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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A Backdated Future / Bkstunt_31

    Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/20/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                     A Backdated Future and Bkstunt_31 present...
       _____________  ______________   _______     _______
      / __/_  __/ _ \/ __/ __/_  __/   '.    /     \    .'
     _\ \  / / / , _/ _// _/  / /        \   \     /   /
    /___/ /_/ /_/|_/___/___/ /_/          \   \   /   /
         _______________ _______________   \   \ /   /   ____  _______________
        / __/  _/ ___/ // /_  __/ __/ _ \   \   V   /    \   |/  / __/ ___/ _ |
       / _/_/ // (_ / _  / / / / _// , _/    )     (     / /|_/ / _// (_ / __ |
      /_/ /___/\___/_//_/ /_/ /___/_/|_|    /   ^   \   /_/  /_/___/\___/_/ |_|
                                           /   / \   \       ____  ______   _  __
                                          /   /   \   \      \   |/  / _ | / |/ /
                                         /   /     \   \     / /|_/ / __ |/    /
                                        /   /       \   \   /_/  /_/_/ |_/_/|_/
                                       '————'       '————'
           Contact Email:   a.backdated.future@gmail.com
                Facebook:   http://facebook.com/ABackdatedFuture
                    Game:   Street Fighter X Mega Man
                  Region:   NTSC (North America -English-)
                    Type:   FAQ/Walkthrough
                Platform:   PC (Download)
                 Version:   1.02
            Last Updated:   01/20/2013
    Best Viewing Program:   Mozilla Firefox (for better search functionality)
     NOTE    This document is best viewed using a FIXED-WIDTH font, such as Courier
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   New.  If the ASCII above/below and the charts used throughout the guide
             look strange, please change your settings to display text in a
             FIXED-WIDTH font.  Thanks!
    _____                                                                     _____
    \*\\*\   Our purpose for this guide is to make sure that you are able    /*//*/
     )*))*)   to get a perfect game, meaning that you can find all items,   (*((*(
    /*//*/      explore all of the areas, and see all there is to see.       \*\\*\
    ¯¯¯¯¯                                                                     ¯¯¯¯¯
    For this guide, we have decided to create an extensive FAQ/Walkthrough.  The
    walkthrough is the main focus; it walks you through the whole game step-by-
    step, leading you to the locations of all of the items in the game and
    strategies for fighting the bosses.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [I-01-00]
     \\\\                          Table of Contents                           \\\\
    (  Introduction  )_____________________________________________________________
    Table of Contents.....................................................[I-01-00]
    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)......................................[I-01-01]
    Game Controls.........................................................[I-01-02]
    (  Walkthrough  )______________________________________________________________
    Starting the Game.....................................................[W-00-00]
        Chun Li...........................................................[W-01-01]
        Crimson Viper.....................................................[W-01-02]
        Balrog (Boxer)....................................................[W-01-09]
        Vega (Claw).......................................................[W-01-10]
        Boss Rush (Seth's Lab)............................................[W-01-11]
        M. Bison (Dictator)...............................................[W-01-13]
    (  Appendices  )_______________________________________________________________
    Secrets / Cheats / Tricks.............................................[A-01-01]
    (  Conclusion  )_______________________________________________________________
    Version History.......................................................[C-01-01]
    Copyright / Disclaimer / Credits......................................[C-01-03]
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [I-01-01]
     \\\\                   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)                   \\\\
    (Q1) In what order should I play the stages for the most efficient playthrough?
      (A1) We recommend the order listed within the walkthrough: Chun Li, Crimson
           Viper, Dhalsim, Blanka, Rose, Rolento, Urien, then Ryu. Except for
           Chun Li (obviously), the boss you defeat will reward you with a weapon
           most effective for the next boss listed.
    (Q2) How did this game come about?
      (A2) Seow Zong Hui of Singapore, a fan of the series and a game developer,
           approached Capcom with the idea of the game, and with Capcom's blessing,
           developed it on his own. With help from one Luke Esquivel, the soundtrack
           was created for it as well. With its completion, Capcom decided to
           release it for FREE to the public on December 17, 2012 to celebrate Mega
           Man's 25th birthday. Thank you for your hard work, Zong Hui and A_Rival!
    (Q3) Are there any secrets within the game?
      (A3) Of course! Check [A-01-01] to learn more about secret moves, special
           tricks, and secret bosses!
    (Q4) I think you have some of the Street Fighter attack names wrong. Are you
         accepting corrections?
      (A4) Yes! Neither of us are dedicated, huge fans of Street Fighter, so some of
           the names within the game were a mystery to us, though we did our best to
           research and try to find the correct names. If you see any, please email
           us or send us a message.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [I-01-02]
     \\\\                            Game Controls                             \\\\
    Being an 8-bit retro Mega Man game, the controls are fairly simple. If you're
    using a gamepad, feel free to map the buttons however you like once you start
    the game. It SHOULD detect most gamepads as long as they are plugged in when you
    start the game.
    Listed below are the default keyboard controls to get you started.
           [W] Move up
           [A] Move left
           [S] Move down
           [D] Move right
           [K] Fire Weapon
           [L] Jump
           [I] Weapon Change (Right)
           [O] Weapon Change (Left)
         [S+L] Slide (Down + Jump)
       [ENTER] Start / Pause / Confirm
         [ESC] Quit Game
    During the Pause Menu, you can access the following controls
       [F1] Switch Device
       [F2] Configure Controls
       [F3] Default Controls
       [F4] Toggle Window Sizes  <-- works anytime the game is loaded.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [W-00-00]
     \\\\                          Starting the Game                           \\\\
    First off, rather than starting a "New Game" per se, I recommend using the
    following save to start your game with FOUR E-Tanks!
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   | O |   |
                                  |   | O | O |   |   |
                                  | O |   |   | O | O |
    As with any Mega Man game, certain bosses are weak against other boss's weapons,
    so for Street Fighter X Mega Man, this is our recommended boss order for you, as
    well as what the bosses are weak against. Chun Li is easy enough with just the
    Mega Buster to warrant going first:
        |   BOSS                |  WEAKNESS             |  OBTAINED FROM?      |
        |   Chun Li             |  Hadoken              |  Ryu                 |
        |   C. Viper            |  Lightning Kick       |  Chun Li             |
        |   Dhalsim             |  Optic Laser          |  C. Viper            |
        |   Blanka              |  Yoga Inferno         |  Dhalsim             |
        |   Rose                |  Tropical Hazard      |  Blanka              |
        |   Rolento             |  Soul Satellite       |  Rose                |
        |   Urien               |  Mine Sweeper         |  Rolento             |
        |   Ryu                 |  Aegis Reflector      |  Urien               |
        |                       |                       |                      |
        |   Balrog              |  A long drop...       |  ...falling bridge   |
        |   Vega                |  Lightning Kick       |  Chun Li             |
        |   Sagat               |  Hadoken              |  Ryu                 |
        |   M. Bison            |  Optic Laser          |  C. Viper            |
        |                       |  / Hadoken            |  Ryu                 |
    It's also been suggested that starting with Blanka may give some an easier time.
    Blanka himself isn't too difficult, and his weapon allows for an easy victory
    against Rose, whose Soul Satellite can provide VERY USEFUL for all of the
    following stages. That, and Blanka's Tropical Hazzard can be useful for making
    some of the more difficult jumps by jumping off of the watermelon. I leave the
    choice up to you, but will keep the walkthrough in the order suggested above in
    the table.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [W-01-00]
     \\\\                             Walkthrough                              \\\\
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                     Chun Li
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-01]
    | • Extra Life              |   Chun Li's stage is pretty unique, and you'll see
    | • Energy Tank             |   why here in a bit. As soon as you warp in, climb
    |                           |   up the nearby ladder, as the lower path is a
    |   Enemies                 |   dead-end. As you walk forward to the right,
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   you'll see a Met Car enemy zoom under you on the
    | • Lantern                 |   lower level. This level is FULL of enemies that
    | • Met Car                 |   will be zooming past you. I guess the Chinese
    | • Samurai Robot           |   Streets are busy! Keep walking right and check
    | • Skateboard Animal       |   out all the Met Cars passing underneath you.
    | • Skating Animal          |   Note that these enemies ARE easily killed as you
    |__________________________.'   can take them out with one shot.
                                    Soon you'll encounter a pair of ladders with
    [_SMALL LIFE ENERGY x2_] pellets nearby. This landmark is the point where you
    have to start being concerned about traffic both down on the street (Met Cars)
    and up above as a new enemy, the Skateboard Animal (nice name, huh?) will come
    zooming in at you from the right. You gotta be careful here though, as the
    Skateboard Animal can come in from the left too, but as long as you keep heading
    right, he should only come at you from that direction. They are killed just as
    easily as the Met Cars though. Head down the double ladder here (as the top path
    is blocked) and keep going until you come across another ladder. Head up now, as
    the lower path is about to be blocked; this upper path leads to the next screen
    though. The next small screen is really short, but does have Met Cars coming in
    at you, so keep shooting until you hit the next screen.
    This screen is split up into three lanes you can traverse, however only one
    of them is the right lane. The first thing you should take note of is large
    Lantern on the top lane. This thing is more than just decoration: it is
    actually an enemy that shoots large three large energy balls out at you every
    now and again. Talk about a pain! There's also another new enemy here: the
    Skating Animal. This pink creature kinda looks like a dog, but it likes to
    jump up from level to level on his skates and is definitely a nuisance.
    Thankfully, like the Met Car and Skateboard Animal, the Skating Animal is
    easily taken down. Here you are better off trying to ignore them as they
    are coming in from the left.
    To start off here, we'd recommend staying on the lowest level and moving to
    the far right. You'll net a free [_EXTRA LIFE_] by going this way. Next, head
    back to the start of the three-way split. From here, you can go kill the
    Lanterns on the top lane if you wish (keep in mind that you can't PERMANENTLY
    kill both lanterns as moving across the screen will resurrect them.) Head down
    to the middle path and move forward as it is the CORRECT path. You can also grab
    the [_SMALL LIFE ENERGY x4_] as you continue to the right. Watch out for the
    Skating Animals and the other Lantern enemy on the top lane and continue to
    the next screen.
    The next screen has a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_] on a rooftop before making you
    choose to advance the screen from the top or the bottom. We HIGHLY recommend
    taking the top path here so you can grab a goodie. On the next screen, you'll
    have Skateboard Animals coming in from the top constantly (the direction can
    vary), but you also have a Samurai Robot on this screen. You want to jump over
    the gap here and STAY ON THE HIGH GROUND as soon as you can, and advance to the
    next screen (as fighting enemies here is more of a pain than it's worth). Note
    that jumping IMMEDIATELY will often knock you down to the lower level, so it is
    advised to actually TAKE A HIT here, and THEN jump.
    Let's describe the Samurai Robot really quickly so you know what to expect
    out of him. What he likes to do is to teleport right above you and come down
    with his sword, creating a shockwave. He'll also reflect your shots by
    swirling his sword. The time to hurt him is as he prepares to teleport or after
    he comes down from a teleport, as you get an opening there to take him out.
    Fighting him on this screen is a pain though, and he should just be ignored as
    you jump the gap and continue on to the right.
    On the next screen, assuming you took the top path (I hope you did), you will
    find your prize: an [_ENERGY TANK_]. Nice! Other than that, this screen is just
    like the last one as Skateboard Animals will come in from the sides of the
    screen, and there is additionally a Samurai Robot that will come bombard you.
    Once again, it is probably best to just continue on once you grab the Energy
    Tank and move to the next screen.
    Here you once again have a choice: drop down to the lower level or jump across
    to the higher level. Your choice here doesn't really matter. As you move across
    this screen, your only enemies will be two Samurai Robots, giving you a good
    chance to try battling them. Do so if you wish, and when you're done playing
    with them, continue on to the right. On the next screen, you will face another
    Samurai Robot and a Lantern high above you that you can't really kill by normal
    means. It's a short screen though, so continue on. The very next screen is a
    GREAT "farming" point if you want to spend some time here. You have Met Cars
    coming in from the right and Skating Animals from the left, meaning you can
    stay in the middle and just kill them all over and over. Definitely take the
    time to refill your Life Energy if it's depleted at all.
     NOTE    This is also an EXCELLENT place to earn Extra Lives. They don't appear
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   nearly as often as the Energy refills, but they still rack up nicely
             after only a short amount of time.
    The next screen has Met Cars coming in from the lower right, but you must
    climb the nearby ladder to continue. There are two Lantern enemies up here
    that you need to take out. Deal with them and advance the screen to be
    rewarded with a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_]. We're right in front of the boss door
    now, so quickly take out the Lantern near the boss door, then get ready to deal
    with a Samurai Robot who will attack you. Note that there are more Skating
    Animals coming in from the left as well. You can kill the Samurai and farm
    the animals if you wish, as we're about to face off against Chun Li.
    Once you are content and prepared, head through the boss door.
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Chun Li                                                    [B-01]
         Weakness: Hadoken (Ryu)
    Ah, Chun Li. The World's Strongest Woman. Good luck not getting kicked
    in the face!
    Chun Li is pretty easy, to be honest. Focus on dodging her attacks and
    getting out of close proximity with her, then hit her with charge shots and
    pepper her with small shots whenever you don't have time to charge. She does
    move around a lot so be ready to jump over her or slide under her. If you stay
    at range, also be sure to take out her Kikoken attack with your own attacks.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Lightning Kick   »»
    Chun Li's signature move is of course present. She can kick as fast as
    lightning people! Fortunately her legs are very short, especially in Sprite
    Mode, which is good news for us since we can evade this attack by staying
    away from her during the fight. Note that her kick can knock away shots; regular
    or charged shots.
    ««   Kikoken   »»
    This is Chun Li's projectile shot. It travels fairly slowly across the screen,
    similar to a Hadoken and is more of a nuisance than anything else, especially
    if you need to jump out of the way. You CAN destroy it by shooting it though. It
    will also fizzle out of existence after a while.
    ««   Spinning Bird Kick   »»
    This awesome attack functions a lot like Ryu's Hurricane Kick, except Chun Li
    does it upside down. She can easily span the length of the screen with this,
    if she wished. Note that she will normally do this move up in the air, and you
    can easily slide underneath it. But when she gets low on health, she can start
    doing it low to the ground while moving much faster; in this case, you should
    jump over instead. You can shoot her while she does this though, so be sure to
    get a charge shot in.
    ««   Hazanshu   »»
    This attack is the "Axe Kick" you'll often see Chun Li use with devastating
    ferocity. She rises high into the air and comes down with her leg in a swift
    chop motion. Sliding forward should get you out of the way easily but backing
    up and putting a charge shot in her is even better.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Tensei-Ranka   »»
    Chun Li's special move is pretty awesome. She does multiple rising kick moves
    in a row, followed by an Axe Kick at the end. This can hurt a ton if you are
    close to her when she does it, but that will likely never be the case. She can
    also cover quite a bit of ground with this move, so stay away and have a charge
    shot ready when she comes back down.
                              \    GOT     \   Lightning   \
                              /   WEAPON   /     Kick      /
    With the Lightning Kick, you can repeatedly kick enemies within a close range.
    It looks kind of ridiculous, but is effective!
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   |   |   |
                                  |   | O | O |   |   |
                                  | O | O |   | O | O |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                  Crimson Viper
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-02]
    | • Extra Life              |   At the start of the stage, you'll notice the
    | • Energy Tank             |   elevator above you, but be sure to notice the
    |                           |   Spread Turret to the right. There's quite a few
    |   Enemies                 |   of these things in the stage, and they spit out
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   a TON of bullets, so be sure to check them out
    | • Energy Terminal         |   and see what type of bullet spread they shoot
    | • Floor Sweeper           |   out. Head forward and you'll see two more Spread
    | • Large Spread Turret     |   Turrets, one on the floor in front of you and
    | • Laser Joe               |   one on the ceiling on the upper section. Take
    | • Spread Turret           |   out the floor one ASAP and dodge the rest. You
    |__________________________.'   will see an elevator at the end that you can
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      ride up to the top area. Once you are in the
                                    elevator, you can control its up and down speed.
     NOTE    Do NOT get under the elevator as it WILL crush you!
    Up in the top area, you can kill the two Spread Turrets and ride the next
    elevator up to the next screen.
    Up here you'll run into a new enemy: the Laser Joe. This guy has a shield,
    so you can only hit him when he's firing or has fired; for his weapon, he'll
    fire off a long laser stream. This first one is above you, so you can check
    him out before killing him, which is good as we'll be fighting a lot of them.
    There's an elevator and a Spread Turret after him. Take out the Spread Turret,
    and then you can choose whether or not to take the elevator up. It leads up
    to a small area with a Laser Joe who is guarding a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_], so
    it's your call (you likely don't even need it, but if you do, grab it.) Whatever
    you pick, continue to the right, then get in the elevator and go down to carry
    In this new screen, you'll have three Laser Joes to deal with on the right
    side of the elevator. Remember; you can control the elevator, so wait above EACH
    of them and shoot them after they fire. You can easily kill each one of them
    this way. After that, be sure to grab the [_EXTRA LIFE_] to the left and the
    [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] up above where the life was, if you need it. Continue to
    the right once you are done.
    In the next screen, you once again have a middle path, an upper path and a
    lower path. Up above you is a Spread Turret, so be careful, but down on the
    lower path are [_SMALL LIFE ENERGY x3_] pellets. To the right is another
    elevator with three more Laser Joes, one on each level. The top one is
    guarding an [_ENERGY TANK_] so taking him out should be a priority. The
    middle one is guarding nothing, so feel free to skip him, but you have to kill
    or get past the bottom one to continue on. There's another elevator here, but
    as you go up, beware of any Laser Joes you left alive, as well as a Spread
    Turret up on the ceiling. Move up to the next screen and then right to
    another screen.
    Here, you'll see a Floor Sweeper patrolling the tank above you with a Laser
    Joe to the far right. You can take out the Laser Joe from where you start,
    then get past the Floor Sweeper with good timing. It does speed up if you
    are on the same level as it is, so be careful. Drop down below and you'll see
    a Laser Joe below you to the left, and an awkward energy foe (who I'm going to
    call an Energy Terminal) blocking the way forward. No need to kill the Laser
    Joe here; the Energy Terminal, when killed, is going to start a chain reaction
    of very large energy beams coming in from the left, meaning we have to RUN!
    You do NOT want to let these things hit you as they will instantly kill you!
    Before you move on, you should know that after shooting the first Energy
    Terminal we will have to quickly move to the right. There will be more Energy
    Terminals blocking our way, FIVE in total that we'll need to shoot and then
    we'll climb a ladder at the end. To block our way there will be Floor Sweepers
    and LARGE (very large) Spread Turrets firing massive shots at us, so watch out
    for both of those things, but keep in mind that taking a hit is preferable to
    instant death and the primary goal is to kill all the Energy Terminals. If you
    have a window to slide without taking damage, then do that instead of running to
    help shave off some time.
    Kill the first Energy Terminal (which will kill the Laser Joe) and then move
    to the right to the next screen. Shoot the Energy Terminal right in front of
    you and continue on and kill the next one. The first two are easy. Watch out
    for the Floor Sweeper and jump up to kill the third Energy Terminal. The
    fourth one is out of your normal shot reach so do short jumps and take it down
    quickly. The fifth one requires some jumping but you should take it out easily.
    As you climb the ladder at the end, BE CAREFUL and DO NOT get hit by any shots
    as you do not need to fall off the ladder when you are this close to being
    safe. This entire area is tough, but shoot at where you know the terminals
    WILL be and HURRY and you'll make it.
    The next screen has a Large Spread Turret to the left, so stand to the right
    of the ladder and you can avoid its shots and kill it. The next screen has one
    too, so stop where you enter to be safe and take it out from there. Head down
    to see two Laser Joes underneath you. You can take them out from the ladder
    if you wish, but be sure to grab the [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] to the left (you
    likely do need it) and continue on to the right. The next screen has another
    Laser Joe and a Large Spread Turret. Take out the Joe where you come in at and
    just avoid the turret. The screen after that has another Laser Joe that you
    are underneath, so you can take him out easily and jump in the elevator nearby
    and ride it up. Now you'll have to face another Laser Joe and Large Spread
    Turret high up above. Take the elevator up and charge up two charge shots to
    take out the turret, which lets you deal with the Joe easier. Once they are
    dead, head through the boss door to face Crimson Viper!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Crimson Viper                                              [B-02]
         Weakness: Lightning Kick (Chun Li)
    C. Viper is deadly in her battle suit, which gives her various powers and
    increased mobility. Knowing her attacks and how to evade them is very
    important, of course, and you can often punish her after you dodge an attack.
    She is VERY mobile (especially with those damn rocket boots), so be ready to
    evade at ANY time.
    Her Weakness is Chun Li's Lightning Kick, which of course requires you to
    be in close proximity to her to use. This is still a challenging option, as
    you're more likely to take a hit when using Lightning Kick, so think twice
    about it (or be ready with an E Tank). Those looking for a Perfect Victory
    will likely want to stick with ranged attacks. Still, knowing her moves
    intimately goes a long ways towards being able to survive in close range.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Thunder Knuckle   »»
    A FAST move, C. Viper charges electricity in her knuckles and dashes forward
    to punch you. Note that she can dash across the entire screen, so jumping over
    her is probably the only way you are avoiding this. Put a charge shot in her
    back afterward!
    ««   Burning Kick   »»
    C. Viper uses the jets in her boots to deliver a fire-y kick! She uses this
    move quite often and jumps up when delivering it. If you're too close to her
    you can slide under her but if there's some distance between the two of you
    she will likely land in front of you somewhere.
    ««   Seismic Hammer   »»
    One of her most annoying moves, C. Viper will stay in place and punch the
    ground. After that, there will be an explosion underneath you wherever you
    are. You can jump out of the explosion fairly easily but the move gets super
    annoying when she uses it over and over, which she can do so be ready to jump
    away from this move multiple times in a row.
    ««   Optic Blast   »»
    C. Viper's ranged move. She stands still and fires off an energy beam out
    of her eyes at you that you'll need to jump over. It kinda looks like she is
    imitating Cyclops to be honest. Be ready to jump as soon as her hand goes to
    her eyes.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Viper Full Throttle   »»
    This is a combination of the above attacks, where she starts out sliding at you
    like mad, followed by leaping into the center of the screen and diving down,
    punching the ground and causing a larger seismic wave that will deal heavy
    damage. It's pretty easy to avoid; just jump over her, then run to a corner.
                                \    GOT     \   Optic   \
                                /   WEAPON   /   Laser   /
    Optic Laser is a straight-on laser beam attack, and it's powerful enough to
    obliterate most enemies in one shot.
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   | O |   |   |   |
                                  | O | O |   | O | O |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                     Dhalsim
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-03]
    | • Energy Tank             |   Dhalsim's stage is kind-of like a mini-maze.
    |                           |   Well, far more maze-like than most Mega Man
    |   Enemies                 |   stages. You'll see right away that there is an
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   arrow pointing to the left. We can go either
    | • Buzzsaw                 |   left or right here, but if you go right you can
    | • Fire Soldier            |   find a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] (that you don't
    | • Magician                |   need) as well as a new enemy that we're going to
    |__________________________.'   call the Magician. This enemy (which you'll see
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      a lot of throughout this stage, so you may as
                                    well get used to him here) teleports directly
    above you and then starts an energy wave attack. It will make energy balls
    circle itself and after a while will spit them out. They can be annoying to kill
    due to the teleporting, but aren't too hard now that you know their pattern. If
    you have trouble with them, just use your Optic Laser to wipe them out.
    Head left, and to the far left, you'll find another Magician enemy and a
    ladder. Kill the magician and climb, but don't climb all the way to the top!
    Stop short and watch the new enemy, the Buzzsaw, roll over the ladder. He has
    a very easy pattern as well and thankfully doesn't just buzzsaw the same
    areas over and over. Climb up and kill him. Now from here we can go UP or to
    the RIGHT. The UP path has a Large Life Energy and Large Weapon Energy if you
    need it, otherwise head right.
     UP PATH
    Up here you'll meet a new enemy: the Fire Warrior. He sits still in one
    place and uses his sword to shoot out fire shockwaves. Shoot him with a charge
    shot right after he swings to take him out. Your reward in this room, like we
    said above, is a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] and [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_]. Go down
    and take the right path to continue.
    In this first room, you'll have a Buzzsaw enemy down below you. Should be easy
    to kill, but you could just ignore him and continue to the right if you wished.
    In the next room, you'll run into another Magician. Once again, there's no NEED
    to kill him, so you can fight or flee. The next screen is actually going to
    drop you DOWN, but note the BOSS GATE to the far right as that is our eventual
    When you drop down below, you will see a Buzzsaw to the right. You're safe on
    some steps though, so get a charge shot ready and take him out when it is safe.
    You have to head right here, but note that you can come BACK here and keep
    killing the Buzzsaw enemy from the ledge to refill on health if you need it.
    Head right and you'll be in a room with a Magician enemy who will likely
    startle you. You need to use the moving platform here to jump to the right
    to continue. You can fight or flight here if you wish, but fighting down below
    is the best place to fight.
    The next screen has a Buzzsaw AND a Magician with another floating platform
    you have to use to continue. Ideally, you want to take out the Buzzsaw ASAP and
    give yourself room to fight the Magician, but it's rather tricky to not take a
    hit here. Still take out the Buzzsaw and then fight the Magician (the jump is
    tricky if he isn't dead), then continue on. The next screen is yet another
    choice. Do you want to go UP or do you want to go down and to the right?
    (Psst! Go up!)
    You went up? Good! You'll have to face two Buzzsaw enemies here and the lower
    one will fall off of the platform, so be ready! Head up and kill the second
    one. He's a tough one to get, so I hope you have good timing. Once you've
    killed them both, head up the ladder and you'll be rewarded by an
    [_ENERGY TANK_]. Neat! Time to head back down, but don't climb ALL the way
    down the ladder! The two Buzzsaw enemies will be back after all! Be careful
    taking out the first one, then just time the second one right and head back to
    the previous intersection. We, of course, want to go right this time.
    In this new room, kill the Magician in here to make the room easier. You
    have to climb the ladder and use the floating platforms to get higher up,
    and killing the Magician makes this an easy task. Head up, and you'll see you
    have more platforms over spikes this time. It's still easy though, just get
    on the lower one as it comes to the far right, let it go to the far left
    before jumping to the next platform and then let that one go right and
    you're golden. Charge up a shot for the Buzzsaw enemy up above and take him
    out when you can. In the next room, head up, but be ready to jump away from
    the waiting Buzzsaw in the screen above you! Once you're on this new screen
    (and safe!), you can choose to either go LEFT or to go RIGHT.
    Heading RIGHT leads to a dead-end. It does have a Magician enemy in a large
    room with a ladder and some floating platforms, but unless you just really
    like killing the Magician enemies, head LEFT. Once you head left, you'll be
    in a big area with a grand total of three Buzzsaw enemies in it. You can take
    them out one at a time if you wish, or you could just keep heading to the left
    and jump over all of them. Your choice. Head to the far left.
    Here you'll see two more Buzzsaw enemies to kill down below, so take them
    out when you can. You now have another choice: go left using the ladder or go
    left by sliding. Let us save you some time and tell you to head UP. You'll see
    why soon. This next screen has two more Buzzsaw enemies in it, but if you went
    UP, you can skip them both if you wanted. If you went down, you are forced to
    fight one of them, and you'll be stuck and have to backtrack anyway.
    Continue left to the next screen where THREE Magician enemies will ambush
    you! Take out the lower one, and when they start teleporting, it's better to
    just RUN to the far left and slide right to the previous screen. Keep following
    this path and soon you'll find the Boss Door and will be facing Dhalsim!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Dhalsim                                                    [B-03]
         Weakness: Optic Laser (Crimson Viper)
    The master of Yoga and the mystic arts, Dhalsim is one of the HARDEST
    regular bosses in the game! He brings his extra-long limbs to the fight
    along with teleporting and long-range fire attacks. His Yoga Inferno attack
    is guaranteed to frustrate you due to its range, but note the layout of the
    room. Dhalsim will teleport around frequently, but will mostly use his Yoga
    Spear and Yoga Inferno attacks. He ALWAYS uses his Inferno attack from the
    middle of the room, so be ready to nail him.
    His weakness is the Optic Laser, which you can use with great effect. It
    is especially useful in hitting him when he pops in from teleporting as its
    shot is long. Check out his attacks below and take him down!
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Punching   »»
    Dhalsim will often punch at you. A very basic attack. Of course his punches
    are much longer than humanly possible. Be ready to jump back to evade, if
    needed. Hopefully you'll be across the screen and you can put a charge attack
    into him.
    ««   Sliding   »»
    Another basic attack. Dhalsim loves to slide around. He usually only does
    it in the middle area, I've noticed. Pretty easy to react to, but still you
    should know he can do it!
    ««   Yoga Teleport   »»
    Not really an attack, but you should be aware that Dhalsim can indeed teleport
    around. He will often use this to launch other attacks: notably Yoga Spear
    and Yoga Inferno.
    ««   Yoga Flame   »»
    Dhalsim spits out a single fireball with this move. He doesn't use it very
    often (the layout of the room isn't conducive to this attack) but he can still
    use it. You likely have little to fear from this attack.
    ««   Yoga Spear   »»
    This attack is always done after Dhalsim teleports. Dhalsim will launch
    himself at you like some sort of drill. You can move quickly after he
    teleports and shoot at him when he shows up where you were to easily punish
    him for using this attack.
    ««   Yoga Inferno   »»
    I hate this attack. This single attack is what makes this fight hard as hell,
    ESPECIALLY if you're not using his weakness against him. He always uses this
    attack from the middle of the room and it looks like he is spitting waves of
    fire at you. This actually looks like a mixture of Yoga Inferno and Yoga Blast
    to me (you Street Fighter fans out there need to correct the name of this move
    if you can!). It reaches to the edge of the screen AND is too tall to jump over.
    If you know a way to avoid this move (other than either using Optic Laser to
    kill the flames, or predicting the move is coming and jumping over Dhalsim), be
    sure to let us know!
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Yoga Catastrophe   »»
    Dhalsim's special is actually fairly underwhelming. He uses Yoga Catastrophe to
    spit a LARGE ball of slow-moving fire out onto the screen. Easily avoidable as
    long as you get away and stay away. It will disappear after a short amount of
                                \    GOT     \    Yoga     \
                                /   WEAPON   /   Inferno   /
    With Yoga Inferno, you can shoot a set of fireballs at an enemy. You can also
    press UP or DOWN as you shoot them to influence their direction!
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O | O |   | O | O |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                      Blanka
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-04]
    | • Extra Life              |   We're in the jungle! Yeeeaaaah! Or something
    |                           |   like that...
    |   Enemies                 |
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   Head forward and have a charge shot ready. You
    | • Eel                     |   will run into a new enemy here that I'm going to
    | • Grub                    |   call a Grub. (Though the first time I saw it, I
    | • Killer Plant            |   thought COOKIE MONSTER!) These things are small
    | • Pinwheel                |   and move slowly when they don't know you're
    |__________________________.'   there, but if they do know you're there, they
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      rise up and chase you gleefully. Which is kinda
                                    creepy, so be sure to kill it quickly. Keep
    going forward and kill all the Grubs you see (there's three more of them.) As
    you go, you'll also see Pinwheels falling down out of the sky. These things are
    meant to be a nuisance as their pattern is hard to predict. They move back
    and forth, but can easily be taken down with a single shot. They can also
    make good farming opportunities if you need to refill. Keep heading to the
    far right and you'll have to make a choice: go UP or go to the RIGHT.
     NOTE    The UP path is longer but leads to an Extra Life...
     UP PATH
    Up here you'll see a new enemy to the left: the Killer Plant. This thing
    has two attacks. The first attack it has is shooting out five seeds into the
    air that come down in a spread pattern. You have to position yourself just
    right to dodge them (in this case stand to the right of the ladder.) The next
    move it does is to shoot an energy beam at you. You can either shoot this to
    destroy it, or you can just jump over it. Quite a trick for a plant! It is
    guarding a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_] that you likely don't need, so continue on
    to the right. This next room has nothing in it except Grubs: one in front of
    you and one up on a platform. Take them out and continue.
    You'll be on a platform looking down on a Killer Plant to the far right.
    There will also be Pinwheels falling down here. Jump down and kill the plant
    and make your way carefully over to where it was to claim the [_EXTRA LIFE_]
    it was guarding before jumping down.
    Once you drop down, you'll be on the "RIGHT PATH" again. Just skip the next
    paragraph and pick up after the "---."
    This screen has a shallow pond in it. As you continue you'll see pinwheels
    start to come down. Jump into the water and get a charge shot ready. You're
    about to meet a new enemy here: the Eel. He swims back and forth (he IS an
    Eel after all) and stops periodically to discharge electricity. If you fight
    him at range you'll have no problems. Climb the ladder and continue.
    You'll drop down, but quickly make sure you land to the left. There are some
    instant-death spikes here that you want to avoid, but you also want to quickly
    kill the Eel on this screen. We have to head down now, but as you fall, be sure
    to hold to the left or the right as there is a pit of instant-death spikes
    down below. Continue to the left. You'll see two Eels up above you that you
    can safely take out from where you entered. Do so and drop down below with a
    charge shot ready to go.
    Use that charge shot to quickly shoot the Eel, then drop down again and kill
    the Eel here. Be careful when jumping over the spike pit in front of you. The
    next screen has many spike pits, but isn't too hard. Take out the bottom Eel
    and then jump to the first little platform. Since you're underwater, you can
    jump up to the high left and kill the Eel from there. Do it quickly though, as
    it can still hit you. Climb the ladder and move to the left afterward.
    In this next screen, you can slide to collect [_SMALL LIFE ENERGY x4_] before
    continuing on, but watch out for the Pinwheels. Head up, and you'll need to kill
    two Grubs as you go up, but even more Pinwheels will make this a challenge.
    There is also a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] here that is out of reach, but you can
    get it by falling down from the next screen. Head up when you can. You'll see
    two Killer Plants to the right up here. Stand above the ladder and take out
    the lower one quickly so you don't have to worry about its laser. Take out the
    higher one after that. You can drop down if you want for that Large Life
    Energy but unless you REALLY need it and don't mind fighting the Grubs and
    Plants again, head to the right.
    This screen is dangerous. Kill the Grub with a charge shot and make SMALL
    jumps to avoid the spikes. Drop down and kill the other Grub and continue to
    make SMALL JUMPS from platform to platform. You CANNOT walk over these! Head
    down when you're done. There's a Killer Plant here. Get down the ladder fast
    if it is throwing seeds, as that is the safe area, then take it out. Slide
    under the wall to the right. There's a Grub down here; take it out. There is
    also a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_] here as well. Grab it if you wish, then avoid
    the Pinwheels and get a charge shot ready as you head up the ladder. The
    charge shot is for a Grub to the left. Get up the ladder ASAP and kill it,
    as the Killer Plant up here can knock you off the ladder with its seed shot
    if you wait too long. Kill the enemies and then FARM THE PINWHEELS if you
    need health! We are about to face Blanka!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Blanka                                                     [B-04]
         Weakness: Yoga Inferno (Dhalsim)
    The great green beast Blanka is a fun fight. He of course LOVES his rolling
    attacks and you can expect the fight to be... electric! Hahaha... oh... um...
    Be ready to jump over all of his rolling attacks and be careful of getting
    too close due to his sliding and face gnawing attacks. When he does his special
    get ready to JUMP.
    His weakness is Yoga Inferno, which requires some forethought since that
    attack takes some time and Blanka is FAST. Use it after he rolls past you
    for great effect.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Sliding   »»
    A basic attack, Blanka does his back slide towards you. Covers some ground
    but is easy to jump away from. Cool to see they added this attack sprite in.
    ««   Face Gnawing   »»
    Get TOO close to Blanka and he will literally jump on you and start gnawing
    your face. How awesome is that! Okay, I'm gushing a bit, but seriously that is
    cool. Stay away and attack from range!
    ««   Rolling Attack   »
    Blanka's Rolling Attack can come out of nowhere, so stay on your toes! He
    will curl up into a ball and launch himself across the screen! You can jump
    over this, so be ready and put some shots into him once you jump over him!
    ««   Vertical Roll   »
    Blanka will curl up into a ball and launch himself up into the air at you.
    For the most part, this attack is useless, so just jump back when you see him
    curl up and jump, firing shots into him as you jump back.
    ««   Electric Thunder   »»
    Blanka's signature move. He stays in place and makes thunder appear!
    You do NOT want to be near him when he does this. A very good defensive move,
    but probably not an issue if you are attacking from range.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Tropical Hazard   »»
    A very unique special move. Blanka charges up and slams down, covering the
    ground in electricity. You need to JUMP over this. After that, he'll jump to
    the ceiling and knock down several tropical fruits (not sure what TYPE of
    fruit... they look like watermelons? But those don't grow on trees... Eh, for
    the sake of confusion, we'll call them watermelons.) He can kick or punch these
    at you afterwards too!
                               \    GOT     \   Tropical   \
                               /   WEAPON   /    Hazard    /
    Tropical Hazard lets you shoot out... a watermelon. Well, it doesn't so much
    shoot out as much as it does drop out of your fist. Once it's on the ground, you
    can let an enemy run into it, you can kick it, or you can roll it into an enemy.
    Heck, if you really wanted to, you could even jump on it to have it launch you
    into the air. That'll actually come in handy later.
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O | O |   |   | O |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                       Rose
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                       ¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-05]
    |   Enemies                 |   Surprise! Once you warp into the start of Rose's
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   Stage, your old pal Rush will warp in with you!
    | • Fire Whirl              |   Time to ride!
    | • Flying Sword            |
    | • Magic Jars              |   Jump on Rush and take off. You'll have free
    | • Purple Barrier          |   control while riding Rush, but get ready to
    | • Yellow Saucer           |   fight. Soon some Yellow Saucer enemies will fly
    |__________________________.'   in from the right, so be sure to clear a path
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      for you to continue (note that any items these
                                    enemies drop will stay floating in the air for
    you.) You'll soon see three large Purple Barriers in the way, so be sure to
    destroy at least one of them so you can continue.
    You'll now see a Flying Sword in the screen. These things float up and down
    vertically and when you get near, they will pause and launch themselves at you.
    They wait at least one vertical pass before stopping to launch themselves at
    you though, so you do have time to react. If they are charging at you and you
    don't have a charge shot ready, just jump over them, as you'll take a hit
    otherwise. You're about to face WAVES of these things so get ready. (You may
    want to switch to your Optic Laser for an easier time wiping them out.) After
    the first sword, you'll face two Flying Swords, followed by FOUR Flying Swords!
    Kill as many as you can and give yourself room to move up (and jump) to avoid
    multiple swords.
    You'll face another row of four Flying Swords followed by some more Purple
    Barriers. Instead of three Purple Barriers, you'll face 3, then 2, then 1 all
    in a pyramid shape. You only need to destroy two barriers to get through and
    can pretty much pick your way through here by taking out either the two most
    northern or southern barriers. You can alternately take out the middle barrier
    and then one of the middle ones and get through too.
    After that large barrier, you'll face some Magic Jar enemies. These foes spit
    out yellow and purple bubbles at you that move together while doing a unique
    twist in their flight pattern. They basically double back on themselves before
    moving forward, meaning you can stay just to the left of where the bubbles
    double back and have them miss you entirely. Note that you CAN destroy the
    bubbles if you wish. From there, the Magic Jars teleport around and attack
    again. There are two Magic Jar enemies here for you to take out.
    After that, you'll face two more sets of 3 Purple Barriers (easy to get
    through) followed by another onslaught of the Yellow Saucer enemies (good
    for item drops.) After that, you'll face one more set of three Purple Barriers
    before you are done with the first section of the stage and Rush leaves you.
    Aww! Head to the right to continue. There are no enemies in this next screen,
    so head up the ladder at the end.
    Here you'll face the Fire Whirl enemy. Well, three of them actually. They
    fall very easily and simply traverse their portion of the screen. Wait for
    them to travel away from you and take them out before heading up. Once you
    head up, you'll see that there is a Flying Sword on each side of you. Take
    them out if you wish, but be ready to jump under both of them. Head to the
    right and you'll face another gauntlet of swords. First, there will be one by
    itself, followed by two columns of two Flying Swords. Take them all out
    carefully and continue to the right.
    On the next screen, you'll face a Magic Jar and two Purple Barriers. You
    have some platforms to the left to gain height if you need them (to kill the
    Magic Jar.) You may as well kill it, as it can shoot in both directions.
    There are two more Purple Barriers behind the first two and then you'll head
    up some steps guarded by three Flying Swords. After getting past them, you'll
    see some purple vines heading upwards that we'll need to climb. To the left
    up on the new screen is a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] and a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_]
    that provide a good refill if you need it.
    The next screen is a nice little jumping challenge. The entire screen is full of
    narrow columns you have to jump on to continue. As if that wasn't hard enough,
    you'll have to fight off three Fire Whirl enemies. Thankfully they are easy to
    kill, right? Try to kill them as soon as they appear from whatever platform
    you're on. When the platforms start to go down, be careful of jumping TOO high
    and keep your jumps short. At the end, you'll have to climb up again to
    continue. At the top a Flying Sword will be to your left, but I have no idea why
    you'd want to go over there, so head to the right instead to continue.
    In this screen, six Yellow Saucer enemies will come down from the ceiling.
    You can avoid them by staying to the far left, but try to shoot them for any
    goodies they may be hiding. In the next screen, you'll have to battle a Magic
    Jar and a Fire Whirl, but you have a column to the left you can stand on to
    help you gain height if you need it. Once they are dead, take out the lower
    Purple Barrier and continue on through the boss doors to reach Rose!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Rose                                                       [B-05]
         Weakness: Tropical Hazard (Blanka)
    I'll be honest: I don't know much about Rose... but she's no joke in a
    fight! This is mainly due to her ability to REFLECT your shots back at you
    (which makes them HURT you) and the fact that she sometimes has a protective
    barrier around her that keeps you from getting close without taking damage to
    your own blue self.
    Since she loves to nail you while she's close to you, fire up the Tropical
    Hazard weapon you got from Blanka and just start leaving watermelons all over
    the place. She chases you all over oblivion, so as clumsy as she is, she'll just
    keep running into them until she explodes pink.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Soul Spark   »»
    Rose's ranged attack. It's a slow-moving purple projectile. You can shoot
    it down but it's more of a distraction. Don't get so focused on it that you
    let Rose teleport behind you!
    ««   Sliding   »»
    Rose also loves to slide around. Be ready to jump over her.
    ««   Teleporting   »»
    Rose will often teleport off of the screen. When she reappears, you can bet
    that she will reappear right BEHIND you and then try to slide into you. So
    when you see her teleport stay on the move and get ready to jump away from
    her when she reappears. Get a charge shot ready to plug her with too!
    ««   Soul Spiral   »»
    Rose does have a short-range punching attack that moves her forward a ways.
    She often follows this up with Soul Spark, so be ready!
    ««   Soul Reflect   »»
    Rose is able to reflect your projectiles back at you! She isn't totally
    consistent with this ability, but don't be surprised if your charge attack
    is reflected back at you. Anything you shoot will hurt you once she reflects
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Soul Satellite   »»
    Rose's special move is both defensive and offensive. She summons two of those
    purple energy orbs to rotate around her, simultaneously protecting her and
    damaging you if you get too close. Interestingly enough, when she teleports with
    Soul Satellite active, the orbs travel upwards when she if off screen. They come
    back down to her when she reappears and need to be avoided. These orbs do
    disappear over time, as well as if they take enough damage.
                              \    GOT     \     Soul      \
                              /   WEAPON   /   Satellite   /
    Soul Satellite actually puts a barrier of two "souls" around you, allowing them
    to damage enemies that get too close to you. And once those are guarding you,
    pressing the SHOOT button again will just project one right at the enemy.
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O |   | O | O |   |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O | O |   |   |   |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                     Rolento
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-06]
    | • Extra Life              |   When you warp in, you'll notice that Rolento's
    |                           |   area is a construction site, which is fitting
    |   Enemies                 |   for him. You'll also encounter a TON of
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   explosions as you play through the stage, which
    | • Floor Sweeper           |   is also very fitting. The enemy in front of you
    | • Grenade Machine         |   is actually two enemies in one. The big part
    | • Helicopter Met          |   with the mouth is a Grenade Machine that spits
    | • Met                     |   grenades out at you. Thankfully, the grenades
    |__________________________.'   don't home in on you, so you can kill it easily,
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      but the grenades will change trajectory, so be
                                    careful. Once you do kill it, it will drop a
    Floor Sweeper enemy, so get ready to move onwards. As you go, you'll encounter
    Helicopter Mets which you can easily drop with one hit, but will need to be
    careful of as they provide a flying hazard. You DO NOT want to hit one while
    jumping after all! Note that they also try to get near you and EXPLODE! Yikes!
    Continue going on, and you'll see a regular Met enemy as well! Long time no
    see, old buddy! Hey, quit shooting at me! Take him out when he peeks at you.
    After that, you'll encounter a yellow bridge area. This yellow platform will
    fall after you step on it, so be ready. We'll encounter more of these in this
    stage, of course. I was actually surprised that they don't let you find out
    about this bridge in a more controlled environment. At the end of the bridge
    is another Met and beyond him are two more. No real reason to kill the lower
    one, but we got to head up. Underneath you, you'll see an [_EXTRA LIFE_], but it
    is guarded by a column of Grenade Machines... For the quickest (least painful)
    way to get this, switch to your Optic Laser, wait for the grenades to be thrown,
    then quickly jump down and fire off a few of them, hopefully before another set
    is released.
    Past the Grenade Machines is a long stretch of falling yellow platforms. You
    only need to kill Helicopter Mets here, at least. Past that, you can either
    head up the ladder or go straight, but you'll want to head up the ladder as
    straight is a dead end. Drop down and make your way forward, fighting a Met.
    You'll see that you can head up or go straight, but once again you'll want to go
    up due to the obstacle up ahead. Make your way up and avoid the two Floor
    Sweepers, then head further up, killing the Grenade Machine. Continue on, and
    you'll see some moving yellow platforms. Watch out for the Floor Sweeper and
    incoming Helicopter Mets as you jump to the first platform. You'll need to jump
    to two more while killing Helicopter Mets before you hit solid ground again.
    Solid ground isn't what it seems though, as now you have to face the dropping
    yellow platform with Mets camping out on it. You can kill the first one
    safely, but the second one should likely be avoided (you can take a hit and
    step where he is to take him out, if you wished.) You'll reach another safe
    spot after that, but you'll have another string of yellow walkways with a
    single Met in the way. Avoid him and head to the "boss door." Note that this
    door doesn't actually lead to the boss fight with Rolento, but we ARE getting
    Instead, this door leads to an elevator where you'll see a stack of three
    Grenade Machines with a Met resting on top of them. Additionally, there is a
    [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] behind the Grenade Machines. You'll have to endure a
    fight here for about 30 seconds or so. To top it all off, Helicopter Mets will
    come flying in from both sides of the screen. Take out the flying Mets and
    Grenade Machines to make life easier, and when the elevator stops grab up all
    the items and exit. NOW you'll be on your way to face Rolento!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Rolento                                                    [B-06]
         Weakness: Soul Satellite (Rose)
    Rolento is awesome. That's a fact. Rolento is pretty much the epitome of
    a mercenary and is both fast and explosive.... (that last part was a joke...)
    Now that you're laughing (you're not!?), you should know Rolento IS fast
    as hell. He loves to roll around, throw knives and toss out grenades. Knowing
    his moves helps a ton.
    His weakness is Rose's Soul Satellite. Get close to him so the orbs that
    are surrounding you hit him and fire at him in the meantime. He is REALLY
    weak to this power and you should take him out in no time once you use it.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Rolling   »»
    While not really an "attack" as much as a movement, you should still be
    aware that Rolento LOVES to roll around. He'll often roll across the entire
    screen so be ready to jump over him at a moment's notice.
    ««   Baton Swipe   »»
    Rolento's basic attack: he simply swings his baton at you. He often jumps
    quite a ways across the screen when doing this attack as well, and can hit
    you even in the corner of the screen (although he often stops just short
    of that).
    ««   Patriot Circle   »»
    Another basic attack, Rolento moves forward quickly (like he's dashing)
    while simultaneously twirling his baton. Super cool-looking of course. If
    you're a moderate distance away from him you'll be safe, otherwise be sure
    to jump over him when he does this.
    ««   Baton Hopping   »»
    Rolento is surprisingly agile. He can jump on top of his baton and use it
    like a pogo-stick, jumping towards you. He usually does this twice in a row,
    so you can slide underneath him as you switch which side of the screen you're
    on with him.
    ««   Stinger   »»
    A pretty basic attack, Rolento likes to throw knives. Surprise, surprise.
    He usually jumps into the air and throws it diagonally at you. Jumping back
    to avoid this is not much of a challenge.
    ««   Steel Rain   »»
    Rolento is getting tricky. He throws two knives up in the air and after
    a while they will fall back down someplace else, spread out from each other.
    This forces you to be aware of them while you are fighting and can be tricky
    to dodge depending on when they come down and what Rolento is currently doing.
    ««   Mine Sweeper   »»
    One of the harder attacks to dodge, Rolento will roll across the screen and
    throw up grenades as he goes. He throws up three grenades each time and spaces
    them out as well so with good timing you can avoid getting hit by getting
    yourself in between the grenades and jumping to safety. He can alternately
    start this when you're close to a side of the screen, which results in the
    grenades not being spaced out but rather clustered towards whatever side of
    the screen you are on.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Patriot Circle / Mine Sweeper Combo   »»
    Rolento's special attack is pretty unique. He does a Patriot Circle attack and
    rises into the air with it. Once he's in the air, Rolento will drop four
    grenades in a spread, straight down. Fairly easy to evade by quickly sliding
    under it or staying away if you have enough room.
                               \    GOT     \    Mine     \
                               /   WEAPON   /   Sweeper   /
    Mine Sweeper allows you to launch grenades at enemies. If there's no target in
    the path, then it'll explode after a couple seconds. If there IS, then it'll
    just do damage.
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  | O | O | O | O |   |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  |   | O |   |   |   |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                      Urien
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                      ¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-07]
    |   Enemies                 |   Urien has a rather unique stage which is rather
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   fun. You'll encounter a new enemy right off the
    | • Dark Wave Soldier       |   bat: a Skydiver. These birds just dive at you,
    | • Fire Whirl              |   but can be killed easily. Take them out and
    | • Reflecting Orb          |   soon you'll have to jump from column to column
    | • Skydiver                |   to proceed. Be careful of any birds showing up
    |__________________________.'   before you jump and you'll be okay. Once you're
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      on solid ground, you'll see this stage is
                                    definitely inspired by Ancient Greece.
    Interesting. At the end is a Dark Wave Soldier who is guarding a boulder. He
    shoots dark energy balls that travel in a sine wave, so avoid them knowing that
    and take him out. Blow up the boulder and drop down.
    You'll land on a long strip of rock, but you'll soon see that it will drop
    after some time. We'll encounter more of these, and this is the way the stage
    introduces them (gotta love controlled envrionments!) To the right, you can
    also find [_SMALL WEAPON ENERGY x3_] if you need it. Head left and kill the
    upcoming D. Wave Soldier before continuing.
    On the next screen, kill another D. Wave Soldier and grab the
    [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] to the far left, if you need it. Make the platforms fall
    down. On the next screen you come, to head to the RIGHT and fall down. Here,
    SLIDE to the left, but DO NOT go all the way. Instead, make Mega Man hover
    safely over the hole below by changing your slide direction! Whew! Down on the
    next screen, fall down safely in the middle, then destroy the boulder on the
    right to get to safety and continue.
    On this new screen, you'll meet some Fire Whirl enemies. They just tend to
    bounce around on the screen and are destroyed EASILY with 2-3 weak shots.
    What you want to do here is run forward across the four falling platforms and
    kill/avoid the four Fire Whirl enemies in the room until you reach the end.
    In this next screen, there are [_SMALL WEAPON ENERGY x3_] to the right if you
    need them, then we have to use the grating here to CLIMB. Note how you can move
    when you climb! Diagonally! What!? Mega Man has NEVER done this before!
    Climb up and you'll see a new enemy. These purple orbs don't move far, but
    are surrounded by a shield. If you shoot at it when the shield is covering it
    (50% chance, right?) then your shot gets bounced BACK at you, so be careful!
    I'm going to call it a Reflecting Orb, because why not?! Who's gonna question
    me? You! Pshaw! Continue on to see two more in even worse positions. You can
    just climb past the first one if you wish (it can be tricky to shoot) and get
    the second one from range. Continue to the next screen, and you'll face a
    Reflecting Orb and a D. Wave Soldier. Take out the Orb quickly, then the soldier
    and the boulder to continue.
    You'll be in a narrow hallway now with two Reflecting Orbs. You are safe
    where you are though, so take your time and kill them. After that, destroy
    a boulder and two Fire Whirls. There are [_SMALL WEAPON ENERGY x6_] icons
    here as well! There's a lot of these things, eh? Continue up and jump off
    to the left to take out the Reflecting Orb easily. Get past the two boulders
    and then you'll be in a narrow hallway again with two more Reflecting Orbs
    AND a D. Wave Soldier at the end! This is rough, so kill them as fast as you
    can. You'll likely take some hits here. Remember, you can destroy the dark
    energy the soldier shoots. At the end, you'll see another Reflecting Orb.
    Take him out from afar and get a charge shot ready. Advance the screen and
    you'll see two D. Wave Soldiers guarding the Boss Door. Take them out and
    grab the [_SMALL WEAPON ENERGY x3_] if you need it and then go through the
    door to face Urien!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Urien                                                      [B-07]
         Weakness: Mine Sweeper (Rolento)
    I'll be the first to admit I know little about Urien. But what I do know is
    that he is a beast. He rushes forward with very little regard and launches
    savage attack after savage attack. A fairly frightening fellow, but easy to
    deal with once you know his attacks.
    While he is weak to your Mine Sweeper, it's not exactly... effective. If you can
    time/aim them well enough, then go ahead and use them; otherwise, you'll
    probably be better off using a weapon you're more comfortable with, even if it
    is just the Mega Buster.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Tyrant Slaughter   »»
    Urien uses this attack most of the time. This is the one where he rushed
    the entire length of the room and just tries to throttle you. You can see it
    coming from a mile away, and it's easy to avoid. You can jump over him and
    punish him with a shot in the back, but man he looks vicious doing this!
    ««   Metallic Sphere   »»
    This is Urien's projectile attack. It travels fairly slowly and can be
    destroyed by your shots, but he often uses it in conjunction with his
    Tyrant Slaughter attack which makes you pay attention to where you are
    jumping. He can also use this attack diagonally and will hit you if you jump
    too soon EXPECTING him to send it on the ground!
    ««   Violence Knee Drop   »»
    Urien's other rage attack. He will jump up high diagonally into the air and
    come down diagonally at you, knees first. Ouch! He can cover quite a bit of
    ground with this attack, so it's tough to judge whether to slide under it or
    jump back so quickly make that call and put a charge shot in him afterward. Most
    of the time, it's best to slide under.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Aegis Reflector   »»
    Urien puts up a purple barrier that not only stays in place for a while and
    hurts when you touch it, but also bounces projectiles back at you! He can
    fire his own attacks through it though. You pretty much just have to avoid
    it and hope he doesn't hide behind it for too long. Just don't go firing blindly
    at it.
                              \    GOT     \     Aegis     \
                              /   WEAPON   /   Reflector   /
    The Aegis Reflector gives you a shield that reflects attacks. Enough said.
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  |   | O | O | O |   |
                                  | O |   | O |   |   |
                                  |   |   |   | O | O |
                                  |   | O |   |   |   |
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                       Ryu
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                       ¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-08]
    | • Energy Tank             |   The most famous Street Fighter is our challenge
    |                           |   this time.
    |   Enemies                 |
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   Ryu. Forever searching for perfection...
    | • Fire Birds              |
    | • Fire Soldier            |   Time to climb! Climb up and face the Fire
    | • Fireball                |   Soldier. He sends waves from his sword and has
    | • Ronin Robot             |   a shield to block weak attacks, so get a charge
    |__________________________.'   ready and take him out in one blow. Climb
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      further up and we'll need to take on three more.
                                    Take out the first one and start using the
    ladder. Watch where the other two send their shots, and then shoot them with a
    charge shot after they fire. Go up a screen and face two more Fire Soldiers.
    Take them out as well (do it before you climb all the way up the ladder to
    avoid damage) and continue up. One more Fire Soldier and then you can move on.
    Sweet, how cool do we look in the moonlight?! What an awesome setting! Drop down
    and grab the [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] and [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_] from the right.
    To the right, you'll face some Fire Birds. These things travel in packs, but
    are easy to take down. The fireballs they drop EXPLODE on impact though, so
    be careful not to be near them. Soon, you'll see a pit in the floor, leading to
    a choice: go DOWN the pit or jump over it to the RIGHT. We HIGHLY recommend
    JUMPING OVER THE PIT so you can get a nice item. Note that you CAN go back and
    drop down, but there's another pit coming up you can go down too... (If you're
    having trouble making the jump, use T. Hazard and drop a watermelon close to
    the edge, then jump and bounce off of it to the other side.)
    After jumping over the pit, watch out for more Fire Birds and you'll soon
    see your prize: an [_ENERGY TANK_]. Very nice. Now you can go back and check
    out the "Down" path or go straight and go down the narrow pit (which just
    skips the first paragraph below).
    Dropping down leads to a short screen with 2 Fire Soldiers. Take them out
    and continue to the right. (You'll skip these if you dropped down the second
    path after the E-Tank.)
    Either choice up above will lead to this next screen. You'll run into a
    Ronin Robot here (a name I came up with, as these are different than the
    Samurai Robots). These Ronin foes disappear and charge at you in a circular
    attack and then return to where they came from. Sometimes they stay where
    they charged to though! They then swing their sword in a circle to block
    projectiles! Shoot them right before they teleport or right after. Take
    this one down and continue right. You'll have to destroy a wooden barrier
    to continue.
    The pits here have Fireball enemies that pop up every so often. Be sure to
    time your jumps well here, as getting hit leads to instant death from the fall.
    The first pit has two Fireball enemies in it and the next one only has one,
    but before jumping be sure to take out the Fire Soldier on the next platform,
    which is rather easy with a charge shot since you can easily jump over his
    attack. Cross the gap and get another charge shot ready for another upcoming
    Fire Soldier. This next pit also has three Fireball enemies in it, but the
    screen change is coming up.
    Climb up the ladder on this screen to a new one. There are no enemies on
    this next screen either, so continue up and head left to the next screen.
    Here you will have a Ronin Robot right in front of you. Hard to avoid this
    one, so kill it. Once it is dead, blast open the wooden barrier guarding the
    ladder and climb up. There's another Fire Soldier to the right of course, so
    be sure to take him out and collect the [_SMALL LIFE ENERGY x3_] up here
    before exiting to the left (be sure to charge before you do.)
    Once you head left, you'll fall down and face another Ronin Robot. QUICKLY
    take it out, as you have no room down here, and then destroy the wooden
    barrier. Now there's nothing stopping you from climbing up and taking on the
    two Fire Soldiers up above. Be careful of overlapping sword waves and head
    up the ladder to the next screen.
    Up here jump over the gap to the left for some [_SMALL LIFE ENERGY x3_] and
    a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_]. Nice refill, huh? Continue on to the right. You'll
    be outside now in another very picturesque backdrop. Very nice! There's a
    Ronin Robot out here, but he is slightly below you, so you can time your
    attacks. Once you advance the screen a bit, two Fire Birds will appear and
    try to drop bombs on you, so be careful and try to run/slide past them (don't
    hang out underneath them.) Continuing to the right will bring three more Fire
    Birds. Be sure to take out the top two from the high ground, as the bottom one
    isn't a threat. After that are two more Fire Birds (kill the top one!) before
    you'll want to drop down into the pit on the far right. Be sure to have a
    charge shot ready before dropping down!
    Down here, you'll be immediately ambushed! There's a Fire Soldier on the left
    and an Energy Machine on the right. Not good! Quickly take out the Fire
    Soldier and get ready for the Energy Machine. You can stand to the far left
    and be safe, if you wish. Once you take them both out, continue on through the
    boss gates to the right and get ready to face the legendary Ryu!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Ryu                                                        [B-08]
         Weakness: Aegis Reflector (Urien)
    The legendary Ryu. You are probably immediately familiar with him and what
    type of attacks he has. Ryu loves to mix up his slow and fast Hadokens, and he
    spans the screen with his Hurricane Kick. You can shoot down his Hadokens (or
    simply jump them) and you can also slide through his Hurricane Kick, so use
    those tricks to your advantage. This battle is all about positioning!
    Ryu relies a LOT on his range attack (he uses a LOT of Hadokens!) but his
    weakness IS the Aegis Reflector. However, the Aegis Reflector takes up a lot
    of energy per use, so you may find yourself out of weapon energy mid-fight.
    You should be an a very good position health wise though, so remember your
    other tricks and you'll be okay.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Hadoken   »»
    You just KNOW you are going to face Ryu's iconic attack, but there's more to
    this fight then jumping over Hadoken's For starters, Ryu's Hadoken come in
    two forms: slow-moving and fast-moving.
    The slow-moving Hadoken is mainly a nuisance, meant to throw you off your
    timing and restrict your jumping space (especially when Ryu continues on with
    a faster Hadoken or his Hurricane Kick.) You CAN however destroy it with
    enough shots. This Hadoken looks like a normal energy attack.
    ««   Shakunetsu Hadoken   »»
    The fast-moving Hadoken is often paired with the slower one to force you
    to jump or nail you with its speed. You just barely have enough time to jump
    it if you try, just be careful of where you decide to land. This faster
    Hadoken is yellow in color.
    Additionally, you can reflect both of these Hadoken with the Aegis Reflector!
    ««   Hurricane Kick   »»
    Ryu can use his famous Hurricane Kick to quickly close the gap between you
    and him. He can pretty much use it at will and can cross the entire screen
    with it if he wants. Also note that you CANNOT hurt him when he's doing this
    attack: projectiles will just fly right through him.
    However, it is important to note that you can not only easily jump over him
    when he's doing this, but you can also SLIDE through him when he's doing this
    as well.
    ««   Shoryuken   »»
    Ryu's famous uppercut is here as well, but unless you are standing right
    next to him this attack isn't too threatening.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Metsu Hadoken   »»
    When Ryu does this attack the camera will focus in on him and then he'll
    release a much larger, purple Hadoken. This Hadoken travels slowly across
    the screen and CANNOT be destroyed, so you must jump over it. This can also
    be reflected by the Aegis Reflector.
                               \    GOT     \   Hadoken   \
                               /   WEAPON   /             /
    Do I really need to describe what the Hadoken does? It's an awesome ball of
    energy that obliterates. It's also the only weapon that you can charge and fire
    off a more powerful version of.
                                  |   |   |   |   | O |
                                  |   | O |   | O |   |
                                  | O |   | O |   | O |
                                  |   |   |   | O | O |
                                  |   | O |   |   |   |
    That's it for the main eight! ON TO THE FINAL BOSSES!
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                  Balrog (Boxer)
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-09]
    | • Energy Tank             |   AH! Boss already?! Wait, this stage isn't really
    |                           |   a stage at all! It's really just a chase! The
    |   Enemies                 |   boss, Balrog, will be on the left at the very
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   start! In fact, all he will do is his "Violent
    | • Fireworks               |   Buffalo" attack over and over. If he connects
    | • Buzzsaw                 |   with it, it is an INSTANT KILL!
    | • Met Car                 |
    | • Skydiver                |   What you want to do here is to stay to the right
    | • Fire Birds              |   as much as possible. Balrog's Violent Buffalo
    |__________________________.'   covers half of the screen, easily. Thankfully
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      the screen keeps scrolling to the right. It
                                    should also be noted that Balrog has NO
    WEAKNESS, but there is a really, REALLY easy way to kill him at the very end of
    the stage, so focus your energy on avoiding attacks. If you need a weapons to
    use, you might as well stick with the Soul Satellite for added protection.
    One more note: SLIDING will get you away MUCH faster. Use it when you have to
    and remember that taking a hit is preferable to Balrog instant death.
    As you move to the right, you'll face several enemies who are designed to
    slow you down. You'll start out with Fireworks, who shoot out large energy
    balls in every direction. After that, you'll have Fire Birds bombarding you,
    but they are easily dashed underneath. Past that, you'll run into Buzzsaw
    enemies. These guys need to be jumped over and they protect Balrog from shots
    for a bit, so just wait it out.
    Now, you'll be facing Met Car enemies WITH Fireworks. Be sure to take out the
    Met Cars as you go, as you can refill on health quite a bit. Not that it really
    matters too much: coming up you'll see a yellow bridge that will FALL once you
    step on it! What you want to do is JUMP OVER IT and quickly get over to the
    right! You can find an [_ENERGY TANK_] to the far right this way!
     NOTE    For a quick "PERFECT" on Balrog, if you took any damage, quickly use an
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   energy tank just as you're crossing the bridge.
    This pit will be the end of Balrog, because, well... he isn't very smart and
    can't jump... On to the next stage!
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                   Vega (Claw)
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-10]
    | • Extra Life              |   Looks like we got a hole to climb out of. Kill
    |                           |   the Flying Swords here if you wish (or jump over
    |   Enemies                 |   them both with good timing) and head up. Note
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   that we'll be doing a lot of climbing, so if you
    | • Flying Sword            |   get hit you need to grab the grating ASAP so you
    | • Fire Whirl              |   don't fall all the way back down again! As you
    | • Fire Soldier            |   head up and enter the next screen, stay put;
    | • Reflecting Orb          |   there will be four Fire Whirl soldiers here, but
    | • Dark Wave Soldier       |   they can't get you where you are right away. You
    | • Yellow Saucer           |   can take one out easily, then just use good
    | • Killer Plant            |   timing to take the others out and continue up.
    | • Fire Birds              |
    |__________________________.'   The next screen has SIX Fire Soldier enemies on
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      it, three on each side. They aren't much of a
                                    threat if you go slowly and use a charge shot on
    each, but it is a tad time consuming. Continue up and you'll now face three
    Reflecting Orbs. Once again, good timing is needed, but you can make your way
    up without harm easily enough. Get your Yoga Inferno ready, and as you get to
    the next screen, aim your shots up at the D. Wave Soldiers to quickly take them
    Continue up and the new screen will have three Fire Whirls and a single
    Fire Soldier. Take the soldier out (and perhaps a Fire Whirl) with a charge
    shot and make your way to the right to solid ground so we can continue.
    This next screen has six Yellow Saucers falling down: three to the left and
    three to the right. Take out the right three while moving forward and kill
    the left three after that. Get a charge shot ready and move forward. More
    Yellow Saucers! Slide to the middle of the screen and let the charge go, then
    try to kill as many as you can for the items. Next, we recommend getting Soul
    Satellite out and put up a shield before going to the next screen, as Yellow
    Saucers will span the screen and drop down on you. Take them out and continue
    to the right.
    You'll face two Flying Swords here, but they'll fall easily. Past that will
    be three Flying Swords with two Fire Bird enemies. The Fire Bird enemies are
    out of range, so take out the swords so you can avoid the explosions. The next
    screen has two Killer Plant enemies on it, but you are safe where you come in
    at. Just spam weak shots to kill them both and destroy their beam attacks.
    To the right is a Reflecting Orb and another Killer Plant. Take out the Orb
    quickly to make life easier.
    The next screen has a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_], a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] and
    an [_EXTRA LIFE_] on it! Hurrah! This is also the boss door leading to Vega
    so get ready!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Vega (Claw)
         Weakness: Lightning Kick (Chun Li)
    The acrobatic Vega will be a pain in your ass! He's got agility to spare
    and can even climb the grating in the background of his boss room. When he
    does climb, he'll be invincible until he comes back down. He'll often use this
    grating to climb up and then jump down at you, so be ready to slide away when
    he climbs up. He loves to roll around and spring across the stage as well so
    ready to jump over him at any time. You can also climb on the fence to avoid his
    moves, if need be.
    His weakness is Chun Li's Lightning Kick (you Street Fighter fans out there
    will remember that they are rivals,) but that requires you to be very close
    to him to use. This is very feasible once you know his moves, but until you
    are used to him, it may just kill you faster. I also found longer-range moves
    like Yoga Inferno and Optic Laser to be quite effective.
    Due to how tough Vega can be, you MAY need to use an ENERGY TANK to finish
    him off with ease. I'd only recommend this if you've been stocking up on
    Energy Tanks up to now. You should have FIVE by this point, and using one
    here is definitely no big deal. I'd only use if once you have his health
    over halfway depleted to ensure that you do end up the victor.
    One last note: Vega's Mask and Claw can and will come off as you fight.
    They will lay on the ground until he picks them back up. How cool is that!
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Roll   »»
    Vega loves to roll! What else can you say? He doesn't often use it as an
    offensive attack, but you should be ready to jump at any time regardless.
    ««   Flip Kick   »»
    Vega also loves to do backflips. Not really an attack you have to worry
    about (unless you are really close... perhaps using Lightning Kick) but
    don't be surprised to see Vega do this multiple times in a row... even if
    he doesn't have to!
    ««   Sky High Claw   »»
    Another cool-looking attack. Vega will jump to the nearest wall and launch
    himself towards you. This attack can span the entire length of the screen
    as well. Jump over him and put a charge shot in is back.
    ««   Rolling Crystal Flash   »»
    Vega will roll across the ground towards you and end the roll with an
    upwards stabbing motion. Fairly easy to jump away from and punish with a
    charge attack. Really cool-looking attack.
    ««   Flying Barcelona Attack   »»
    This is the attack Vega uses after climbing up on the grating. Vega will
    try to home in on you as he drops and will do a wide attack as he gets close
    to you. Sliding away is really the only defense you have against this attack,
    so make sure to give yourself enough room when he is climbing and slide away
    at the last second.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Bloody High Claw   »»
    Vega's special move is pretty darn cool! He will leap towards the closest
    wall and will spring from wall to wall, spreading rose petals as he goes! If
    you are close enough you can jump over this but if you are far away simply
    slide towards the wall he's headed toward to avoid the attack. Once you've
    seen a few of these attacks you can additionally predict where he will come
    down at and punish him.
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |              Boss Rush (Seth's Lab)
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-11]
    | • Energy Tank             |   This stage is VERY short. Very. However, it will
    |                           |   take you quite a while to get through it
    |   Enemies                 |   nonetheless! Head forward and you'll see a Large
    |   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 |   Spread Turret on the ceiling. Take it out from a
    | • Large Spread Turret     |   distance and head forward to see a Laser Joe.
    | • Laser Joe               |   Get a charge shot ready and jump over his laser
    | • Grenade Machine         |   when he fires and kill him. You will undoubtedly
    | • Floor Sweeper           |   see the Energy Tank up above. Don't worry, we'll
    |__________________________.'   get to that!
                                    Head forward and kill another Large Spread
    Turret, followed by another Laser Joe. Up above you'll see three Grenade
    Machines. They are guarding that Energy Tank up above. BEFORE attempting to get
    it, switch to your Yoga Inferno and use it to destroy the Grenade Machines, so
    you won't get knocked back down. Now, the only way to get up there is to put out
    a melon from Blanka's Tropical Hazard power and JUMP on it, which will launch
    you upwards.
    From here, use a special weapon like Lightning Kick or Optic Laser to take
    them out. You'll likely take a few hits doing this, but once you get past
    them, the [_ENERGY TANK_] is yours. Now, just to continue to the right and
    jump over the two Floor Sweepers to head to the next room.
    THIS room is your classic BOSS RUSH room. We will have to fight ALL of the
    game's original eight bosses once again. Check out the boss room picture
    below to see what bosses are where.
    Make note that the construct in the middle with the black and white rotating
    orbs will drop a [_LARGE LIFE ENERGY_] and a [_LARGE WEAPON ENERGY_] when you
    blast them. Luckily, between each boss encounter, they will regenerate. That is
    all you get, so keep that in mind. Avoiding damage is now even more important!
    Hopefully you have a good stock of lives. We have to take out all eight bosses
    before continuing, of course. If you are low on lives, but have a lot of Energy
    Tanks, consider using one here to help you through the boss rush. As long as you
    take all of the bosses out before losing all your lives, you will be okay!
    Once again, here are the bosses' weaknesses...
        |   BOSS                |  WEAKNESS             |  OBTAINED FROM?      |
        |   Chun Li             |  Hadoken              |  Ryu                 |
        |   C. Viper            |  Lightning Kick       |  Chun Li             |
        |   Dhalsim             |  Optic Laser          |  C. Viper            |
        |   Blanka              |  Yoga Inferno         |  Dhalsim             |
        |   Rose                |  Tropical Hazard      |  Blanka              |
        |   Rolento             |  Soul Satellite       |  Rose                |
        |   Urien               |  Mine Sweeper         |  Rolento             |
        |   Ryu                 |  Aegis Reflector      |  Urien               |
    ...and their locations...
    |  Boss Room  |
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                   .——————————.        .—————————.
                                                     | C. Viper |    |_| | Chun Li |
                                                                     |_| |
                                    \   .—.   .—.   /                |_| .—————————.
                                     \ ( L ) ( W ) /                 |_| |  Urien  |
                                      \ '—'   '—' /                  |_|—'—————————'
                                       )         (                   |_| |
    .———————. .—————————. .————————.   |         |   .—————————.     |_| .————————.
    |  Ryu  | | Dhalsim | | Blanka |   |         |   | Rolento |     |_| |  Rose  |
    '———————'—'—————————'—'————————'———|—————————|———'—————————'—————| |—'————————'
    If you need help against them this time around, feel free to reference their
    earlier sections for their move lists. Just search the codes below:
     Chun Li - [B-01]
    C. Viper - [B-02]
     Dhalsim - [B-03]
      Blanka - [B-04]
        Rose - [B-05]
     Rolento - [B-06]
       Urien - [B-07]
         Ryu - [B-08]
    Once they are all defeated, it's off to the final conflict!
     NOTE   If you were able to get four PERFECTs against any of the bosses from
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯  Balrog through the boss rush, then you will face Sagat before taking on
            M. Bison.
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                      Sagat
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                      ¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-12]
     NOTE    If you don't trigger the Sagat fight, skip this section and go to
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   [W-01-13] to take on M. Bison.
    To get to Sagat, you had to have gotten four PERFECTs against any of the bosses
    from Balrog through the boss rush. You'll know you did it right when you arrive
    at the field, and it's raining. Go to the right to find the one-eyed jerk
    waiting for you.
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Sagat
         Weakness: Hadoken (Ryu)
    YIKES, this dude is HARD! He spams his Tiger Punch so fast that it's almost
    impossible not to get hit. Sadly, you also have to keep in mind that you have to
    take on Bison after this, so using all of your weapon energy and E-Tanks isn't
    really an option either. You have to time your jumps REALLY well and try to only
    hit him with charged Hadokens that way you still have a decent shot at Bison
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Tiger Shot   »»
    They're fast, they're slow, they're high, they're low. For 90% of the fight, he
    just stands in a corner and spams his Tiger Punch. Obviously, jump over the low
    ones and slide under the high ones. For the HUGE one though, you'll have to time
    your jump just right and hop over it.
    If you find yourself unable to jump or slide, try to use the Aegis Reflector on
    occasion to give yourself a break. You may have to pause your game, select it,
    then use it to give yourself enough time.
    ««   Tiger Knee / Tiger Uppercut   »»
    When he finally takes a break from his Tiger Punch, he'll do a quick animation
    of either his Tiger Knee or Tiger Uppercut. (Or both in quick succession.) This
    is one of the only times in the fight (besides his Special Move) that you can
    sneak in a (hopefully) charged Hadoken or two. If you don't have time to charge
    it, then just fire off a couple of normal ones and hope they land before he
    starts in with his Tiger Punches again.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Tiger Genocide   »»
    It's like when he uses his Tiger Knee, then the Tiger Uppercut in succession,
    but with a bit more speed and punch to it. It's easy to see coming, is easy to
    avoid, and even easier to plant a Hadoken or two into him while he's doing it.
    Once he's out of the picture, then you'll have to taken on M. Bison RIGHT AFTER!
     NOTE    If you lose to M. Bison after fighting Sagat, you'll have to fight them
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   both again.
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |               M. Bison (Dictator)
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-13]
    You will be in a very picturesque field. Head forward, and you will see none
    other than M. Bison, the "Final Boss" of the game. Fitting!
     NOTE    If you lose to M. Bison after fighting Sagat, you'll have to fight them
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   both again.
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: M. Bison (Dictator)
         Weakness: Optic Laser (C. Viper) / Hadoken (Ryu)
    You probably don't need me to tell you that M. Bison is one evil dude. The
    good news here is that this is the final fight in the game (unless you are
    triggering the Akuma fight), so pull out all the stops here (Energy Tanks
    included!). This may make the fight extremely easy if you've been hoarding
    M. Bison is weak against the Optic Laser, and is the preferred weapon
    throughout the fight for all the shots you can use combined with the range.
    If you run out, I'd recommend using Hadoken as a replacement. Check out
    his moves below and finish the game with a bang!
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Bison Teleport   »»
    Bison will use this move a LOT. He'll often teleport across the screen and
    pop up when he feels like it. He'll also use this right after his Psycho
    Shot, or he'll combo out of it, so be careful.
    ««   Double Knee Press   »»
    Bison flips forward, trying to hit you with his knees. Not very threatening
    if you aren't near him. I've always hated this move.
    ««   Psycho Shot   »»
    Bison fires a psycho projectile. If you shoot it, it will explode into
    four separate projectiles that fan out in a circular motion. You can still
    dodge it easily with good timing.
    ««   Psycho Crusher   »»
    Bison's trademark move, he'll charge across the screen and try to ram into
    you! Bah! Easy enough to jump over.
    ««   Head Press   »»
    This attack doesn't come off very well in 8-Bit form, but still Bison will
    occasionally move upwards into the air and try to land on your head. Looks
    pretty silly, but damaging nonetheless.
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Final Psycho Crusher   »»
    Even though you probably know this as a standard attack, it is here as
    Bison's special move here. Bison will charge across the entire screen with
    this move, but you can still jump over it. Actually one of the easiest moves
    in this fight to dodge since you know when it is coming.
    |    __| __|      \  |  \  |  |                      Akuma
    |  \__ \ _|\ \ / |\/ | |\/ |  |                      ¯¯¯¯¯
    |  ____/_|  _\_\_|  _|_|  _|  |________________________________________[W-01-14]
                                      M. Bison? The FINAL boss?! BAH! If you were
    able to score PERFECTS against AT LEAST FOUR of the first ten bosses, then about
    two-thirds of the way through your fight with M. Bison, Akuma himself will come
    flying in from out of nowhere to defeat Bison and to take you on himself. Yikes!
    /|||||||||||||||||||||||||||(   ***   BOSS   ***   )|||||||||||||||||||||||||||\
             Name: Akuma
         Weakness: None (Optic Laser and Yoga Inferno work best.)
    If you thought Vega was tough, then you'll LOVE Akuma.
    First off, know this: if you use an E-Tank during the battle, not only will you
    refill your energy, but you will refill _HIS_ as well. So only use it if you
    absolutely have to.
    Also, very important! If you see him flash and get ready for his special, get
    ready to JUMP! If he connects with his Raging Demon, it's an instant kill.
    The biggest challenge is going to be avoiding his attacks, because he moves
    extremely fast while firing SOMETHING off at almost every point in the battle.
    Hopefully you still have some E-Tanks left, as you're most likely going to need
    Since Akuma really doesn't have a weakness, your best shot is going to be two
    different weapons; the Optic Laser, and Yoga Inferno. Both allow multiple hits
    per shot, allowing you to (hopefully) break through his Hadokens while actually
    damaging Akuma himself.
     NOTE    There also seems to be a glitch that after using an E-tank, Akuma won't
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯   properly go into the invincibility period when hit, and multi-hit
             attacks like Optic Laser can drain his life quickly. This lasts until
             he teleports or uses his ultra.
    —————————————————————————————————(   ATTACKS   )————————————————————————————————
    ««   Diving Kick   »»
    He'll jump in the air, then fly down with a glowing foot. It's probably his
    easiest attack to avoid, so just slide under him as he's about to connect, or
    if you're further away, take a couple of jumps back.
    ««   Gou Hadoken   »»
    Akuma has a slightly more powerful version of Ryu's Hadoken that he uses very,
    very frequently! Unlike Ryu, however, Akuma moves much, much faster, so trying
    to set up the Aegis Reflector to bounce them back is pretty futile. You'll just
    want to either jump over them as they come, or just blast them away.
    Also like Ryu, he has multiple versions; a weak (purple) version, and a
    stronger, larger (orange) version. Both can be jumped and/or destroyed. However,
    he also has one that he shoots while he's in the air, down toward you; he seems
    to favor these more than the other two, and since they're fairly slow, they are
    easy to avoid.
    ««   Hurricane Destruction Kick   »»
    Akuma starts spinning around and proceeds to fly across the screen, hoping to
    connect his foot with your blue body. Like Ryu's Hurricane Kick, it's easy to
    jump over, and you can also SLIDE through him to avoid taking damage.
    ««   Gou Shoryuken   »»
    Again, much like Ryu, Akuma has his own Shoryuken. UNLIKE Ryu, however, Akuma
    will use it SEVERAL times in a row, so if you start seeing him do one, know that
    he will do it a few more times, so keep your distance from him.
    ««   Misogi   »»
    Akuma will fly into the air, then race toward the ground with his fist, causing
    a shockwave that will shoot across in both directions. He does it REALLY fast,
    so when it looks like he's about to phase out, SLIDE QUICKLY to the opposite
    side of where you're standing, as you probably won't take any damage on that
    ««   SPECIAL MOVE   |   Raging Demon   »»
    Deadliest move in the game, if not in the whole Street Fighter universe. If he
    touches you with it, you're dead. Instantly. So make sure to jump over it as he
    dashes toward you to avoid it.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [A-01-01]
     \\\\                      Secrets / Cheats / Tricks                       \\\\
       ««   Secrets   »»
    There are two secret boss fights!
       Boss Fight Against Sagat: If you are able to score a PERFECT against at LEAST
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  FOUR of the LAST 10 bosses (which includes Balrog
                                 Vega, and the boss rush) then you will be able to
                                 fight Sagat before your battle with M. Bison. Note
                                 that you MUST defeat Sagat and M. Bison in
                                 succession; if you lose against Bison after beating
                                 Sagat, you will have to fight them both again.
       Boss Fight Against Akuma: If you are able to score a PERFECT against at LEAST
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  FOUR of the first 10 bosses (which includes Balrog
                                 and Vega) then you will be able to fight Akuma
                                 after your battle with M. Bison.
                                 Perfects during the Boss Rush fights in the M.
                                 Bison stage DO NOT COUNT.
       ««   Cheats   »»
    You can actually do some special moves right off the bat, just by entering a
    quick cheat at the title screen!
          Enabling Secret Moves: At the title menu before even starting the game,
          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  hold the SHOOT and JUMP buttons together for
                                 several seconds. Eventually, you will hear a sound
                                 signifying that you have enabled the cheats!
              Alternate Hadoken: With the cheats on, you can throw a Hadoken just
              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  like you could in Street Fighter; quarter-circle
                                 forward (DOWN + RIGHT), then SHOOT! You will fire
                                 a Hadoken, and if you hold the SHOOT button from
                                 the start, you can charge one up and throw it.
                                 The only bad thing is that you can't move while
                                 charging it.
                 Turbo Mega Man: To mirror yourself to where you will fire multiple
                 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  shots in one, as well as speed yourself up and make
           (a.k.a. Sei'ei Enbu): yourself jump higher, do the following: While going
           ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  through a stage, press both SHOOT and SWAP 1 (your
                                 "left" weapon swap) button. When you do it
                                 successfully, you will see "shadows" of Mega Man
                                 that let you fire more rounds with a single shot!
       ««   Tricks   »»
    Upon completing the game, you can learn of some interesting tricks! There's also
    a couple in here just for funzies that have already been mentioned in the
     Removing Mega Man's Helmet: On the Stage Select Screen, hover over Ryu's icon,
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  then HOLD the SHOOT button, followed by pressing
                                 RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, then LEFT. Mega Man's helmet
                                 will disappear, and his hair will flow throughout
                                 the game.
                                 This will change it for the rest of the game. If
                                 you don't like that, just press the same sequence
                                 of buttons to change it back.
    Change BGM to Guile's Theme: While playing the game during any of the stages,
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  pause the game, then HOLD the JUMP button, followed
                                 by pressing UP, DOWN, DOWN, then DOWN once more.
                                 The music will change to the awesomeness of Guile.
                                 This will change ALL music for the rest of the game
                                 to Guile's Theme. If you don't like that, just
                                 press the same sequence of buttons to change it
                  Easy PERFECTs: Simple. Just use an E-Tank right before you deliver
                  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  the final blow to a boss, and the game thinks that
                                 you aced the fight, and are awarded with a PERFECT!
                  Extra E-Tanks: You can get SIX E-Tanks throughout the game.
                  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  However, you can technically get more, but it will
                                 undo a lot of your work, depending on how long it
                                 takes you to get an E-Tank.
                                 They normally don't replenish; however, if you DIE
                                 and choose NOT to Continue, and THEN restart a new
                                 game, you will find that you still have all of the
                                 E-Tanks you did when you died! Keep doing that
                                 until you have as many as you like!
                    Extra Lives: Extra lives are really hard to come by... except in
                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  Chun Li's stage. On any of the areas where the
                                 enemies keep continuously spawning from either side
                                 of you, just keep farming them. Most of the time,
                                 they drop Energy refills, but will occasionally
                                 drop Extra Lives.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [A-01-02]
     \\\\                              Passwords                               \\\\
    Listed below are all of the passwords in the game based on using the order in
    the walkthrough AND starting the game with four E-Tanks. Sadly, the game only
    lets you keep four max when starting with a password.
      New Game               |    After Chun Li          |    After C. Viper
      with 4 E-Tanks         |    Before C. Viper        |    Before Dhalsim
                             |                           |
      • 2 Lives              |    • 2 Lives              |    • 2 Lives
      • 4 E-Tanks            |    • 4 E-Tanks            |    • 4 E-Tanks
                             |    • Lightning Kick       |    • Lightning Kick
                             |                           |    • Optic Laser
                             |                           |    • Yoga Inferno
                             |                           |
     .———.———.———.———.———.   |   .———.———.———.———.———.   |   .———.———.———.———.———.
     |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |   |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     |   | O | O |   |   |   |   |   | O | O |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     | O |   |   | O | O |   |   | O | O |   | O | O |   |   | O | O |   | O | O |
     '———'———'———'———'———'   |   '———'———'———'———'———'   |   '———'———'———'———'———'
                             |                           |
      After Dhalsim          |    After Blanka           |    After Rose
      Before Blanka          |    Before Rose            |    Before Rolento
                             |                           |
      • 2 Lives              |    • 2 Lives              |    • 2 Lives
      • 4 E-Tanks            |    • 4 E-Tanks            |    • 4 E-Tanks
      • Lightning Kick       |    • Lightning Kick       |    • Lightning Kick
      • Optic Laser          |    • Optic Laser          |    • Optic Laser
      • Yoga Inferno         |    • Yoga Inferno         |    • Yoga Inferno
                             |    • Tropical Hazard      |    • Tropical Hazard
                             |                           |    • Soul Satellite
                             |                           |
                             |                           |
     .———.———.———.———.———.   |   .———.———.———.———.———.   |   .———.———.———.———.———.
     |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O | O |   |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     |   |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |   |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     | O | O |   | O | O |   |   | O | O |   |   | O |   |   | O | O |   |   |   |
     '———'———'———'———'———'   |   '———'———'———'———'———'   |   '———'———'———'———'———'
                             |                           |
      After Rolento          |    After Urien            |    After Ryu
      Before Urien           |    Before Ryu             |    Before Balrog (Boxer)
                             |                           |
      • 2 Lives              |    • 2 Lives              |    • 2 Lives
      • 4 E-Tanks            |    • 4 E-Tanks            |    • 4 E-Tanks
      • Lightning Kick       |    • Lightning Kick       |    • Lightning Kick
      • Optic Laser          |    • Optic Laser          |    • Optic Laser
      • Yoga Inferno         |    • Yoga Inferno         |    • Yoga Inferno
      • Tropical Hazard      |    • Tropical Hazard      |    • Tropical Hazard
      • Soul Satellite       |    • Soul Satellite       |    • Soul Satellite
      • Mine Sweeper         |    • Mine Sweeper         |    • Mine Sweeper
                             |    • Aegis Reflector      |    • Aegis Reflector
                             |                           |    • Hadoken
                             |                           |
     .———.———.———.———.———.   |   .———.———.———.———.———.   |   .———.———.———.———.———.
     |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     | O | O | O | O |   |   |   |   | O | O | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   |   |   |   | O |   | O |   | O |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   | O | O |   |   |   |   |   | O | O |
     |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|   |   |———|———|———|———|———|
     |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |   |   |   | O |   |   |   |
     '———'———'———'———'———'   |   '———'———'———'———'———'   |   '———'———'———'———'———'
                             |                           |
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [C-01-01]
     \\\\                           Version History                            \\\\
    1.00 (12/21/2012) - The walkthrough was completed and uploaded.
    1.01 (01/08/2013) - Several boss move names were corrected.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ - Added the tip about the E-Tank usage during the Akuma fight.
                      - Renamed / resorted the sections after the initial eight.
    1.02 (01/21/2013) - Added the Sagat fight.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ - Added all of the Passwords for the game.
                      - Added the Akuma fight glitch.
                      - Added the suggestion for a different boss order.
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [C-01-02]
     \\\\                                Thanks                                \\\\
       Big thanks go out to...
     - Members of the GameFAQs boards for helping us out while writing this guide!
     - RajmanGamingHD, Megaultrajman, politan1991, Spootz, FFandMMfan, Sid322,
       basch07, metroid00700, Dark_Resonance, GlickWick, DarkKhali, hyperskate65,
       BigWilliePlays, WazzupGenius00, iceifrit, n00bsaib0t, and LegendV for
       information and confirmations of the cheats, tricks, secrets, and the boss
       weaknesses / order.
     - KingMetalSlime for pointing out the Energy Refills available during the
       Boss Rush.
     - Matt G. for correcting a layout error in the guide.
     - lenne18, politan1991, and GodOfGaming for boss move corrections.
     - darkrain108 for a tip during the Urien fight.
     - ARTEMIS for letting us know that using an E-Tank during the Akuma fight
       refills BOTH Mega Man's and Akuma's energy.
     - n00bsaib0t for the Akuma fight glitch and a suggestion for a different boss
     - Smashbros295 for how to trigger the Sagat fight.
     - YOU, the reader of this guide, for playing along!
           ««  Street Fighter X Mega Man  »»                        [C-01-03]
     \\\\                   Copyright / Disclaimer / Credits                  \\\\
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    personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
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    and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible
    under the law.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders, even those not explicitly stated
    Copyright © 2012-2013 A Backdated Future & Gregory M. Wright.
    All Rights Reserved.
    ~ fin ~

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