• Special Seeds

    If you type in one of these codes as a seed, you can play a special run with unique features. Unlike normal seeds, the floor layout will be different each time. However, achievements & unlocks will be temporarily disabled.

    All enemies are friendly towards you. (Flies spawned by Duke of Flies die instantly, but Dingle's dingleberries do not)CLSTRPHO
    All enemies have permanent fear effect.FEARM1NT
    All pill names and descriptions show ???.MED1C1NE
    All sound effects are replaced with the sound of a fart.FARTSNDS
    All tarot cards are face down when picked up (So they have an unknown effect).FACED0WN
    All walk and shoot keys have been reversed.DRAWKCAB
    Applies a filter that makes the game look like it's being played through a cathode ray tube.B00BT00B
    Basement repeats infinitely.BASEMENT
    Character and their tears turn completely black.PTCHBLCK
    Character has no face.THEBLANK
    Character is completely invisible to the player.IMNOBODY
    Character leaves a trail of poop behind him as he walks.BRWNSNKE
    Character spawns as grey, in reference to the Twitch emote.KAPPA
    Character takes damage if they stop moving.DONTSTOP
    Character/Enemies/Hazards/Items/Consumables blend into floor.WHOAWHAT
    Enemies are dazed.C0NFETT1
    Enemies are invisible (including bosses, fires, etc).BL1NDEYE
    Enemies respawn once player leaves cleared room (includes bosses). New items won't drop.COMEBACK
    Enemies won’t take damage. All doors stay open. When in a boss room, you must wait until the bosses health slowly drains before you can move on.PAC1F1SM
    Enemies won’t take damage. All doors stay open. When in a boss room, you must wait until the bosses health slowly drains before you can move on.PAC1F1ST
    Every 45 seconds, a ticking will begin, and after 5 seconds, Isaac will take 1/2 heart of damage. Having invincibility overrides the damage.THEGHOST
    Every few seconds all enemies gain fear effect.FRA1DN0T
    Everything does at least one full heart of damage.HARDHARD
    Get hit by one enemy that does damage and you die. Similar to playing as The Lost.BRTLB0NS
    Ingame text is rearranged as though the character has trouble reading/speaking.DYSLEXIA
    Ingame text is rearranged as though the character has trouble reading/speaking.DYSLEXIC
    Isaac wears a Santa hat.CHRSTMAS
    Isaac's head is large.T0PHEAVY
    Isaac's head is small.T1NYD0ME
    Items mimic character movement (doesn't affect troll bombs).KEEPAWAY
    Makes a lot more blood appear after death of the enemies.BLOOOODY
    Makes all enemies charmed permanently.COCKFGHT
    Makes co-op babies invincible.K1DSM0DE
    Music is slowedANDANTE
    Music is sped up.ALLEGR0
    Music is sped up.PREST0
    Music is super slowed.LARGHET0
    Music playback speed/pitch is affected by character's walking speed.SLOW4ME2
    Neither the map nor the health bar can be seen.KEEPTRAK
    No gold rooms spawn.GGGGGGGG
    Start with 69 coins and the player must pay for every item.FREE2PAY
    Start with 69 coins and the player must pay for every item.PAY2PLAY
    Tears glowTEARGL0W
    The lower your health is, the slower the music is.HARTBEAT
    Turns all enemies into their champion versions (if they have one).CHAMP10N
    Turns character invisible.CAMOK1DD
    Turns enemies invisible.CAM0F0ES
    Turns pick-ups invisible.CAMODROP
    You leave a pee puddle when entering a room.PEE
    Your character wears a Santa hat.HOHOHOHO

    Contributed By: -Unowninator-.

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  • Characters

    The are multiple characters that can be unlocked in the game, each requiring you to fulfill a certain condition during a play-through.

    Note: You can only unlock characters in regular, random runs. Meeting the requirements in a challenge or manually inputting a random seed will not allow you to unlock characters (indicated by the no trophy icon below your stats).

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    ??? (The Blue Baby)Reward for defeating Mom's Heart for the 10th time.
    AzazelMake three deals with the devil during a run.
    CainHave 55 or more pennies at any time during a run.
    EdenReward for defeating Mom's Heart for the first time.
    EveComplete two consecutive floors without picking up any hearts (including Soul, Black, and Eternal Hearts)
    JudasUnlocked when you defeat Satan the first time.
    LazarusHave 4 or more Soul and/or Black Hearts at any time during a run.
    MagdaleneHave 7 or more Red Heart Containers at any time in a run
    SamsonComplete two consecutive floors without taking any damage.
    The LostHave any character kill themselves while holding the Missing Poster in a Self-Sacrifice Room, using the spikes in the centre.

    Contributed By: LiteYear and SuprKidd.

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  • The Lost

    In order to unlock The Lost, you must kill yourself in very specific ways in a specific order. First you must die to a Mulliboom as Isaac in one of the Basement floors. Second you must die to a bomb blast as Magdalene in one of the Caves floors. Third you must die to Mom's Foot as Judas in one of the Depths floors. You can use seeds for the first three parts but not Azazel. Last you must die to the second stage of Satan as Azazel in Sheol. You cannot die in other ways between these specific death runs, you cannot win with any character, and you cannot use seeds. You can, however, reset between runs. If you die and quickly hold R to reset before the death screen comes up, it does not count as a death and you can continue to unlock the lost. The Lost starts with flying, and has no health, nor can he gain health through normal health pick ups. However, he can take devil deals for free.

    Contributed By: Cyberwolf247.

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