1. Markus Hammarstedt Additional Animator
  2. Jon Mummery Additional Animator
  3. Leo Ringborg Additional Animator
  4. Peter Saumur Additional Animator
  5. Erik Svensson Additional Animator
  6. Jonas Wallin Additional Animator
  7. David Rothelius Additional Art
  8. Essi Ryuuzaki Additional Art
  9. David Lundvall Additional Level Designer
  10. Per Juhlen Additional Production
  11. Otto Kivling Additional Programmer
  12. Roger Mattsson Additional Programmer
  13. David Simonsson Additional Programmer
  14. Johan Sylwander Additional Programmer
  15. David Eisler Additional Sound
  16. Simon Viklund Additional Sound
  17. Camila Dalence Animator
  18. Fredrik Eriksson Animator
  19. Oskar Thuresson Animator
  20. Claes Engdal Art Director
  21. Kristoffer Kindh Associate Producer
  22. Patrik Karlsson Character Artist
  23. Danial Rashidi Character Artist
  24. Henrik Sahlstrom Character Concept Art
  25. Bradley Wright Character Concept Art
  26. Josef Fares Creator & Game Director
  27. Mattias Jansson Engine Programmer
  28. Jonas Mauritzsson Engine Programmer
  29. Anders Pistol Engine Programmer
  30. Jesper Rudberg Engine Programmer
  31. Reine Rosenberg Environment Concept Art
  32. Mikael Nermark Executive Producer
  33. Joel Staaf Hasto Gameplay Programmer
  34. Jonas Nyman Gameplay Programmer
  35. Anders Olsson Gameplay Programmer
  36. Carl Granberg Lead Gameplay Programmer
  37. Filip Coulianos Lead Level Designer
  38. Gustaf Grefberg Lead Sound Designer
  39. Tommy Johansson Level Designer
  40. Martin Tegnemark Level Designer
  41. Gustaf Ohman Original Score
  42. Pontus Karlsson Senior Artist
  43. Johan Karlsson Special Effects Artist
  44. Emil Claeson Technical Animator
  45. Tom Fritzson Technical Artist
  46. Carl-Magnus Liljedahl Voice: Old Brother
  47. Norea Sjoquist Voice: Young Brother


Data and credits for this game contributed by and BGoldTLE.

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