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Reviewed: 12/08/16

Resident Evil Done Right

Resident Evil. A name that's become synonymous with survival horror since 1996, despite some heavy bumps encountered along the road, Resident Evil Revelations has proved that Resident Evil as a series is still alive and strong.

The story of the game is set between RE4 and RE5 in the year 2005. The hostile Bio-Terrorist group known as Veltro, fresh off the heels of unleashing, a horde of violent mutants into the destroyed city of Teragrigia have released a deadly strain of the infamous T-Virus known as the T-abyss Virus onto an unsuspecting cruise liner; The Queen Zenobia. This game also marks the return of RE series Mainstay Jill Valentine

You step into the boots of former S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine and former FBC soldier Parker Luciani as BSAA Operatives working to uncover the motives behind Veltro's releasing of the T- Abyss Virus on the Queen Zenobia. Chris Redfield and his new partner Jessica Sherawat also join the playable cast.

While not as impressive as it's 3DS counterpart; RE: Revelations still looks visually impressive on the PC. The Character models are well detailed and animated but look a bit odd over the somewhat grainy and blocky graphics and textures. The monster models are intimidating and blend well with the dank and foreboding surroundings of the Queen Zenobia

During my time with Revelations I encountered zero crashes during gameplay and only slight dips in FPS during gameplay and mostly maintained a smooth 60 Frames Per Second during sessions, with the only noticeable fps drops happening when opening certain doors to new areas.

I've spent my time Revelations with a traditional gamepad on the PC as opposed to a traditional mouse and keyboard setup. I've tested both and the gamepad controls feel a bit more stiff than when playing with a keyboard as the camera doesn't pan as fast as with a mouse and it makes lining up shots somewhat more difficult due to how jerky the camera can be with a dual analogue stick setup.

Despite a few niggles here and there with the control setup Revelations plays like a proper Resident Evil game while still retaining the action based third person camera view introduced in RE4. Obviously you move the character with the left stick while the right stick controls the camera. But instead of moving in all eight directions with just the left stick Revelations opts for tank-like approach with only being able to move the character up and down and strafing left and right with the left stick while the right stick controls both where you aim your gun as well as the direction you walk in.

Luckily you can move and shoot in Revelations this time around whereas in RE4 and RE5 you were forced to stand in one place and simply shoot your weapon of choice at the mutants or zombies shambling towards you. The movement speed of the characters was also reduced in order to increase a sense of tension in the player which is a welcome addition. It can be difficult to avoid monsters if you chose to avoid fighting in order ton conserve what little ammo and herbs you have left after a particularly nasty encounter with a horde of enemies or a nerve-wracking encounter with a boss.

The thick atmosphere and tension that comes as soon as you set foot in the first ruined room of the Zenobia stays with you the entire time you play the game, even when you enter rooms where no monsters ever appear the tension is still present and thick.

Despite the fact that each section of the campaign is split up into multiple chapters, grouped into a single episode, the length of each segment of the episode actually holds a significant amount of length through the campaign between, finding objectives, backtracking to new areas and cutscenes. There's also a small amount of DLC available as with all Triple A tittles, though most of the weapons and characters unlocked are restricted to the Raid Mode, which is also where the multiplayer sits which comes as a great relief in comparison to the messy co-op seen in RE5.

Final Verdict:
In conclusion, Resident Evil is in my opinion an excellent blend of the Classic Survival Horror that the series is known for with the more action-orientated gameplay of the more modern entries of the series. The final verdict for this game in my opinion is a 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Resident Evil: Revelations (US, 05/20/13)

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