For cash, booze and boobies!
Take the job, survive the horrible intro and start the investigations.
Grab and run!
With your stealing skills, you should consider a career in Investment Banking!
Damn you, Darwin!
Meet your first fully-grown Homo Novus.
Hammered like a boss!
Drink a bottle of "Bavarian Blinder" and enjoy the effects!
Still on top of the Food Chain!
Survive the first level without getting devoured by hungry mutants.
Springtime for Hitler and Germany...
...Winter for Poland and France!
Crimson Jihad!
Build a bomb and blow it up!
Coke for ammo!
Tinker around with ice-cold cola to get more shotgun ammo.
All mutants must die!
Fight your way through the hatching room.
Radiation Penis Enlargement
It worked on Fukushima Fish, it worked on you!
Yog-Sothoths Puppetmaster
Resurrect & control a fallen soldier!
My friend Irwin
Ally up with your friendly mutant neighbour!
Watch at least 2 different propaganda movies.
The secret of the GOLDEN HEAD
Find out what the strange voice meant.
Cry, Baby, Cry!
Make a little girl scream!
All hail to Romero!
Watch "Night of the Living Dead" ingame
To bones, with love.
Drink some Schnaps with a friendly skeleton.
Sing a proper song for this beauty...
History is for p0rn!
Find a vintage adult movie.
Survive a tentacle-rape-attack without using lube!
GAY-o! It´s OK-o!
Support the equal rights movement to get out alive!
Your gods are dead - Cthulhu is rising!
Get additional informations on the infamous NECRONOMICOM!
Dive in at least two levels in the game.
The holy grail of nerdyness!
Re-program a C64 to get out of the office.
A spark in the dark!
Learn about the ultimate genius, Nikola Tesla.
Meet the lunatic who designed this game.
The Schrödinger-Fermi-Paradoxon
Find out what two of the greatest minds of mankind did to each other...
Rotten kitty, undead kitty...
little claws of fear, feasting kitty, devouring kitty, your end is near!
On the wrong side of the jacquerie!
Discover why Agent Smith shall never gain access to UBERSOLDAT!
Force the Haunebu II flying saucer into retreat!

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master

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