapped around the 
tree. Go behind the headstone of the woman that you talked to and you can 
reveal a corpse that is floating in the water. Analyze it. Choose DECEASED, 
WASHED UP, and TATTERED to be successful in your analysis.

Turn around and go across the path to find a guy in a striped shirt standing 
amidst the headstones. Talk to him. Turn around from him and investigate the 
dislodged stone from the path. Check out the bushses by the water. Talk to 
Joy so that she can use her flashlight on the bushes.

While Joy investigates the bushes, you can investigate the muddy footprints by 
the water. Then investigate the rope that Joy finds inside the bushes. Choose 
the Pattern of Victim Deaths clue when prompted. Talk to Joy again.

After the scene, demons will show up in the graveyard. Go up the hill on 
your right and get rid of the first one. Return to the main path, but go the 
opposite way. Use the hiding spots to get behind the second demon and execute 
it as well. On the hill here is one of Julia's Thoughts.

Kill the third demon. Move through the gate to the next area. On your right, 
you will find another one of Julia's Thoughts. Go through into the crypt and 
talk to the ghost.

Exit the crypt and take a left through the gate that has a few ghosts blocking 
it. A short scene will play. Don't follow Sophia yet. Take a right into 
another crypt to find the killer's symbol spray painted on the wall inside of 

Now walk up the path to find a ghost. Talk to her. Continue up the path to 
find another one of Julia's Thoughts. Damn, Julia thought a LOT, eh? Talk to 
the ghost butcher. Then check out the gazebo. Reveal the item in it to find 
the heirloom. You should know what the heirloom is by now. Collect them all for
a creepy ass ghost story!

Climb to the top of the cobblestone steps to find a plaque. Go through the 
next ghost door to find a ghost doctor. Chat with him. Observe his research on 
his desk. Take a left from here. On another desk are antique medical supplies 
across from the stairs. Examine these as well. Talk with the ghost girl on the 

Now go up the stairs for another cut-scene. You now have the ability to 
teleport! Hold in the left bumper. Aim where you want to teleport using the 
right analog stick, then confirm your selection once you see an outline of 
your body. Use this ability to keep getting across the gaps. You'll find 
another of Julia's Thoughts at the last platform. From here, look down and 
teleport to the ground. Grab the heirloom that is sitting on the cot.

From the cot, go straight ahead to observe the medical journals and gramophone.
Fever remedies can be observed close to the door that is marked "EXIT" and is 
by a curtain. Teleport through the door marked "RECOVERY". Talk to the trio of 
ghosts. Near them is yet another one of Julia's Thoughts. 14 more to go if 
you have been following this guide correctly.

Now teleport through the exit curtain. In the middle of the path is a lone 
ghost head. Talk to the ghost head. Remove the fence and grab the heirloom. 
Move forward and reveal the stairs. Go up the stairs to find another heirloom 
to collect.

Go up the hill. Near the large headstone is another one of the profiler's 
memories. It is right by the film crew. Go into the crypt to find a ghost that 
you can talk with.

The next area features three demons. Hide and then use the crow as a 
distraction to execute the first demon. Then move through the crypt here to 
the next crow. Step out of the crypt, use the crow, and then go back in the 
crypt. Wait for the demon to investigate, then go out and execute it.

The third demon is just a manner of waiting in the crypt and watching it 
through the wall until its back is turned. Then you can sprint to it and take 
it out with an execution.

Go up the steps to the gazebo and grab the plaque. Go down the stairs and 
approach the fence. To the right of the fence is a heirloom. On the other 
side of the fence is another heirloom. Go through the crypt and walk straight 
through the other side. Run down the end of the path to find another heirloom. 
Then check the crypts here for yet ANOTHER heirloom. Heirloom madness, I tell 
ya. Almost done with that story at least.

Backtrack to the chainlink fence. Take the path on the left and then 
examine the rock wall here for another ghost girl drawing. Return to the main 
path and follow Sophia to find all sorts of goodies. You'll find another one 
of Julia's Thoughts, and two heirlooms. There's also a plaque to collect. All 
of this is in plain sight. Talk to Sophia when you're ready to start the next 

Go to the tree and investigate it. Choose the crack in the tree to focus on. 
A scene will play. Afterwards, choose to grab Sophia's arm. Grab Sophia's arm 
again when prompted.

Remove the gate blocking your path. Use teleportation to get across the river. 
You'll find two heirlooms and another one of Julia's Thoughts before you get 
back to Joy. Teleport over to Joy to watch another cut-scene.

As soon as Ronan exits the cemetery, turn around and re-enter it. You probably 
noticed ghost walls with holes in it that you couldn't get through. That is 
because you need the teleportation ability to get through them. The 
teleportation ability will grant you access to other collectibles as well since
you now have all of your ghost abilities.

In the cemetery, go back through the first ghost gate and to the part where 
there are two guys trying to break into a crypt. To the right of that crypt 
is the hole you need to move through. Teleport through the hole and you will 
find the final heirloom to collect to get another ghost story. Collect it and 
you will be able to listen to the ghost story afterwards.

Follow the path. Go into the first crypt that you see. On the far wall in here 
is a ghost girl drawing, the last collectible for the cemetery. Now backtrack 
and return to the town.

TOWN (4)
As soon as you exit the cemetery, take a left. There is a ghost wall here with 
a hole in it and a ghost man leaning against the ghost wall. Ghost, ghost, 
ghost. Teleport through the hole here to find another gas can. Just one left to
collect now! Let's go get it!

Go through the playground. There are two burning ghost buildings. One has a 
set of steps that you can materialize. Do this and then climb to the top. A 
portion of the wall can be removed. Do this and then teleport across the gap 
to find the final gas can! Woo! You can thank me later. Or never. It will 
probably be never, huh? Across from that burning ghost building, there is a 
door that is somewhat barricaded. Zip over the small barricade and then check 
the corner near the dumpster to find another one of Julia's Thoughts. Want to 
thank me now? Still no? Okay...

Now head to the asylum!

As soon as the cut-scene ends, turn around. There's a profiler's memory on the 
desk. Now let's complete this investigation with the receptionist. Check out 
the dinosaur by the door. Look at the schedule on the computer desk. Look at 
the picture of the receptionist's son. Then finally look at the poster on 
the wall. 

Possess the receptionist. Choose to Influence her. Choose the picture of her 
son. Now peek through the receptionist's eyes. Aim the cursor on the room 
number and confirm it.

Leave the office. Take a left. By the stairs is a tabloid article about the 
killer you can collect. In the waiting room opposite of that is another 
tabloid, this one on a desk. On the other end of the waiting room is a plaque 
hanging on the wall.

Go into the office opposite of the receptionist office. Observe the files on 
the desk. Look on the floor to find a straight jacket. The ghost story 
collectible in the insane asylum is are straight jackets.

Go upstairs. Take a right on the first landing (the left way is blocked by a 
demon portal). Ignore Joy for now and move past her to find a newspaper article
on the table. Near the doors that Joy is hiding by is a plaque. Keep going 
until you are in front of the doors that lead to the Men's Ward. a straight 
jacket is on the floor here for you to collect. Eight more to go.

Use your Poltergeist powers on the security camera. Follow Joy through the 
hallway to find one of Julia's Thoughts. Poltergeist the keypad and then go 
through the doors. Poltergeist the security camera to allow Joy to move 
through without being caught. On the floor here is the next straight jacket.

The 15th of ghost girl's drawing can be found here in the laundry room, to 
the right of the security camera you just screwed with. It is above some 
washing machines and dryers.

Use your Poltergeist powers on the next security camera. Poltergeist the TV 
set to distract the orderly as well, which will allow Joy to move. Underneath 
the camera that you just messed with is a tabloid article. Follow Joy around 
the corner. Stop in room 204 to find a straight jacket on the ground.

Return to Joy. Possess her. When she leads you across the demon portal, hop 
out of her body. Grab the straight jacket lying on the ground in plain sight.
Watch the scene. Observe the note on the door. Move through the door and all 
the objects blocking the way. There will be a straight jacket at the end of 
this hall for your troubles.

Move through the cafeteria. Drop down the hole and then move underneath the 
floor to find another straight jacket. Possess the cat and use it to climb 
up on the other side of the gap and go through the air vent. This vent is 
linear. Just follow it until you can drop down. Once you do, take a right. 
Even though you are in a cat, you can still reveal and collect the straight 
jacket that is over here.

Drop down into the next room. Get out of the cat. Hold the right bumper to 
locate three demons. They are easy to take out, so execute them one by one. 
When they're gone, follow the marks left by the ghost girl to room 105. Find 
her drawing in here by checking the wall next to the bed.

Follow the signs on the walls to the theater. Up the steps of the theater is 
one of Julia's Thoughts. Keep going to the top and you'll find a plaque on 
your way to Joy. Teleport beyond the pile of objects blocking your way, and 
then continue to Joy. In the room she's in, check the floor for yet another 
straight jacket. One more left!

From the large door, take a left. There is a hidden alcove here, though the 
marks of the ghost girl lead to it. On the wall here next to the window is a 
ghost girl drawing called the "Pillory". Collect it.

Blast the keypad with the Poltergeist powers. Then hit the security camera 
with the Poltergeist powers as well. Open the next door in the same manner. 
A cut-scene will play once you find Iris.

After the scene, exit Iris's room. Check the bench for a newspaper. Then go 
into the room next to the bench to find the final straight jacket. Watch the 
ghost story you unlock from getting it.

Exit the room. Take a right. Walk past the lovebirds and then go to the 
showers. Look at the wall above the sinks. Collect the drawing. FIVE LEFT! 
Are you psyched?! I'm psyched.

Return to Iris's room. Try to possess her to trigger a cut-scene. This will 
also kickstart the next investigation. Look at everything in the room and 
talk to Iris. You will have 4/7 clues at that point. Now investigate what Iris 
is drawing on the wall. Choose the words CHASED and TORMENTED in order to 
analyze it properly.

Now analyze the picture next to Iris of the two girls holding hands. Choose 
TWO GIRLS and LINKED. Finally, analyze the big drawing on the far wall. Choose 
BELL and BURNED AT THE SAKE. Now you can conclude the investigation. Tapping 
the button to do so will result in a cut-scene.

When that's over with, move with Joy and Iris down the hall. Poltergeist the 
radio to distract the orderly. They will then move to the electronic gate. 
Hack into the keypad and then move with them to the exit door. Wait for the 
two of them to catch up and you can exit through the door.

TOWN (5)
Choose the Gala Invitation clue. Make your way to the museum. Just outside of 
it is a giant ghost train. Zoom underneath it to get behind the gas station. 
Here you will find (you guessed it) another one of Julia's Thoughts. Now 
follow the ghost tracks to the end. Face the wall at the end and turn left and 
face that wall. Another ghost girl drawing can be found here. Return to the 
courtyard outside of the museum.

Move through the wooden fence. On the far wall is another ghost girl drawing. 
Return to the courtyard again. Check in front of the fountain for another 
plaque. You're now ready to enter the museum proper.

Walk around the corner and go into the main exhibit hall. Take a left and 
enter the east wing. In the far corner you'll find the first rock. Rocks are 
the gas cans of the museum. Collect them all for a spoooooky ghost story.

In the main hall, look at the corner of the first east wing door. There is an 
outline of a ghostly figure. Move through this outline to find a hidden 
storage room. Grab the plaque on your left. Then grab the rock on your right. 
Pick up Julia's Thoughts on the ground and then exit this room through the 
next part of the wall that has a ghostly outline.

Move through the display on the left to get to the rock in the corner. Get it 
and then backtrack to to the main hall. Run straight across from the first 
east wing door and then turn left through the next closed door you see. Here 
you will find another one of Julia's Thoughts.

Go to the rock exhibit and take a right. There is a door marked "second floor 
stairs". Move through it to find another plaque. Then go right across from 
this door to find the lobby doors.

To the left of the lobby doors is another ghostly outline, indicating a place 
to move through. Go through ehre to find a collectible sitting on the ticket 
booth. Move through the ticket booth. Go right to see another area to move 
through. Go through here and to your immediate left will be a plaque to 

Grab the plaque in front of the train. Go around the train and get the rock on 
the ground. Keep going until you're on the far end of the train and you will 
find another plaque to grab.

Now start examining the exhibits. You need to look at the witch trial 
records, the pillory, and the painting on the easel. Check out the stake and 
choose the words BURNED TO DEATH, ROSE, and TORURE out of the available 
floating words.

Go to the gallows. Examine it and then focus on the trap door there. Go to the 
rock exhibit and focus on the blood stain that is on the rock. Now go to the 
dunking chair and analyze that. Choose DROWN, SOPHIA, and WATER from the 
floating words to analyze it correctly. Now conclude the investigation.

A new threat will be shown to you: GHOST TRAINS! Avoid the ghost trains by 
teleporting over the tracks when the trains aren't there. First go into the 
women's rest room for a rock.

In front of the men's rest room, look down the tracks. There is a space for 
you to stand just off the tracks. Teleport there. Then wait for the train to 
pass and teleport to the next space. This space will also allow you to 
collect the next rock.

Teleport again. Grab the plaque. Go through the doors and get the rock on the 
ground. Teleport across the train tracks to get to the stairs. Go up the 
stairs and teleport across again. Teleport over the top of the train and 
you will be clear. Go through the doors and take a left as soon as you can to 
get a rock.

The next two rocks are in plain sight on the floor. Be sure to get them both. 
Move through the next set of double doors to reach the stairs. Right on the 
other side of the doors is the next rock. Grab it and then walk to the bottom 
of the stairs to get a cut-scene. Go with Joy to the top of the stairs. At the 
top, take a left to find a rock. Just three left. Follow Joy into the 
Restoration Room.

Before we do this investigation, let's collect stuff. In the hall surrounding 
the restoration room, you will find a rock. Check above the display case in 
the corner across from the rock to find a drawing on the wall. In the hall 
with the elevators, grab the profiler's memory from the administration office, 
the plaque off the wall, the witch book by the plants, and then go into the 
break room to find another rock.

Go through the double doors and to your immediate left is the final rock. Go 
into the third floor gallery. On the wall here is another drawing. There's also
two witch books to collect in here as well. Now return to the restoration room 
for the investigation.

Okay, this investigation is a little ridiculous. There are 14 clues. Run around
and look at EVERYTHING. You do have to do a "Focus" thing on a frame with 
a couple of necklaces and a plaque on it. When this happens choose the 
Crystal necklace.

You will have 13/14 clues by the time you're done with the stuff that's just 
sitting in plain sight. Near the doors you can use to exit this area is a 
shelf. Tucked behind this shelf ia  picture with a gold frame that is somewhat 
hidden. Examine it to get the final clue. Now finish the investigation.

The most relevant clue is Bell Killer Targets are Mediums. This opens up two 
more options for relevant clues. Choose Puritan Mediums were Witches. Then 
finally, choose the Symbol on the Painting. Next choose Baxter in Museum, 
Baxter Looking for the Girl, and Baxter Hid the Book. This can be done in any 

Go to the second floor. There are three demons in here. Wait outside the 
doors until the first one is looking away from you. Rush behind the demon and 
then execute him. Now go to the right and zoom to the drywall here that is 
outlined. Move through it and then hide again. There is a crow here, but it is 
just out of reach.

Wait for the demon closest to be looking away. Leave the hiding spot and then 
activate the crow. Return to the hiding spot. Wait for the demon to be 
distracted by the crow, and then execute him. Now return to the hiding spot 
and watch the other demon through the wall. When it's not looking, rush 
through the wall and take him out.

You're free to leave the museum. If you stay around people and listen to 
what they're talking about, it seems something horrible has happened...

TOWN (6)
Just one collectible this time. It's one of Julia's Thoughts. It's located in 
the park across from the museum entrance. There's a wall shaking here that 
can be removed. To do so and then take a left.

Afterwards, return to the church.

Go to the room with the pews. There's three demons. Go to the right and use 
the crow to distract the first one. Take him out. Then take out the one in 
the middle when his back is turned. Now wait for the other one to have its 
back turned as well, then rush him and execute him.

Go into the rectory. Poltergeist the radio to get the cop to walk over the 
demon portal. Then possess the cop and use him to get across it. Take a left 
for a cut-scene.

the words you want. All of the clues are clearly marked here, and there are 
six of them. Check them all out and then end the investigation.

Go through the open door. Go up the stairs. Go into the room here that has an 
open door after going around the staircase railing. The final ghost girl 
picture can be found on the wall in here.

Now move beyond the cops. Take a left. Julie's Thoughts are in plain sight on a
table. Now go into the room where the cop is looking into to find the next 
investigation. Go around the room and investigate all the clues. They are once 
again clearly marked. When you have 6/8 clues, reveal and investigate the 
memory in the middle of the room. Analyze it. Choose FALLING, NEEDS HELP, and 

Now possess the woman that is being interviewed by the police officer. Choose 
Iris Fleeing while you Influence her. Then choose to conclude the 
investigation. Climb the stairs to the third floor attic for another crime 

Check out the priest's wound. Then look at the cat prints in the blood. Go 
to the next room. Investigate the hissing cat residue. Look at the photo on 
the ground. Analyze the killer. Choose DISCOVERED and STARING. End the 
investigation. Choose Killer Interrupted, Father McCauley's Death, and Dropped 
Photo. The order for this one DOES matter, so do it in the exact order that I 
have listed.

Follow the cat into the next room. The cat will jump on top of the piano and 
claw at you, triggering a cut-scene. Possess the cat. Go into the vent. Drop 
through the grate for another cut-scene. Focus on the items on the ground. 
Do you want a fork? A spoon? No? Didn't think so. Choose the big gold key 

Next choose the Judgment House. Start making your way out of the church. A 
demon will be at the bottom of the steps. Use the right bumper and watch 
until he is looking away. Then rush down the steps and possess the cop there. 
Wait for the demon to look away again and then execute him.

Leave the church.

TOWN (7)
Go to the Judgment House.

Go up the stairs. Take a left. Reveal the platform. Grab Ashes to Ashes. This 
is the collectible for Judgment House. Opposite of that is a poem written by 
the killer. Walk straight ahead from there to the outline on the wall. Move 
through and then take an immediate left to find Julia's Thoughts. Three left.

Enter the piano room. Another poem is attached to the wall next to the piano. 
Go down to the next piano. Take a right. In the closet in this room is another 
Ashes to Ashes. In the next hall, zip through the hole in the wall to find 
another Ashes to Ashes. Then zip through the next hole. Go into the next room, 
and then remove the door to the closet. Yet another Ashes to Ashes is here, 
sitting on the floor of the closet.

Continue down the hallway. Another poem can be found pinned to the wall. Go 
through the room next to the poem for another poem in plain view. Now move 
through the bookcase for a cut-scene.

Investigate all of the clues in the room and then conclude the investigation. 
After the next scene, look down to find another profiler's memory. Hold the 
right bumper to note the demons. Use the closest crow to distract the first 
one and execute him. Then step out into the hallway when the second demon is 
not looking and execute him as well. In the room with the first raven, check 
the closet for another Ashes to Ashes.

Go to the second crow. On the floor next to it is another Ashes to Ashes. You 
can see where the birds are by using the right bumper. They are highlighted in 
blue and you can see them through the walls, in case you haven't figured that 
out by now. This room also has an outline on the wall to walk through. You 
will be standing in a bathtub after you move through the first wall. Keep 
moving and go through the second wall directly across from the tub to be in a 
small bathroom with a toilet. On top of the toilet is another Ashes to Ashes.

At the top of the stairs is one of Julia's Thoughts. At the bottom of the 
steps, run straight forward into the kitchen to find a plaque. The next two 
spell books are in the small rooms to the right of where you collected the 
kitchen plaque.

Move into the next room. Take a left through the outline on the wall. Teleport 
through the hole in the wall. You'll find Julia's Thoughts here. Backtrack to 
the room where you first moved through the wall, and then go through the open 
door opposite of the wall you moved through. You'll be alerted to demons. Use 
the bumper two show that there are two in the next room.

Step into the next room and take a right. Activate the bird. Retreat into the 
first room. Wait for the demon to be distracted by the bird, then execute him. 
Wait for the second demon to be looking away, then run up and execute him as 
well. Loot the table for a book, and then loot the nearby wall for a plaque.

Return to the bird. Go through the wall next to the bird. Activate the bird in 
this next room, then retreat through the wall. Execute the demon that is 
distracted by it, and then wait for the second demon to be looking away, run 
up, and execute him as well.

Go into the hallway. There is a wall with a hole in it. Teleport through the 
hole. You will find the FINAL of Julia's Thoughts, and you will have completed 
her very thoughtful story. Phew.

Before going down the stairs to the wine cellar, take a left through the door, 
then a right through the next wall. You will find another Ashes to Ashes right 

Go down the stairs. Talk to Baxter and go through all of the dialogue options. 
Then go to the next open door. There's a plaque on the wall next to the open 
door. The final plaque. Good job!

Now go through the open door and go down the stairs. Choose ACCUSING, JUDGING, 
and STERN after analyzing the first memory you encounter. In the cell, reveal 
the drawing on the ground and analyze it. Reveal the ghost girl and choose 
IMPRISONED and PLEADING. Inspect the shackles on the wall and the candles on 
top of the barrel, the latter of which you have to materialize.

Go into the next holding cell. Investigate the cage on the ground as well as 
the metal bed. Then choose to conclude the investigation. Order matters. 
Choose Righteous Man. Imprisoned Abigail. Symbol in the Cell. When that's 
done with, a scene will play. Next, move through the wall next to the cage. 
The final Ashes to Ashes is here in the corner.

Climb back up the stairs and go to Baxter's dead body for another cut-scene. 
Choose, in this order, Actual Puritan Era Gallows. Killer's Instrument of 
Death. and Is Abigail the Bell Killer.

Leave the Judgment House.

TOWN (8)
Go to the museum! If you don't have all the collectibles, you should use this 
time to go through the town and get all of them before you finish the game. 
Once you go through the gate and go to the museum, you will not be able to 
come back to Salem.

Avoid the demon portals on the floor and go through the double doors to the 
museum. A scene will play. When it's cover, move past the demon portals again 
and get close enough to possess Joy to influence her. Choose the Powerful 
Scream option. You have 20 seconds to do this.

After that, run over to the ghost of Abigail. You have 10 seconds to get to 
Abigail and grab her arm. Afterwards, you get a host of dialogue options that 
you can choose from.


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3. Conclusion
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