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Brand new farming simulation in the 1930s America setting for iPhone. Make your farm prosper! Help other states out! Run your business the way you want and customize the farm according to your taste.Living in the United States of America in the ‘30s is hard, but not for farmers, who are able to work and enjoy their everyday routine on the farm!Jennifer, a young but exceptionally experienced and talented farmer from Carolina, buys a small ruined farm and makes a real breakthrough in the field of advanced farming. Jennifer's farm has been announced as one of the largest and most progressive farms in the USA, delivering food and materials to neighboring states and helping to restore the country’s economy, which is suffering from the ongoing recession. Jennifer creates charity foundations, helps people every day, and serves as a bright example to everyone.Create your own economic miracle, where everything depends on you! Start from scratch by earning coins and developing your farm: grow fruit and vegetables, take care of animals, produce dairy products and canned food, as well as building materials and other goods. In time you could give a helping hand to the other states while your farm becomes a living legend! You can make things brighter! Although times are harsh, things are improving, and good changes are on the way! Thanks to you, the country can be restored to its former glory, and your example will inspire others!Game Features:- unique gameplay;- original story;- colorful graphics;- lots of different types of plants and animals;- a map of the states;- lots of attractive quests.Grab it while you can, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!Enjoy Realore Games at http://www.realore.comFollow us on:http://twitter.com/realoregameshttp://www.facebook.com/RealoreGame

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