What are some good macros for my tank if I'm new to the game?

  1. I'm new and just trying to build some good macros... Overall pretty new to MMOs

    User Info: Bigbadwolf711

    Bigbadwolf711 - 2 weeks ago

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  1. Be warned though Macros go off a Timed Spot, it does not take partial seconds, so if a Skill has a global cooldown of 2.39 seconds and you use a macro for it, then it will automatically take 3 seconds for the macro to complete. Off Cooldowns are better, but they need a 1 buffer after using a skill to use them.

    As a Tank Main though, I only use 2 main Macros you will need:

    /macroicon "Shirk"
    /ac "Shirk" <2>

    -- This is used for mechanics that needs you to give aggro to the other tank in a 8 man group., for a Tank Swap. Ussually the other Tank will takes up the 2nd spot in the Party List, so <2> takes will focus on them. You can add a statement to it but I don't.

    The other is

    /macroicon "Provoke"
    /ac "Provoke" <t>
    /party "<Insert your Provoke Statement here>" <se.1>

    This makes sure you tell party members you are taking aggro, when in a party. So it can be a heads up for a person to Shirk you.

    Anything Else is optional. depending on how you play.

    Dark Knight for isntance, because you rely on motion, some people make Macros for their Ground AoE Salted Earth.

    I use:

    /micon "Salted Earth"
    /action "Salted Earth" <t>


    /micon "Salted Earth"
    /action "Salted Earth" <me>

    Whether or not, if I can or should drop the AoE on the Enemy or on myself

    Some People will use the targeting macro: <mo> to have your Mouse Cursor over where ever you want to drop it, especially on Allies you can't quickly click, for defensive skills like, The Blackest Night, Cover, and Heart of Stone. But again this is optional.

    Also if you are a Dark Knight, you may want to create a Warning System when you go into Walking Dead, Healers don't know, so I make a Macro that makes sounds telling the Healer to Heal me before I die.

    User Info: roleplayergamer

    roleplayergamer - 2 weeks ago 4   1
  2. If you use DRK, make a macro for your Invulnerability, The Living Dead, warning the healers its on, as you will die without a full heal if it activates to The Walking Dead, and healers have a tendency to not actually pay attention and drop you.

    User Info: Bloody_Moon1

    Bloody_Moon1 - 2 weeks ago
  3. I might even go a bit further. Never, ever, use Living Dead unless you make arrangements with the healer ahead of time. Not only will many random healers fail to notice when you go into Walking Dead, they won't notice your text message before it scrolls away in that tiny text window. You'll die.

    User Info: Placid01

    Placid01 - 2 weeks ago
  4. I mean that is why I say have a Sound system in the Text.

    For me I have a Button Strickly saying "Walking Dead, Heal Me!" <se.1>, and I will actually spam press that Button for the Healers to Notice. I would press it like 3-4 times so the Healer can notice it.

    Because You never Know when you going to have to Force a Ultimate Cooldown sometimes.

    User Info: roleplayergamer

    roleplayergamer - 2 weeks ago
  5. The only thing I'd add here is that when you make a macro you should have it spam the same command as many times as you can. Macros don't buffer like regular actions do so they execute as soon as you press them and if you can't actually use the ability (e.g. if you're in animation lock), then the macro just doesn't do anything. If you have it spam the command though, it acts like a pseudo-buffer since it executes commands sequentially frame-by-frame.

    User Info: soldjango

    soldjango - 2 weeks ago


  1. You should never use macros for anything other than putting important information into the party chat. As others have said, that could include signaling when you use Living Dead or when you're taking aggro with Provoke. Most tanks don't use macros for those either to be honest, because the healer/other tank is expected to know what you are doing without needing to be told.

    In general, avoid using macros as much as possible, as they all cause a delay in your gameplay.

    User Info: Takfloyd_mkII__

    Takfloyd_mkII__ - 1 week ago 2   1
  2. Likewise for Gunbreaker if/when you eventually get to it, you will want a macro for its Invuln, Superbolide. It renders the GNB invincible for a few seconds at the cost of dropping its HP, no matter what it was before, to 1.

    User Info: Smash_Master

    Smash_Master - 2 weeks ago 1   1
  3. Fn + F8 for Volume Up. Ff14 has so many bangers that you'll need this macro constantly

    User Info: lvalice

    lvalice - 5 days ago 2   3
  4. Why even play a game if you're just going to watch your character do every thing while you literally spam one or two buttons? Might as well just watch other people play lmfao.

    User Info: wombat013

    wombat013 - 2 days ago 0   1
  5. Hey guys as requested here is my macro guide, I would say its more basic to intermediate. If you want a more advanced macro guide ill be happy to make one just click on the link below shrinke.me/YMgnBfQV(Add the http to the S close the space between Q and the V)

    User Info: tovia5175

    tovia5175 - 1 week ago 0   4

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