Lit all torches, still can't get Gutter Denizen SOTFS on PC - please help?

  1. Hey guys, I've lit all of the sconces in The Gutter and I'm still not getting invaded by Gutter Denizen. I followed this video (google search "all sconces the gutter sotfs" it's a youtube video) to make sure that I got them all.

    He actually misses one, when you drop down to the very bottom, on the path where you walk into black gulch. I lit that one too and I've lit every other one in the video, including the one after the zipline and the 3 that are at the bottom of ladders in the final ladder area (near second bonfire).

    I am playing on PC, Steam version of Dark Souls 2 SOTFS. It's definitely SOTFS version with all DLC included, NOT the 32-bit version with the patch. As far as I know my game is fully up to date, i have checked for updates.

    So far I have tried being both human and hollow multiple times and walking all around the gulch to see if Gutter Denizen would spawn - no luck. I have checked that I am not being affected by human effigy burn at bonfire, I even burned one and then nullified its effect to be sure. I have some questions:

    Does Gutter Denizen only spawn online or offline, (I am always online)? I note that Rhoy the explorer didn't spawn for me yet since he is offline only and I am wondering if this could explain it. The butcher character in gutter spawned normally for me. BTW I killed the big ant despite bulk messages telling me not to, could this have affected his spawn? (doubt it but im at my wits end)
    Does he only spawn in NG+ and beyond, or is he in NG as well?
    I understand that he spawns in the area beneath the 2nd bonfire (at bottom of ladders), is this true/ where else would he spawn?
    Any other advice??

    I'm doing a completionist run so I'd like to get as much as possible this first time through. Would really appreciate any help/ any suggestions for where to look or bug fixing etc as I have no idea what's going on - It's so frustrating! Thanks muchly in advance?

    User Info: seano91

    seano91 - 2 years ago

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