Cobra has dissapeared???

  1. I got killed by a station for shooting a fed and my cobera was destroyed. I was in the Balaikda system and as a respawn option i spawned at LHS 3774 in my free sidewinder. This was good for abit untill i wanted to get back to my cobra. I killed myself to respawn in my cobra and it wasent there. I then treked all the way back to balaikda to find it and its not there anymore. It isnt at a station or anything. Please help, That cobra is worth 900k and i need the money back.

    User Info: FrameShifter

    FrameShifter - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Ah, sorry it's been so long since you asked this question and you have probably worked out the answer for yourself now anyway.

    You cannot get your Cobra back as it was destroyed. When your ship is destroyed you et the option of buying it back or choosing the free Sidewinder instead. As you chose the Sidewinder then your previous ship is gone forever. There is an insurance system built into the game so you can buy back your ships even if you don't have all the Credits at the time.

    User Info: Ozric42

    Ozric42 - 4 years ago 0   0

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