Cannot complete arcanist quest?

  1. In the middle of a archanist quest and when completing a task, it doesn't show me the location (aka destination) of where to wait; not on my mini map only appears on the map but still isn't there when I go to the location. Waiting out the task just resets if for me.

    User Info: invinciblemc

    invinciblemc - 4 weeks ago

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  1. I'm not sure what you're talking about. You need to be more specific. Which quest? What is the objective? What are the other characters telling you to do?

    User Info: RocketJess

    RocketJess (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 5   1


  1. If it's a quest requirement that you go to a certain point to scout/wait/inspect/ect then somewhere on the overworld there should be a purple wispy circle (big enough to fit a few characters shoulder to shoulder) that will trigger/spawn/activate whatever it is you need to do. If there is a specific requirement (such as, to use an emote) then there will be instructions in the quest's log. The location of the purple circle will be in the same area as the map's quest marker is, so just look around and you should find it.

    If not a purple circle, there may be an item or location with purple hue. Sometimes, special requirements are the key factor (does it want you to summon carbuncle? use a /doubt or other emote?) If this doesn't help, please provide more data.

    User Info: ryansigns

    ryansigns - 4 weeks ago 2   2
  2. Sometimes markers dont appear on the map for me unless I toggle pinned quest on for it.
    If its a circle area then the destination could be anywhere in that circle. Whats the name of the quest?

    User Info: kylecliffe

    kylecliffe - 2 weeks ago 1   1
  3. select the quest in the journal and then select map from the bottom of that window. it'll put a red mark on the map for where you need to go

    User Info: tfc87ja

    tfc87ja - 2 weeks ago 1   1

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