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Command & Conquer Cheats


  • Sandbagging

    The game's AI fails to recognize walls of any kind as a target, which can be exploited in a variety of ways. Apart from using cheap sandbag walls to protect your own base, you can wall off important passages, or even build a wall around the enemy base, locking his Harvester in or out as well as all of his units. You can then take your time to build up whatever army you need to clean up easily while the enemy can't do anything except watch from the other side of a wall it can't destroy.

    Contributed By: Sashanan.

    17    10


  • Surviving air strikes the easy way

    When you're playing the Nod campaign, the AI GDI player will always send its air strikes against your northernmost unit or building, whatever it is. Rather than building expensive SAM sites, of which you'll need several to stop the A-10s before they do any damage, simply place one cheap minigunner a safe distance north of your base, and the poor guy will draw the next air strike to him.

    Contributed By: Sashanan.

    6    3

Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Cheats


  • Alternate Endings

    On the final level of the GDI campaign, you'll be able to use Boyle's Liquid Tiberium Bomb. However, the option to use it or not will give a different ending.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    The "Bad" EndingUse Boyle's Liquid Tiberium Bomb
    The "Good" EndingDon't use Boyle's Liquid Tiberium Bomb

    Contributed By: DanOmega and AIMANRUNNINGMAN.

    5    5


  • Play as NOD in Skirmish mode of demo

    At the skirmish options menu, hold N and click you army to make NOD as selectable option.

    To switch back, hold G and click your army to make GDI selectable again.

    This works with the computer army as well.

    Contributed By: The_Approved.

    3    0

  • Play as the Scrin

    To play the secret Scrin campaign, finish both the GDI and Nod campaigns. This will unlock the Scrin campaign of four missions.

    Contributed By: Grawl.

    3    1

Command & Conquer: Generals Cheats


  • Battle Honors

    How to gain the following Skirmish Awards.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Wing HonorBuild 20+ Aircraft in a solo or multiplayer mission
    Apocalypse HonorBuild each of the Super Weapons
    Battle Tank HonorBuild 50+ Tanks in a solo or multiplayer mission
    Blitz HonorDefeat an enemy in less than 10, 5, or 3 minutes.
    China Campaign HonorComplete China's Campaign Mode
    Endurance HonorComplete all Skirmish maps
    GLA Campaign HonorComplete GLA's Campaign Mode
    Streak HonorWin 3, 10, or 30 matches in a row.
    USA Campaign HonorComplete USA's Campaign Mode

    Contributed By: Biospark3.

    11    18

  • Player Ranking

    These are the rankings that can be achieved by completing certain standards.

    Win: 3 points
    Lose: 0 points
    Disconnect: -1 points

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Brigadier General500 Points Needed
    Captain50 Points Needed
    Colonel200 Points Needed
    Commander in Chief2000 Points Needed
    Corporal5 Points Needed
    General1000 Points Needed
    Lieutenant20 Points Needed
    Major100 Points Needed
    Private0 Points Needed (Gained after 1 battle)
    Sergeant10 Points Needed

    Contributed By: Biospark3.

    1    3


  • Fair Play Multiplayer Honor

    To get the multiplayer honor for Fair Play, you must have won, lost, surrendered, or exited using normal game channels at a 90% rate for at least 10 total games.

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    0    2

  • Super Blitz Badge

    The regular blitz badge is for beating a skirmish under 10 minutes. however, you can get the same badge with a 5 on it instead of a 10 if you beat it in 5 minutes

    Contributed By: fcs.

    0    2

Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour Cheats


  • Battle Honors (Offline)

    These are the honors that can be earned during Campaigns or Skirmishes.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Wing HonorBuild 20+ aircraft against a CPU player.
    Apocalypse HonorBuild the Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm.
    Battle Tank HonorBuild 50+ tanks against a CPU player.
    Blitz HonorWin a match in less than 5 or 10 minutes.
    Challenge Campaign HonorComplete the Generals Challenge Campaign. Complete Campaign on Easy, Medium, or Hard to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    China Campaign HonorComplete the China Campaign. Complete Campaign on Easy, Medium, or Hard to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    China Loyalty HonorPlay 20+ games in a row as China
    Domination HonorWin 100, 500, 1000, or 10000 matches total.
    Endurance HonorComplete all skirmish maps vs Easy, Medium, or Hard CPUs to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    GLA Campaign HonorComplete the GLA Campaign. Complete Campaign on Easy, Medium, or Hard to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    GLA Loyalty HonorPlay 20+games in a row as GLA
    Streak HonorWin 3, 10, 25, 100, 500, or 1000 victories in a row.
    Ultimate HonorComplete ever Skirmish map against the maximum number of enemies on Hard difficulty.
    USA Campaign HonorComplete the USA Campaign. Complete Campaign on Easy, Medium, or Hard to earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold.
    USA Loyalty HonorPlay 20+ games in a row as USA

    Contributed By: Biospark3 and jsmartindale.

    12    14

  • Battle Honors (Online)

    These are the honors that can be earned during Online matches.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Air Wing HonorBuild 20+ aircraft against a CPU player.
    Apocalypse HonorBuild the Particle Cannon, Nuclear Missile, and Scud Storm.
    Battle Tank HonorBuild 50+ tanks against a CPU player.
    Blitz HonorWin a match in less than 5 or 10 minutes.
    Domination HonorWin 100, 500, 1000, or 10000 matches total.
    Fair Play HonorMust disconnect from less than 10% of your matches.
    Global General HonorWin at least one online match as each Genreal.
    Streak HonorWin 3, 10, 25, 100, 500, or 1000 victories in a row.

    Contributed By: Biospark3.

    6    15


  • Easy Medals

    To earn easy medals do the following. Go into My Documents/Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour Data/Skirmish Stats.ini Once there you can type things in like: BestWinStreak = 10000
    WinStreak = 10000
    Wins = 10000
    USACampaign_0 = 1
    GLACampaign_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign1_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign2_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign3_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign4_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign5_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign6_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign7_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign8_0 = 1
    ChallengeCampaign9_0 = 1
    LoyalGames = 10000

    Theses Will Give You The Wins, Win Streak, USA Campaign, GLA Campaign, Challange Campaign, And The Online Demonition Honor(10,000 Wins Online)

    Contributed By: DUDEMAN713.

    5    9

  • More Starting Money

    Find your Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data folder. Once you open the folder, look for the file called Skirmish (NOTE: the file is NOT called SkirmishStats). Once you open the file, look for the section labeled StartingCash. When you see that section, you can enter any number. When you start the game and go to the skirmish setup menu, the starting cash section will NOT say how much you typed in. Once you start the game, the cash will be there.

    Contributed By: gsgreg.

    21    52

Command & Conquer: Red Alert Cheats


  • Free Infantry and Gold via Nuke Silo

    Build a Nuke Silo as either Allies or Soviet. When the Nuclear Bomb is ready, sell your Nuke Silo, and immediately target the Nuclear Bomb somewhere. The Nuke Silo will partially sell giving you credits and a group of 5 random infantry (but the Nuke Silo will not disappear!), and the Nuclear Bomb will also explode where you targeted it. The good part is that the Nuke Silo will cancel selling itself, so you can keep on doing this trick without having to build more Nuke Silos. This will work much easier under slower game speeds.

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    3    22

  • Infantry Walking on Water

    Infantry can literally walk on water. Put a Transport by the shore and an infantry unit nearby. Tell the infantry to enter the transport, but just before he enters, move the Transport away from the shore. The man will continue to walk on the water. You can then tell him to enter the Transport again, and move it away just before he enters. This way you can get infantry to move anywhere on water, including getting a spy into an enemy subpen which is surrounded by cliffs. Note that if you try this trick with a land vehicle, it will sink, so don't waste your money!

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    4    3

  • Repair Naval Units while moving.

    A naval unit can be repaired by telling it to return to a naval yard or subpen. While it is docked for repair, if you order it to attack a spot out of range it will move to get in range but will continue repairing on the way!

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    1    7

  • Tesla Coil/Mammoth Tank Structure Glitch

    Build a Telsa Coil and a Mammoth Tank. When they are both completed, decide where you are going to place the Coil. Tell the Mammoth Tank to got there. Just before the Tank gets there build the Coil. The Mammoth Tank will drive right onto it! Now you have a Telsa Coil structure with AA and AG missles, 2 120mm cannons and self-healing heavy armor! The only downside is that once the tank moves off, (usually by accident) you cant get it back on. Also, you cant repair the coil until the tank is off.

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    0    8


  • View Credits

    To watch the credits, hold SHIFT and click on the speaker in the top right-hand corner of the main menu screen.

    Contributed By: Gerk.

    0    1

Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Counterstrike Cheats


  • Radar Jammers= Tesla Tanks

    When you enter Red Alert, click on the New Missions bar. Then, click on the mission "The Legacy Of Tesla". Build all the required buildings until you can build the Tesla Tank. Then abort the mission. Now click on Multi-player Games. Select Skirmish Mode. After you start a game, you should be able to build Radar Jammers that have a Tesla Coil attack. An easy advantage for the Allies.

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    10    6

Easter Eggs

  • View Credits (PC Version)

    To view the game credits, just hold down Shift and click on the Westwood logo on the top left of the menu screen. This will work even if you haven't beaten the campaign yet.

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    6    5

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Cheats


  • Enable high-resolution

    While in the main menu screen, type:

    Enable high-resolutionHIRES

    Contributed By: DaRk_SoUl_DS.

    25    27


  • Build Anywhere as America

    Wait until you have paradrops AND a building ready to be placed on the map, then click on paradrops icon in the sidebar (but don't deploy them yet!), then click on your building (the one that's ready). Now simply use the mini map in the lower right corner to deploy your building.

    Contributed By: XxThunderxX.

    8    10

  • Free Infantry

    I think this works in all patches.
    Build a cloning vats and capture a hospital. Hurt a infantry unit with another unit but don't kill it. Send the hurt unit into the hospital and when it comes out a free infantry will come out of the cloning vats.

    Contributed By: A_Purple_Cow.

    2    5

  • Infinite Free Infantry

    First of all you need to build the Cloning Vat. Then put walls around your primary barracks so that no infantry units can get out. Now build any Infantry unit, although the unit will be unable to come out and therefore you are refunded but the one out of the Cloning Vat will come out for free. {Note: This will not work if you have the 1.006 patch or Yuri's Revenge}

    Contributed By: Mark The Mudokon.

    2    7


  • Special Units

    If you want some special units to have some fun with in a regular battle, then just be the Allies! Here are the ways to get them:

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Crono CommandoInfiltrate Allied Battle Lab
    Crono IvanCapture Soviet Base and build Soviet Barracks
    Psi CommandoInfiltrate Soviet Battle Lab
    Yuri PrimeCapture Soviet Base and build Soviet Barracks

    Contributed By: Michelangelos.

    12    24

Easter Eggs

  • Bovine Freedom in mission 5- op. Dark night

    When you start the mission head north towrd the missile silos with only tanya, not the spies or G.I.s. Stay to the right of the path north until you see a barn. Shoot the barrels near the barn to kill the infantry. (this is optional to make the mission easier.) Cross the trail to the east, and head north a bit. You should see another barn. Go behind a barn, and you will see a water tower, and cows in a fence. Shoot the barrel below the tower and the the fence gaurding the cows will blow up. Vuala. You now have control of a few bovine. You can either let them stay and eat grass, send them up to the enemy base, or shoot them off with tanya.

    Contributed By: yacghtl.

    1    1


  • Cow Exploring

    When you free the cows, you can select them just like any other unit, and make them explore. The enemies won't shoot at them!

    Contributed By: 22446688333.

    7    5

  • Safe Transportation

    If you are the Soviets, mind control a school bus and put infantry in it. The Allies won't shoot at it!

    Contributed By: ShadowFox125.

    1    4

Command & Conquer: Renegade Cheats


  • Edit Vehicle

    While in a vehicle, press ` (the key right above the tab key) to open the command console. Now type "edit vehicle" and click enter. It should give you a list of things you can edit about the vehicle (e.g. Max engine tourqe. The higher the Tourqe, the faster the car will go.) Dont set the spring too high - if you get in the car when the spring is too high, the car will shoot up in the sky at start spinning around in space!

    Contributed By: Guitar geek 456.

    5    0

  • Extra Characters

    Note: this code only works in Multiplayer Practice and Non-Laddered Games.

    In order to get extra characters, press F8, the put in "extras fnkqrrm", without the quotations. If you have the unpatched version, put in "extras quantifigon", without the quotations. When you are at the Purchase Terminal, hold down alt when clicking on either Characters, or Vehicles. Some of the units for GDI include General Locke, Elana Petrova, Logan, and Liutenant Maus. The hidden vehicles for GDI are a Sedan, and a Pickup Truck. Nod's hidden characters include 3 mutants, a chef, Mutated Petrova, and Kane.

    Contributed By: Driver Miladinyo.

    4    0


  • Silent Run

    This can work with any character, preferably Stealth Black Hand, but when you want to sneak up on someone somewhat far away and cant normally reach him in time, hold down the crouch button and constantly jump towards wherever you want to go! Jumping is the same speed as running, and while you are crouched, you make no noise at all. Plus when you are Stealth Black Hand, you are invisible unless you get about a foot away from an enemy, but when you are crouched you cannot be seen like you would if you weren't.

    Contributed By: Dodge159.

    3    0

  • Use Purchase Terminals outside of buildings

    If you walk to an allied building and go to where a terminal is (on the other side of wall) and press E, you can use the purchase terminal to buy things. This is quicker than going into the building and it is useful for buying refills and buying an engineer character to repair your base or vehicles.

    Contributed By: Ebest.

    3    0


  • Edit game credits

    First open the ''svcfg_skirmish.ini'' file in the westwood/renegade/data directory. At the very bottom of the page, it will say "starting credits = some number". Now hilight the number after "starting credits" and change it to 100,000 or 1,000,000. Next click ctrl + s to save the changes. Now close the window and start up Renegade, and go to multiplayer practice mode. Now you should have the amount of credits you entered before. You can also turn friendly fire on, make it a dedicated server, and many other things.

    Note - This does not work on multiplay internet servers, it only works on multiplayer practice mode.

    Contributed By: Guitar geek 456.

    2    0

  • Enabling Extras

    You can activate some fun extras in the multiplayer mode by pressing F8 to bring up the command menu and typing ''extras fnkgrrm'' (''extras quantifigon'' in the unpatched version). A message should appear saying, ''Extras ENABLED!'' Now hold down the Alt key while clicking on the character or vehicle buttons to bring up the extras (but there are no menu pictures for them). Extras do not work in laddered games.

    Note: Some of the Nod extra characters are mutants. They regain health while they are standing on Tiberium or being hit by Tiberium-based weapons.

    Contributed By: MegaNerd.

    2    1

  • Extra credits in Multiplayer Practice

    Go to C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data and open the "svrcfg_skirmish" file and change "StartingCredits=400" to however many credits you want to start out with, anywhere up to 50,000.

    Contributed By: The_Approved.

    2    0

  • Infinite Skirmish Time

    Use a text editor, enter the westwood/renegade/data directory and edit the ''svcfg_skirmish.ini'' file. Simply change the ''game-time'' value to zero.

    CAUTION: Make back-ups before editing anything.

    Contributed By: Hazezon.

    3    0

  • Spawn weapons in Multiplayer Practice mode

    To have the game spawn weapons around the map go to C:\Westwood\Renegade\Data and open the "svrcfg_skirmish" file and change "SpawnWeapons=no" to "SpawnWeapons=yes"

    Contributed By: The_Approved.

    4    0

Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations Cheats


  • Bonus Missions

    In MS-DOS mode type c&c funpark under the C&C directory then start a new game

    Contributed By: Mike Truitt.

    4    9

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun Cheats


  • Build anywhere

    First set up the controls so that you can scroll up,down,left and right with the direction keys. Now build a structure and get in a position where its possible to build anywhere between an empty space in your base and the side bar. Now click to place the structure but hold the button and drag it behind the scroll bar. Now wile still holding left click use the direction buttons to move to wherever you want to build and let go.

    Contributed By: blind ninja.

    1    12

  • Firestorm Lasts Forever (Unpatched game only)

    As GDI build a Firestorm generator, and then place Firestorm Wall Pieces where wanted. When ready, activate the Firestorm Generator and sell your Power Plants until you are on low power. If the Firestorm Generator was still going when your power went low the Firestorm will keep on working until you build a power plant and have normal power again.

    Contributed By: Tails_Chao_4.

    6    2

  • Free Building Repairs

    This is useful if you are playing as GDI. If you have a Power Plant that is severly damaged and it has no Power Turbines on it, you can build one and place it on the Power Plant, and the Power Plant will be set at full health for free without having to repair it! This also works for placing a Vulcan Cannon/RPG/SAM on a Componet Tower for a free repair, and placing an Ion Cannon Uplink or Seeker Control on an Upgrade Center as well. Very useful to save money.

    Contributed By: peach freak.

    5    1

  • Missile Defence

    When playing as GDi build a firestorm generator and place a section of firestorm wall anywhere away from your base, NOD will never attack your base with missles as long as this section remains. Best of all there is no need to activate the firestorm, just having a section laid out is all it takes.

    Contributed By: BlackRat27.

    5    0


  • Bonus GDI Mission "Mine the Power Grid"

    You must first complete "Rescue the Mutants". Get the Ghost Stalker and the Mutant Hijacker, they must be present when you complete that mission.

    Then, as you play "Destroy the Chemical Plant", build your base and attack Nod. Take a small number of troops to the upper left corner of the map for a little surprise...

    You will hit a train station. And, a Ghost Stalker will arrive as a reinforcement trooper. He MUST be kept alive. Board the train and while you are at it, destroy the remaining Nod Base. You will hit the unlocked "Mine the Power Grid" mission.

    Contributed By: shadowfalconm16.

    4    0


  • Beating the Stealth Generator

    This works for GDI only. You must have access to an Orca Carryall and a Mobile Sensor Array. Take the Carryall, force it to load on the MSA and fly it into suspected Nod Base Territory which is cloaked. The MSA will uncover all the buildings on the minimap, and if it is attacked, the surrounding buildings near the attacker will also be revealed! Cool, huh?

    This part works for Nod. Take the MSA and drive it straight into the enemy base which is cloaked. It has the same effect.

    Contributed By: shadowfalconm16.

    3    0

  • Edit Screen Resolution

    Edit sun.ini in the game directory and you can push the screen resolution way up from the pathetic 640x480 standard

    Look for...


    And just change the values to something more suiting to your PC + Monitor (as Tib Sun looks stupid at 640x480 on bigger monitors)

    On my machine I run the game at 1280x1024 with no problems, stops so much scrolling around and you can see all the build options too!

    Contributed By: tchala.

    2    3

  • Suicide Take-Out!

    Fill up your harvester with as much blue tiberian as it can hold. Then, with a group of Light Infantry, park your Harvester by any of the enemy's buildings. The building, your harvester, and surrounding units and buildings will explode, causing your enemy to be forced to rebuild again!

    Contributed By: Da Rock Sez.

    4    0

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