Novigrad, closed city error. Where is the lady on the bridge??

  1. Guys, please help me...
    I have an error that I'm sure nobody has.

    I've discovered that quest when I walked near the house with the guard that kills the man. The quest then popped out and I took the key from his body.
    That was my 1st key.

    Next I was told to go near the crooked house, light up the torch, go to the secret room and take the note.

    Now, here is where everything goes WRONG.

    The next location was the lady on the bridge. I know that to everyone she is the first and she is the one who triggers the quest to pop out. But not for me, she is the last.

    So you say, ok.... just go to her and do what she ask for in her hunted house, ye?
    But she isn't appearing in the screen for me.

    I have tried everything, believe me, searched every corner, meditated and even went back to the locations of the previous keys.


    User Info: Adargoli

    Adargoli - 1 year ago

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