How to level up witcher armor?

  1. Guys, how can i level up witcher armors? For example i have acquired bear school armor and well by some photos it looks like its level 0 so how can i get it to higher level?

    User Info: paco987654

    paco987654 - 6 years ago

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  1. You need higher level schematics of the same armor as you want to upgrade. Then you just go to the blacksmith and craft the higher level piece. Note that you will need the piece of armor you want to upgrade (that is not entirely clear from the game point of view).

    For example:
    When you want to upgrade Ursine Armor, you need Enhenced Ursine Armor schematics and than you craft latter one.

    User Info: charliekely

    charliekely - 6 years ago 5   2


  1. as charliekely answered, you just need to find the upgraded diagram(s) and take the components to an armorer. *However*, higher level gear requires a higher level armorer to craft. Basic and enhanced stuff can typically be made by Journeyman armorers, which means most can do it. Higher level gear requires a more skilled armorer and you'll need to hunt around for those. For example, the smith at the Bloody Baron's place is capable of doing Master level work, but has a quest to complete before he can actually do it. When you enter the crafting menu and select the gear, it will tell you what level of smith or armorer is required.

    User Info: marstinson

    marstinson - 6 years ago 0   2

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