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FAQ/Walkthrough by sometimes i breathe

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/23/02

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division FAQ V1.0
By sometimes i breathe 


   I.   Frequently Asked Questions

  II.   Walkthrough 

 III.   Tips/Hints 
  IV.   Legal Stuff

   V.   Credits

This is a FAQ for the people that get stuck in single-player while playing 
Shogo. I suggest you press Ctrl+F to find what you need.

I. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Shogo?
A. Shogo is a first-person-shooter game that involves an anime style story and 
giant robots. I discovered this game at Best-Buy for only $9.95. It also came 
with Septerra Core. It's a great deal for its price.

Q: When did Shogo come out? I've never even heard of it.
A. November 1998. This is about the same time Half-Life came out. Half-Life is 
one of my favorite fps games, but since everybody has already wrote that FAQ to 
death, I decided to do something else.

Q: Which company made Shogo?
A: Monolith. They also created Septerra Core, and Blood 2. Blood 2 was a rare 
fps game that I was hooked on for a while. I think Shogo is better in almost 

Q: What's your favorite fps game?
A: I play all sorts of fps games. I have Quake 2, Quake 3, Unreal Tournament, 
Half-Life(and about 7 mods),Thief, Blood 2, Return to Castle Wolfenstien, 
Soldier of Fortune, Soldier of Fortune 2 and I'm currently getting into Jedi 
Outcast: Jedi Knight II. As of now, I don't really have a "favorite." 

Q: Why didn't you list the weapons in your FAQ?
A: I looked at Hitokiri Blade's guide on GameFaqs, and noticed that his weapons 
section was good enough. 

Q: Do you play online?
A: I don't play online, because I can't find any servers on Gamespy.

Q: Do you have a website?
A: ..sadly yes. http://sometimesibreathe.tripod.com/index.html

Q: Is there a way to contact you?
A: I don't use e-mail because I'm lazy. Message me using AIM. My handle is 

II. Walkthrough
-The difficulty is set on normal so you might encounter things that I haven't 
mentioned if you set it on another difficulty level.
-I completed the game without any cheats and I suggest you do the same. 
-I bet you can go through most of these missions by yourself but I created this 
section just in case you get stuck on the harder missions.
-I tried to not add a lot of spoilers. 

The Ambush:
This is going to be your first level. Figure out the controls and continue 
forward. There will be some enemies that you have to fight. When you get to the 
end of the course, walk into the ship.

Calm Before the Storm:
Don't shoot anybody in here. Grab the card off the desk and exit. Continue 
right, and go up the stairs. Go around, until you reach Regional Diagnostics. 
Walk up to the consoles to learn more information. When you are done, go down 
back the stairs, and go through Sec. 56. Follow the path, and pass the force 
field. Keep going. Walk between the two guards, and a train should pull up.

Mission Briefing:
Press the yellow pad on the left wall and go through the force field. Continue 
forward, and up the stairs. Open the door. Go to your right, and meet the 
commander. Go back down the stairs, and go to MCA Access Control. Listen to all 
four of the control panels as they explain the MCA. Go back up the stairs, and 
go to your left. Choose the MCA that you want. I choose the third one(it's on 
the cover). 

The Storm:
Continue forward, and go through the tunnel at the end. Jump into the water, and 
press the button on the bottom. Go through the opened path. Go through the left 
path. Follow the path until you reach the end. Push the button on the ground, 
and the bridges will lower. Go through the right path this time. Shoot the girl 
a couple times, and pass her. Jump into the water to get the Ultra Power Surge. 
Go back. Go up the ramp, and up the next one. Keep going until you get out 
again. Continue forward and go in the tunnel.

Follow the path until you get through the tunnel. If you get lost, follow your 
squad. Follow your path again until you get to the city.
City of Ghosts:
Go to the right. Follow the path until you reach the tunnel. Take an exit, and 
turn right. Fire at the cars at the end, and they should cause an explosion 
that'll cause a hole in the building to the right. Go in the hole. Drop into 
another hole, and follow the path. You can go into vehicle mode, and go through 
the hole on the right, to get 500 armor. Ride the elevator up. Go to the end, 
and push the button on the ground. The door will open. Drop down, and go right. 
Follow the path and then turn right at the fork. Turn right again, and you'll be 
at the Madison Tunnel. Go in the tunnel. After the sequence, go back out. Turn 
left, and another left. Kill the girl, again. Follow the path, and take a left. 
Go forwards, and the path will open.

High and Low:
Follow the path until you get to some bars. Hit the switch on the ground and the 
gate will open. Keep going forwards, until reach Air Flow Control. Follow the 
path until you reach the end. Hit the button on the right and go back. Go into 
the newly opened door. You'll end up in an area with lava at the bottom. Ride 
the elevator down, and shoot the control panels to the left and right. Go back 
up the elevator. Turn left to reach Shaft 4. Ride the elevator up. Once you 
reach the top, jump straight down. Lean to where the platform is to land on it. 
Continue forwards, and you'll have to float up this time. Once you reach the 
top, go through the yellow opening. Go around the fans, and walk into the door 
with the green light.

Follow the path, and then go up the stairs. Go to your left. Push the yellow 
button and continue forwards. Open the red door and kill the guards to get a new 
weapon. Go back, and continue forwards. Make a right, and go down the stairs. Go 
through East Wing. Make a right, and then another right. You'll be in a storage 
area of some sort. Go left. Ignore the stairs. You'll be in the garage. Go to 
the elevator at the end.

A Familiar Voice: 
Go forwards, and wait in front of the door. It'll eventual open. Continue going 
forwards and pass the soda machines. Go into the door and follow the path. 
Ignore Service Access for now, and ride the elevator up. Go forwards and follow 
the path. You'll be at a fork. Turn left to Interference Array. Pass the 
rotating thing, and ride the elevator up. Push the control panel and go back to 
the fork. Continue forwards to Communications control. Ride the elevator down. 
Go through the door and follow the path until you reach Communication Nexus. 
Exit. Go to the right and hit the yellow button. Go through the door and through 
the path until you reach Service Access. Hit the panel on the left and jump 

Climb down a pair of ladders to your left, and then another pair. There is armor 
in the boxes in the middle. Follow the path, and then jump into the water. Go 
forwards and turn left to another path. Climb up the ladder, and blow up the 
tank. A truck will pull out. Jump in the back.

Once a Theif:
Run upstairs, ahead of Hank and kill the two guards. Make sure he doesn't die. 
Wait until Hank opens the door, then kill the enemies. Make sure you aren't 
standing in front of Hank or he'll shoot you. Follow him until he stops. 
Continue through the path, and go down the stairs. You'll eventually come to a 
storage area of some sort. Walk around the crosswalk and up the stairs. Open the 
door and pull the switch. Go back down, and you'll notice that the big doors are 
open. Keep going until you reach your MCA. 

Public Nuisance:
Follow the path, and then make a left. The gate will close. Continue following 
the path. Go up the ramp. The gate will close to the right. Continue, and go 
down a ramp. Follow the path until the gate closes, and a door opens under the 
bridge that you are standing on. Jump off the bridge, and enter the pathway. 
There's a hole at the end. Jump out to reach the other side of the gate. This 
part took me a while to figure out. Go forwards and double-jump on the building 
in front of you with yellow borders. Drop down at the back, between the yellow-
bordered building and the green-bordered building.

MEV Depot 17:
Follow the path, up the ramps, and to the right. Blast the window and jump out. 
Continue forwards, until you reach the train. You'll miss it no matter what, so 
go back to the area where you jumped out of the window. There'll be two windows 
to the side. Blast them and jump in. Go right, and down the stairs. Ignore the 
door #5 and go through the door to the right of it.

Meritropa Slums 
Go forwards, and down the tunnel. You can go into Dirty Dann's if you want. 
There are magazines with the title, "Who is Caleb?" Caleb is the main character 
from Blood 2, which is also made by Monolith. Continue through the path until 
you reach a gate. Wait until the truck crashes through it, and continue forwards 
again. You'll reach a tunnel, but it's closed off. Go inside the hotel to your 
left. Go behind the manager, and open the door. Blow up the red box, which will 
shut off the electricity. Go to the third floor and shoot the window. Jump to 
the roof on your right. Walk on the power lines and jump on the balcony to the 
left. Shoot the window and go in. Go to the bedroom and shoot the window to get 
to the balcony. Climb up the ladder to the roof. Shoot the boxes above the two 
fans, then shoot the window and jump through. Go all the way down the stairs and 
shoot another window. Jump through and follow the path, to Pumping Station 6. Go 
left, through the door, up the stairs, and through another door. Continue 
forwards until you reach Haddam. Now you have to find a toy and a cat. Go back 
through Pumping Station 6, and forwards through the door.

Lost Cat:
Head forwards, and up the stairs. Continue forwards, and then go down the stairs 
to your left. Follow the path all the way to the end. Kill one of the guys, and 
he'll drop the most powerful weapon in the game, the Squeaky Toy. You can 
actually hurt people with this weapon, I think. Go all the way back up the 
stairs, and continue forwards. Ignore the two planks that are covering the hole. 
Follow the path until you reach two windows. Shoot one and jump out. Turn 
around, and you'll see two other windows. Shoot one, and jump in. Go to the 
right and push the button for the elevator to come down. Go up the elevator and 
follow the path until you come to the cat. You can kill the cat to get a 
hilarious sound clip. Save before you do, because I suggest you don't kill the 
cat. When you get back to Haddam, you'll have to open the gate manually by kill 
all the guards in her house if you killed the cat. If you didn't kill the cat, 
Haddam will thank you, and open the gate for you. Use the Squeaky Toy on the cat 
to capture it. Jump through the smaller hole. Go back, down the stairs, and out 
the door. Go back to Haddam's house, with the cat. She'll open the gate, so walk 

The Mecca:
Go through the door on the right. Walk around the building until you find the 
stairs. Go up the stairs and find the room with the blue card on the floor. 
After you touch it, troops will storm the place. Exit back the way you came, and 
go outside. Open the gate to the right, and go through. Follow the path to 
Crescent Square Rail Station. Talk to the guy at the booth and walk up the 
stairs to the right. Follow the path until you get to the train.

Shinara District:
Go through the narrow pathway and out to the streets. Turn right and follow the 
streets to a tunnel. Go all the way through it and out to another part of the 
city. Kill "her" again, and continue forwards. You'll eventually come to the 
Maritropa DMV Go to the left or right way. About half way through, look up, 
you'll see a hole. Jump through it to land on the top. Go to the darkened area.

City on Fire:
Follow the road, and then go up the ramp. Go through the hole on the left. 
Follow the path again to another ramp. Half way through, jump down to the right. 
Head left. Follow the path to another ramp. Ignore the gate, and turn left. Go 
down a ramp. Look for a building with purple borders. Next to it is the docking 
bay. It's on the top, and to get up there, you need to jump on the brown 
building with the edge on it. Once you are on top, go around and find the dock, 
and then enter.

Downtown Train:
Just watch the sequence. Sit back and relax.

Rescue Attempt:
Don't shoot anybody. Go forwards and walk through the door on the right, and 
then go down the elevator. You're done.

The Favor: 
Once you've gotten past the force field, start shooting everybody. Continue 
forwards, and then down the stairs. Ignore the people on the left. Turn right, 
and head for the elevators. Walk along the path until you get to a control room. 
Pull the lever, and walk across the bridge. Follow the path until you get to two 
control panels. Push the one on the right first, then the one on the left. Go 
back outside. Instead of jumping from platform to platform, just walk in a 
spiral and you won't fall. Make sure you quick-save. Once you are in the last 
one, jump into the tube, and it'll suck you up. Make sure you tap jump 
repeatedly. Get on the lift, and continue forwards. Climb up the stairs, and 
turn right. Go up the stairs, and exit the way you came out. Ride the elevator 

Rescue Attempt(part 2):
Go forwards and jump through the Information Desk. Turn around and hit the 
switch on the wall. Go through the newly opened door. Ignore Internal Affairs, 
and turn right. Go to Monitoring Station A and pull the switch. You can find the 
Night Vision Goggles in the vent next to Monitoring Station A if you want. It's 
not that useful, and it'll lose power in about one minute. Go down the stairs, 
and in the elevator. Shoot the window on the left wall, and crouch-jump in. Push 
the panel and now the force field is gone. Ignore all the doors, and continue 
forwards. Go down the stairs and blast the glass to the right with two guards in 
it. I suggest the TOW. Hit the button on the left, and enter Holding Cell. 
Ignore the cells to the left, and continue forwards. Pull the switch and find 
Kira. Exit back the way you came and ride the elevator down. Go up the stairs to 
your left and continue forwards. At the end, Kira will ask you a question. It 
doesn't matter what you choose because it won't alter the game in any way.

Runaway Train:
The path is pretty straightforward. You're on a tram. Head forwards until you 
can't anymore. Then go upstairs and go forwards again. Ride the little elevator 

Bullet in the Head:
Go forwards and then you'll meet that annoying girl again. I suggest you stay 
back and fire rockets at her because she can't reach you. Go up stairs and 
through the path. Continue until you see Hank. Get to Hank and then you'll have 
to go all the way back to the beginning. Choose your MCA.

An Old Friend:
Stand in the middle of the platform and it'll raise you to the top. Now you'll 
have to kill the boss. He'll more then likely knock you off with his blast, so I 
suggest you fire first, then jump down. Repeat this until he dies. Go under the 
ship to complete the mission.

A New Insight:
Follow the path until you get to a blue force field. Take the door to the left 
and press the yellow button on the pad. Now you could go through the force 
field. Follow the path until you reach the main computer. 

Oshii Research Station:
Take a left, then a right. Climb the ladders up to the vent. Climb down and push 
the button to raise the platforms. Go back up, go left, then ride another 
elevator down. Cross the lava pit. Meet Kura then follow her. You could take the 
path to the right and down the elevator to get a mega health. Meet Kura at the 
computer. Jump down, and go through the door on the left. Go through another 
door on the left. Ride the platform all up, and then follow the path. Ride the 
platform up to the right. Follow the path to find a orange disc. Pick it up then 
follow the path to the left. Jump down, and keep going all the way down. You'll 
come up to a door, and behind it is a computer. Press F1, it'll say go back to 
your MCA. Yes, you have to go all the way back to the entrance. 

City of Hope:
Now, you have a choice here. You can attack someone, and your mission will 
change. If you did that, skip the next few sections and go to Unexpected 
Complications after you beat this mission. I'm going to continue without 
attacking anybody first. Make a right and follow the path. Make sure you don't 
even bump into anybody or they will fire at you. Follow the path and you'll 
eventually find a narrow path to the side of a building. Go through it and enter 
MEV dock 12.
If you did hit somebody, then go all the way to the end and enter the Madison 
Tunnel. I suggest you go to the Madison Tunnel First then fire at somebody and 
then exit. Skip the next few sections and go to Unexpected Complications.

History of Warfare:
Take the ladder down, and then push the button. Jump into the water and go the 
opposite way of the fan or else it will suck you in. Push the button at the end 
to stop the fan. Now swim to the fan and up. Go up the stairs and then up the 
elevator. Go to the man in the center. Now you have another choice. Swear 
allegiance or don't. I did first. If you don't swear then skip the next few 
sections and go to City of Hope 2 after you beat this map. Choose the door right 
of where the guy was facing, because the other ones have torn stairs. Follow the 
path and you'll come up to a canon. Go behind a canon and it'll blow a hole 
through the wall allowing access to a health. From the canon, go through the 
left path and up some stairs. Once you reach the top, go right. The left leads 
back. Pass the automobile and go down the stairs. Jump over the pit and 
continue. You'll eventually come up to your MCA. This took me a while to figure 
out. Blow up the vent to the bottom right of the MCA. Follow the path and blast 
the exit.

Prodigal Son:
This place should look familiar. Follow the path. Ignore the stairs and continue 
forwards. The girl is at the room very end to the left. Pick up the Ultra 
Restore and head past the bar. Enter the door at the bottom

Belly of the Beast:
You have to find 5 computers. Look for Computer Systems Control. Enter. Touch 
the keyboard, and Sanjuro should say, "One." Exit, and head up the stairs. 
Ignore the pipe and head up the stairs. There will be 2 more keyboards here. Hit 
them then exit through the only other one. You'll come up to 2 spinning 
thingies. Go through the left path and hit the Life Support Control panel. Go 
back to the room with the 2 keyboards. Go through the door with red lights 
around it by hitting the panel to the left. Ride the elevator up and continue to 
keyboard number 5. Head for the big door and up. Follow the path and enter the 
door. Go through the door to the right. Touch the keyboard between the two 
people. Go down the other path and ride the elevator down. Now you have to go 
back to Computer Systems Control. Open the hatch and climb the ladder down. 
Touch the keyboard in front of you. Head all the way back to Kato Storage 
Reservoir. It's the place with the lava. Go through the door at the end this 
time. Follow the path to the exit.

Central Command:
Ride the elevator up. Go forwards and jump through the window on the right 
because the door is locked. Go to Storage Room A. Look up and you'll see a red 
octagon. Jump on some boxes then shoot it. Jump and it'll suck you up. Shoot the 
red rectangle at the end, and then the red hexagon down. You'll see a MCA 
walking back and forwards. Jump through the window and head for the only open 
path. You can kill it if you want. Follow the girl's instructions. Climb down 
the ladder to the left and shoot the box. Go back up and through the opposite 
end. Climb the ladder up to the right. Jump over the red octagon. The blue force 
field is gone now. Shoot the box to the left and follow the path. Now go all the 
way back to the beginning and through the door on the left this time. Head 
through the Defensive Operations and touch the computer on top of the stairs. 
Exit, and then continue forwards. Pass the two blue rectangles. Take a left, and 
go up the red octagon again. Climb down the blue octagon. Jump over the gap and 
turn right. Climb the ladder to the right. Follow the arrow on the ground. The 
other way takes you back. Go up the stairs to your right and go forwards. Walk 
into the purple area. Go back, and follow the arrow going backwards. Enter the 
door to the right at the end. Follow the path then go up the stairs. Follow the 
purple road to the end.

Ride the elevator up at the opposite side. Go through Defensive Operations. The 
next part is timed. Make a right and touch Weapon Controls A. Go around and then 
down the stairs. Go to Weapon Controls B, and run all the way to the end. Touch 
the keyboard then go back. Go downstairs to Weapon Controls C. Go all the way to 
the end and touch the keyboard. Go back the way you came and through the exit in 
front of you. Go around and now you have to fight a MCA. I suggest you run to a 
small opening. He won't be able to reach you, so just fire at his legs. When the 
guy jumps out of his MCA, run backwards and fire at him.

The End. Just watch the credits.

Unexpected Complications:
Go to the end of the bridge and ride the elevator up on the right. Go forwards. 
Now you have to do some building hopping. Use the air vent to help give you 
boost to get on the tan building. Jump across the buildings to the right. Jump 
on the vents to help boost you up. There will be 2 more vents to use. Walk 
around the ledges carefully to get to the other side. There will be another vent 
to use. Jump on the vent to the left. You'll see a ship fly off. Jump into the 
pool in the right. Go forwards and enter.

The Hidden Fortress:
Whatever way you take, you'll eventually get to the fortress. When you see the 
fortress, make a right, then a right again. Go through the tunnel. Follow the 
path to a underground lair. Ride the elevator up at the top right. You'll be 
back outside again. Go through the narrow strip in front of you. Now here is the 
real fortress. Go inside and then down the ramp.

I suggest you strafe around the boxes and fire. Don't use your TOW or anything 
with high splash damage. You are at a confined area, and you could easily kill 
yourself. Complete the mission by killing the guy.

Brother's Keeper:
This is a hard fight. There's no place to hide. Here are some tips: Don't fall 
into the lava. When the MCA gets too close, morph then drive away. To kill him, 
fire at the thing that's giving the MCA his shield, until it stops shooting that 
fire thing. Once his shield is gone, you have about 5 seconds to hit him with 
everything you have. Repeat this until he is dead. After beat him, the door will 
open and enemies will come out. Defeat them then exit the way they came.

The End. Just watch the credits.

City of Hope 2:
Go all the way to the end and enter the Madison Tunnel. Skip the next few 
sections and go to Unexpected Complications.

III. Tips/Hints
-Here are some tips/hints that will help you in this game.

-Blow up everything. Boxes, cars, tanks, etc...they can contain health or armor.

-Replace your regular jump button with double-jump. It's much more useful.

-Never run over cars. The explosion will hurt you.

-You can run over soldiers for fun in your MCA.

-Don't worry about wasting ammo in this game. You get enough from one person to 
kill lots more.

-Strafing around the enemy is idiotic, unless in multiplayer. It's better to 
hide behind an object and trade fires.

-If you press (Esc) during a briefing (at the beginning of each level), and 
press (Esc) again to get back to the game, you can rotate your player and fire 
your weapon. You can't move, but you can still hurt people. Make sure you don't 
fire at your allies. It's a little fun glitch I discovered.

-Never rush, the computer can kill you with 100 health with their shotgun if you 
get near them.

IV. Legal Stuff
This FAQ is Copyrighted by the International Copyright Law.
Copyrighted 2002. The Webmasters and people may NOT alter this in any way. 
This may not be converted to HTML, Java, Javascript, ASP, PHP, .Doc, .Rtf, or 
ANYTHING. This is to be preserved in its original state, and any altering 
of it will follow immediate action.

Known sites that carry this FAQ


V. Credits
I want to thank 
-Me, and myself, and I.
-All the people that contributed(not a soul).
..that's about it.

Copyright(C) sometimes I breathe; 2002-2003

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