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Dungeon time stops when you do: smite monsters cleverly, not by mashing buttons!With over 300 different types of items to be found, you will keep finding novel solutions to the over 130 different types of monsters you will face on your journey! You have time to think, but this is no puzzler - you will have to fight your adrenalin and use your sword or staff as much as your inventory. This is not a game of plodding through a fixed story, it's about experiencing the journey... and learning lessons that will help your next valiant attempt until you one day conquer the dungeon!The procedurally-generated dungeon and vast array of possible items gives immense replay value. Some games you'll find a good weapon early, other times you'll rely on wands or potions, or some combination. Sometimes in sheer desperation you'll read a random unidentified scroll... will it be a scroll of fire that incinerates your clothes? Will it be a blessed scroll of teleportation for the ultimate escape?If you have every played NetHack, DCSS, etc, this game will show you a whole new form of the "roguelike" genre.When you get good enough to survive to 300feet, you will be asked to upgrade your character to access the full dungeon. This is a one-off purchase for each of the four types of character, and is done so that you can experience the game and how confirm well it performs on your device before purchasing. The prices are the bottom tier (about $1) and can be seen in advance under Options/Store.Waz develops this game as a full-time job (albeit a very fun one), so you can expect bugs to be fixed promptly and new releases, with more items and monsters to explore.Known issues with version 1.1.4:* Keyboard input on iPhone does not allow pop-down. This will be fixed very soon (1.1.5).* Multiplayer does not work except by very circuitous means. This will take a little longer to get working - I may use GameCenter for this, but I would prefer that cross-platform multiplayer works, which will take longer.Thanks for the feedback!

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