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by emiletetrt / rayomg

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Walkthrough by emiletetrt / rayomg

Updated: 02/24/2014

Chapter 1

This walkthrough is rather easy, mostly going through the basics of the gameplay.

Please make sure to give it chances before turning to this. Trust me you'll feel alot better

When the opening dialogue has completed go ahead and follow Goal outside.

Go down to the front of the Skimmer (Or what it was called) and then another bunch of dialogue will happen. Go through the door in the front and you'll end up on the outside of the large crate, getting hit repeatidly by a sign. Click when you see the hand icon to do a cinematic.

Go to Goal and help out putting the bolts back into the rope base.

(There is no way to advance unless they all comeout, the top one is the only one to click multiple times)

More cinematics

Hold onto Goals belt.

Another Cinematic (Alot of short ones in the beginning)

You'll end up on the platform talking to the rather portly Organon, and then Rufus's biggest fan ends up droping in.

You'll be talking to him but the one that uses his flash (Option of the blackout) to advance.

Press the button on the far right to bring up the throttle. Click the red Speed up button, then repetedly push the lever to cause fire.

Berry ends up being knocked down by a fire safety system, put the Axe into the cannon and fire, then do the same with the fire hose.

Grab rope and then use the fire axe when it shows, cut the hose.

Cinematic and end of part 1.

The Hotel

After a rather nice cutscene with the song, the gang of heros end up walking to a rather questionable hotel.

When daulouge is over go ahead and go to the first door down the path to the front desk. Go ahead to talk to the guy and ask for the room with his friends. You'll get a Key with a number 5 on it.

Go ahead and take what you can get from the kitchen area which should be Salt, Pepper, a cork screw, and you can't take the painting but go ahead and take it down. Also make sure to get some coffee dust from the coffee machine in the corner.

Go ahead and leave as there isn't much to do there but talk to the hippie dude.

Move down to the toilet (the one with the arrow) and go ahead and talk to the time traveler. We will come back to him later.

Go back up to the second door on the right and go in, a row of doors should be in front of you. Your room is on the second door on the right. Talk to Bozo and Doc. Take Bozo's bag at your feet.

Go head and leave your room and head down to the first door on your left to find your old friend the soothsayer. Talk to him and find out that his group is taking hold in the laundry room. Go ahead and take his tooth paste. Nothing left in there for now.

Go to the middle door on the left and take the pillow inside. If you go back inside Rufus starts crying and comes back out acting like his old self.

Now go to the last door on the left and talk to the SPOOKY GHOST! Take the knife that was with the plates that Rufus ends up stepping on. Use space as its really dark.

Now with nothing left to do go to the laundry room, second door on the left and meet the Soothsayers neat little friends. Take Bozo's Coat and coat hanger.

With nothing left to do go ahead back up to talk to the hippie dude only to find out (GASP) Cletus is there with Oppenbot.

In the end you end up behind the counter where you can swich the bags (Make sure to take out the shampoo by looking inside it) After switching it and go ahead and look in the new bag you got.


Who needs money though? Go out keeping whatever bag you want and head back down to the toilet, talking to the Time traveler and hear about the rough toilet paper. Give him the money and find out he gave back change. Funny.

Open the door to find him gone and leaving a rather... nasty present. Take the toilet paper and use it on the new shiny coin you have to size it down. Wow... Thats some rough TP.

Now the coin fits in the Pie dispencer but where is it? Go back to the hotel rooms and head down the stairs. Go ahead and get yourself a pie. Oh and whats this? A heater control unit? Go ahead and fiddle with this. Make sure all of them turn blue and go out the door behind you.

Whats that in the trash can to your left? A pelican that just snaps at whatever! Lets see how much he likes the taste of salt shall we?

After seeing the pelican go over to the water he still snaps. Use the coat hanger on him and retrieve the fish. Use the knife on the fish and get Fish Flakes.

Go back inside and to the Soothsayer back in the first door on the left, placing the fish flakes into his robe hat, then talk to him. Tell him he looks good and he ends up putting it on, showing that he has flakes! Go ahead and give him the shampoo.

He takes a shower and the ghost in the next room is now occupied looking through his peep hole, giving you the perfect chance to sneak past him to the window.

Go to the soothsayers window and go ahead and take his loveable pet spider, using the corkscrew to let him get a bit of fresh... Uh oh... Seems that Mr. Toffee wanted to take a small walk. Oh well.

Use that newly aquired cork on that leaky pipe and go back to the toilet to flush away those leftovers only to hear a scream from the soothsayer. Before you leave make sure to check in that toilet for a blue disk, which you'll need for your pie. Go ahead and combine your dust, toothpaste, salt, bluedisk, with the pie. Yummy. This gives it all the effects for the Whooping pox.

Lets go check in on the Soothsayer who happens to have gotten a few good locks of hair now. A perfect setup to give him nice playful lice from that pillow you got, doing the same you did for those pesky flakes.

Let him take his shower again and find out he forgot to lock his door this time, go ahead and take his robe.

Now onto Bozo. Go ahead and give him the pie cause he is so hungry, makinghiim believe he has the Whooping Pox, which he will promptly ask for his coat, giving you the towel. One peice of 3 and you only have two. Lets go see how our ghost friend is doing.

Go back into the ghosts room and find out he was gone... perhaps he really was a ghost. Ether way go ahead and take his robe. Now we have all three of the items we need. What do we need them for?

Go back outside and go to the laundry room to be mistaken for the soothsayer, giving each (The Towel, the Pillow, and the Sheet which Rufus will now hang up. Unfortunitly Rufus is about to have a long awaited bath. Here is a little minigame which I found rather easy.

Once you have Cletuses clothes go back down to your room and find out that they think your cletus and hide, perfect chance to take that screwdriver, make sure to make a quick call with the intercom by the door to ask about the Food Menu and send Oppenbot down to Cletuses room seeing the Dumb-bum song. Instead of walking out, go ahead and walk down the stairs. You'll see Oppenbot walk in and talk to Cletus and walk back up to the Hippie. Go ahead and ask about the menu which isn't an actuall item but now Oppenbot is back. Head back down to your room and say your from room 1, ordering a meal from the menu. A time has been set, now to mess with them.

Go back up disguesed as Cletus and walk to the bolt, changing the hour hand to appear it was noon, which the hippie will call Cletus and sending him up to hang his key, and to eat his delicous meal.

Now your goal to get Room Key 1, which you can do while changing the clock as much as possible and exchanging keys.

Once you have the Key 1 go down to Cletuses room and find the bag.

Oh no. Seems that Cletus is coming back. You hide quickly in the closet behind the door, which

Cletus will go and sit down on the chair and write, complaining he would need to brush his teeth if he ate anything else disgusting.

Grab the moth balls and the Carpet Cleaner, making sure to mix up the carpet cleaner and the toothpaste together.

Click on the mirror to find bolts and go ahead and replace his toothpaste.

Place the mothball in the hole above you to make it drop in his candy dish, which he will pick up and promptly brush his teeth only to find out he wasn't dropping from it. Click on the mirror again and immitate his movements with the brush only to find out Rufus spread the boobietrap toothpaste on his brush.

He falls, Cletus looks in and gets chopped by the falling mirror, which Rufus will then walk out and... uh oh. Oppenbot is back and asking for the money bag, which you will hand him. (There is no other way around it.) Only you realize that you swapped the bags and now holding the broken money bag so back to reception to retrive that bag that you need.

You don't really need to do anything as things seem to sort themselves out. Now to deliver the bag to Doc.

As you walk back into your room you find out he didn't even need that thingy in the bag which makes rufus rather mad. He walks out into the hall as Goal talks to them, only to find Argus waiting, mistaking him for Cletus. After all this it ends up being a door challage, but after this it ends up being the end of chapter 2.

Organon Cruiser

Oh Goody you made your way onto an Organon cruiser, after the begining dioluge go ahead and mess with the buttons on that wall next to Goal, the bottom one being the bed. Go ahead and click on it.

After your little scene in bed its time to grab items. Go ahead and grab the knife, then push the top buttom to open the drawer to grab the boots, making sure to close the drawer, Remove the matress to reveal the frame and use the knife to pull off the cover for the AC.

Place the frame on the entrance of the Duct and open the closet, the door with the yellow sign on it and place the boots to make it seem like someone is there, and don't forget the coffee behind the door on the left. After you've done all that go ahead and try to open the big yellow door only to be stopped by a guard. Let him search the room to see the fake body in the closet and then crawl halfway into the duct, quickly push the top button and send him flying into the bed with the frame ontop of it and close the bed. Darn... Rufus didn't say anything cool.

Go ahead and crawl into the shaft and pour a bit of coffee on the matt in the server room. Gotta love coffee.

After you do that go back into the room and walk out into the hall, pour some coffee on the matt to bring your new friend to you. Go ahead and put your coffee into his neat little cup holder and cut a hole into it.

After that, go back to your room and get another cup of coffee, make your way back up into the shaft and pour the coffee on the mat again, sending a trail from your little buddy but oh no. His cup is empty. Might as well fill it up while your there.

After thats done go ahead back out and follow the trail to find the server room.


After attracting camera's your way go ahead and watch that cinematic. Its one of my favorites :3

After that ask for a cup of coffee as your last request, only to have your new friend help you out. After that go into the room where Goal was being led and after a few daulouges jump into that amazing hiding place near the stairs.

Wow... that was awkward, being in a tourture bot an all.

After a few button presses and finding out Argus looks like Rufus and Cletus, only to end up killing Goal! Oh no. End of Chapter 3

Welcome to Hell!

Nothing better then hell with the junk press. First things first you should notice a few things. Looks like the tutorial right? Every time you fix the junk press you die physically and end up dropping in.

Whats that over on the left side of the platform? Step on that red part to see that it must really be hell he is in, but every time you step off it all goes away.

Grab the yin icon and place it on the platform, making it stick and grab that power inverter.

Place the power inverter into the slot of the junk press and nearly dodge the junk press. Phew... close one. Press the button and head down.

Don't mess with those things in the back just yet. I want you to figure out this puzzle. I found it rather enlightening but if you need help just follow this: Freeze, saw, lazer, fire, bat.

After getting off the convayer belt you see the light at the end of the tunnel, might want to take that bat just in case though. As you walk towards it you found out...

Its a button!

Perhaps this isn't hell. Oh well. Nothing much else to do in this room anyway so make yourself scarce and walk into the next area.

Oh look! Its death itself. Perhaps its purgatory. Try what you can to follow him which isn't hard with your hard bat. Once you made it to the kitchen go ahead and break down the door he locked.

Make yourself across the bridge and talk to your friend Death.

Turns out his name is Hermes, and you find out your just a clone of your former self. PLOT TWIST!

Rufus is really angry so take your bat and knock down all those beems, making Hermes rather... suicidle, only to find out that he was going to bring Goal to life! Oh! PLOT TWIST!

As soon as he jumps inside a small ding and what seems like a little person adds up showing that one clone can be made. We need to make enough for three clones cause of that broken chewer at the right. Go back to the kitchen, grab the olives and the green oil in the kitchen as well as the bag of beans, go ahead and juice the olives in the juicer and take the container of olive oil, make sure not to miss the container of water tucked behind in the corner.

Go down the stiars to go to the clock and grab that card, then head back up to the cloners and make your way to the pipe on the left side. Inside is a vampire platypus. Don't bother with the eggs just yet. We will be back for them later.

Stamp your card with its fangs and head back down to the clock. Congrats! You clocked out! And won a thing of GARLIC! As well as having access to the cart in the lower section.

Use the Olive Oil on the door to get it unrusted and collect all the stuff inside. You should have almost everything... now the eggs. Go back to that Vampire Platypus and let him bite into that garlic which we know all vampire's hate. Go take those eggs and now we head back to that convayer belt, putting all those tasty ingredients into the machine. If you've done everything right you now have enough to make three large clones. Time to Clone Hermes.

Go back up to Goal and start messing with that console. Make sure to hit space to know what does what. Go ahead and clone all three Hermes and watch as two suicide and then the third one drop on a matress.

Talk to Herme's and take Goals scan, placing it into the cloning console and start cloning Goal. WOOooo... Goal is now a todler.

Well that was short lived as she soon falls down into the pipe, but Herme's and Rufus has an idea! Three Rufus's are better then one, as they plan to do three things at once. But which one has the Green Tube? Look at the other Rufus's to get a nifty device at the bottom of the screen to show which Rufus you have selected. Click the 3rd rufus (Left to right) and look in your inventory to show you have the green tube, use Rufus 1 to grab at the tube and that the end of the Chapter

A tale of Three "Heros"

Here comes the hard part. I've been dreading this part for a little while... actually since I started this. I guess I'll do it as the story is developed. Makeing sure to stick to one for as long as I can. Just Remember! Rufus 1 is on the far left, Rufus 2 is the middle and Rufus 3 is the one on the right. So... lets get started. So far so good getting into the sewer but there is no point to being there at the moment. Skip ahead and click on Rufus 2. Weird... Bozo didn't look so good, if when sitting on that toilet. Hm... Lets go ahead and talk to that old couple... Weird how they were mistaking you for Baby Bozo... Lets try something. Go ahead and spin that clothes thing around till you get to the baby dressing, and pretend to be baby bozo and... Oh goody! A lollipop. After you get your tasty lollipop go ahead and step inside the house with that weird guy sticking out of it, but before that go ahead and take that letter in his satchel. Turns out Bozo's father is rather... well enough about that. Go head inside and up the stairs after talking to Bozo's mother and grandfather. Seems Bozo is worse for wear and utterly depressed. Pick up the doctors referral from bozo's coat and head downstairs. Don't bother giving the letter to anyone for now. We will save that for latter but go ahead and give that lovely lollipop to that baby, which he promptly eats and... Oh no... Seems that baby bozo likes to wonder off.

Go after him, but after a certain part you end up loosing him. Hmm... Lets ask that nice lady in the stall. Seems she is selling burrito wraps but won't let you buy any without coins. Head over to the sign with the large lowercase a, head down stairs and see Barry sitting in the chair. Take the paper, the ink and the Yrk typer thingy. Its square and hard to miss. Go out and up the right set of stairs to find yourself with the rope salesman. Not much to take but go ahead and take that flyer. After that go ahead and head down stairs and go down the path to the rebel camp.

Use the baby Phone on the antenna to unlock the Zombie Apocalyps achievement, Talk to Bambina and Lotty, and try to enter the rebels camp, you cant; You need someone who can confirm who you claim to be.

Go upstairs to the therapist office and show him the doctors referral. We need to get the medicine Talk to the doctor to do the card game.

<enter solution card game here>

Switch to rufus 3 (blue) get to the pipe, and press the button, the Organon are fans of that cowboy. Now switch to rufus 1 (green) and rotate the turnstile. go further down the sewer (pipe forest) to meet an old lady who sold your nucleic acid to the bar. Talk to the lady to learn she wont give the zlotti to anybody, we have to do something for her. Let rufus use all the striped mushrooms to earn the "Magic Mushroom Picker" achievement. move to the next part of the sewer (campsite), go up the ladder and use the lever, adjust the antenna and turn on the tv. A cooking show..

Noting more to do here, so go back and to the Leper colony. Try to enter the pub, you cant because of the kids. Talk to the Organ grinder, learn that you need 5 zlotti's for the monkey to do something. climb up on the rung, and talk to goon. you want to make it up to goon, so you are going to do something for him. now use the grate on the left side, this enables you to swap items between rufuses: Click on the items in your inventory and click the rufus where you see the 2 arrows to swap inventory's

Now trade the antenna,paper, and inc who the middle rufus(red) has with the left rufus(green). Change over to the left rufus(green) and combine the paper and inc to make a blacken paper, head back down and talk to the creep. Then use the blacken paper and use it on the "cute animal" and rufus will head back out. You should now have the (elf) imprint in your inventory. Head over to the campsite and give rusty the antenna, and pull the lever. then, take the plug and but it in the bottom left outlet. Give the (elf) imprint to the middle rufus (red). Then switch to middle (red) rufus.

As middle rufus (red) head over to Bambi and Lotti. Then show the (elf) imprint to Bambi and gain access to the tank. Take the deck chair and crowbar,then head inside the tank. Give the letter to Bambi and she'll leave to see Bozo. Open the locker to find Lotti's lunch box, then use it to get the hormones.Head over to the cockpit and use the baby phone on the Cb radio and give the baby phone, hormones the crowbar to the left rufus (green)

Switch back over to the left rufus and use the baby phone to get toni to leave. Head back to the leper colony and climb the rung. Call over the children and climb over them to get to the top of the van. Use the crowbar on the crate of bananas and take some bananas. Head back down and give the bananas to the organ grinder. Now that he's gone take the crank and use it on the jack, then crank the jack to send Goon and June to the surface.

Switch over to the middle rufus (red) and head over to Goon and June. Ask them to get into the sun, and give Goon the deck chair. Take the space heater and give it to the left rufus (green) and switch back over to him.

As left rufus use the crank again to lower june back into the leper colony. Use the crank release botton to get the crank back and give it back to the monkey, then take the Fez and head up to june and give her the fez. Talk to the monkey and head over to the pipe forest. Talk to the bottle witch again to get her to see the the new "monkey" dance. Head back into the leper colony and take the 5 zlottis. Head over to the campsite and use the space heater on the ideal campsite spot. Plug it in and give the middle rufus (red) the 5 zlottis.

Switch over to the middle (red) rufus and give the sign to Goon. Then give the 5 zlottis to the bread wrapped Goon. Head over to the rope store to see toni having her therapy session. combine the flyer and Yrk typer thing to get a weighted flyer, then throw it at Toni/Theirpst. The flyer will Head up to the top of the tower.

Switch over to the right rufus (BLUE) and talk to the cell guard, talk about all the options to gain the restroom and food. With this you should be able to get The tooth brush, toothpaste, pepper, coffee, urinal cake and bagel. pour the coffee onto the carpet to get the rug cleaning bot to clean, take some dust from the bot. Combine the dust, toothpaste, urinal cake and the pepper with the bagel and give it to the "other rufus". talk to the cell guard to escape. Go outside and get the Yrk key, head over to open the cover to find a terminal, use the Yrk key on the terminal to fix it. Open the crate and pick up a application, and head through into the crawl space. Keep on going until you have found Janosch and Cowboy Dodo. Talk to Janosch to get his screwdriver. Use the screwdriver with the pneumatic mail tube to get a pneumatic mail cartridge. Head back over to the terminal, use the application to get form holla-55. combine the application and the mail cartridge, and send it off through the pneumatic mail chute. After losing the Organon medic head back into the crawl space to find the organon medic caught, then take his outfit. Go back outside and put on the organon suit to gain access to the medical bay. Head in to start a mini-game.