• Steam Achievements

    Addict BronzePlayed for more than 5 hours.
    Addict GoldPlayed for more than 20 hours.
    Addict SilverPlayed for more than 10 hours.
    Adv. Geologist BronzeMined at least 5 different cores.
    Adv. Geologist GoldMined at least 11 different cores.
    Adv. Geologist SilverMined at least 8 different cores.
    Adv. Miner BronzeMined more than 3t of cores.
    Adv. Miner GoldMined more than 25t of cores.
    Adv. Miner SilverMined more than 10t of cores.
    Alien Hunter BronzeCollected more than 5t of alien remains.
    Alien Hunter GoldCollected more than 25t of alien remains.
    Alien Hunter SilverCollected more than 10t of alien remains.
    Barkeeper BronzeOwned at least 5 different types of booze.
    Barkeeper GoldOwned at least 22 different types of booze.
    Barkeeper SilverOwned at least 16 different types of booze.
    Carrier BronzeTransported more than 25t of goods on courier missions.
    Carrier GoldTransported more than 200t of goods on courier missions.
    Carrier SilverTransported more than 100t of goods on courier missions.
    ChampionYou got all the medals!
    Chatterbox BronzeSpoke with more than 20 people.
    Chatterbox GoldSpoke with more than 100 people.
    Chatterbox SilverSpoke with more than 50 people.
    Commander BronzeCommanded more than 3 wingmen.
    Commander GoldCommanded more than 20 wingmen.
    Commander SilverCommanded more than 10 wingmen.
    DaredevilAccepted 10 missions without asking about the difficulty.
    Engineer BronzeFinished at least 3 different blueprints.
    Engineer GoldFinished at least 13 different blueprints.
    Engineer SilverFinished at least 6 different blueprints.
    Explorer BronzeBeen to at least 5 different systems.
    Explorer GoldBeen to at least 22 different systems.
    Explorer SilverBeen to at least 10 different systems.
    Garbage Man BronzeDestroyed more than 30t of space junk.
    Garbage Man GoldDestroyed more than 150t of space junk.
    Garbage Man SilverDestroyed more than 100t of space junk.
    Geologist BronzeMined at least 5 different types of ore.
    Geologist GoldMined at least 11 different types of ore.
    Geologist SilverMined at least 8 different types of ore.
    Globetrotter BronzeUsed the jumpgate at least 10 times.
    Globetrotter GoldUsed the jumpgate at least 100 times.
    Globetrotter SilverUsed the jumpgate at least 50 times.
    Handyman BronzeOwned at least 3 blueprints.
    Handyman GoldOwned at least 13 blueprints.
    Handyman SilverOwned at least 6 blueprints.
    Harum-ScarumLeft a station without weapons or equipment.
    Killer BronzeMore than 50 kills.
    Killer GoldMore than 250 kills.
    Killer SilverMore than 100 kills.
    Looter BronzeSalvaged more than 50t of freight.
    Looter GoldSalvaged more than 500t of freight.
    Looter SilverSalvaged more than 200t of freight.
    Mason BronzeDestroyed more than 50 asteroids.
    Mason GoldDestroyed more than 250 asteroids.
    Mason SilverDestroyed more than 150 asteroids.
    Miner BronzeMined more than 100t of ore.
    Miner GoldMined more than 1000t of ore.
    Miner SilverMined more than 500t of ore.
    Moneybags BronzeEarned more than 125000$.
    Moneybags GoldEarned more than 1000000$.
    Moneybags SilverEarned more than 500000$.
    NaysayerRejected more than 50 job offers.
    Ninja BronzeInvisible for more than 2 minutes.
    Ninja GoldInvisible for more than 5 minutes.
    Ninja SilverInvisible for more than 3 minutes.
    Nuclear Armament BronzeDetonated more than 5 bombs.
    Nuclear Armament GoldDetonated more than 50 bombs.
    Nuclear Armament SilverDetonated more than 20 bombs.
    Personal Need BronzeBought more than 25t of booze.
    Personal Need GoldBought more than 1000t of booze.
    Personal Need SilverBought more than 100t of booze.
    RenegadeEvoked hostility in one faction.
    Space Saver BronzeHad more than 100t of free cargo space.
    Space Saver GoldHad more than 500t of free cargo space.
    Space Saver SilverHad more than 250t of free cargo space.
    Space Tourist BronzeBeen to at least 25 different stations.
    Space Tourist GoldBeen to at least 100 different stations.
    Space Tourist SilverBeen to at least 50 different stations.
    Survivor BronzeArrived with less than 30% of hull energy.
    Survivor GoldArrived with less than 5% of hull energy.
    Survivor SilverArrived with less than 15% of hull energy.
    Tour Operator BronzeCarried more than 5 passengers.
    Tour Operator GoldCarried more than 50 passengers.
    Tour Operator SilverCarried more than 20 passengers.
    TrackerAccepted 12 missions without asking about the location.
    VeteranYou got this medal from Admiral Smith for outstanding services to the Terran Space Fleet.
    Void TerrorCongratulations! You fought off the Voids.
    Weapon Fanatic BronzeMounted 2 primary weapons.
    Weapon Fanatic GoldMounted 4 primary weapons.
    Weapon Fanatic SilverMounted 3 primary weapons.
    Workaholic BronzeFinished more than 5 missions.
    Workaholic GoldFinished more than 50 missions.
    Workaholic SilverFinished more than 25 missions.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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