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Destroy 100,000 blocks
Wrecking Ball
Destroy 1 million blocks
Destroyer of Worlds
Destroy 10 million blocks
Build 10,000 blocks
Bob the Blocker
Build 100,000 blocks
The Creator
Build 500,000 blocks
Yay Killstreaks!
Get 5 kills without dying
l337 5KilL
Get 10 kills without dying
Aimbot HAX!!
Get 20 kills without dying
Win a match using a class with no bonuses or killstreaks
Crafty In Training
Kill 25 enemy players
Crafty Killa
Kill 100 enemy players
Kill 1,000 enemy players
Kill 10,000 enemy players
Fat Wad
Collect $10,000
Deep Pockets
Collect $100,000
Block Central Bank
Collect $1,000,000
Fort Blox
Collect $5,000,000
Half Blockathon
Run 200,000 block lengths
Run 400,000 block lengths
Freeze 25 enemy players
Freeze 100 enemy players
Human Popsicle
Freeze 1,000 enemy players
Nail On The Head
Hit somebody with the Bunker Buster itself
Help A Crafty Out
100 Players used your armor pack
Kill an enemy using a Jetpack with a Javelin missile
Rolling Thunder
Get 10 kills between you and your gunner in a single tank
What A Waste
Destroy an AC-1337 within 10 seconds of it spawning
Sit Back And Relax
Kill 100 enemies with your AI SAM Site or Turret
I Believe I Can Fly!
Using only your Jetpack and Parachute, stay airborne for 1 minute
Kill 6 enemies before Predator Mode expires
They're Flyin' Blind
Your team killed 15 enemies before Radar Jammer expired
That Worked Out Alright
Use the ammo pack from Pandora's Box to refill your ammo
Vehicular Manslaughter
Kill 100 enemies using vehicles
Vehicular Homicide
Kill 1,000 enemies using vehicles
Walking Tank
Capture the flag with the Megablox suit
Close Call
After being frozen, barely escape the clutches of the rising lava
Lava Diving
Destroy an enemy's Helicopter and watch their snowy body fall into the lava
Freeze 5 people without dying
Ultimate Survivor
Win a round of Lava or Meteor Survival without being frozen
Win a round of Meteor Survival without being the last person standing
Win a round of Meteor Survival only because you were the last man standing
Ghost Warrior
Gain 20 points as a wisp in one round of meteor survival
You Lucky Son Of A...
Survive taking fire damage while frozen in meteor survival
Run, Crafty, Run!
Capture a flag without transferring or dropping it
Defend your flag while it's dangerously close to the enemy capture point
Team Player
Capture the flag 10 times
Capture the flag 35 times
Capture the flag 100 times
Role: Miner
Mine over $5,000 for your team in one Siege Mode game
Role: Seasoned Miner
Mine over $10,000 for your team in one Siege Mode game
Role: Griefer
Destroy 100 enemy trebuchet blocks
Role: Seasoned Griefer
Destroy 1,000 enemy trebuchet blocks
Role: Builder
Help construct 10 trebuchet segments
Role: Seasoned Builder
Help construct 50 trebuchet segments
Role: Defender
Spend $5,000 on prefabs to defend your base in Siege Mode
Role: Seasoned Defender
Spend $50,000 on prefabs to defend your base in Siege Mode
Rock'em Sock'em
Score the most points in a round of Onslaught
Just Lose Already
Raise your respawn timer in Onslaught to over a minute
Reach wave 25 in Onslaught
Reach wave 50 in Onslaught
Win a 16 player race without using any powerups
Double Dash
Win a race with a friend or clan member sharing your bike
Win a 3 round match of spleef without anyone else scoring any points
Mr. Popular
You shared and played custom maps with 100 people
Stamp of Approval
You got your first gun or skin approved
Exato's Little Helper
Vote on 10 guns or skins
The Critic
Vote on 100 guns or skins
The Judge
Vote on 1,000 guns or skins
Sole Survivor
Win a 16 player Paranoia game as the only Human left alive
Pointing Fingers
Use your Blood Test perk to uncover both Queens at once
Cry Wolf
Use your Blood Test perk to unsuccessfully mark at least 5 Human players
Kill 100 Zombies
Puttin' Down Crazies
Kill 100 Lunatics
You Are Not My Queen
Kill 30 Queens
Crisis Averted
Kill both Queens in a 16 player Paranoia game without any Humans being converted
Cure 50 Humans of ailments inflicted by the Queen
Marked For Death
As a Queen, use one of your perks against at least 5 Humans at once
Convert 100 Humans
Kill 3 Human players within 15 seconds of being uncovered as a Queen
Convert 7 Humans in one round of Paranoia as a Zombie or Lunatic

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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